Zombie’s Retreat [v1.1.0] [Siren’s Domain]
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Zombie’s Retreat [v1.1.0] [Siren’s Domain]

December 29, 2023F95

Welcome to Camp Zomi!  A lush resort located in the heart of The Zomi Woods: A region well known for it’s gorgeous sights and rich history.  Looking for a place to get away?  Camp Zomi’s campsite is full of fun activities!  Take a dip in the cool waters of Lake Zomi, hang out with friends in the Rec Center, or take a refreshing hike through our beautiful trails.  Your Deluxe Retreat is just a phone call away!”

Zombie’s Retreat is an action RPG involving a young man on a summer camping retreat.  What’s intended to be a bonding experience turns horribly wrong when a sudden evil outbreak spreads across the camp.  With very ‘strange’ circumstances surrounding this new found threat, it is up to the player to save any and all survivors while attempting to escape in one piece! Zombie’s Retreat takes place in the same universe as my current/main project, Town of Passion! Expect some cross over as well as story references from that project!
Solve puzzles, slay zombies, and most importantly, protect your survivors!

Thread Updated: 2023-05-26
Release Date: 2023-05-25
Developer: Siren’s Domain PatreonTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
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1- Reach the first ‘home-run’ scene with Leslie
2- Find a costume around Camp Zomi to unlock the wardrobe feature in your room
Added Legacy Version
This update is mostly for bug fixing.  There were a few more issues that players had pointed out to me as well as some minor things I noticed that needed some tidying up.  With this update, ZR is looking mostly cleaned up so I wouldn’t expect too many more updates, especially so soon.
Busts Added:
ToP Main Character
ToP Mary
Scenes Added:
ToP MC/Mary Sex
Leslie Gloryhole BJ
Clara Gloryhole BJ (echo)
Gallery Rewards/Pictures:
Jessie (personal story complete) [Old save files should unlock this when stepping outside of home lodge for first time]
Ashley Sneaky Dinner Sex
Ann Round 2 BJ
Busts Added:
Leslie Swimsuit
Jessie Swimsuit
(yes, these are 2 brand new busts!)
Costumes Added:
Rachel Swimsuit
Caroline Swimsuit
Scenes Added:
Jessie Pool Sex
Leslie Pool Sex (echo)
Leslie/Caroline/Rachel 4-some BJ
Photos Added:
Caroline sneaky HJ
Rachel innertube Sex
Girl & Boy Sex (z-choice)
Girl & Zombie Sex (z-choice)
== Content Update ==
This update adds the third costume pack/event into the game! The Summer Event is intended to be a late/post-game event so you will
need to have your save file far along to progress.
If you are unsure of where to find this costume pack, there is an upstairs section to the Town Hall in Old Town that opens up after
you finish the quest with Talia. This secret area will have what you’re looking for!
This update is indeed a short one. The intention was to provide myself a bit of a mental break after finishing up the main story
but it also goes with the theme of this event which is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the progress you made in ZR!
In addition, I also added a minor event in Jessie’s camp if you examine the bag just north of her. This is the other Z-Choice
that I had been mentioning would be added. This one is significantly less important but does provide just slightly more information
about the zombies if you are curious.
IMPORTANT: This is NOT the final update! Receiving questions about that. At the moment, I plan to have two more updates to ZR1
before it’s finished. You can stay up to date about those releases on the Zombie’s Retreat Patreon page.
Alright. There was a pesky glitch with the garden and a possible sequence break preventing the new content with Leslie so this build fixes both of those.
If you are transferring old saves, they should fix these issues so there should be no need to restart your save. HOWEVER, you must step outside of the lodge to ‘fix’ your save file. It’s automatic so simply stepping outdoors for a sec will do all that’s needed!
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Scenes Added:
Leslie Tent Sex
Clara Tent Sex (echo)
Jessie Table Sex
Profile Scenes:
Clara Fondle & Undress
Jessie Kiss
Special Art:
Camp Zomi Map! (Fast travel will now pull up a map of Camp Zomi for a better visualization of where you’re going. Beginner manual
will also have a page for the full map if you wish to view it)
Vending Machine Rewards*:
ScarlettAnn Halloween
ScarlettAnn Christmas
Caroline BJ (Chechi)
== Content Update ==
This updated rounds out some additional side quests & characters before the final story sections of the game start getting completed.
