What Could Go Wrong? [Ep. 2 Part 1] [WsZgamez]
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What Could Go Wrong? [Ep. 2 Part 1] [WsZgamez]

April 17, 2024F95

You will play the role of a guy in his late 20s. You work in a workshop for a guy who helped you get out of trouble. Life is simple until you meet a beautiful woman who threatens to make your world complicated again. As you uncover more about the world of the main character, his past and his relationships, your role will be to make choices and face their consequences. What Could Go Wrong?
The player will be able to shape the character through choices (red path or blue path). However, in order to maximize points with a particular hottie, you will need to take the right path.(red, blue or mix between those statistics) In addition, these choices will affect how the MC will react to certain situations (dialogue changes, image changes) and how individual Li reacts to the MC’s behavior. (changes in dialogues, different images)

Thread Updated: 2024-03-13
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Developer: WsZgamez PatreonItch.ioF95zoneDiscordTwitterDeviantart
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 2 Part 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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TAGs (on release): 3DCG,male protagonist, romance, teasing, vaginal sex, oral sex ,handjob , creampie, dating sim.
Planned tags: milf, point & click, group sex (FFM), footjob, anal sex, titfuck, female domination or male domination
Not planned tags: NTR, sandbox, harem
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1. Extract and run.
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Ep.2 Part 1
–  688 renders
– added galleries of Fay and Lana (yes I am just finishing creating images for her gallery).
Each picture has a second, more revealing version. To unlock the normal version, players will have to gain, let’s say, half of the points with the particular lady.
To unlock the “naked” versions of these pic players will have to accumulate a little more but not the maximum points. Hence, the information on the end screen about what the maximum points of a particular lady are.
– the plot moves forward a few days, and there will be an important storyline branching, not the only one in episode two. Players will have to decide, i.e. make  a choice with which lady they want to spend the coming weekend with.
Ep.1 Part 3
– 633 renders
– the plot moves forward a few days.
– MC meets two new ladies and at this point the process of introducing Li comes to an end.
– I’ve added a few new tracks.
Ep.1 Part 2
– 729 renders
– added an end screen which, starting with Ep1 p1, will pop up at the end of each version.
– two new girls
– added more pictures to the Kait and Shanon galleries
Ep.1 Part 1
– 865 renders
– few new tracks
– two new love interests
– two new galleries
– point & click system in which player will collect images
– option to set transparency of the dialogue box
– over 5,700 lines of dialogue and code
Ep0 Full
820 renders added to previous version
1668 renders
Ep. 0 pt. 1b
850 renders
11 music tracks
Ep. 0 pt. 1
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Finally! It took me longer than I anticipated, but I got to the part where I can release the game. This is a big milestone for me. From the idea to the realization.
At the moment, my priority is to push the storyline forward and that is why the animations you will see are what they are.
I prefer to focus on world-building, the MC’s story, his adventures and the women he will meet. I was looking forward to releasing the WCgW.
This caused me to lose a few nights, but mainly because I was worried whether the game would be positively received and whether it would be to the liking of some people.
I can finally start working on the 2nd part of EP0. As for the game itself, this is not the final state of the game. With each future release, I will try to add new elements to the VN. I hope some of you will like my VN. Please leave an opinion/review and those who can afford it, please consider supporting the project.
I am also planning to launch a discord server. One advice, don’t just stick on one choice. Check out every possible options. In my VN, I put a lot of emphasis on making sure every choice has consequences.

k1ngSt0n3 thanks for the links

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    What Could Go Wrong? [Ep. 2 Part 1] [WsZgamez]