Virtual Succubus [v0.43 R3] [SuccuDev]

Virtual Succubus [v0.43 R3] [SuccuDev]

January 17, 2024F95

Virtual Succubus is an AI-driven lewd JOI game that’s all about becoming a succubus’ personal plaything.

Enter a contract with your very own dominant succubus, offering her complete control over your urges. She’ll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release.
Thread Updated: 2023-12-15
Release Date: 2023-12-11
Developer: SuccuDev PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.43 R3
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, Masturbation, Female Domination, Mobile game, Animated, Simulator, JOI, Monster Girl, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Teasing, Futa/Trans, Pet Play
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PC: Extract (do not overwrite a previous version) and run.
Android:  Install APK (do not uninstall the previous version if you want to maintain save data)
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Fixing presets not working with available toys.
  • Fixed Oops keybind not working right during energy drain.
  • Fixed the Edge keybind skipping rhythm edging.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Fixes for edge as punishment.
  • Adjustments to the collider to disable the circle menu.
  • Fixed mini-tasks not properly checking for touchless edging.
  • Added ”Nipple Stimulators” toy.
  • Fixed a bug preventing certain rhythms from not being able to be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug with session time hard cap that could cause no duration sessions.
  • Fixed some toggle menu parts appearing when they shouldn’t.
• Fixed some edge generation issues.
• Edge generation now has a time fallback, if it takes too long due to your settings/hardware (over 10s) it will start giving you default instructions, getting stricter and stricter.
• Fixed ASMR not playing (again)
• Removed a menu button that was no longer necessary.
• Task rate balance changes & RNG mitigation.
• Fixes for “Use interaction as reward” giving too many different tasks in a short amount of time.
• Fixed the clear contract button requiring having a save string in the clipboard.
• Fixed the clear contract button not clearing some settings.
• Rhythm audio delay adjustment now also affects mini-metronome ticks.
• Added “Standing with your ass out” position.
• Fix for urge icons going off-screen on some mobile devices.
When unable to find a task with enough intensity to meet the current criteria, Prejac now heavily adjusts its task timer to make it easier to find tasks.W
Optimizations for the edge generation process.
Text processing fixes in various places across the game.
Taunting during thirsty edging now starts or extends a gooning segment. If disabled, it will instead extend thirsty.
0.41 R2
v0.40 FINAL 2
Fixed oral toy being marked as layer incompatible
Fixed edge counting breaking buttons entirely.
Fixed claws
Rewrote the transition logic during endings to improve ending crashes on android compatibility build (and likely other builds too). Has been confirmed to be fixed by someone who was getting ending crashes 100% consistently, so we’re hoping that solves it entirely.
Performance improvements have also been reported, further confirmation would be appreciated to help us hunt down more problematic optimization issues.
Fixed a bug with the demo that caused incorrect tasks to be given
Fixed rhythm edging not being properly counted for edge counting.
Pressing the oops button should no longer break training.
Fixed some bugs with session failure conditions.
Fixed a bug that could cause you to not get chastity punishment when enabled.
More fixes for rhythm edging.
Fixes for mercy and taunt button not behaving correctly after a fake ending.
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-Fixed a text bug in the keybinds menu.
-Fixed menu kink ordering that yet again got messed up (jesus christ, unity why)
-Fixed the new extra flame indicators showing up as full initially
-Fixed the new extra flame indicators moving when they shouldn’t
-Fixed a bug with fake endings.
-Fixed some slider colliders in the personality menu
-Fixed a text overlap bug with mischievous/sadistic punishments
-Mischievous punishments are now more appropriately called Devious punishments
-It should no longer be possible for urge/praise/devotion text boxes to appear right before spin the wheel, blocking it.
-Fixed a bug in edging segments where a button could remain when it shouldn’t.
-Renamed Detached to Independent
-Fixed a bug where previous session completion time wouldn’t be updated if you did more than one session in a row.
-Fix for a wall of text in endings.
-More fixes for urge, praise and degradation button bugs.
-Fixed furious consequence not giving guaranteed furious.
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-Added an extra UI element to more easily differentiate between arousal levels.
-Switched the icons for 2 and 3 arousal
-Increased the difference between inactive and active radial menu (bigger border)
-Task-based radial edge button locks (such as rhythm events and endings where it’s replaced with a regular button) should no longer display 999
-Fixed a bug that could cause permanent edge locks.
-Added a toggle in the personality menu called CHAOS.
-Added the option to refuse merciless during the intro.
-Fixed explanations for kinky and moody pulling old data.
