Space Journey X [v1.20.11] [y.v.]
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Space Journey X [v1.20.11] [y.v.]

January 3, 2024F95

Our human hero is hurled across space alongside an alien female deep space explorer, whose ship he accidentally destroyed…
Supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger, it is our hero’s task to make his fortune and embark on the long journey back home, while dealing with alien women, crazy sex-bots and adventurers in his path…
Thread Updated: 2023-12-11
Release Date: 2023-12-06
Developer: y.v. PatreonSubscribeStaritch.iobuymeacoffee
Censored: No
Version: 1.20.11
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, adventure, sandbox, sci-fi, point&click, trainer, Oral Sex, Vaginl Sex, Sex Toys, Handjob, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Bdsm
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1. Extract into a * * * New Directory * * * and run.
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Main New Features

  • New Main Quest
  • Expanded Disciplining Game
  • Verity Poledance
  • Sickbay and Crew Room 2
  • Dr. Moira onbarded into Crew
  • New job for Seraphine (Shopping, Surprise Crates)
  • GUI updates
  • Voron Hyperdrive Player Base Jumps
  • Cluster Mines
  • Navigateable and Mineable Quthor system
  • Expanded Disciplining Minigame
  • GUI improvements…
  • BOT Balancing (& Slot Upgrades)
  • New exclusive items
  • New NSFW Scenes and animations
Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game 🙂
  • Multiverse Warehouse: Will autofill at first entry (if you you saved it out with the pod)
Known Issues V1.10.10 (non reproducible, under analysis)
  • CR-0804 / V1.10.8 / Bug / Leila Reward Scene cannot be triggered (but advances quest?) in certain circumstances
  • CR-0805 / V1.10.8 / Bug / Command positions quest does not clear under special circumstances
Main New Features
  • Main Quest: The Xenos Library (Voron Space)
  • New Voron Cannon, Launcher, Torpedoes, … for your ship
  • Player Base on Tenaris (Multiverse Warehouse, Trophy Room, …)
  • NSFW: Kythera the Librarian
  • NSFW: Sex with T’Ris
  • NSFW: Seraphine
  • NSFW: Khelara
  • NSFW: Nimhe Pony Walk
  • Spanking Minigame: T’Ris, Nimhe, Khelara
  • Ship Deck 3 with Mess Room and Replicator
  • Many GUI & QoL changes
  • Bot Balancing
  • New Precursor Levels
  • New Enemies: Voron Zealots
  • Swarm Mining Spot (unique items)
Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game 🙂
Known Issues V1.00b:
  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
  • Minor dialogue inconsistencies if subquests / training is done wildly out of order
V0.9 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7, V0.8, V0.9 multiverse pods will!
  • Fixed Nimhe Public Favour Dialogue Crash
Main New Features
  • Revised Favour System (Public / Private Favours)
  • Bot Configurator Overhaul (GUI Unification)
  • Bot Cargo Manager (Stasis Pods With Preview)
  • Cloaking Capability for the Ship
  • Side Mission (Audra NSFW)- Slave Rescue
  • Side Mission (Veronica NSFW) – Rescue Verity
  • Main Quest / The Way Home: Voron System Access
  • Major Quest: The Biolab (NSFW)
  • Nimhe’s Favours Continued (NSFW)
  • Nimhe TEC Skill (Better Bot Upgrades)
  • T’Ris Pet Walk (NSFW)
  • Nimhe Walks Public favours (NSFW)
  • Starting Point Day 75
  • Re-renders of some NSFW scenes
  • Many QoL changes
Main New Features
  • Completely reworked economy (bots, wares, missions)
  • Revised mission system on central Captain’s console
  • Quest: The Holodeck
  • Quest: The Princesses Demands
  • Quest: Toys For Nimhe Ct’d
  • Quest: Nimhe Public Favours
  • Quest: A Favour For Krogneath / Pet Training
  • New Mining Spot Arellarti
  • New High End Krell Enforcer Mob (Mil Drop Guarantee)
  • Galaxina Ct’d
  • MC Tech Skill Mechanics (Stage I)
  • Nimhe Parts Upgrade Skill
  • Arellarti Precursor Wreck Site
  • SW Design: Quest DB sanity checker, skill increment system, …
  • many QoL feature gameplay and Botlab
Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game 🙂
Known Issues V0.8c:
  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
  • V0.7 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7 multiverse pods will!
Main New Features
  • New Star System: Arellarti (Krell Space)
  • New Character: Princess Seraphine
  • New Room: Guest Cabin 2
  • Precursor Junkyard Levels open
  • Quest: Rescue Princess Seraphine
  • Quest Ct’d: Khelara
  • Quest Ct’d: Nimhe
  • Quest Ct’d: V
  • New NSFW Krell Uniforms for all Crewmembers
  • Complete Bot finds (special types)
  • Precursor Bot Crates
  • Precursor Cortex (with Attribute Cubes for Customizing!)
  • Botlab GUI and QoL Updates (Easy Bot Sell / Arcade Management via Bot Terminal now!)
  • Hyperjump Travel & Galaxy Map
  • Extended Quest help System (detailed Popup Hints)
  • Expanded NSFW Gallery
  • and many more Dialogue and QoL updates
Multiverse Pod Retrieval Procedure
  • Nothing to be done with files etc., it is just there in your new Game if you made one in the V0.6 release 🙂
Known Issues V0.7
  • Using time forwarding into night during pet quest in Krell station makes T’Ris disappear on board. 
Workaround: Do not use this function in the Krell base
  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
Main New Features
  • New bounty missions / combat scenarios / loot level 1 to 4
  • New dangerous mobs (Swarm Scout, Krell, Executor) with improved AI
  • New smuggling missions and re balanced transport missions
  • Totally overhauled repair system with animations
  • Continue Feature at Game Start
  • Revised EXP awarding
  • Bot configurator overhaul (QoL)
  • New bot characteristics (personality, …) and valuation
  • Bot cortex upgrade and hypertrain features
  • Rare and military bot crates
  • New space location “Outer Fields” with mining expansion
  • Cargo expansion MkII with cloak modules (for smuggling)
  • Side images for Krogneath’s staff and Space patrol
  • New special bot shell
  • Multiverse pods now store to saves location / automatically found!
  • Many GUI upgrades for QoL
  • Quest: A Favour For Nimhe
  • Quest: V’s reappearance
  • Quest: Uniforms for Khelara
  • Quest Update: T’Ris
  • Expanded NSFW gallery
Multiverse Pod Item Retrieval Procedure
  • Storage automatically in game save files location (copy there only once if you come from from V0.5)
  • Moving around json files manually not necessary any more from V0.6 on (autodetected)
  • Migration from V0.5:
    Take your multiverse_pod.json from your game folder and store it in your “Users/yourID/AppData/Roaming/Renpy/SpaceJourneyX” folder, i.e. the one with your save games.
    You only have to do that once. All future releases will find it there.
Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.6b
  • Minor art continuity issues
Main New Features
  • New Location: Pirate Base
  • New Gen 2 and 3 Bot Parts
  • New custom Bot shape
  • New crew character: Chief Engineer Khelara
  • New Pirate NPC
  • Hexagon Field Space Combat System
  • Revised task and uniform assignment
  • Quest: Revealing Uniform for your Crew
  • Quest: The Pirate Outpost
  • Quest: Uniform exhibitionism training for T’Ris
  • Quest: Secret project of BB-2
  • Custom Bot for the Captain’s quarters
  • Improved Nightly reports
  • Lab Manager: Bot retrieval from arcade
  • Lab Manager: Bot Lab high end part direct buy
  • Bot multiverse storage and retrieval compatible with future releases
  • Completely overhauled mission system (transport and combat)
  • A ton of QoL features
  • and of course animations, lewd scenes and gallery expansion
Many features have been rewritten from the start compared to V0.4, please start a new game.
Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.5c
  • Crashes in some OSX versions when writing the multiverse pod due to file access rights. 

