Witch Hunter [v0.20] [Lazy tarts]

Witch Hunter [v0.20] [Lazy tarts]

January 4, 2024F95

This Game will be a visual novel built on the RenPy engine with a variety of gameplay elements, mini-games and multiple endings.
The main character is Lord Cedrick acts disguised as Rick Hoffman (local librarian).
By order of Phobos’ He’s trying to find a successor to the throne, and to weaken the cohesion of the witchs.The game will contain a plurality of NSWF images with the ability to fuck each of the witches, as well as many minor characters of the animated series.

Thread Updated: 2023-10-18
Release Date: 2023-10-18
Developer: Lazy tarts PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian, Italian
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2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Blackmail, Corruption, Drugs, Groping, Incest, Interracial, Fantasy,  Handjob, Monster, Monster Girl, Male Protagonist, Milf, Masturbation, Mind Control, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Parody, Prostitution, Rape, Sandbox, Slave, Teasing, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Titfuck, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game” to start playing.
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– Added continuation of the main storyline (Contains content with all the guardians of the veil)
– Added about 20 NSFW scenes
– Animated 3 new and 2 old NSFW scenes and
– Added 4 new backgrounds
– Added 7 new variations of clothing for the sprites of the guardians of the veil
– Added 1 new character Julia
– Added about 5 story scenes
– Added 1 new page in the store’s magazine
– Fixed some issues when there was no translation in English
-Other minor fixes and innovations
– Fixed a bug that made it impossible to open the options menu at some points of the update.
– Changed the mini-game with pulling the blanket with Lilith, now the blankets can also be pulled horizontally, also increased the maximum speed with which you can pull the blanket.
– Fixed a bug when during a mini-game with Joan Lin, the dialogues got out of the way.
– Increased the rate of filling of the blue scale and decreased the rate of decline of the pink scale during the mini-game with Joan Lin.
– Increased the time spent by Chen Lin near the refrigerator and table during the mini-game.
– Added training to the mini-game with pulling off the blanket with Lilith.
– Added training to a mini-game with Joan Lin.
– Added animations in the intermediate dialogues during the mini-game with Joan Lin.
– Scenes with Joan Lin from the mini-game in the gallery have been replaced with animated ones
– Partially fixed a problem with animation braking in the Joan Lin mini-game on weak devices.
-Added a continuation of the main storyline (Contains content with guards in the dungeon and a plot related to the Silver Dragon restaurant)
-The plot with Lillian has been significantly changed
-Added about 18 NSFW scenes
-Animated 3 old and 4 new NSFW scenes (3 of which are in a mini-game)
-Added 6 new story scenes
-A complete rework of Lillian’s character has been made
-Some old scenes with Lillian have been redrawn
-Added three new mini-games inside the new plot
-Added 1 new background
-Added 2 new pages to the magazine in the store
-Fixed a bug that could appear when playing poker on dice
-Other fixes and innovations
-Added continuation of the main storyline
-Added about 19 NSFW scenes
-Animated 3 new and 2 old NSFW scenes
-Added 10 story scenes
-Added 2 new characters
-Added 6 backgrounds
-Completely redrawn Teresa Cook sprite
-Added new outfits for Teresa Cook, Medina, Alchemist, Brian, Cedric
– If there are quests in Heatherfield, while on the meridian map, an exclamation mark will appear on the Bookstore button
– Fixed a possible memory leak related to animations
-Other minor fixes
-Added continuation of the main storyline
-Added about 23 NSFW scenes
-Animated 4 new and 2 old NSFW scenes
-Added 13 story scenes
-Added 3 new characters
-Added 6 backgrounds
-Added a sprite for fighting (King of the Scorpions)
-Added several new items
-Redesigned the entire interface of the game.
-Created an interface for selecting items during purchase, sale and creation.
-An interface has been created that specifies the quantity for buying, selling and creating items.
-Improved pagination in the gallery and in saves. Now the saves have 100 pages.
-Added animations for Rebel Killer, Rebel Pirate, Tom Lair and Jagnomorph in the fighting game.
-An evasion animation has been added to Cedric’s action game.
-Fixed a rare case when new notifications were not shown from above.
-Now the inventory and the phone can be closed by pressing the Escape key.