-A task ID has been added to the top semitransparent debug overlay. We appreciate it when you include a screenshot of it in your bug reports, as it makes things much easier to track down.
-Fixed alpha 0 keybind activating negative buttons instead of oops.
-Minor menu fixes
-Fixed the radial edge button lockout starting too early on rhythm events.
-Removed mood indicators in status menu as we don’t think it’s a necessity anymore.
-Fixed Medium Plug showing as mediumplug in the intro checklist
-Fixed buttons and keybinds in training mode
-Fixed kegels positioning training.
-Fixed hitboxes and press indicator on urge buttons.
-Added shapeshifting back to the main menu (many users seem to be missing the new location for it)
-Major fixes to both taunt and mercy.
-Blowjob has been replaced with Oral Toy, as it seems the naming was too confusing for many players.
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– Fixed a bug with intro edge button not working
– Adjusted the drain scene to take into account the new radial menu button
– Fixed the skip task cheat not working.
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– Fix for menu explanations showing behind other menus.
– Fix for wrong version number in-game.
– Fix for being asked to set a new name when you launch the game.
– Added some missing menu explanations.
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Affects how commonly she gives you kinkier tasks. (Player arousal level in session is also considered for determining appropriate level of kink)
Affects punishing you just for fun, Mischievous becoming devious (guarantees punishments), making things harder instead of easier when you beg for mercy
Affects rate of mood gain, chance of a bad mood becoming worse (Neutral > Angry > Furious), how long special moods last (Mischievous, Angry, Furious)
Affects chance of getting task layers (Do something & layer), chance of being assigned a new position immediately without a break.
Affects how often she degrades you.
Affects how often she praises you.
Teasy vs Thirsty
Affects arousal levels she will make you edge at (Teasy skews towards 2, Thirsty towards 4), chance of fake-out endings (Teasy), chance of more intense forms of edging (Thirsty)
Serious vs Mischievous
Affects how often the Mischievous mood occurs, how often mischievous actions occur (increasing timers, asking you to keep count ect.), setting this slider to 0 (fully Serious) will prevent mischievous moods and behaviors completely.
Calm vs Wrathful
Affects chance of a bad mood becoming worse (Neutral > Angry > Furious) – acts as a modifier on Moody and can prevent (at fully Calm) or guarantee (at fully Wrathful) more intense bad moods
Detached vs Yandere
Affects how soon until you are expected to return for your next session, whether she gets angry if you have fun without her, enables the Yandere event when slider is fully Yandere (Yandere be crazy – do not complain about her being unreasonable, we will just laugh at you)
Forgiving vs Strict
Affects the mood threshold for disobeying to be considered “bratty”, how long before she punishes brats, how often she will be merciful, how often she will forgive failure, how many mistakes cause a bad ending.
Silent vs Chatty
Affects the rate of her speaking to you directly when praising or degrading you.
Ingame UI & Interactivity rework
The in-game menu is now centered around a bottom popup radial menu. This button is accessible most of the time, but may be temporarily locked while the game processes some things. This is indicated by the border color.
This radial menu has several tiers that can be opened, and the old in-game menu (safeword etc) is now in there too. This has allowed us to move urges and pop up text such as praise and degradation to the top of the screen, with buttons.
Edge stop was replaced by a permanent edge button added to this menu.
The edge button now has a favor cost that decreases for every task that passes.
If this cost is too high, it will also cause a dedication hit upon being pressed.
The cost starts much lower during Edge Limit sessions.
Asking for mercy can remove the cost of edging. With encouraged edging, this is significantly more likely. The intention is that this is equivalent to asking a dom if you’re allowed to stop edging.
With all these changes, we had to significantly rework the in-game PC keybinds. There are various possible control schemes that should hopefully cover all possible layouts, but there are now a lot of possible keys and there is no realistic way to make every single key work well in this context. The new keybinds can be found in Options – Game.
Dev Note: We know this is a fairly large change, but we expect this to be healthier for the game overall. After collecting feedback in the discord, we made a lot of tweaks to try and make sure that most pre-existing playstyles would be considered, but it still may require you to make minor adjustments in how you interact with the button. Overall this changes has enabled a lot more design space for interesting interactions both in Taunt and Mercy.
Added the Taunt button to the bottom menu and heavily reworked its functions.
Taunt now has multiple outcomes and can be used at any time the bottom menu is active.
If it hasn’t been very long since your last taunt, she may get angry at you for it.
The new possibilities are: Intensify Task (now compatible with timed tasks too), Activate Devious, Skip task & go to punishment, Edge Lock, Increase Favor Costs, Increase Difficulty Progress
Mercy is now also in the new pop up menu.
