Secret Taboo [v2.65] [Livervt]

Secret Taboo [v2.65] [Livervt]

April 6, 2024F95


Secret Taboo

is about Pure Girl, who moves to a new city with her Parents. She discover a note that might lead to secret your parents kept from you. Through the game she will be corrupted by the people you meet. This journey might turn her into something she has never wished for since her youth. Deep within her family jams a a dark serious secret.
It’s a sandbox game that’s still in development, but it mainly has more events than daily repeaters. In addition, I do audio and video clip editing at which I’m having fun.
Thread Updated: 2023-04-05
Release Date: 2024-03-31
Developer: Livervt PatreonSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 2.65
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Real Porn, Incest, Female protagonist,  Animated, Text based, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Exhibitionism, Stripping, Masturbation, Interracial, Handjob, Big tits, Big ass, MILF, DILF, Group sex, Corruption.
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Extract Files and Run Secret Taboo HTML.
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  • New School System:
    Includes new students and teachers which you”ll experience their story. It contains a new students and teachers which you”ll experience their story. And also there is Cafetria.
  • Reworked Events:
    Runaway’s with Lena in school. Lena’s entire teachings. Lucas entire events in his Jewerly store office. First visit Dr.Burnett. Jack’s visit park.
  • Reworked Father’s teasing corruption (4 New additional scenes for corruption lvl 1).
  • 10 New Special Potrate.
  • New dreams.
  • Bug fixes.
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New update!
Update Notes:
  • Luke Content: New events with Family, Jobs and Computer.
Surf the web, which can discover you to your mother’s secret. On a computer you can chat too. While surfing, you will discover a site called Cougar Life.
Cougar Life – A website where you will chat and pursue there to meet the Milfs! Luke gonna discover his new kink. For now, you can chat with 2 Milfs, and 3 Milfs has its own gallery and video.
Well, I have to say that I was a bit overwhelmed with work during the creation and writing of Cougar Life content, but I love how it looks now.
  • Chloe Corruption:
Finally, Chloe will be slowly corrupted by the MC. Meet her in before classes, after the event in the park and the surgery.
  • Lena Content:
Lena sends you a messages to meet. Your friendship is about to be changed.
  • Sanctuary Content Background:
Discover why Sophia is hiding information about Sister Vicky.
  • Restaurant event. Unfortunately, it is not yet fully completed.
  • Cheats in Sanctuary for Patreons from Desire to Lust Rank.
  • Changes in Chloe’s School Images.
  • Two new Selfies.
  • Changes and fixes in UI.
Before playing please do Refresh, Reload (Save and Load) to load new variables.

After tomorrow, I’ll be off for a few days to refresh my mind from the dirty stuff 🙂 Please be patient if you encounter any error/glitch/bug. I’ll fix them as soon as possible after I get back.

Thank you so much for your Great Support!
Have a nice Valentines Day.

