Tiny Misadventures [v0.4] [DevS098]

Tiny Misadventures [v0.4] [DevS098]

January 14, 2024F95

TM is a game similar, in spirit, to Shrinking fun and Shrinking EXP, you get caught by girls if you get too close to them and they insert you into their body where they try to keep you imprisoned and you have to fight to escape them!
But it has many unique characteristics that make it very different to its predecessors. The first important thing to point out is in this game you can’t travel from one building to another, the streets are too dangerous for such a tiny man, you need to use the girls to move about! And if you think to be stuck, with no other ways to go, look around. Every map of this game includes little hiding spots where you can rest and advance time at your leisure!

Thread Updated: 2023-09-09
Release Date: 2023-09-09
Developer: DevS098 Website
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Female domination, Big ass, Big tits, Internal view, Lactation, Light Vore, Unbirth , Trampling, Farts, Non-Fatal Buttcrush
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1. Extract and run.
(Note: this game requires you to have RPG MAKER VX ACE RTP installed)
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.Kasumi has also been given a relationship system. While not having as much as Shina, I hope you’ll still like what she and her dick have to offer.
.A couple of small but quite interesting world elements have been added. Can you find them and figure out what they truly mean?
.A bug which apparently was also present since the previous version has now been found and fixed.
. Critical and Important Bug Fixing. Slight optimization.
. Added TWO new girls!
. Relationship system firstly implemented with Shina
. Added Karma system to game fights
. Lots of bug fixes and small technical stuff improvements
. And MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more!!!!
v.15 (or 18)
Added a new girl!
An easy mode has been added! It will anyway not be toggable in game so you need to start anew if you want to enable that.
Fixed the bug where the player could walk on several walls
Added an option menu, including volume adjusting and a toggle for in game warnings
Added a system to disable random chances event to trigger when loading a save. Meaning that saving near a certain place for a scene and reloading would be
guaranteed to have the same conditions for the scene to run as it has been saved
Some behind the scenes technical stuffs added
And much more!
v 0.1
Game Release!



yonsisac thanks for the link

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    Tiny Misadventures [v0.4] [DevS098]