What a Legend! [v0.6.02] [MagicNuts]

What a Legend! [v0.6.02] [MagicNuts]

January 4, 2024F95

The story is about a young man that goes to the biggest city of the realm to lose his virginity but ends up meeting a mysterious woman who sends him on an epic quest. A quest full of sexual encounters, unhappy housewives, beautiful damsels, comely magical creatures, and the chance to become a legend.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-31
Release Date: 2022-07-30
Developer: MagicNuts PatreonWebsiteDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Animated, Dating sim, Big tits, Groping, Humor, Masturbation, Milf, Point & click, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Sandbox
Planned Content:
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Pregnancy (optional), Furry, Monster Girl, Footjob, Harem
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1. Extract and run.
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Fixed a number of bugs involving the crafting cabinets and buttons in the sex scenes not appearing.
  • About 50k new words
  • Seven new sex scenes: vaginal, anal, oral, and boob (including two scenes in a threesome)
  • Three hidden photos: Anne, Serena, Simmone
  • One new sprite for the Main Character
  • One new sprite for Rose
  • Two new male characters: Jebediah, Abu Gadu
  • Six new locations: Raventrove, The Doorway, The Twins’, Inside of the Wagon, The Fork, The Swoon Tree
  • One new Map: Cin Town
  • Two think quests
  • One craft quest
  • Five achievements
  • New patron avatars
  • New music tracks and sound effects
  • Quality of life improvements: changing the world map icon, adding a guide for the first player choice dialogue (intro)
  • Fixing/improving typos, bugs, and artworks from previous releases
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Bugfix: adds exit button to mirror, allows Lambert’s photo to be collected from the mirror regardless of the content of the Main Story
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  • A new female character: Simmone Hammerdick (Lord Hammerdick’s daughter)
  • Two new male auxiliary characters: Sev, and Karl.
  • Six new sex scenes: five with Lana (oral, vaginal, boob), and one with Simmone (hand).
  • Six new locations (12 backgrounds in total): the marketplace, the dungeon, the city hall, behind the city hall, outside of the inn, and the Cursed Mansion, which itself contains 7 backgrounds.
  • Two characters have their hidden photos: Rose and Madeline.
  • One new splash art (Simmone)
  • Eight new achievements
  • Quality of life improvements (increasing the number pages for saves, notification icon in the hint screen to show unfinished quests, pop-op notification when collecting all photos and opening the album, change the main character’s name from the preferences screen)
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Contains the following fixes:
  • Allows multiple crafting quests to be completed simultaneously
  • Fixes an issue with initial variables that prevented re-playing one of Serena’s scenes from the crystal ball
  • Typos and grammatical mistakes
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  • 2 new locations: woodcutter’s living room, woodcutter’s bedroom;
  • 3 new characters: Hammerdick, George, Tree
  • 7 sex scenes (all Myrtle): masturbation, blowjob, toying, vaginal (3), anal
  • 3 new quests, including:
    • 2 think quests;
    • 1 craft quest;
  • 3 hidden photo;
  • 2 new beds;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Quality of life improvements:
    • UI clock;
    • Hidden photo hints in the album
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Fixing bugs.
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  • 3 new locations: the mudbank, the well, the matchmaker’s;
  • 3 new characters: Celestina, Abe, Gretta
  • 3 sex scenes: titjob (Serena), vaginal sex (Celestina), dry hump (Holly);
  • 1 think quest;
  • 1 hidden photo;
  • 1 new bed at Holly’s where you can sleep or pass the time;
  • 2 new splash arts;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Crystal ball added to the bag;
  • Cutscenes added to the crystal ball;
  • Possibility to delete saves (by hovering over them and pressing the Delete button on PC);
  • Placeholder image for blank save files;
  • CV achievements’ titles and descriptions are hidden until collected;
  • Now new characters’ screens in the crystal ball need to be unlocked by meeting them first (testing to apply this to all characters in the future);
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  • The main story’s quest from 0.1 is continued
  • One think quest, and a lot of linear content
  • New female characters: Anne, the welcome whore, Madeline, the Lady, Gomira, the mercenary
  • New male characters: Biggs and Wedge, guards
  • Locations: the cave in the woods, the dungeon, Carn Alley in the Sweat dist.
  • Five new CV achievements
  • Handjob: Rose
  • Blowjob: Anne
  • Glory-hole (oral): Gomira
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader about 40-60 minutes
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  • Prologue and introduction
  • Maple’s introductory quest-line
  • Main story’s introductory quest-line (unfinished)
  • Female characters: Serena the princess, Serena in disguise, Rose the gypsy, Myrtle the woodcutter’s wife, Lana the beggar, Holly the shepherdess, Maple the pixie
  • Male characters: MC, Kevin the guard, Waldo the gatekeeper, Junior the hunter
  • Maps: world map, the Old Capital, the wood, and the village
  • Locations: bridge, gate, wall, gypsy’s wagon, woodcutter’s hut, inside woodcutter’s hut, riverside, shepherdess’s shack, grasslands, tree, forest, pixie path, Serena’s room, and MC’s tent
  • Five CV achievements
  • Two beds (one unlockable)
  • Spying + masturbation: Serena
  • Vaginal sex: Maple