    Workaround: Move app to desktop and run from there
  • Location history crash when returning from space nav in Ylyee quest
    Occurrence extremely rare . Trigger game state not fully understood. Will be fixed in V0.6
    Workaround: Roll back to where you can navigate around in the ship, go from briudge to hallway, go back on bridge and continue
Main New Features
  • Uniform Quest: Racy Uniform for your Crew
  • Ylyee Quest: Help Ylyee complete her mission for a major reward
  • Repair Quest: Fix up your Ship’s Lower Deck
  • New location: Ship Lower Decks
  • Bot Lab Mini game: Configure your own bots and earn money with them
  • Bot Lab Intro Quest
  • T’Ris training progress
  • Multiple revised locations & items
  • Improved and revised Space events
  • Multiple lewd scenes, gallery extensions
  • GUI improvements, QoL improvements
  • Barkeeper dedicated shop
  • Dynamic space background for every room, matching location
  • New loot crates: Bot items , liquor
  • Savepoint mechanics to carry over valuable items to new versions
  • and other
Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.4_c1
CR-0182 / V0.5 / Bug / Occasionally wrong order pulled in bot sale notification (check for correct selection / order purge)
CR-0202/V0.5/Bug/Shady’s inventory intermittently empty // Workaround: Sleep one day, visit her again next day
Main New Features
  • New Locations: Space Station Interior
  • New Location: Spacebar
  • New Location: Guest Room Ship
  • Rewritten Tutorial Quest
  • Rewritten and continued T’Ris Quest
  • Rewritten and Continued V’s Quest
  • Introducing New Character Nimhe The Hacker
  • New Space Events
  • New Switchable Mini maps
  • Animated Engine Maintenance Circuits
  • Various GUI Updates, Help Screen, …
  • Expanded Gallery
  • New NSFW Animations and Stills
Known Issues and Bugs in V0.3a
  • CR-0102 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of nude HJ facial gallery scene once next stage with T’Ris is unlocked
  • CR-0103 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of clothed HJ facial gallery scene once nude stage with T’Ris is unlocked
Main Features
  • Point and Click Interface
  • Space exploration sandbox game
  • Trading
  • Spacecraft upgrades, configuration and maintenance
  • Mining minigame
  • Space events
  • NSFW stills and animations
  • (Animated) gallery, quest log, mission log
Known Issues and Bugs in v0.2.1a
  • Minor: Dialogue issue (repetition of task assignment) in first dialogue with T’Ris
  • CR-0057 / V0.3 /Major Bug / Decline first star map offer soft locks mining task trigger (workaround: try to buy map _initially_)
Developer Notes:
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  • Resolution 1920×1080, Initial release
  • Monthly releases planned
V0.10 saves will _not_ work for technical reasons. Positively. Please start a new game and use “Skip To” for new content only
You _can_ import your valuable gear into V1.10 from the multiverse pod you created with V0.10 if you did the Ylyee quest.

* * *
* * * Sorry,  very likely not compatible with URM, etc…* * *
Please don’t try to play the game with those tools, as you will only be frustrated.



Extras: Walkthrough Additional Fan Sigs (Thanks to Gorse!)
Tutorial / Help Videos (On Request):
Zealot Fight No. 3 /V0.8 Seraphine’s Rescue / V0.9 Krell Convoy / …

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