Waifu Wonderland [v0.1.2] [ExerGames]

Waifu Wonderland [v0.1.2] [ExerGames]

June 29, 2024F95

Welcome to Waifu Wonderland!

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You play as a 21 year old who still lives with his “landlady.” One day she gets fed up with having you mooching off of her and tries to motivate you to move out in any way she can… And she gets one of her friends to take your virginity and teach you the basics on how to pickup women.  Once you’ve discovered how great sex can be, you can go off into the city and try to seduce anyone and everyone.

Waifu Wonderland is a sandbox RPG where instead of battles you enter “seduction mode” and spit game to get women into bed. You can seduce every woman in the game and more women will continually be added. Of course, not every woman will let you into seduction mode right away though. You’ll need to improve yourself by doing things like moving out of your “landlady’s” house, getting a job, and wearing nicer clothes for some women to let you into seduction mode.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-29
Release Date: 2024-06-29
Developer: ExerGamesPatreonItch
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Milf, Handjob, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Ahegao, Prostitution, Rpg, Sandbox, Turn based combat
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1. Extract and run.
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Added 2 new characters –
Akari – The Neighborhood
Rinko – The University
Added 2 new scenes –
Adjusted the MC’s portrait size to better fit with the others in the game and changed his hoodie to better match the color of his sprite. Both MC portraits are now identical across both versions. Except one is white.
Updated title screen to include version number and new waifus.
Fixed bug letting you enter the Hospital and Lab through the bus stop.
Fixed bug that wasn’t taking away the $10 when using the bus stop.
Fixed bug that wasn’t letting you interact with the vending machines in the convenience store.
Fixed bug where to enter the apartment area you had to click/press okay instead of just touch the area.
Fixed some formatting issues and typos.
Reworded certain things for clarity and flow.
Added 5% evasion to every piece of clothing. Now there’s always a chance to evade.
Modified stats gained from level ups to be higher (new stats should automatically update on existing saves).
Slightly increased the power of “Omniflirt”.
Decreased the cost of the Business Suit from 1000->800
“Laugh” changed from 2 hits to 1. Strength increased to compensate, but should do less damage overall.
“Ignore” changed from 3 hits to 2. Strength increased to compensate, but should do less damage overall.
Lowered base exp gain from Almiranda from 200->100. First time clear changed from 400 total -> 300 total.
Angela’s sprite now moves into the house with you during her scene.
The stat “Attack” has been renamed “Charisma.”
The stat “M.Attack” has been renamed “M.Charisma.”
Changed spawn point when entering the Commercial District forward one block, so you shouldn’t accidentally go back when using mouse movement anymore.
You now lose stamina from winning against Angela and Ayako as originally intended.
Removed the Luxury Suit and Fine Suit from the department store shop, they’ll be added back in a later update.
Added the number of art pieces in each set to the signs in the gallery.
Changed the level cap to 15, this will be continually increased in future versions as needed.
Inside of the University reworked from selecting an area from a menu, to one large explorable area. (Collectables that were found in the University in v0.1.1 will reappear. I kept this in so people who played v0.1.1 and did the collectables could get some extra money.)
Initial Release
Includes 14 characters and 21 total scenes.
Developer Notes:
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The  “Blacked” version lets you play as a black guy instead. This just makes “you”, black, there are no other differences between versions. Blacked version is downloadable only.
All polls on the Patreon are open to the public, so be sure to stop by and cast your vote! Polls are used to decide things like which characters to include, what new gameplay features to add, which areas/storylines to work on next, and which existing characters get new scenes. I really want the people who play the game to help shape it, so be sure to swing by and cast your vote! The current poll should always be pinned so it’s easy to find.
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