Jessie now has some new tasks for you to complete and Clara has a new bonus location that she’d like you to show her to in Camp
There are also some gameplay improvements in this build as well:
== Difficulty ==
I added 3 difficulty options to Zombie’s Retreat! There is Easy, Standard, and Hardcore.
Easy: Meant for players who aren’t as interested in playing the game and want to experience the scenes. This difficulty allows you
to use an OPTIONAL cheat station where you can give yourself a bunch of ammo & resources to avoid scavenging.
Standard: The default intended way to play. The same game that you all have been used to!
Hardcore: Intended for fans looking for a challenge. Resource consumption is stronger, health upgrades are unavailable.
IMPORTANT: The difficulties WILL be tweaked over time. I’ll gauge feedback on areas that feel too difficult, too easy, or not
challenging enough given the right criteria. Expect areas of the game to change over time on both Easy & Hardcore.
== *Vending Machine ==
A new feature has been added in this update. There is a newly installed vending machine in the Camp Zomi lodge found in Old Town!
Found around Zomi through sidequests or hidden areas are Vending Tokens. You can redeem these at the vending machine and receive
bonus photos to your photo album! These pictures will be reserved for certain fan art pieces or special drawings featuring one
or more characters from Zombie’s Retreat!
I plan to add a couple more photos in future updates!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Changed how daily food resource consumption is calculated
-Originally, if you didn’t have enough fish OR vegetables, you would trigger a game over. Now, the game adds and checks for
both. So if you need 3 food and you have 2 fish & 1 vegetable, it will properly consume them. Should help prevent any
unfair game over’s
-Removed private campsite salvage point (now its a scene activation point with the right guests *hint hint*)
-Adjusted zombie groan sounds
-Fixed private campsite fire not healing when active
-Misc changes/improvements
v0.11 beta
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0.11 Changelog
Bust Added:
Dark Rachel
Costume Added:
Ashley (Spooky)
Leslie (Spooky)
Scenes Added:
Ashley/Leslie Sex
Dark Rachel Sex
Bonus Picture:
Dark Rachel TF
Voice Updates:
Rachel (OolayTiger)
(Ashley, Natasha & more should be coming soon!)
== Content Update ==
This update adds a bonus costume event!  In celebration of the fall/spooky season, there are new costumes to find and new
quests to complete!
To begin, the hotel in Old Town can now be accessed.  In order to break through the gate, you’ll need a saw strong enough to cut
through metal.  Maybe that can be crafted?
When the hero and some of his housemates decide to hold a spooky themed party, some oddities occur along the way.  It’s now up to
you to save your world from certain disaster!  But don’t forget to collect some candy along the way.
== Costume Overhaul ==
I’ve gone through and changed the functionality of costumes.  Now, when you change a character’s costume, they’ll (usually) wear
it throughout the day.  This allows you to explore with them in their outfits to find different scavenging rewards.  Some quests or
events won’t be accessible with these costumes equipped.  Other scenes & events may just default to their original costume in
some cases.
If you notice any oddities with the costumes, please let me know.  There’s a lot of ‘what-if’ moments that are easy to overlook by
adding costume changes.
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Added advanced crafting book for garden/water basin
-Misc changes/improvements
0.10 – 0.10.2
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-Removed AC requirement in Natasha’s room for new echo scene
  (didn’t feel intuitive given how early you can otherwise trigger that scene)
-Changed title screen
-Updated core game files
  (should fix a number of general performance issues but potentially could break misc elements of the game. I’ve tested it a
  bit but be sure to save often and report any unusual performance issues)
-Misc typo & bug fixes
-Fixed issue where new scene with Clara prevented using weapons after
-Fixed issue where Natasha stopped appearing after her scene with Rachel
-Misc typo & bug fixes
Bust Added:
Costume Added:
(Mystery) [Teaser for Halloween Build]
Scenes Added:
Clara Car Sex (echo)
Natasha/Rachel Titjob (echo)
Bonus Picture:
Clara Car BJ
== Content Update ==
This update is more of an interrim build that introduces a new cameo side quest: Clara from ScarlettAnn’s Milf Airline series!
