Ukiyo Fantasy Fair [Final] [fantasy lab]
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Ukiyo Fantasy Fair [Final] [fantasy lab]

February 16, 2024F95

A new sensation of 3D side-scrolling action where twins fight!

Twin shrine maidens have fast menstrual cycles.
You may become pregnant from the ejaculated semen.
Currently, the only risk associated with pregnancy and childbirth is forced down during childbirth.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-15
Release Date: 2023-12-03
Developer: fantasy lab Ci-cnDLsiteTwitterMisskey.ioPixiv
Censored: No (Patch)
Version: Final
OS: Window
Language: English, Japanese
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1. Extract and run.
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Full version added.
[Updated on December 4, 2024, 2:45 p.m.]
① After repeated verification of the excessively heavy problem, we found a cause that seemed to be one point of heavy processing, so we changed the process so that it is not performed as a whole.
If you have tried it in the past hour, please check here!
[Updated at 13:20 on December 4, 2024]
① Changed the Build environment to resolve the issue of overload.
 A serious problem cannot be reproduced in the developer’s environment, so I would be happy if you could try it and see if it has been improved.
②Fixed a bug where button operations could become unavailable when selecting a stage
(other balance adjustments, etc. have not been made yet)
Developer Notes:
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If both twin shrine maidens are raped, it will be a gangbang annihilation.
If you entrust yourself to it, you can watch the H scene using Live2D.
Once you’ve seen the H scene, you can watch it anytime at Insei Onsen.
[Futanari Transformation]
If you are attacked by a slug when your physical strength is low, you will become a futanari.
When he becomes a futanari, he rapes girls indiscriminately.
Once you have ejaculated, pull away and the spider will come off.
If you touch the twins while in a futanari state, you will naturally commit the crime, but since there is no way to separate them, you will be wiped out. Please take care.
[Combat Tips]
– You cannot attack the townspeople (male) at first because they are the ones you have to protect.
[Operation method XBOX controller] (Recommended)
Left stick Move Y  Character switch
trigger Long  range  attack Double jump OPTION option screen
[Operations PS controller] (Recommended)
Left stick Move
△ Character switch
Right trigger Long range attack
□ Kick attack
× Jump
 / Kick attack while jumping to perform a vertical down attack
 / Jump while crouching to perform a forward dash
 / Jump while jumping Double jump
OPTION option screen
[Operation method keyboard]
AWSD Movement
E Character switching
Left click Long range attack
Right click Kick attack
 / Right click while jumping to attack vertically down
 / While crouching press SPACE key to forward dash
ESC Option screen



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