Settlers of Ceinov [v5.8] [Nuneko]

Settlers of Ceinov [v5.8] [Nuneko]

January 29, 2024F95

An adult action-farming simulator, set in the distant fantasy world of Ceinov.
The game features:  Farming, Livestock Breeding, Adventuring & Questing and Trading

Thread Updated: 2023-09-15
Release Date: 2023-08-24
Developer: Nuneko – Patreon –  Discord
Censored: No
Version: 5.8
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3D game, Character Creation, Vaginal sex, fantasy, Oral sex, pregnancy, Simulator, Female protagonist, Male Protagonist
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1. Extract and run SoC.exe.
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In version 5.8 Interactable System. It’s now more dynamic and versatile than ever before. What does this mean for you as a player? Well, brace yourselves for a more interactive and engaging gameplay experience
You can now interact with Props such as Beds, Bunk Beds, Ovens, and Fridges. These props not only enhance the immersion factor but also play a crucial role in your character’s survival and comfort.
you’ll have more control over your character’s survival. You can now sleep to replenish energy, drink to satisfy your thirst, and eat to keep hunger at bay. It’s all about mastering the art of survival in this open world.
New Grassland Map, a new addition to Ceinov. It’s a vast, open space ripe for exploration and settling. Uncover its secrets, conquer its challenges, and make it your home.
Travel system
Level selection on travel system
Deviance system rework
Deviance tier
Deviance abused
Favela map
Love animation availability tip
Age stages subsystem
Biological/Chronological age
Maturity subsystem
Growing subsystem
WIP Lifespan subsystem
Dynamic lifespan based on NPC param
Life Stages, Minor, Developing, Grown, Decaying
New 60d year duration schema
Season subsystem
Season type spring, summer, autumn, winter
Deviance/Innocence level
Dynamic Deviance/Innocence based on NPC param
Deviance affects love attitude
Kink based on deviance level
MOODLET subsystem
MOODLET routine
Needs subsystem remake
Needs routine Hunger, energy and fun needs
Dynamic pregnancy length based on NPC param
Parent data preservation during pregnancy
Offspring based on parent species
Life stage affects pregnancy chance
Fetus size WIP
Fetus capacity subsystem
Fetus capacity based on NPC param
Simple birth
Love system replaces
Simple Sex system
Dynamic Pose swap
Lust energy subsystem remake
Dynamic lust energy based on NPC param
Love roles subsystem
Love role selection
Love stage subsystem love stage idle, love, climax
Love pleasure based on lust energy
Love attitude subsystem Love attitude progression
Love action attitude, desired, undesired imposed rejected Imposed love based on strength
Love system Ui improvements
Data driven animation sorting
Dynamic animation sorting based on NPC param
Pose validation subsystem, with UI placeholder
Climax outcome subsystem
Climax outcome decrease lust energy
Climax outcome based on Attitude/Pleasure
Climax outcome update KPR Like/Skill values, relation and deviance
Climax type selection improved
4 new clothing
6 new hair
3 new age stage models for humanoid female
4 new age stage models for humanoid male
NPC Trade item with NPC
Change NPC equipment Improved
NPC state monitoring
Tag Based Spawn system
Spawn Zone Race filter
Spawn zone preset based on zone tag Init
Spawn on Begin play spawn saved follower npc on begin play
Saves Player Data
Saves Followers Data
Save Level Location
World and Character Data Persistence between Levels
Remake Cybercity
Level Based Partitioned World
New building models Placeholder cars
Re add Gate System
Love system invalid pose
UI placeholder
Love procedural description reworked
Procedural kink pic based on NPC param
Weight based kink action matching
Improved vehicle leave collision check
Removed small cat species
Interaction marker don’t disappear on some cases
Npc freezing after spawn
UI stacking fix
Wrong Textures on City Streets
Entering the car during jump sets wrong sit location
Car engine sound don’t stop if leave while moving
Wrong Actor rotation when leave upside down car
  • Gameplay elements for sex system
  • Lamaati Race for all actors
  • Sex Speed
  • Wanted sex speed for actors
  • Sex intensity
  • Pleasure Bar for actors on sex
  • Visual Effects when sex speed found
  • Emoji system on sex
  • Emote system
  • Notification when pleasure running low on sex
  • Sex Stance
  • Different Insertion sound based on intensity
  • Moan when speed found
  • Procedural Head movement on sex
  • Individual Wanted sex speed for each actor
  • Sex Pleasure decay rate based on partner Sexperience
  • Procedural Facial expression based on Mood Status
[4.8.1] – Anniversary Free Version
This build is a free anniversary version(kinda), it has some of the latest updates minus the following:
  • Building system
  • Capture system
  • Build system
  • Save System
  • 2 races
  • Character statistics system
  • Character attributes subsystem
  • Character Power and Intellect level
  • Basic level up and xp system
  • Assets system
  • Money subsystem
  • Sell npc gives money
  • Buy bed cost money
  • Lewd Interaction gives xp based on the other character level
  • Attributes randomization based on gender
  • Monster Info on dialogue
  • Improved main menu video settings
  • Character Menu
  • Character Statistics
  • Attributes xp progress bar
  • Ingame UI skin overhaul
  • Change screen size and screen mode

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