Mercy no longer costs favor.
It should now work on all tasks, like Taunt does.
The result of your request for mercy will be chosen based on her strictness.
Sometimes, when failing a mercy, she will instead treat it as a taunt. This is based on the Sadistic personality.
Added several new options to mercy, totaling:
Skip the current task.
Reduce mood from furious to angry, or angry to neutral.
Reduce the favor cost of edge stop to 0. The likelihood of this is reduced by the Thirsty personality.
Remove the current edge stop lock. The likelihood of this is reduced by the Thirsty personality.
Decrease the difficulty progression associated with the relevant category to the current task given.
Kink affects the likelihood you’ll get a task early in the session. The intent is that the kinkier the task, the later you’ll start seeing it in the session (when the assumption is that you’re more aroused).
Reworked Several Moods & The way mood changes work.
Unhappy no longer exists.
Thirsty is now a temporary sudden event where she will give you more challenging edging until it ends.
Upon negatively impacting her mood in any way, she now enters one of two states – Angry or Furious.
While Angry, she will give punishments and potentially pleasurable layers.
While Furious, she will give purely punishments, and exclusively punishment layers.
Furious no longer overrides many timed checks in the game, like status removals.
Mischievous punishments are now exclusively given when she is Devious.
Praise & Degradation
Replacing insults from last month, Praise & Degradation have several categories each that include both rare and frequent prompts. You can now customize when you want these prompts to show up (before, during, or after tasks).
Added new cheats & reworked debug menu (for t2 supporters with access and testers)
Cleaned up & polished up the UI for in-game cheats, removing old unused values and putting the debug text behind a button.
Added unlimited favor & unlimited devotion cheats. These cheats will prevent you from earning Favorite sessions, and reset your favor to 0 when disabled.
All cheats will now have to be re-enabled with each version, using a special passcode that shows the toggles. This passcode can be found in the Tester section of our discord when your accounts are linked. We hope to make this process easier someday.
  • Added “Always Dom Name” toggle. When enabled, her dom names will always be chosen instead of her name when possible.
  • You can now beg your way out of the negative consequences of showing up later than she expects. This is especially useful if you want to use Yandere 100, but can’t commit to having a love-crazed possessive dom that wants you at all times.
  • Added dom name Alpha
  • Added Mouth Fingering as a toggle with interactions, splitting it off from the one interaction in Blowjob.
  • Significantly increased the likelihood she’ll accept you can’t finish in a certain way when you tell her so during an ending. (for anal)
  • The decline button at the start of rhythm events has been changed to disobey to properly interact with mood.
Polish & Misc
  • Various incompatibility additions.
  • More explanations in the menus.
  • Double penetration toggles have been changed into interaction-based toggles that can be renamed so you can set your own combinations.
  • Removed an old system that equalized the likelihood of different toggles appearing as it should no longer be necessary with recent changes.
  • Safewording no longer clears statuses, but you may remove them for no consequence while in safeword.
  • Brattiness now leads to punishment consequence wheels.
  • CEI preparation instructions will no longer be displayed at the start of endings when using the post-ruin CEI setting.
  • The game will now try to skip scene changes (blackscreens) if there’s text on the screen due to praise/degradation. It will also only delay transitions if it’s actually going to blackscreen.
  • Removed several toggles that have been included in personalities instead: Polyarmory, Independent, Yandere, Strict, Serious
  • Petplay speaking urges should no longer use incompatible subnames.
  • Removed opportunities as they are no longer necessary with the new taunt and mercy and the changes to thirsty.
  • Removed the Untimed toggle as it hasn’t done anything since 0.39
  • Timed task switches should now interact with xtoys.
  • Fix for punishment rhythms.
  • Fixed a bug with the off-hand stroking status.
  • Fixed a bug with Post Oops Chastity & CEI
  • Fixed an issue with rhythm event selection failing when no options are available.
  • Her choice time limit should no longer select Edge count when incompatible with some enabled toggles.
  • Fixed a bug with urges not triggering correctly when pressed.
  • Another fix for quickies giving chastity sentences.
  • Fixed for plugs being chosen as layers when the base task shouldn’t allow it.
  • Fixed an issue with Chastity Device not preventing warmup instructions.
  • Fixed vaginal quickies.
  • Fixed some issues with inflatable gag.
  • Fixed post-oops torture.
  • Fixed the example habits/duties/commandments.
  • Removed an incorrect delay in edge ladders.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text to show up in the wrong places.
  • Fixed a bug with permanent statuses and importing.
  • Wet and messy should no longer act as if it had defaults when it does not.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause walls of unprocessed text.