-Part of the English text in the game interface has been translated into Russian.
-Fixed some errors when loading saves made in too old versions of the game, starting from version 0.14.
-Improved the dice poker mini-game, added sounds and animations, as well as highlighting the dice that can be thrown.
-A news feed with Boosty and Patreon posts has been added to the main menu.
-Other minor fixes
– Fixed an error when starting the game if Cyrillic characters were present in the user name.
– Fixed when when buying chocolates in the store, the game additionally offered to buy a teddy Totoro.
– Fixed notifications hanging when scrolling the game back and forth. (roll back and forward)
– Improved reporting system. There is a limit in reports. Added new fields for saving reports.
– Added a continuation of the storyline with Will and Susan (With several choices, depending on which the resulting scenes will differ)
– Added about 15 NSFW scenes (2 of which are animated).
– Added animation for the old NSFW scene with Taranee (under the table)
– Added about 12 story scenes
– Added a new character (one of the soldiers of Prince Phobos)
– Added sprite with new clothes (bathing suit) for Will
– Added a sprite with new clothes (bathing suit) for Susan
– Added a sprite with new clothes (WITCH uniform) for Taranee
– Added a sprite with new clothes (WITCH uniform) for Irma
– Added a new page to the adult magazine (in the bookstore)
– Added 4 new backgrounds
– Added two sprites for fighting (Taranee and Irma in the form of WITCH)
– Added three new items
– Added a new player notification system. Notifications will appear when earning money or gold, receiving, buying, selling, losing, crafting or using items and other situations in the game.
– Added a reporting system that will help the developer calculate and correct errors in the game. Detailed information on how to use this system can be found in the game by reading the instructions.
– The combat system has a functionality with which two opponents can participate against a player.
– Fixed the name “Blank” to “Blunk” in English
– Now you can’t write or call on the phone if Cedric is on the Meridian.
– The correct answer to the question “What is the basis of the Latin alphabet?” has been corrected in the history textbook.
– Now Elion is marked for a quest where you need to cheer her up.
– Now the player has highlighted the way to get the Larvec Fang.
– To make it easier for the player to understand where and how to raise the knowledge of history, the book
on the table will be highlighted with an exclamation mark at the right moment.
– Fixed the moment when Cedric didn’t have enough money for an Aphrodisiac for Elion, then there was an opportunity to go through the content further, and it also caused an error that could be ignored.
– Other minor fixes
– Added a new storyline with Will and Susan (With several choices, depending on which the resulting scenes will differ)
– Added about 11 NSFW scenes (2 of which are animated).
– Added animation for the old NSFW scene with Irma (in the toilet)
– Added about 13 story scenes
– Added a sprite with new clothes for Will
– Added a new page to the adult magazine (in the bookstore)
– Added two dialogs in phone messages
– Added the ability to view images in phone messages
– Preloading of the action has been added. Preloading can be turned off in the settings, called “Wait for the battle to load”. If you turn off the setting, then for some time after the start of the fight, you may experience some braking animations.
– A “Hide” button has been added to the dialogs to hide the interface
– The “Auto” button has been added on mobile devices to automatically skip dialogs.
– In the future, you will be able to find out about the available new update via the main menu. This function works only when the Internet is turned on.
– Added an intermediate message with a black screen “After some time in the bookstore” between quests in the bookshop. What this means: The player could and still can activate several quests in the bookshop. Previously, the dialogues of these quests could follow each other. This turn of dialogues caused the feeling that the characters allegedly forgot what had just happened and abruptly changed their mood.
– Added animations to quest markers
– Now Cornelia can call you, not only when you are in bookshop, but also on the map
– Fixed image smoothing in some animations, thanks to this, animations look clearer and without the staircase effect
– Now the default language in the game is set depending on the installed language in the system, that is, Russian or English. If you have a language installed on your operating system that the game does not support, then English will be installed in the game by default.
– Improved the appearance of the save file menu
– In the mini-game of the bookstore, the ability to move to the shelves during dialogues or when Cedric picks up a weapon has been removed.
– Fixed a typo in the quest where it was said that it was necessary to increase the depravity of Elyon to 6, instead of 7.
– Fixed looping of the quest with the form of a maid for Elyon, previously this quest was started over again if the player performed a certain action with Elyon again.