  • Spying (naked): Myrtle
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader about 30-40 minutes
Progress Tracker:
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Progress Wal | Free Adult Games
Hidden Photos Locations:
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746035 Hidden Photo 1 | Free Adult Games
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746036 Hidden Photo 2 | Free Adult Games
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746037 Hidden Photo 3 | Free Adult Games
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842561 Hidden Photo 0.4 | Free Adult Games
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1444099 Hidden Photo 5 | Free Adult Games
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1057262 Hidden Photo 6 | Free Adult Games
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1057263 Hidden Photo 7 | Free Adult Games
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1993365 Spoiler Spoiler Hidden Photo 8 New | Free Adult Games
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1444108 Hidden Photo 9 | Free Adult Games
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1987534 Spoiler Spoiler Hidden Photo 10 | Free Adult Games
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1987535 Spoiler Spoiler Hidden Photo 11 | Free Adult Games
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1987536 Spoiler Spoiler Hidden Photo 12 | Free Adult Games
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=============== THE DEVELOPMENT ===============
How many people work on this game?
Why don’t you add more members to the team?
  • The tasks that take the longest are also the stuff we have the most fun doing (art, posing) and prefer to do them mostly ourselves.
  • We have already commissioned and continue to commission a talented artist to help us design the backgrounds and the environments.
  • We’re a married couple, work in the same physical space, work well together, change things all the time, test new ideas, and have an established work routine. I would consider hiring people to work with us in an office or a studio, but given the NSFW nature of the game, that’s out of the question, and I prefer not to change my work routine.
  • We’re happy working on the game full-time, people have been happy so far with the result of our work, and our patrons have expressed they prefer us to keep doing what we’re doing. Changing what works seems unnecessary and unhelpful.
  • Assuming that we wanted to add new members, it is not easy to find people who can say produce artworks that exactly match the styles of the game, and we do not want there to be two different art styles. What that means is that Chestnut will still have to be doing the finishing works, and extra coordination, which is likely to take her as much time as it does now.
  • Some tasks are easier to outsource (e.g., the coding), but those are the easiest and the fastest parts of our job.
=============== THE GAME ===============
What is the MC’s canonical name?
Lassie. Given to him by one of his moms because she first thought he was a puppy.
Do you plan to add pregnancy?
Yes. There will be a pregnancy-specific update (along with other fetishes such as footjob). Once we have several characters’ stories finished, we will include this as one of the options in the Patreon content polls.
Will the MC ever go back to his home brothel?
We intend for the main character to visit his home and be reunited with his moms near the end of the Main Story.
I can’t find a hidden photo. Where is it?
Check the Hidden Photos Locations in the OP
I know where one of the hidden photos should be, but why is it not there?
Some hidden photos feature characters from specific quests. Therefore, before you can find them, you must first unlock them. Click on the small icons next to the uncollected hidden photos in the album and follow the instructions.
Will the game have NTR content?
If by NTR you mean other male characters having sexual intercourse with a female character the MC is interested in, no. If by it you mean the MC having sexual/romantic relations with female characters that are in a relationship with other male characters, possibly yes. There will be lesbian/bi content.
Will the MC ever have sex with Kelly (Kevin’s wife)?
Will there be any content for the maidenwood tree?
Yes, she will have a mini-story.
=============== SAVE FILES ===============
Will I be able to use my saved progress from previous versions? Yes. Can I delete the older version of the game? Will I lose my progress if I do so?
On a PC, Linux, or Mac, you can delete the older versions of the game without losing your progress. On an Android device, You need to backup your previous save file, install the new version, and copy the saved data to the new version’s save folder. Please note that Roy’s port has a second persistent save location to make sure your saves are intact even after deleting the saves.
Where are the saved files kept?
PC: C:Users AppDataRoamingRenPyInventory02-1551646067
Linux: /home/[USERNAME]/.renpy/Inventory02-1551646067
Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/Inventory02-1551646067
Android:  Internal Storage/C18/what.a.legend.c18/[save_file]
Can I transfer my saves from a PC to an Android device and vice-versa?
Yes, copy your files to and from the directories above.
Can I change my name if I use someone else’s save files?
You can change your name in the game’s preferences screen.
Where can I find the completed save file for the current content?
There’s one pinned in the help channel of our Discord server
=============== PROGRESS TRACKER ===============
How do you count art tasks?