Due to mysterious reasons Clara is stuck in Camp Zomi. It’s your job to show her around the camp until she finds a way back home!
Clara’s story will be updated occasionally with new scenes replacing the role of another previous woman in various locations around
Camp Zomi. If there’s enough demand, I may add a new unique scene or two with her as well in the future!
NOTE: As mentioned, this is an interrim build meaning it bridges the gap between the next major build. Originally a Halloween
build was planned but due to scheduling conflicts, that build is coming up next!
The other update is a new interaction around the house. If you need a hint to start it, remember that without an air conditioner,
people won’t feel as comfortable in their rooms.
== Voice Update! ==
I’m happy to announce that both OolayTiger and Miss Moonified will be joining the Zombie’s Retreat team by adding their talents to
the voices of the women in Camp Zomi!
Currently, I’m only bringing in voices that were originally from Town of Passion which are currently all done by Oolay. However,
both Oolay and Mooni are in the middle of making original audio for two(+) characters in ZR so they will be added in soon! Also,
just Clara has the new voice for now. I’m still trying to match voices with characters to make sure everyone sounds right.
Scenes will sound a bit higher quality now with a bit more of a unique tone/sound between most characters 😉
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Added a crafting bench to Jessie’s Camp
-Disabled weapons there as well to make it feel like a second homebase
-Reduced building costs for a few crafted items
-Added temporary easter egg
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.9.0 – 0.9.3
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0.9.3 Changelog
-Added animation for Natasha/Cherry TF scene
(note, I plan to revamp the entire moan audio of every scene within the next couple of builds so the moaning is still
just one voice)
0.9 Changelog
Bust Added:
Professor Cherry (Human)
Scenes Added:
Natasha Car Sex
Natasha/Cherry Titjob (not yet animated)
Bonus Event/Profile Scene:
Leslie Night Fondle
Bonus Picture:
Natasha (Max Relationship)
== Content Update ==
The focus of this build is on wrapping up the rest of Natasha’s main story. In addition, after completing her story and meeting other conditions with Professor Cherry, there’s a post-game side quest involving those two.
In addition, there is a new minor interaction around the lodge that can now be activated when required conditions are met!
== New Zombie Type ==
Plant Ladies. These mysterious creatures are unlike the typical zombie’s found around Zomi. Instead, a mysterious power has led totheir creation and they aren’t affected by regular weapons. They are attracted to the main character but their poisonous touchstill requires you to stay away. If a special person is in your party, she can help keep them peaceful.
== Other Misc Changes ==
-If a quest requires you to find a scavenge item, it will immediately refresh that savenge point for searching
-Fixed issue where scenes weren’t animating for some users (still monitoring this one)
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.8.1 – 0.8.3
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0.8.3 Changelog
-Added cheat code to change MC’s name at the cheat code rock  (Code is: ResetHim)
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.8.1 Changelog
-Fixed glitch where certain items wouldn’t show when trading with Jessie
-Fixed glitch where Leslie was standing nude in the basement (…)
-Fixed glitch with loading error during Leslie Kitchen Scene
See More
Bust Added:
Mayor Talia
Scenes Added:
Caroline/Leslie Cardio Sex
Leslie Bath Sex
Ashley Night Sex
Bonus Artwork:
Caroline/Leslie Cardio Sex (Secret Gallery Unlock)
== Content Update ==
The focus of this build is branching off of previous characters available scenes & events.
-Leslie has a short new questline if you resume talking to her
-Ashley has new bonus content if you fully furnish her room
-A new cabin in Old Town has a strange & mysterious surprise to it
== New Zombie Type ==
Secret service zombies! They have 2hp and will start aggressively targeting you after taking a hit. Avoid them with caution,
use ammo strategically, or brute force them with a combat shotgun to deal with them.
== New Salvage Material ==
I’ve added in another core salvage material; rubber! Some previous recipes have been adjusted for this new material type.
Various salvage points have been updated to include rubber as a reward and tire stacks can now be salvaged one time.