– Fixed some spelling mistakes in Russian and English.
– In the galleries, the scene with Elyon on the stairs was duplicated twice.
– When pressing the Sleep button, the music in the bookshop now fades smoothly.
– Now, the announcement of the disappearance of Brian and Alchemy on the wall of the store appears after they disappeared.
– Fixed micro pauses between switching animations in the action.
– It was possible to minimize fragments of animations in the action, when one of the animations did not have time to end before a new animation began.
– The day was coming, after spending an evening of readings with Elion in pajamas.
– Now you can skip the credits.
– Fixed the Skip button for Miranda and Reitor, now the button will not move you to the bookshop.
– Earlier, when opening a magazine page, the sprite did not disappear as Cedrick holds a closed magazine.
– In one of the animated scenes with Elyon, Cedrick’s shirt was displayed incorrectly at the edge of the screen.
– Elyon statistics were displayed in Russian, regardless of the configured language in the game.
– The interface no longer disappears for a few seconds if you move from location to location
-Added a new plot fork in the story of Taranee about the fate of Nigel
-A new plot fork has been added in the plot with Cornelia and her Sister
– the second plot fork with Alchemy has been completed
-Added a small plot at the end of the Hi Lin branch with Hi Lin’s mom
-Added a small story scene with Miranda during a quest with Hai Lin
-Added small plot editschanges to the intro of the game
-Also, the plots and dialogues for the Taranee, Irma, Hay Lin and Alchemy branches were partially reworked (many plot holes and inconsistencies were removed)
-Added 8 new NSFW scenes (two of which are animated)
-Added a new sprite (costume) for Cornelia
-Added 1 story scene (with variations) with Cedric
-Some relationships between quests have been changed
-Some corrections were made in the dialogues in Russian
-During the battle, animations of attack, block, damage, skills and effects for Cedric (in the form of a man and in the form of a snake) and an archer appeared.
-The “FPS animations” option has appeared in the game settings. This option allows you to increase or decrease the frames in the battle animations so that the animations do not consume a lot of memory, which can cause friezes on devices with low memory.
-A hint appeared in the dice game, which displays the combination of the player and the enemy.
-Saving previous versions will stop working from version 0.13.0
-Other minor changes
– Added a new storyline related to the Alchemy, the Brothel and Miranda
– Added 10 new NSFW scenes (with many variations)
– Added more than 2 unique story images
– Added five new character sprites (includes costumes for Prince Phobos ‘ Alchemy)
– Added three new characters
– Added 2 new backgrounds
– Added two NSFW pages to the magazine in bookshop
– Added a new monster to the Meridian Forest
– Added about 4 new items
– Added a lot of sounds and music in scenes and places where previously music and sounds were absent
-Some corrections of dialogs in Russian
– It was made so that Commander Reiter’s rebel stripes could be sold with one click
– Other minor minor fixes
– Added a new storyline related to Will Wandom and the new character Sondra
– Added 11 new NSFW images (including scenes with Will Wend and Sondra)
– Added more than 25 unique story images
– Added six new character sprites (includes costumes for Will and Sondra)
– Added three new characters (Mr. Barton, Sondra, Matt Olsen)
– Added 6 new backgrounds
– The store now displays the amount of the character’s money, as well as the following buttons: card, bag and phone
-The statistics of money and gold are displayed again in the menu of the mini-game “poker on dice”
– Added some door sounds that were missing earlier
– Some fixes for dialogs in Russian
-The game has moved to the new version of the Ren’Py engine 7.4.2. The new version of the engine no longer works on Windows XP and on 32-bit iOS devices
– Partially fixed English text in the game
– Other minor minor fixes
– Added a new story branch, not connected with the main plot (associated with the universe, Wakfu)
– Added two new characters Amalia and Evangeline
– Added Amalia’s sprite in the tavern
– Added three new sprites with new characters
– Added six new NSFV images (Three scenes with variations)
– Added 1 new page to the adult magazine in the store
– Added 1 new background
– Added 1 new background variation in the lab
Also fixed some bugs in previous versions.
