The Gilded Ladder [v0.1.4] [Sanguineangie]
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The Gilded Ladder [v0.1.4] [Sanguineangie]

May 29, 2024F95

A male scientist is the main protagonist in this Office setting AVN, where he joins a cosmetics company ‘Gilded Cosmetics’ to help develop new products. From the start, he is immediately exposed to an office environment that would be an HR nightmare. Your choices will have consequences, but don’t worry, you will keep your job. Romance options include straight, gay, and trans, with the ability to participate/avoid as you wish.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-29
Release Date: 2024-05-28
Developer: Sanguine|angie Productions Patreon itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Android (work in progress)
Language: English
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Current Tags
3DCG , Male Protagonist,  Big Ass ,  Big Tits ,  Futa/Trans ,  Gay ,  Handjob, Masturbation ,  Milf ,  Oral Sex , Prostitution , Voyeurism, Office setting
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Anal Sex ,  Ahegao ,  Bdsm  ,  Blackmail ,  Cheating , Exhibitionism , Female domination,  Groping ,  Harem ,  Interracial ,  Lesbian ,  Male Domination ,  Sex Toys ,  Sexual Harassment , Sissification , Spanking , Stripping, Teasing , Titfuck , Transformation , Trap ,  Vaginal sex , Voyeurism, Dating Sim
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  • Extract the files into a directory of your choosing.
  • Run the file ‘TheGildedLadder.exe’.
  • Enjoy!
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v0.1.4 Week 01
  • Last-minute decision to release content prior to v0.2.
  • 150+ new renders.
  • Some new drama and nudity scenes leading up to the “party”.
  • “Eyeball” button color added to improve contrast with dark background.
  • Name input with bright font so users can see default name.
  • Decreased compression of .webp conversion to minimize pixel blocking in low light.
v0.1.3 Week 01
  • 190+ new renders and my first animation.
  • New “eyeball” button feature for certain scenes allowing user to see what character looks like naked.
  • Major story update compared to previous release, going from Tuesday in-game to Friday morning right before the after-work party. Total of 14 “scenes” compared to previous 9.
  • Added morning commute scenes to introduce user to new characters.
  • Compressed images with .webp to drastically decrease game size.
  • Enhancements to Android build.
  • Spell checking added to compiler.
v0.1.2 Prologue
  • 30 new renders with new NSFW scene
  • New android version (work in progress)
  • Text box opacity added
  • Fixed more facial expressions
  • Improved scene transitions and segmented with “days”
  • Added sexuality related choices in Preference menu that link with onboarding choices with Kelly
  • Updated script, including making Kelly less aggressive at start
  • Added prompts that the game is about to end
v0.1.1 Prologue
  • Implemented denoising to remove graininess
  • Replaced black screens at end of story before returning to office at night with scenes taking subway
  • Fixed worst facial expressions
  • Removed black curly artifact on MC with GIMP
  • Fixed Xhiang daydream scene script
  • Fixed incorrect scene image address
  • Fixed character voice issue (showed as MC talking when Joe was)
  • Fixed credit scene transition
v0.1 Prologue
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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  • Thanks for checking out my very first project.
  • Visit my Patreon page for links to Discord and frequent updates.
  • The v0.2 is going to be massive, but I have received very good feedback on this version.
Android: GOFILE

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