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Added weapon equipped sprites to the MC
-Adjusted trade costs with Jessie (I want the player to trade only for items that they desperately need. Previously, it was mostly
‘free’ trades since the rates were so favorable)
-Reduced trade requirement to gain Jessie’s trust (to compensate for more expensive costs)
-Added a number of one time salvage spots around the entire camp
-Changed Combat Shotgun’s bullet pattern.
Now fires 3 bullets down a narrow line to potentially collateral/damage multi-hit enemies
-Adjusted various salvage points (typically nerfing water gain slightly + adding rubber)
-Air Conditioner now unlocks with Int Crafting Guide (still unlocks with Electric Repair Manual as well)
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.7.1 – 0.7.3
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0.7.3 Changelog
-Added picture #14 to the gallery (rachel)
-Added visual indicator to visit Natasha before rescuing her (too many people were missing her and she’s vital to story progression)
-Other misc bug fixes
0.7.2 Changelog
-Added pictures 13,15,& 17 to the gallery (these pictures unlock when you finish a characters main story. more will be added)
-Fixed issue where Leslie kitchen scene wouldn’t leave screen
-Adjusted shotgun icon to help differentiate from pistol icon
-Fixed issue where you couldn’t repeat Ashley’s sex scene (it can only be done once per day)
-Other misc tweaks/bug fixes
There was a pesky glitch with the garden and a possible sequence break preventing the new content with Leslie so this build fixes both of those.
If you are transferring old saves, they should fix these issues so there should be no need to restart your save. HOWEVER, you must step outside of the lodge to ‘fix’ your save file. It’s automatic so simply stepping outdoors for a sec will do all that’s needed!
0.7.1 Changelog
-Added in Ashley Profile Scenes
-Fixed save folder issue preventing easy save file transfers
-Other misc bug fixes
See More
Scenes added:
Ashley Dinner Table HJ
Ashley Dinner Table BJ
Ashley Pool Sex
Profile Scenes Added:
Ashley CPR (COMING SOON, it was a last minute idea so I didn’t want to delay the build for it)
Bonus Artwork:
Leslie Kitchen Sex (Gallery Unlock)
== Story Update ==
The focus of this update is on Ashley’s story!  The ditzy lifeguard of Camp Zomi needs your help finding her lucky whistle!
== New Area ==
A small campsite on the very south-east side of Lake View is now available! Check out the intimidating Ranger who’s residing there
and trade up some valuable goods with her!
== Photo Album & Camera ==
I implemented a more clean gallery into the game so you can view your photos in a more sightly manner. There’s a weird function with
the plugin requiring me to add empty spaces for all of the photos I intend to add.  So far, photos 1, 2, and 5 are unlockable.
With the new Camera item, there are special moments that you can capture in-game. Finding a special moment with your camera
equipped will play a snapshot sound effect and unlock the photo into your gallery.
(Hint, the Bonus Artwork section should hint where you can try this feature out.)
More will be added soon!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Added Combat Shotgun. Fires in a spread formation to occasionally get collateral hits.
-Core files updated. Shouldn’t be too noticeable but please report any oddities if you have any
-Added autosave feature. Each new day, the game will automatically save over your loaded save slot
-Patched up an issue where going through a certain door prevented you from using your weapons
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.6.1 – 0.6.3
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0.6.3 Changelog
Spend some time with Caroline and help find answers to the madness occurring at Camp Zomi!
0.6.2 Changelog
-Fixed sequence break allowing you to move past bookcase early
-Fixed issue where Caroline wouldn’t always perform a medical exam when expected to
-Fixed issue where saving while campfire is active would fail AND delete selected save file
-Subsequently, Plant Boss has been updated to warn players to save & prepare before starting.  Saving has been
disabled during the boss battle to help prevent similar save related issues.  (may need further testing)
0.6.1 Changelog
-Fixed endgame Caroline sex options
-Fixed wall break in boss room
-Fixed crash during Leslie’s bathroom HJ scene
-Fixed potential issue where Leslie’s kitchen flirt won’t have a sex option (may need to further test this)
-Other misc changes/improvements
See More
Scenes added:
Caroline Titfuck (w/ Bra)
Caroline Titfuck (w/o Bra)
Caroline Sex
Profile Scenes Added:
Caroline Fondle
*Leslie Fondle (coming soon, I want more time to work on this ‘plot’)
Bonus Artwork:
Cherry/Natasha Photo (updated)
Caroline Sexy Photo
== Story Update ==
The focus of this update is on Caroline’s story!  If you’ve already completed the previous Caroline content, you will miss some
slight dialogue updates but overall, you can resume where you left off without an issue!