And that’s it, thank you all
Added a continuation of the story with Irma Lair and the Sisters Gramper
Added 2 new types of clothes for Irma Lair
Redrawn sprites of the Gramper sisters
Added new Irma sprite for combat
Added 3 new NSFW scenes with Irma
Added 6 new NSFW scenes with the Gramper sisters
Added 3 new pages to the adult magazine in the store
Added 3 new backgrounds
Added about 12 story scenes
Also fixed some bugs of previous versions.
– Added a new story with Elyon
– Added 2 new types of clothing for Elyon
– Redrawn old casual clothing Elyon
– Added 2 pornographic scenes with Elyon
– Added 2 erotic scenes with Elyon
– Added a new page in the pornographic magazine
– Added about 7 non-pornographic scenes with their variations
– Added training on the phone interface
– Completely removed the old branch with Elyon, as well as art from it.
– Fixed a bug where Cornelia could kill you in battle and the game ended with a game over scene
– Added a new story with Elyon
– Added 2 new types of clothing for Elyon
– Redrawn old casual clothing Elyon
– Added 2 pornographic scenes with Elyon
– Added 2 erotic scenes with Elyon
– Added a new page in the pornographic magazine
– Added about 7 non-pornographic scenes with their variations
– Added training on the phone interface
– Completely removed the old branch with Elyon, as well as art from it.
– Fixed a bug where Cornelia could kill you in battle and the game ended with a game over scene
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– New Hay Lin storyline added;
– We’ve changed the main menu pic;
– We’ve changed the game intro;
– Added more than 15 new items;
– Added 3 porn and 1-2 erotic scenes with Hay Lin;
– Changed the fighting system, Cedrick got a soul now, and he saved the world. Cedrick has skills now.
– New battle items. Mobs has new skills and stats too;
– You can make bomb-potions now. Talk to Miranda;
– New chars: Joan Lin, Chen Lin, Commander Raythor, Caleb;
– Added new background-scenes such as Hay Lin’s room, the Silver Dragon restaurant basement, restaurant side street, cinema;
– Added 11 non-porn pics and scenes with variations;
– Added new page for Slutty Sluts magazine;
– Overall bugfixes;
– The second arc removed (Get help from Miranda);
– Added new locations on map such as gym, Walmart and central park;
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We’ve added:
-a new story including Irma;
-a new locations: Lair’s house, Police department and an underwater mines on the Meridian;
-a new characters: Anna Lair, Officer Gordon, Detectives Medina and McTiennan;
-a new clothes for Tom Lair;
-a new items;
-one sex scene with Miranda;
-two sex scenes with Anna Lair;
-one erotic scene with Irma;
-Now you have a rewritten combat system. We will improve this system and add new features in the future;
-Now you have a new “What I need to do” menu in your phone. Now you can track your tasks, completed or in progress. You also have a new redesigned phone;
-In addition to the new “What I need to do” menu on the phone, pop-up markers will indicate the “true” direction that you need to go. So now you can complete your quests or events more easily;
-We have changed the inventory. Now you can sort your items and scroll through the inventory if it’s full;
-Making money will be more interesting for you from now on. A new mini-game has been added. Now you will have to sell various books and comics to the customers and protect the store from robbers and thieves. Now all the profit is up to you;
-Since you really wanted it… We’ve added an art gallery into our game;
-We have fixed a bug with a frog-toy order;
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List of changes (0.5.0):
— The game has new characters: Lillian Hale (adult and child version, in pajama and school uniform)
—We have added new clothes for Cornelia Hale.
—New locations: bedroom in the Meridian castle, the School corridor and the Hale’s apartments.
—Added 5 new items.
—Added a new punch animation for Cedric.
—Added 2 new monsters. —Added 3 pornographic scenes with Lillian
—Added 2 pornographic scenes with Cornelia.
—Added 2 pornographic scenes with Lillian and Cornelia.
—We have also added various scenes to move the game’s story. There are about nine scenes.
—We also added a lot of new music and some sounds.
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List of changes (0.4.1):
Bugfixes: [None published]
Additions: [None published]
[From Patreon post]
This update was the most successful because of the minimum number of bugs and negative feedback!
We can’t say we aren’t happy about this! This is great and means we are moving in the right direction!
There is a slight delay with a walkthrough though, but we will definitely post it soon, don’t worry.