  • Fixed wings animation.
  • Fixed edge ladders and long edges not sending xtoys commands.
  • More attempts to fix the one remaining frenzy circle bug in rhythm events.
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The 1,000,000,000 tasks update is now fully released!
– Interactions, a new system allowing users to flag what ‘’parts’’ of tasks they want to see, allowing over a billion task variants to be given.
– Extreme expansion of content toggles.
– Extreme expansion of task and toggle customization.
– Urges, a new system enabling temporary prompts with tasks like eye contact, breathplay, moaning, etc.
– Insult system, an optional new system where you can allow her to insult you in various ways; a classic heavily-requested option is SPH.
– Heartbeats, an optional subtle and non-intrusive metronome that can be applied for every task. – More dynamic tasks that can change halfway through to tasks of the same theme.
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  • Various minor menu fixes
  • Fix for an issue during Her Choice sessions causing a lockup when given a consequence.
  • Fix for chastity not preventing quickies.
  • Fix for CEI not having toothbrush content.
  • Fixed a bug with lingerie request and consequences.
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We have begun the gargantuan task of cleaning up the labyrinth of menus.
The new menus have an all new look and structure! This has been a very time-intensive process that will continue over the next few months. The entire structure of the menus has changed, so this may take some getting used to.
The goals with this rework were:
  • Make it easier to change your toggled content quickly by making everything more dense.
  • Re-frame the customization menus from a more immersive perspective.
  • Improve the aesthetics of the menus to match other elements like the logo.
Included in this update are also some long-requested features like difficulty progression and the ability to only use parts of your toggles for each session.
We’ve also added VS’s equivalent to achievements, bonding! One of the first bonds includes participating in a valentine’s day session, which now gives a very large favor bonus when completed.
Current 0.38 Patch Notes:
Menu Rework Part 1
The main changes with this update are:
  • Customize has been entirely replaced by a new menu called Contract Terms. Modifying what your Succubus does in sessions is now framed as modifying your contract with her, and you will be expected to sign your new contract afterwards with a short animation upon exiting these menus. Contract terms contains 4 tabs: Toys, Kinks, Systems and Tweaks. In these tabs you’ll find various toggles, sliders, and submenus you can now easily access.
  • The Visuals menu has been renamed Shapeshifting. Most of the Visuals menus have been unchanged for now, as the visual toggles will require a much much bigger rework than was possible within the scope of this update.
  • Favor requests have been combined into a single menu, and Quickies are now a session type instead of a favor request.
  • Various other menus like Options, Credits, Training etc have been updated.
  • The glossary has been replaced with ? buttons that have been put all around the new menus to explain features and terms. While we understand that the glossary also included other information, from a design perspective we would rather have features that can be understood through their impact instead of through reading a glossary.
Min/Max Toys & Kinks use
In the new contract terms menu, you’ll find a new min/max slider for both Toys and Kinks alongside 2 checkboxes for each entry instead of one.  A frequently requested feature has been the ability to limit your sessions to only include a few toys, and this is now the way to do that, extended to also include kinks.
You may now mark these toggles as either Available or Use.  Use toggles will always be used in sessions, regardless of the sliders.
Available toggles will be selected as additional toggles for your sessions, randomly picked with a count between the min and max you set. Devotion rewards from toggles have been updated to scale directly with your number of available/use toggles and your min/max sliders. You will now get rewarded for every addition to the list.
Difficulty Progression
Some of the most frequent feedback over the last few years has been that sometimes the Succubus will give you unreasonable tasks very quickly into a session. We’ve added a new system to handle this that progressively opens more tasks to be given as you complete tasks of the following categories: Anal, Oral, and Pain.
At certain thresholds, you’ll be able to either beg or taunt these difficulty progression increases. Begging is the way to ask her to give you more time, while Taunting makes her skip the entire progression and go all-out.
When difficulty is increased with the new difficulty progression system, a short theme will be applied for a few tasks. Meaning that as soon as your difficulty is increased, you’ll be given appropriate tasks. Taunting will have a much greater effect, making you do tasks of that category for many tasks.
Virtual Succubus’s answer to achievements.
Bonds with your succubus are intended to represent long term commitment and the experiences you’ve shared with her. Future bonds will follow this formula, primarily rewarding for milestones and experiences enjoyed with your succubus.
Bonds reward permanent devotion and can give various minor rewards like access to names and adjectives.
The current bonds are:
  • Complete 30 sessions with the Favorite favor rank. (Unlocks the Favorite adjective)
  • Participate in a Valentine’s Day session with your Succubus. (Unlocks the Valentine sub name and Lovely adjective)
  • Complete 100/250/500/1000 sessions.