== Old Town Explorable ==
The third and final major zone in Camp Zomi is now able to be explored!  Old Town is the third section of the camp and will
primarily involve late game content for the main story and certain characters.  For now, it’s HEAVILY incomplete with little
to do but I figured some of you may want to explore it early and it is nice having the whole loop completed on the map.
Stay tuned as Old Town receives updates and improvements later on!
== New Item: Photo Album ==
The photo album is a bonus key item that you can place photos in after collecting or, in the future, taking them through secret
objectives.  The point of the album is to provide a bonus ‘collectable’ of sorts in the game.  For all new files, the story has
been updated for Day 1 to receive the item.  For any transferred files, the item will be added to your inventory when you stand
outside of the lodge.
This item will be expanded upon in the future!
== Campfires ==
The empty fire pits around the camp can now be interacted with if you have Scrap Wood.  Lighting a fire and sitting next to an
adjacent tile will slowly refill your health.  There may be more interactive elements with campfires in the future!
== Updates to Scene Player ==
In B0.5, I updated the Scene Player to allow scenes to run more efficiently reducing crashes and load errors.  As of B0.6, all
scenes new&old have been converted to this new scene player.
The following older scenes have been converted in Beta 0.6:
Caroline HJ
Caroline BJ
Leslie HJ (Animated steam effect)
Rachel Night BJ
Leslie Sex (previously only partially converted)
If any of these scenes do not load for you and you experience a black screen, please let me know through the report bugs channel
on Discord.  It is something that can be fixed if necessary!  This will be particularly important for players playing on lower
end hardware.
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Caroline’s medical exams now begin if you’ve taken any amount damage (even if max hp = 4 or 5)
  -‘Critical health’ still means 1hp remaining no matter your max hp value
-Small dialogue updpates/improvements to Caroline’s original progression
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.51 – 0.52
See More
0.5.2 Changelog
== Scene Player Upgrades ==
-Leslie Movie Sex
-Other scene tweaks
-Fixed some issues with converting previous scenes leading to crashes
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.5.1 Changelog
== Scene Player Upgrades ==
The following scenes have also been adjusted to match the new plugin:
-Rachel Glory BJ/Sex
-Rachel Night Sex/Anal
-Leslie Bath HJ
-Leslie Movie BJ
If any of these load as a black screen on your hardware, please report them to me on Discord!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Fixed glitch where player would disappear if melee’d through doors connected on same map
-Fixed(?) boiler room issue where screen wouldn’t fade back in
-New boss ammo respawn is no longer limited to one use
-Fixed issue with Ashley appearing at night
-Crossbow now shoots 3 tiles out instead of 2
-Other misc changes/improvements
See More
Busts added:
Professor Cherry (Corrupted)
Scenes added:
Natasha HJ/Kissing
Professor Cherry Ride
== Story Update ==
The focus of this update is on the continued progression for the main story! If you’ve already recruited Natasha, begin by talking
to her and the build’s new content should follow.
== Weapon Swap ==
I added a weapon swap button (defaults to Page Down/W) that will allow you to switch your weapons while out exploring. This should
be much easier than going back into the menu and manually equipping weapons. The HUD has also been updated to show which weapon you
have equipped.
A heal option was included as well (Patron’s suggestion!). If you have a medical herb and/or medkit, it will be selectable and will
default to a medical herb first, and then a medkit if you’ve run out.
== Zombie Sound Effects ==
I added sound effects to each zombie when you damage them. There is an unfortunate side effect for old save files, however:
For the FIRST time you reach every area where you have previously killed zombies, you will hear the death sound effect. This is a
ONE TIME thing per location so don’t worry that your save is broken. New saves will be completely unaffected.
