Vampire Mansion [v1.4.2] [eTIRUe]

Vampire Mansion [v1.4.2] [eTIRUe]

May 14, 2024F95

“The main character, who was carrying goods to sell to the market,
got into an accident due to a fallen tree due to heavy rain…
He was helped by Velina, the owner of a nearby mansion,
but when he woke up, he was greeted by the blood-craving vampire Velina.
Let’s avoid her and escape the mansion.”

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Explore the mansion, find a way to fight the vampires,
find the key, and escape the mansion.
If you get caught by Vampire Velina, you’ll be vampire and lose your vitality.
You can explore the map to find holy light, pure water, garlic spray, etc. to incapacitate Velina,
and retrieve her key from the incapacitated Velina to escape the mansion.
After clearing normal mode, you can enter hard mode,
and in hard mode, you can read Velina’s hidden story.
Also, a new ending cutscene is provided.
After clearing the hard mode, you can play the extra “Velina’s Room”.
In Velina’s room, you can change Velina’s skin
or arrange furniture to enjoy Velina’s various motions.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-05
Release Date: 2024-02-24
Developer: eTIRUe Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.4.2
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Other Games: Dark Siren
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3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, cosplay, fantasy, graphic violence, horror, male protagonist, monster girl, multiple endings, no sexual content, pov, Action
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1. Extract and run.
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– Additional Episode 2 “Midwinter’s Game of Tag” added
– Added 2 cutscenes (Additional Episode 2 opening, ending)
– Added 1 type of cutscene where you are caught crawling (Winter Garden only)
Additional costumes
– Added new costume “Winter Coat”
– Added winter costume for merchants
Velina’s room
– Now you can call Velina at any time.
– Fixed an issue of Velina’s body shaking when moving
– Added dialogue when calling Velina
– Fixed an issue where some objects could pass through Velina while using them.
– Fixed an issue where Velina was holding her wine glass when the projector was activated during the tea table interaction
– Fixed an issue where Velina would get stuck in a chair when activating a projector or wardrobe while interacting with the piano.
– Modified the UI to be hidden when the key is pressed.
Point collection mode
– Added new map “Winter Garden”
– Added “Beware of slipping” option
– Fixed an issue where the proportions of images in notes were displayed strangely.
– Fixed an issue where Velina’s footstep sound not played in full moon mode.
– Removed point collection mode from the game start menu (can be accessed from Velina’s Room)
-Change the interaction motion between the bed and shower objects in Velina’s room to be longer.
-Fixed an issue with animations not playing properly in cutscenes
-Fixed an issue where Velina did not recognize the user when hit by an attack item
-Fixed an issue where Velina did not come to the safe location when operating the safe.
Point slot machine probability adjustment and convenience added
-Increased the probability of the Velina Jackpot appearing.
-Increased the probability of the Sheriff Jackpot appearing.
-The multiplier of the points bet is saved.
-Add repeat operation feature.
-Add slot probability table. (marked on the side of the slot machine)
○Add skin
-Adds a new skin for Velina, “Cheeky Maid”.
○Added features
– Add slot machines that can be used by consuming points.
○Motion modification
– Modify the motion of sitting on the bench to be more natural.
– Fixes the issue of motion error when sitting on the sofa.
– The third pose of the closet has been modified to be more natural.
– Modify the dancing motion to make it more natural.
– Two types of bed motions are added.
○Cutscene modifications
-Fixes an issue where Velina’s hand shape was awkward in ‘Find the Key 3’.
-Fix an issue where physics did not work in some cutscenes.
-Fixes an issue where a cutscene would crash when playing another cutscene while it is playing on a projector.
-Fixes an issue where Velina’s motion was displayed strangely in certain situations when playing a cutscene on a projector.
-“Jackpot” achievement has been added.
※Currently, there is an issue with the hair physics of skins other than the default skin not working in cutscenes.
We will do our best to resolve and patch the issue quickly.
○The following start and end motions are added in Velina’s room.
– Shower motion
– Lying down motion in the bathtub
– Sitting motion on a chair
– Leaning motion against a streetlight
– Basking motion in the fireplace
– Motion to appreciate picture
– Motion of scanning the bookshelf
– Lying down motion on bed
– Motion of playing the piano
– Velina is modified to make it more natural when playing motion.
– Fixed an issue where the shower water stream followed Velina in certain situations.
-The “E-Call Velina” feature is added to Velina’s room object.
-Physics are now applied to Velina in the closet preview.
-A marker will be placed on a piece of paper with the safe password and phone number written on it.
-The bathtub is replaced with another product.
-Bed size is modified.
○Added features
-In Velina’s room, after Velina showers, her clothes dry slowly.
– Added lantern usage tutorial
-Jewel texture modifications
○Bug fixes
-Fixed a bug where you could pass through doors when sitting and moving
-Fixed a bug where Velina’s vision would pass through closed doors in some doors.
○Added features
– Added skin preview feature in closet
-Added normal bad ending/hard bad ending cutscene to projector
-Fixed so that the background does not crash when playing cutscenes on a projector.
-Increased UI convenience (UI can be closed with E key and Esc key)
-Added light to the fountain and piano
-Added light under street lights
-Added light to the entrance to Velina’s room
-Fixed Velina “Black Temptation Negligee” rigging
-Modify piano size and adjust motion position
○Bug fixes
-An issue where the defeated Velina does not wake up after the 3rd key acquisition cutscene in normal mode.
-Fixed an issue where light was not applied when playing cutscenes on a projector
-Fixed an issue where Velina would keep the shower or gramophone turned on.
-Fixed an issue where Velina would play the piano
-Fixed an issue where Velina would sometimes repeat motion infinitely on certain objects.
Fixed an issue where the game would stop when settling points with all the gems collected in point collection mode.
Adds “Vampire Detection Tool” available in hard mode.
Based on the character, you can see the direction in which Velina is located.
※You can choose whether to use it when entering a secret passage in hard mode.
Bug Fixes and Function Improvements
○Added Function
-Velina’s Room – Added the ability to play Velina’s pose or motion in the closet
-When attacking Velina with water of purification, her body becomes wet.
○Balance Adjustment
-When the game restarts after being caught by Velina, the location of Velina’s appearance has been modified so that it is not too close to the user.
-The range where you can hear Velina’s footsteps has been expanded by 2 times.
○Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where Velina would not wear the selected skin in cutscenes.
-Modified to apply immediately when points are obtained in point mode (already applied in version 1.01)
○Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where Velina would not wear the selected skin in cutscenes.
-Modified to apply immediately when points are obtained in point mode (already applied in version 1.01)
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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▷ Charming characters
▷ Tense gameplay
▷ Simple controls
▷ Game modes: Normal, Hard, and Velina’s Room
▷ Various skins and cutscenes unlocked as you play

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