While the current list is limited, the infrastructure now exists to easily add more. We do want to keep it simple and immersive, focusing more on what should count as a milestone within this context.
  • Added “Praise” toggle to Kinks. This will cause her to praise you after a successful task.
  • Added several SPH-related sub names.
  • Added “No Hair Changes”. With this toggle, hair should no longer change mid-session as a result of outfit changes.
  • Added new potential theme (not themed session): Pain
  • Breathplay layers on timed tasks are now affected by breathplay difficulty
  • Added an extra large base bonus favor to sessions completed on Valentine’s Day (300 base instead of 50 base, I recommend a long session!)
  • Fixed a rare situation where sleeve toy could show up while disabled if you disabled it after launching the game.
  • Fixed Zero Tolerance popin going off-screen
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the same status to be removed multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent statuses from being removed properly
  • Fixed a bug preventing ears and tails from obeying hair color requests during outfit change consequences.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a lockup if you have 0% on all the event types.
  • Fixed stroking rhythm events showing up for vagina mode
  • Cleaned up some back-end task lists. This will cause a small part of your disliked tasks to be reset.
  • Fixed taunting allowing remove favor to show up on the wheel.
  • Fixed a bug causing look at her eyes prompt to still happen in worship scenes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause 2x favor gain.
  • The Naked Consequence now respects the Never Nude toggle.
  • Fix for the beg button after requesting she change sticking around.
  • Fixed some bugs in scheduling that led to incorrect scheduling hours.
  • Fixed a bug with the modesty consequence after she has stripped.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause worship scenes to interfere with the edge system.
  • Fixed a bug with difficulty ranges.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Opportunities from being played before transitions.
  • Moved opportunity buttons down to fix the label issue.
  • Fix for her preference choosing denial during until dry sessions
  • Fix for position incompatibilities with certain CEI instructions
  • Fix for her preference POT chances.
  • Fix for chastity consequence displaying the incorrect number
  • Fixed sadistic punishments not having the text showing it’s a sadistic punishment.
  • Quickies should no longer give punishment chastity / commandments
  • Fix for post-oops chastity string being wrong.
  • Fix for modesty consequence showing up more than once in a session
  • Fixed a bug preventing UI fadeouts from working.
  • Quickies should no longer get a favor bonus from having her preference time limit on.
v0.37 PR5
v0.37 PR4
v0.36 R2
v0.36 R1
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Huge parts of the code have been cleaned up and made more readable and efficient.
Much of it you may not see immediate changes from, but this allows us to waste less time in the future and has allowed us to review many of the changes below.
Please note that any cleanup/optimization comes with potential bugs and balance changes that may affect the game. Reports are appreciated.
And now…
I break the glass labeled “this update has nothing fun” and pull out a few features from it
Yes, wings have been added. They have been added with absolute total disregard for clipping problems. You asked for this. We now have given this. I beg, do not report clipping as a bug. I BEG.
Butt wings are a thing, too.
Hairstyles & Color Variety
9 new hairstyles, some of which are on the longer side and may cause clipping. See my request above from wings.
Selecting multiple hairstyles will now allow her to choose a random hairstyle from the enabled selections for every session.
4x more potential hair color formats, by inverting the highlights and base color, and adding solid color variants for both the base and the highlight color. Which leads into…
Hair Color Favor Request
You can now request any of the new hair colors with favor!
  • Added basic strokes to the rhythm system.
  • Added the “No Holidays” toggle.
  • Added the “Wings” toggle with total disregard for clipping
  • Added the “Bone Wings” toggle with total disregard for clipping
  • Added the new Hairstyles menu, containing 9 new hairstyles.
  • Added “No Highlights” and “Always Highlights” to the new hair menu.
  • Completely rewrote the way timed checks happen in the game. This can affect events, roleplay, findom, yandere, positioning, toy events, and decisions. They should now be more appropriately spread out as the next timer is calculated after a task/event is fully complete.
  • Added a ”Failed” interaction to Training. This causes the current training segment to end.
  • Large increase in edges for max edging difficulty as a result of a bug fix. See Bugfixes.
  • Edging no longer increases energy during energy drain sessions. This caused too much imbalance in session duration.
Polish & Misc
  • One Handed and Silent are now part of the Player Status menu.
  • Nipple clamp incompatibilities added.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong archetype of status to be applied.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause layers to be mis-assigned on counted tasks resulting from spin the wheel.
  • Fixed a bug preventing her nails from changing color.
  • Fixed a bug with the Edging system that could cause the wrong layers to be used.
