Vega Hunters [v2.14.6] [David Balsamique]
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Vega Hunters [v2.14.6] [David Balsamique]

July 3, 2024F95

You will play as an alien bounty hunter who’s interested in pretty bandits. This time you will not be stuck on one planet, but travel the whole galaxy.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-24
Release Date: 2022-03-02
Developer: David Balsamique PatreonDeviantart
Censorship: No
Version: 2.14.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
Pinups: Here
Other Game: Behind the Dune
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Animated, Milf, Big tits, Anal sex, Group sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Alien sex, Mobile game, Bukkake, Creampie
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-Spanish and german languages added (Italian is coming next week).
-New main screen and improved menus.
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2 Illustrations for Zulrana’s introduction (You can scroll them when the animation is finished).
-2 sex scenes with Zulrana. The handjob forced me to animate a bit differently (frame by frame). I think the feeling is efficient.
-1 illustration for Queen Dealyn’s fortress. It’s done by Romain Laforet.
-I started to do the credits. If a $20 patreon wants another name, just tell me.
Known bug: a chinese name don’t show yet.
-In the main menu, there is a CHEAT button! To check all the characters/scenes. It won’t be there in the final version.
-HD images
-he sex scene of the empress is finished with one more animation.
-Elena, the daughter of the sheriff, is available in the rival menu. So she can hunt with you
-New animated character is there: Queen Dealyn (page 2 of the hunt board).
Her dialogue are done. Possibility to see her naked.
A sexy illustration for her story.
Sketch of her sex scene.
The Empress’ storyline is 95% done. It has:
-The Empress’ face is a bit less static.
-2 full illustrations and little animations to tell the story.
-1 sex scene.
-1 sketch preview of a next scene.
-The bounty board has now 2 pages because 2 new characters will come.
-2 New characters you voted for. Carry and Lipplette. Animated, dressed and naked. Lipplette have her dialogues. She as some choices that keeps her dressed… it’s still very easy though.
-The Rival menu works. Cobalt and Liplette (when unlocked) can follow you in the hunts.
-New Item for the hunts: the Sherlock lens. It’s a capital file that you have found. When used, this item ends the hunt and makes you win it instantly. There is 1 loot box each round. 33% chance to have that lens (like for holograms and detectors).
-The characters have an undressing animation instead of a simple fade to black.
-Miss Dealyn has a sex scene. I will do more with her, but I was short with time. I wasted time with an animation that failed about Lt Cobalt.
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Soliandre story’s, the singer, is there. It’s an animation showing the context, and 2 sexual scenes. Don’t forget to touch the weird texture of her pussy. I think it’s a pretty unique moment :).
-The detector is better now. It looks like in the movie Alien.
-On the Wanted page you see the thumbnails of Carry, who won the pollthis month. And also Lipplette who had many votes too. Her design fits a role in my scenario so I should keep her.
-Miss Dealyn dialogues are there. No new animations, but at least you can unlock her for future updates, and know more about what is happening.
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-Freyjara, Lt Cobalt and Elena’s storiesare finished. Each story has now an introduction animation, an animation to lead to the dialogue, a dialogue and a sex scene.
-The characters are locked. You unlock them one by one with the storyline. Since only the 3 first stories are interesting, all the non-finished characters will unlock at the same time after Elena.
Language menu is done. The architecture is done so I can add some languages in the future. The english is just google-translated for the moment. All the dialogues are now numbers… not very intuive when I code, but I have learnt from Behind The Dune’s mistakes.
-In the hunt, Mildred’s boobs and Jeyna’s butt are animated when shooting🙂
-A new item that you keep one hunt to the other: The 90’s hologram. Instead of losing when the 3rd threat happens, you keep your files. Note that if you leave a room with your hologram clicked, the item is not spent. It means, you can use it more than once if you are careful.
-A new room to loot these items exists now.
Details like : Soliandre’s boobs animations is better. The face on the second sex scene of Lt. Cobalt was bad. I reworked also Freyjara’s handjob.
We’re starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope you will enjoy, if not the gameplay, at least the art.
Thank you for the names some have suggested this month. So far, I used Captain Argos and Flinte. Next month, we will start to put some Original Characters from you, with sketches from me and your votes. I’ll tell you more.
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On that picture, you can see I changed a lot of the UI graphics. The hunt for data is less messy. There were confusing things like the shooting guys that looked like a threat but were not, icons’ purposes were impossible to guess, etc.
You can see a detector window on the screenshot. There will be items to find in the hunt. I give you 3 detectors for the moment… (you can cheat by asking some more to the girls).
I changed the ergonomy. The player uses a bounty board to choose his quests. In the final version, the targets will be locked or unlocked to follow the storyline.
For the moment, the characters are dressed or naked (dialogue options). Lieutnant Cobalt and the sheriff’s daughter have parts of their sexual animations.
No walkthrough needed with that ergonomy.
-For the moment, many of the animations you know aren’t there, and dialogues are placeholders. I’ll feed that.
-You can see on the bounty board that some characters of the story have no appearance yet. I’d like to do them with some of my Patreons’ sci-fi Original Characters, and votes. We will talk about that later.
It’s a big change. The game goes more clearly in one direction and is no longer a Behind The Dune Bis. This means that some of you will appreciate that and some will less.
However, I feel thrill with that gameplay (took from Diamant), and hope you will enjoy competing against Mildred and Jeyna.
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-Agent Tangerine (the redhead) is colored and animated. No nude.
-Sex scene with a mutaplant animated. Center of this update.
-Another sex scene with a mutaplant sketched.
-Illustration of Soliandre playing solo.
For the non-erotic stuffs:
-2 new background pictures (lake of the space station, purple landscape).
-Many transitions animated (the hardest was the 4 characters walking).
-A new male character 95% finished, Dexus renamed Pilar.
-In the bounty hunt game-play, the guys are finished.
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-I coded the main part of the bounty hunting game-play (click the computer next to the universe map to play it).
-Jeyna Beem, front view dressed and naked. Behind view (on this screenshot… I wanted a nice ass).
-Mildred shooting (on this screenshot).
-Little stuffs that has to be done like sketches of the enemies. The player’s hand shooting. And sketchy animations.
-Frox did the cemetery of planet Zaga. Still not 100% finished.
Developer Notes:
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Hello! To have your save working, the name of the EXE/swf file must be the same and in the same folder all the time. So from now, I will call it VegaHunters.exe or swf.
I’m glad we have all the dialogues form the beginning to Bloody Otter. We approach the end and the judgment day!
I plan the next month soon. Stay tuned!

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