Universe Treasure [v2.4] [Monster-ken]
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Universe Treasure [v2.4] [Monster-ken]

January 24, 2024F95

Vampire Rogue like action game
The story of《Universe Treasure》take place in the exoplanet era.
The expedition will make the journey to the unknown planet to rescue their companions.
This is a barrage survival game with roguelite elements.
You can select four beautiful warriors to defend against thousands of monsters on the unknown planet
As you explore the planet, you will find more evolved weapons and unlock more powerful genetic armor.
If you are defeated, your female team members will face the humiliation of alien creatures.

Thread Updated: 2022-10-27
Release Date: 2022-10-18
Developer: Monster-ken DLsiteCi-enSteam
Censored: Yes
Version: 2.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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Steam Rekease + Bug Fix
Updated the game engine.
Fixed a flashback bug.
Fixed some interface display issues.
Fixed some text expression errors and text out of frame issues.
1.Added transformation animation skip function at the time of departure by clicking the mouse continuously
2.Sound effects of some weapons (Support Missile, High Power Laser, Defense Radiation, Flywheel, Venom Missile, Terminate Tray, Light Needle) have been changed.
3. Adjusted the collision problem between the desert and the ice field, bug egg and crystal model problems.
Bug fixes Version 1.2
Fixed some bugs.
Reduced the difficulty of some stages.
Version 1.1
You can select the difficulty level.
Added some features and fixed some bugs.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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The hidden treasure of the universe decorates the third in the hidden treasure series,
and this world view is in the distant star era in the near future.
1934489 5B91D1C1Cb7908561052497917609C80.Translated | Free Adult Games

Guns, mechas, and charming pretty girls, no one hates this element.

1934488 D357A62513Faeda1C43145711B268F7A.translated | Free Adult Games
There are various human-type and non-human-type monsters in the universe. It will satisfy your various habits.
1934490 4D2D0A4B0377D9Bff3575Fd09752Aae0.Translated | Free Adult Games
Even in this work, HCG continues to adopt animation, and it is much more advanced than the previous two works.
It uses a new technology engine, and even if 1000 enemies appear at the same time, it will not be processed.
1934491 A6C388904A125863F861E698Eabc3003.Translated | Free Adult Games
Exhilarating battles, exciting sex, and a fun space adventure with us begin!
1934437 1657138858825 | Free Adult Games

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