List of changes (0.4.0):
– New characters:
  Martin Tubbs, Irma Lair, Hay Lin, Theresa Cook. Miranda also appears in spider form, Tarani as punk.
– New locations: Taranee house.
– New stat: Speechcraft.
– Added 2 pornographic scenes with Taranee.
– Added 1 pornographic scene with Irma.
– Added 1 pornographic scene with Miranda.
– Added 1 pornographic scene with Alchemy.
– Added 1 pornographic image to a pornographic magazine in bookstore.
– Added a variety of scenes to progress the story of the game, there are about 9.
– Added about 6 new items.
– About 6 small game plot changes introduced, correcting plot holes and hopefully improving the game.
– Added music and a few sounds in some scenes. The rest of sounds and music will be added bit by bit.
– Fixed many bugs in the entire Russian text.
– Fixed many bugs in the entire English text.
– Our new text editor/translator corrected most errors of previous versions, you can support him here:
See More
List of changes (0.3.2):
– Translation partially corrected
– Changed items inventory. After reload giving character quest item was impossible, its state dropped.
– When game is restarted, items in inventory are no longer relevant for use in further quests
– Fixed phone orders and saves, save was faulty with a reboot, paid money lost or game error occured.
– Fixed Thomas would revisit when not enough money left or switching labels on returning book early.
– Fixed click on book at begin of game to report about what findings. Now you get directly to Phobos.
– Fixed the Colins sprite during the file
– Fixed Will did not come to pick up frogs
– Fixed game moving to main menu after footjob and henjoba
– Corrected some more bugs, also fixed some scenes
List of changes (0.3.0):
– New Characters:
  Susan (clothes variants), Will (no real content previously, so included here), Thomas Vandom,
  Taranee Cook, Ms. Nickerbocker, Dean Colins, Nigel Ashfort
– New locations:
  Susan and Will Vandom’s rooms, supermarket (for time being railway station, changed in future),
  office of school principal Ms. Nickerbocker, school history room.
– Added 1 pornographic scene for Taranee.
– Added 1 pornographic scene with Susan.
– Added 1 animated pornographic scene with Alchemy.
– Added 2 pornographic images to the pornographic magazine in bookstore.
– Added a mini poker game on the bones.
– Added opportunity to work as a history teacher in the school.
Scenes added to promote game story, including erotic ones, new mini-game for studying story.
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List of changes (0.2.1):
–  Fixed a bug where indefinitely increasing store earnings advertising porn magazines was possible.
–  Fixed a bug when Bryan could not reply to the message in the phone.
–  Fixed incorrect character names.
– Fixed a bug where it was not possible to do actions with Elyon.
–  Fixed a bug where it was impossible to pass Miranda’s panties’ quest, or quest began anew.
–  Fixed a bug where the chocolate or plush toy is not allowed in raising Elyon’s mood.
–  Fixed most spelling errors in both Russian and English version of the game.
– Added images сumshot in footjob scenes.
– Added Back button when you buy potions from Miranda.
– Added Back button with a porn magazine in the bookstore.
– Monster HP was reduced from 200 to 150.
– Increased drop rate of the Morpion’s tail from 20% to 100%.
– Removed Russian text in the English version of the game.
– Prohibited the opportunity to open a console. [sweet! XD]
– Some dialogues in scenes with Elyon were changed and corrected (ex. some sexual innuendos).
List of changes (0.2.0):
– Added Meridian map.
– New Locations:
  Tavern, Radio room (in school), Prison, Potion room (Miranda Room), Room on top in book store.
– New Characters:
  Alchemy (friend Elyon), Tom Lair (Police Officer), Jink (Smuggler), Gramper Sisters (Beth, Courtney).
– Added some minor characters.
– Added gangbang scene with Alchemy.
– Added two more porno scenes with Alchemy.
– Added one scene with Elyon.
– Added two variants of clothes for Elyon.
– Added new line with Elyon (all updates are focused on it).
– Added Battle scenes (with Monsters and rebels).
– Added backgrounds not available in locations in version 0.1 (Cave Blank, Near house of Elyon).
– Added new items (Gifts for Elyon, ingredients for greens, potion hp and stuff…).
The list of changes is not complete, but I think the main things I pointed out.


painkiller343434 thanks for the links
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk. 

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