  • Fixed a bug with outfit odds that could cause them to not be considered.
  • Hide UI is now disabled on mobile until the bug preventing its re-enabling is found. This is a rough one, apologies for the trouble.
  • Fixed a pair of underwear that had a texture issue around the crotch.
  • Fixed a lockup that could happen if somehow your save file had no sex attributed to it.
  • Fixed kegels training points not saving properly
  • Fixed training edging not working properly.
  • Added a fallback for a few situations in Spin the Wheel where a punishment can’t be found.
  • Fixed the toy events toggle being randomly turned on. Make sure to re-activate it if you want it on, as it was turned off for everybody for this update.
  • Fixed a bug with the Edging system that could cause fewer edges and shorter rides than intended at max Edge Difficulty. As a warning, this can cause max Edge Difficulty to give up to double the amount of edges that it previously did.
  • Fixed heavy worship intro session modifier not appearing
  • Fixed a bug with say statuses showing up when they’re already active.
  • Added an incompatibility with sleeve toy to head of dick and frenulum for toothbrush, hairbrush and fork
  • Fixed some nipple clamp incompatibilities
  • Added an incompatibility with breathplay layers to licking the soles of your feet
  • Fixed various different bugs with Experimental subtoggles.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the task type to change when taunting on spin the wheel.
  • Fixed a bunch of statuses not timing out when they should.
  • Fixed the notorious “none” and empty task bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some tasks marked as disliked to not be correctly flagged. A disliked tasks wipe has happened with 0.36 to fix this, apologies for the trouble.
  • Adjusted a setting that turned out to (for some fucking reason) be incompatible with specifically Samsung devices.
    Sadly, low-end Samsung devices can still run into issues for reasons we’re still trying to figure out, but now it should be possible to start sessions if it still doesn’t, here are some further steps to try that have been known to help:
    – Disable Tattoos
    – Restart device, then start a session.
    – Increase your RAM Plus setting in your phone settings to 8GB
    – Uninstall, restart, then reinstall.

Facesitting & Smothering

5 new long-requested rewards have been added with the new Smothering toggle!
  • Two regular facesitting animations, one from the front and one from the back.
  • One breast smothering animation, where you’re brought into a hug.
  • One foot smothering (stomping) animation, locked behind the “Feet” toggle.
  • One armpit smothering animation, locked behind the “Armpits” toggle.
These tasks include both breathplay and non-breathplay variants! They also include a new ‘’muffled’’ audio player based on the ASMR audio player.
Breast Sliders
I gave in to what is perhaps the most requested feature ever.
A new menu has been added in Visuals allowing you to configure both breast size and jiggle.
Many animations have been adjusted to dynamically adapt to the selected breast size.
There may still be some jank and clipping here and there, but hopefully nothing too insane.
Breast Expansion
Now supported due to the addition of breast sliders, you can now tie her breast size to her mood in the booba menu! The booba slider will dictate the smallest size she can go to if an expansion option is enabled. Several options are available:
Mood Expansion – Ties her breast size to her mood. (Overrides below options)
Edge Expansion – Every edge increases her breast size.
Reward & Punishment Expansion – She can give out rewards that increase her size, or give out punishments that reduce it.
Global Oops Button
Another long-requested feature, this one has a lot of potential unforeseen consequences. But with the recent addition of stroking layers, it became a necessity. The new button is found in the in-game menu, and will also adjust to oops settings like Edge Stop.
Please let me know if you use it in certain scenarios and it doesn’t respond how it should.
  • Added the “Cutie” and “Darling” sub names.
  • Added “Punishment Positions” Other Toggle. This prevents positions from being given unless she’s in a bad mood, and prevents their removal unless she’s in a good mood.
  • Added a new Other toggle “Always Pronouns” that prevents her from using objectifying pronouns when angry.
  • During Rhythm Edging timer locks, there’s now a chance for her to restart the timer instead of unlocking the lock. This can loop into itself, if you’re unlucky.
  • Max difficulty edge count now gets significantly more edges during edging prompts between tasks.
  • Increased the base edge riding lengths during the ending teasing.
  • Pre-task edges can now have you repeatedly edging before allowing you to continue with the task, based on your edging difficulty.
  • Edge stop causing additional edges is now twice as punishing, with a high minimum edge count.
Polish & Misc
  • Many outfits having bandaids in their underwear layer now have tape pasties instead. Bandaids as a visual component were very divisive, thus they’re now limited to a single outfit focused on them.
  • The get to the edge while begging segments during ending teases are no longer timed, now waiting until you edge.