== New Zombie Type ==
The Lakeside area has a new zombie type with a unique effect. When you shoot them, you’ll notice they stand still for a second.
Maybe it’s best to take a step back and see what’s going to happen!
== Updates to Scene Player ==
I’ve implemented a new plugin to help smooth out the scene player experience while also minimizing crashes and reducing file size.
Only a few scenes have switched to the new method as I require testing especially on lower end devices before fully committing to
this new style. The current scenes that use the updated plugin are:
Leslie Sex (Night)
Rachel Stereo Sex
Natasha’s new scene
Prof Cherry’s new scene
See More
-Fixed glitch where Ashley won’t leave party.
  -If your save was affected, try to party up with someone new
-Patched up some map issues
-Other misc changes/improvements
See More
Scenes added:
Leslie Cooking Sex
Rachel Drunk Sex
== Leslie & Rachel Expanded Content ==
In the past 2 builds, Rachel and Leslie both had content that I wanted to add but couldn’t due to time restraints. There are new
features that both are able to do.
Leslie: Continue helping her out around dinner time. When your relationship’s high enough, you might attempt something risky.
Rachel: Remember when your relationship is high with her, a new option opens up at dinner time. Sleeping at night with her has
more options now too.
== Ashley Recruitable ==
The Pool area is now available to enter! See what the ditzy Ashley is up to and you just might be able to bring her back home.
She won’t have any H content yet but she’ll have an update in due time!
== Cheat Rock ==
The cheat rock is finally available in Zombie’s Retreat! The rock just south of the lodge, try interacting with it a few times to
bring up the cheat code input.
Current codes (caps sensitive):
ResetHer – Allows you to reset Leslie’s name/roles
ResTutor – Reset’s Rachel’s naming
ResCouns – Reset’s Caroline’s naming
SirenSez – Does nothing
== Intermediate Crafting ==
With another woman available to recruit, the demands for food and water will start to increase. If you’re thorough in your
exploration around Camp Zomi, you may be able to find recipes to improve things around the house!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-AC unit can now be installed in the first 3 basement rooms. It still has no use but it will be a checkpoint for the women who
reside downstairs eventually.
-Bedroom Construction available from Intermediate crafting book instead of Beginner
-Adjusted some previous crafting requirements
-Slightly lowered regular garden yield
-Improved fishing visuals and overall flow
-Added basic tutorial to the student camp zomi fishing spot
-Improvements to some custom rooms
-Other misc changes/improvements
See More
New Bust:
Additional Busts:
Leslie – Nude
MC – Nude
Scenes added:
Leslie Movie Sex
Leslie Night Sex
CG Added:
Leslie Dinner Prep
== Leslie Progression ==
Leslie’s story has been tweaked and finished with a complete start and end point.  She will still have more scenes, but
you can now enjoy the initial development of her secret relationship with the MC!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Fixed glitch causing custom keybinds to reset (name entry screen is reverted to the original style, they were conflicting)
-Can now go to sleep and select ‘rest’ to wake up at Midnight
-Additional campsite/map added on left of Lakeside
-Added HP bar to vampire boss.  Should make it easier to tell if bullets are having an effect
-Overworld electric zombies no longer respawn
-Overworld electric zombies drop electric fuses
-Added a few more overworld one-time scavenge spots (Rec Center + more)
-When resting outside, you can stay still, interact, and still advance time
-Other misc changes/improvements
0.2.1 – 0.2.2
See More
0.2.2 Changelog
-Fixed low/no ammo showing up during scenes
-Fixed a few incorrect names
-Rachel’s final scene is now repeatable
-Other minor misc bug fixes
0.2.1 Changelog
-Fixed issue of gun not being auto-equipped on new, day 1 skip file.
-Fixed issue of Rachel glory fuck scene causing big sequence break
See More
Scenes added:
Rachel BJ
Rachel Sex
Rachel Glory Hole @ Home
Still Scenes Added:
Rachel/MC Sleep
== Rachel Progression ==
The beginning of her story has been reworked/lengthened a bit as well as all brand new progress with her!
== Zone 2 ==
The next area of the camp is now available! Currently, it is mostly just for minor exploration. There will be at least two
women here that can be found and a few story-based missions that are used here. In the meantime, this area is HEAVILY incomplete.