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  • New Place: Sanctuary.
A place where you corrupt victims into something they never imagined. Build rooms. Meet familiar and new co-workers. Earn Money. Take care of victims and your staff (Or Dont! Warning Rape Content!). This update got two victims which one of them can be fully corrupted.
  • Ashley Content.
Ashley starts getting here even bolder and start messing with MC. You’ll find out in School after the Classes.
  • School Bathroom Content.
  • Event with Dad (Pool Scene)
  • Event with Chloe.
  • Event Restaurant.
  • Few minor changes in UI and One Store Item which gives you Blacked Stats.
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  • Corruption Level 3.
    • Surgery! MC finally get a new pair of boobs.
    • Three new Sex scenes with Father and One with Mother. ( Unfortunately, it’s hard to find scenes with mum as MC Big tits, so some of those scenes remain.)
    • Teacher sex scene at his house.
    • School: New 2 sex scenes and stage of school reputations.
    • Church Rebuilt! (3 Scenes after you pay donations)
    • Mother Estate Office sex scene with the client in her office.
    • Couple scenes changes.
    • After surgery your Wardrobe will change.
    • New outfits in Clothing Store.
    • 4 New Seflies.
  • Brother:
    A lot of you ask for Brother so here it is. He will appear after the surgery.
    Raise his relationship and then corruption to get a new scenes and sexual interaction.
    In the weekends, You’ll get to play as your Brother. (It’s in development mode)
    Unfortunately you’ll get corrupt him to 75 points in this version. More coming soon!
  • -Before Surgery:
    If you don’t have enough money for Surgery, Lucas can aid you.
    Check him on his house. He’ll give you some kind of task.
    Be aware that this could lead you to a other ending. (In the future Update)
  • Mirror:
    You can change your potrate (In the Left side bar). Supporters will get access to Special Potrate’s Room. Visit your room and there is a mirror section to change potrate.
  • Jack/Tom Small Content:
    They’ll invite via Messager. This does happen as petite body.
  • Few changes in UI.
  • Few fixed bugs. (Thanks for kind person from Discord for bug report. Very Grateful!)
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A  small update tease before new one. (Info from SubscribeStar).
  • BBC End Rework
  • Two new outfits (Fancy one can be use for Estate Office)
  • Reduced files in a few folders.
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  • Mom’s Corruption Level 2.
  • Severals sex scenes. (Mostly Martha’s)
  • Sophia’s Event.
  • New Characters (School)
  • Restaurant Event.
  • Story Content.
  • More Replayable Events
  • UI Changes
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HTML with Event Repeaters for Bimbo Influence.
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Before playing, please do reload (save and load). If you are playing the old save.
Thank you!
  • 4 New Events.
  • Restaurant new event.
  • CamShow.
  • New Seflies and SocialPics.
  • Reworked Profiles.
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-Messages Fix
-Jack and Lucas events fix.
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Before playing, please do reload (save and load). If you are playing the old save.
Thank you!
-Mom’s Corruption.
-2 Events for Jack.
-New Location – Restaurant. (Where it appears after 3 weeks)
-New Event for Estate Office.
-Bimbo Influance for two first Estate Office Quests.
-Third Client and some changes for second client.
-Some minor changes and content for Dad and others.
-Small rework for prolog and first level screen corruption.
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Blank images and videos for Linux and Phones.
(Read the note inside the rar)
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Please do Reload before playing the game. (Save and Load)
-Office Experience
-Client 2 blank spot
-Linux case-sensitive
-Lena Cam
-Dildo mcroom
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-Bimbo Stage 2
-Bimbo Stage 2 Ending Route
-Lena Event
-Teacher Hotel Event
-Some Bimbo Influance Scenes.
-New sport outfit and Gym scene.
-Cheat Room for Supporters
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-The doctor visit repeat scene fix
-Cute Dress party bathroom fix
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-Shop Fix
-Church Leave Fix
-Mom scene Fix
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Sorry for Buggy version.
-Fix the missing left bar.
-Fix Office
-Added Camshow Corruption level 2 Content and fix too.
-Doctor Visit fix
-Lucas event fix
-Pool missing pictures fix
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-Father Content: 5 Events and Daily Content.
-Mother Content
-Lucas Content
-School Content: Teacher and Random Events.
-Office Content: Another Promotion.
-The Club Event (Side job)
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-Fixed the party issues (Arousal and Dance with Jack) Issues.
-Erased some blank spots.
Thank you for reports.
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– 3 New Sex scenes and 2 Sex Scenes reworked. (Anna and Lena)
– New Characters.
– New Audio
– Jack Update.
– UI Changes.
-Some minor changes.
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First Release.
Developer Notes:
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My first game, still learning. I don’t use English  every day, so I apologize for mistakes.
Cheat Codes:
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v2.65: poetsofthelift
Others: Online*

xarox  thanks for the links
*For existing saves please do Refresh and Reload (Save and Load)

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