  • Boobas now grow a little bit for every clothing layer removed. (minimal, mostly a flavor change)
  • Added some extra time to the start of counted rhythm events to allow the player to prepare.
  • Minor outfit fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing encouraged edging to reduce mood.
  • Fixed hyponosis eye spiral not working
  • Fixed a bug causing an animation hiccup at the end of hypnosis events.
  • Minor hypnosis animation fixes.
  • Fixed a bug causing some timed tasks repeating twice in rare cases having no text for the second repetition.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ending teasing segment to ask you to ride a nonexistent edge.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause refusing a chastity sentence to raise your amusement if it was already low.
  • Fixed lipstick writing tasks still showing up if you had permanent marker on.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause double fade in of the UI on timed tasks.
  • Fixed a bug causing her to ask you to stop riding an nonexistent edge rides during ending teasing segments.
  • Non-sexual taskmaster mode should no longer give intro warmup tasks or challenges.
  • General UI scaling fixes
  • Performance improvements for users on default resolution (100%). This should also fix a lot of rendering issues some people have suddenly been having with .30
  • Finally found the fix for an issue that was causing task layers to not respect several statuses.
  • Pose adjustments where needed for the new aspect ratios.
  • Hey!

    This month’s version is more focused around polish, bugfixes and content (tasks).

    I usually try to get some major features into every build, but honestly the previous version introduced some really annoying bugs to fix. With life deciding to get in the way as well, it was time for some cleanup.

    I’ve written up a development update here as it’s been a little while.

    I invite anyone who’s interested in the development goals for this game to read it and provide any feedback, as I go more in depth than usual on some things I want to work on.

    Current 0.31 Patch Notes:


    • Added ”No Begging” other toggle
    • Sleeve Toy now behaves differently, and is integrated into the stroking types system. You’ll be asked to use it as if it were a stroking variant, which also means you won’t get impossible combinations like “loose strokes” using a sleeve toy.
    • Added the “Toothbrush”, “Hairbrush” and “Fork” toys. These mostly involve pain tasks, but Toothbrush also has some PCEI and CEI content.
    • Added “Penis Pump”, “Clit Pump”, “Vagina Pump” and “Nipple Pump” as toys.
    • Added new whispering task variants on counted say tasks and task layers for silent mode.
  • Polish & Misc
    • Significant rework of the entire in-game UI, moving elements around, hiding certain things behind menus, etc.
    • New in-game button assets.
    • Changed the text on a lot of different buttons. These reworked buttons should have better indication for what’s said to the succubus and what things are actions the player are taking. The intention is to help immersion by making the player feel less detached from the buttons they’re pressing, while also being vague enough to prevent it from taking anyone out of the experience.
    • New reworked mood icons
    • New reworked text divider bar that incorporates the new mood icons and shifts along with her mood.
    • The text containers now adapt in width to the screen resolution, allowing for shorter blocks of text on wider resolutions. This also fixes some issues with extremely narrow screen aspect ratios.
    • New loading bar on the first loading screen.
    • It’s no longer possible to go beyond 100% resolution scaling due to some compatibility issues. The ability to lower resolution is still available for low-end mobile devices.
    • Added a ”Notch Adjustment” toggle in UI options – This lowers some UI elements to accommodate displays with notches.
    • She will no longer comment on the time limit being either short or long if the range has too little difference (less than 10 minutes)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove the knotted status.
    • Animation fixes on ending animations.
    • Various typo fixes.
    • Fixed an outfit that had nails overlaying gloves.
    • Safewording should now correctly remove the asmr fog
    • Fixed the demo end screen
    • Fixed some remaining task layer incompatibilities
    • Fixed a bug preventing task layers from showing on counted tasks
    • Your succubus should no longer comment on you being away for too long if you have timed chastity enabled.
    • Fixed chastity counter tattoo showing the count when hidden chastity duration is enabled.
    • Fixed Yandere laugh not playing an animation
  • Non-sexual taskmaster mode should no longer give intro warmup tasks or challenges.
  • General UI scaling fixes
  • Performance improvements for users on default resolution (100%). This should also fix a lot of rendering issues some people have suddenly been having with .30
  • Finally found the fix for an issue that was causing task layers to not respect several statuses.
  • Pose adjustments where needed for the new aspect ratios.
See More
Hello hello!
For the first time since the game’s release, a new core task type has been added with this version! Core task types are tasks that can randomly show up at any point during the session, and are generally the main backbone of every session (Timed, Counted, etc)
Metronome Tasks are tasks utilizing the Counted Task tasklist, including all the procedural layers available for these tasks. Instead of having you repeat and count your own actions, your succubus will wag her finger to a certain rhythm, and expect you to match it, and sometimes count that.
