Sexy Mystic Survivors [v1.0.7] [Fantasize Games]

Sexy Mystic Survivors [v1.0.7] [Fantasize Games]

January 19, 2024F95

The realm is under attack, and its staunchest defenders are the beautiful women,
who now stand between hordes of monsters and the kingdom they love.
Yet with ever-mounting numbers against them, they need a little help.
That’s where you come in!

Your strategic know-how puts you in command of how these heroines will fight.
Keep them alive during the battle, and they’ll show their appreciation by fulfilling your hottest desires.
With a variety of heroines and breath-taking animated sex scenes, you’re sure to find what you want!

Thread Updated: 2023-06-06
Release Date: 2023-06-04
Developer:  Fantasize Games Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.7
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese
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1. Extract and run.
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Hello gamers!
We’re pleased to announce the Early Access 1.0.7 character update! This update includes:
A new character Minos with her fun and destructive abilities.
Minos’ weapon – the bull cannon, and its 2 evolved forms.
A new passive in-game item.
A new type of trap was added to level 3.
We would like to confirm that Minos will have 2 sex scenes in our game. But due to the difficulty of finding a good voice actress, we will have to wait and release her sex scenes in a future update.
We are glad to release patch 1.0.5. Below are the new, updated contents, as well as some critical bug fixes:
New content:
  • New evolved weapons: Protector Shield E1, Protector Shield E2, Spectral Dagger E1, Storm Amulet E2.
  • 2 new traps as environment hazards for level 3.
Updated content:
  • Shrines are now spawned in level 3 with their new models that fit level 3 better.
  • The boss at minute 15 will drop a good chest instead of a relic.
  • Add a confirmation box when players click on the Exit button.
Bug fixes:
  • Fix the issue where players press Space right when leveled up which causes unwanted rewards.
  • Fix an error with level 3 which allows players to walk out of the map, hopefully, that would fix the problem of the boss getting pushed out of the map as well.
Initial release
Developer Notes:
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1840720 1652891394320 | Free Adult Games
  • Vampire Survivors with sexy anime waifus, high-quality 3D graphics, and eye-candy VFX!
  • Procedurally generated borderless maps.
  • Run smoothly with thousands of monsters on screen.
  • Gorgeous anime-style artwork with high-quality animations
  • Japanese voice acting for all the ladies
  • Minimalistic timed survival gameplay with roguelite elements
  • Permanent upgrades for the heroines
  • Numerous achievements
  • Variety of sex scenes
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