Art tasks depend on the complexity of the artwork. For example, a relatively simple cutscene or one that uses a lot of existing assets (like sprites) is usually 2 tasks. On the other hand, a long cutscene (5 to 8 images) might be counted as 4 to 5 tasks. A sex scene would require even more tasks since it first needs to be drawn (e.g., 4 tasks), then prepared for animation (2-3 tasks), and then edited (1-2 tasks). These are heavier jobs that take more time to design and prepare, but there are lighter ones for things such as adding a new expression to the MC, etc.
How do you count writing tasks?
Writing tasks are pretty straightforward. There are four types of writing jobs: story/quest dialogues, convos (a list of dialogues that appear after you approach a character and can be repeated), conversations during the sex scenes, and interface texts (e.g., hints, bag item titles, achievements, etc.). We usually count the dialogue of each scene as 1-2 tasks, depending on the length of the text. Each of the sex scenes and convos has one writing task as well. For the interface stuff, I count the whole thing as one or two tasks usually.
How do you count coding tasks?
We count a task for each of the events of the story that requires coding to make sure it works well in the structure and doesn’t interfere with other quests, adding various elements such as sprites or expressions, new backgrounds with their corresponding buttons and animated images, adding cutscenes and those that have renpy-animated parts, new features (such as the shard in the bag), hints, notifications, bag items, event-related convos, alternative talks, optimizing images, sex scenes, etc.
How do you count posing tasks?
We count two things as posing: 1) changing all of the sprites with each line of the dialogue; 2) animations for sex scenes, cutscenes, and backgrounds. Depending on the length of the dialogue and the number of characters, a scene could have 1-5 tasks. Sex animations count as 3 tasks each. I rarely count tasks for other smaller animations (unless if I thought they would be simple, but they end up taking up my whole day — it has happened).
How do you count audio tasks?
Finding audio files, editing them, and adding them to the game, then going through the game and making sure that they don’t interfere with other sound effects and that it stops correctly once the scene changes and also works well when the player replays a scene using the crystal ball.
How do you count edit tasks?
By edit we mean aspects that need to be improved or that we thought they would work but in testing we see that they don’t, be it the writing, the posing, or the art. We edit the text all the time, and so every dialogue will have many edit tasks. The same is true with posing: sometimes, after seeing a scene, characters’ expressions don’t match the text or can be improved. Then there are art edits, which are often fixes or changes that Chestnut has to make after she’s done with the game’s main content.
How do you count bug tasks?
The errors found while playing the currently under development content or things from previous releases that we want to fix/change before the next update. For example: missing hands or sprite elements, buttons that are misplaced or miss hover-idle states, events crashing with each other, sound effects over-lapping with environment music, characters in more than one place at the same time, quests not working well as a sandbox, etc.
Why do you add new tasks?
Because we don’t always plan things perfectly. For example, imagine that I thought that a certain scene was fine, and I had already edited the text and all, but then once I started posing it, the text didn’t feel right and needed to be re-written (new writing task), and after that, it needed to happen at different hours of the day (new coding tasks), and the initial shorter scene ended up being much longer (say 3 new posing tasks). I have no problems adding tasks when I have done the job, but Chestnut, in general, is better at estimating her tasks, takes the possible edits and changes into account from the start, and even if she needs to do extra work, she often does it without counting the extra stuff.
Why some days the % is not increasing (as much)?
First of all, you should also check the number of tasks, and not just the percentage. We have often added and completed new tasks that don’t advance the main %, but it has been work all the same. Additionally, I think our progress tracker misses a ‘testing’ row since that is what we do all the time. Testing takes a lot of time and doesn’t advance any of the current metrics, and without it, we might finish a scene and then see that it actually doesn’t work well and needs to be redone.
=============== THE NEXT RELEASE ===============
When are you going to release the next update?
A few days after all of the tasks shown in progress (both main content AND polish) are at 100%.
What is the next (0.7) update about?
Gomira and only Gomira (no Main Story)
What will the 0.8 updates be about?
To be determined by a Patreon poll.
Developer Notes:
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  • The game contains no NTR content (except a tiny bit in the prologue, which is part of the background story).
  • The gameplay consists of choosing characters and pursuing their stories (if you choose to do a character’s story you will see all her content, eventually) and as such explicit in-game choices are merely flavor text or non-sexual variations.
  • An in-game hint system is available.
0.6.02 Bugfix:


Mods: Gallery Unlocker ModSave Naming Mod
Ports: AndroidAndroid (Low Frame)** – Android 7.3.5 SKD**
Translations: SPANISH*  –

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[USER=522097]HGW thanks for the link
* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.
**  If your device crashes or has performance issues, please download the low-frame or the 7.3.5 SDK version (note: the old save files are incompatible with the 7.3.5 SDK port).

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