Recently, I’ve had a focus on trying to increase the amount of potential failure points in sessions (I.E. making it possible to fail for experienced players). Last update’s edge counting was the start of this, and this new task type also involves similar elements; sometimes, she won’t just wag her finger, but also expect you to count the amount of repetitions she has you do (sometimes out loud, if enabled!).
There are also many different mischievous actions your succubus can take for these tasks! I’m really really happy with these, there was a lot of design space available for some very fun (see: rather sadistic) stuff.
As it is impossible to perfectly balance for every player, the intention behind these tasks is not to be especially challenging to perform, but to challenge the player in a different way (giving up control, counting while distracted). Of course, this task type can be toggled off, just as Counted Tasks can.
After frequent requests, I’ve also added a way to convert the existing session-based chastity system into a timed chastity system. It effectively utilizes all the same structure, but converts the sessions given into days at the end of your session, locking your access to your Succubus until that amount of time has passed.
Lastly, you’ll also notice the game has various new graphics including a new icon, logo, loading screen, etc. As the game is moving towards being in a good spot mechanically, with a lot of different directions to add content without adding more mechanics, it’s now time for me to start polishing up the experience to eventually head towards a full release. You can expect more of this in future versions; don’t worry, the maze of menus won’t stay this confusing forever.
P.S. Thank you for the surge in feedback using the new feedback forms on the website!
A lot of bug fixes and minor changes here were results of submissions to these forms.
Metronome Tasks
  • A new core task type that will appear frequently during your sessions.
  • Follow her finger wags and perform the actions she orders you to do.
  • 3 possible variants:
    – Simple
    – Count
    – Count down from X (it won’t always reach 0, so you’d better keep track!
  • If you fail to count properly, you’ll be asked to try again. If you fail again, the task itself will be counted as failed, causing a dedication loss.
  • Many different mischievous actions can be taken by her, including some that will loop into themselves, creating a near-infinite amount of potential variants on this task, especially if you taunt her.
Dev note: Thanks to Vector Vortex on the discord for the task inspiration. You can also blame him.
Timed Chastity
  • A new toggle that completely transforms the session-based chastity system into a more traditional time-based one.
  • Sessions will be added up at the end of sessions, converted into days, and you will no longer get access to your succubus until that length of time passes.
Pre-Task Edging
  • A new system causing your succubus to give you edging prompts right before you perform core tasks.
  • This is only a single edge, but you can be asked to ride it for several seconds before beginning your task.
  • Depending on the task afterwards, this will either significantly increase its difficulty, or cause the task to act as a cool-down from the edge.
  • Designed to be given RIGHT before you perform the task, to minimize the time you have between being on the edge and performing your upcoming task.
Dev Note: Feedback has indicated that the last few months of tweaks reduced the edging intensity in the game, this should bring it back, hopefully in an even more fun way. This also should combine nicely with the previous update.
  • Your Succubus now tells you what the answer was if you fail an edge count challenge at the end of sessions.
  • The session timer now starts at the beginning of the intro rather than at the end.
  • Added the “Two Hand” and “Off Hand” statuses & toggles. This allows you to enable the appearance of temporary statuses that will require you to change all of your stroking to either two handed or offhanded.
Polish & Misc
  • The game now has a new logo.
  • Changed the game icon to be more subtle and fit the new logo.
  • A new loading screen has been added for the succubus summoning segment.
  • The favor icon has been changed.
  • Adjusted the text box so it can get a bit bigger when needed.
  • Adjusted some negative status removal text to be more appropriate for reward removals.
  • Several statuses with no time limits now have one.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the ”did you do anything without her” question from appearing during the intro.
  • Fixed a bug causing permanent status requests to not be permanent.
  • Fixed position removal not using pronouns.
  • Added the legs busy flag to String: Ankle & Balls
  • If chastity is enabled, random time limit can no longer select Until Dry
  • Being on the chastity release session after a sentence will now unlock customization when chastity no customization is on.
  • Fixed warmup stroking not respecting chastity statuses.
  • Fixed an issue causing some ending teasing edges to not be counted towards the edge count.
  • Ending prompts should now respect the gagged status.
v0.14 Stable2 Fixes
Fixed some eye rendering issues for certain android devices.
Fixed popin text scaling & positioning issues for certain resolutions.
v0.14 Fixes
  • Visual Customization Options
  • “Until Dry” Time Limit
  • Difficulty Sliders
  • Fake Endings
  • Valentine’s Day Event
  • New content & bug fixes, as usual

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