The next few builds will start adding more content to the region.
== Testing New Weapon ==
Testing out a new crossbow weapon! The goal with the crossbow is to create a weapon that’s slower and less powerful than the pistol, but the ammo can be crafted with wood and in higher numbers so you have more freedom to shoot ammo without worrying.
When you find it, you must select and equip it to change weapons.
== New One-Time Scavenge Items ==
In addition to the scavenge points which refresh every TWO days, there are now one-time use scavengable items that can be found
around the zones! These will be useful ways to guarantee you gather some materials when you are most vulnerable at the start of
the game. Try examining various things that you find such as log piles or water canisters. You never know if they’ll have some
use! More should be added over time.
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Added role customization to Leslie at the start of a new game and once per imported save.
-Sleep option added for Rachel @ night. Try it out as you progress your relationship with her! More will come soon 😉
-Pistol moves slightly farther/faster
-Changed Leslie’s quest item to a 100% find rate when it’s available
-New location available in Summer Camp area (requires quest progress)
-Shovel now has use (only usable in Summer Camp area so far)
-Rachel gives tool/resource advice at dinner
See More
-Fixed possible sequence break preventing M’s progression
-Fixed bug preventing garden from regenerating new crops
-Fixed various typos
See More
New Bust:
Aunt/Camp Counselor
Scenes added:
Mom Movie BJ
Counselor HJ
Counselor BJ
Profile Scenes Added:
Mom/MC Kiss
Still Scenes Added:
== Mom & Aunt Progression ==
These two girls are the main focus of 0.1 so continue to interact/find them in order to experience most of the new content
== Natasha Quest ==
In the campsite, the north-east house, just east of the Rec Center can now be interacted with.  Try it out! She will have more
content soon!
== Dinner Event ==
In the evening, if you talk to M you will be able to eat dinner provided you have food in your inventory.  This will be a place to
talk to the women and find out if there are any missions that you can scope out and do.  If you aren’t sure what to do to progress,
try talking to the women here!
== New Salvage Material ==
Added an electrical fuse as a salvagable material. There are a number of future devices I want to be craftable in the future and a
fuse helps expand the diversity of crafting supplies.
The fuse is uncommon in the factory and rare in the Boys Cabin.
== New Crafting Items & Books ==
Crafting works off of a recipe system now.  Old quests will give you manuals and crafting books to create tools and household
items.  More will be added over time!  Spade’s functionality will be added in an update soon!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Low Ammo shows up when bullet count hits 3 or less.  No Ammo shows up when count hits 0.  Helps gauge ammo while in combat
-Refined Zombie Combat (may still have some potential bugs but overall much more functional compared to Alpha)
-Rearranged intro.  Skipping Day 1 skips the campfire bit.
-Ammo Pack is now craftable instead of ammo.  Allows player to craft 3 bullets per scrap metal instead of  just 1.
-Axes now give 2/3 wood instead of 1/2 per use.  Slightly less durable.  Overall consistently more wood gained.
-Rain now possible with it’s own special effects on the world
-Rachel second bonus scavenge item is Scrap Metal instead of Scrap Wood
-Bathing can’t be done if you don’t have water in your inventory
-So much more (I lost track X_X)
v2 Alpha
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If you were content with the original Alpha build, you don’t need to download this version! It’s minor bug fixing/testing
  • Zombie’s were a little wonky in their interaction because of a last minute “fix”. Because of that, if you find any issues of soft locking when getting hit, please report it!
  • If the game crashes for you at the name input screen, this should fix it. If you notice any oddities in cutscenes or wherever, please report them!
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Q: Will this game replace Town of Passion’s development?
A: Nope!  ZR is intended to coexist and parallel ToP’s development.  ToP is still my main priority so any delays or restrictions will primarily affect ZR although that should be fairly uncommon!
Q: How big will this game be?
A: It’s not as ambitious as ToP so it should be a fairly simple game.  It’s intended to have it’s semi-linear story and be completed.  A few girls may be optional as well, that’s all still in the works though!
Art by ScarlettAnn.


* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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