Collars Rebirth [Core 0.3.434] [Nekomatic]

Collars Rebirth [Core 0.3.434] [Nekomatic]

April 13, 2024F95

You rebuild your life after getting kicked out by your hyper protective and prudish mother.

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You play as Lucas/Lucy, the grandchild of renown pervert and deviant Izuna Kimura. Little is known about your heritage, the town, or even the mysterious collars that you handle early on in the game. Go through life in a town your mother cast you away to, and defy her attempts to rid the lecherous desires your grandmother passed down to you. Collar innocent townsfolk and make them your mindless sex toys, win the heart of one special npc and settle down the right way, or fight and violate feral anthro inhabitants. The choice is ultimately yours.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-21
Release Date: 2024-03-17
Developer: Nekomatic PatreonWebsiteWikiaDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.434
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Anal Sex, BDSM, Birthing, Bukkake, Creampie, Female Protagonist, Futanari, Furry, Gay, Internal View, Male Protagonist, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism
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1. Extract and run,
2. Select location to extract to then run ‘Game.exe’
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Core 0.3.434
**Bug Fixes**
-Fixed issues with post-birth dialogue in the hospital for Karik/Karina
-Fixed an issue where Karik/Karina could be stuck in the hopsital forever after giving birth.
**Major Additions**
-Remy added as a sub-npc!
–Can be found at the Angel Cafe in Blackbrier
–Can be flirted with from 6pm-8pm, which will make him offer to take the player home for sex.
—Has been added to both holiday events as a spectator
-Akinari/Akane profile update done!
–Femboy and lactation features added!
—“Milk production” function added to Akanes script.
—“Lactivia” can be used on them to increase milk production or induce lactation as long as they’re 30+ days pregnant.
—“Droughty Draft” can be used on them to remove milk production entirely.
–Additional arm poses added for future use
**Minor Additions**
-Salvagable Angels Breath added to Dreamy Pines maps
-Wild Garden cave now has mineable deposits (obsidian and rock)
-Permanent stat buffs added to some food items
-Teaser of the new map to the west of Mu Nuans house added
-New potions added to Lyridas shop!
-Droughty Draft, Femboy Concentrate and Femboy Antidote.
-New items added to alchemy crafting!
— Blue Syringe +, Red Syringe +
-Akinari/Akane pregnancy reveal now dialogue happens at 9+ days instead of 10+.
-Akinari/Akane pregnancy dialogue set to occur 7 days instead of 10 days post impregnation.
–No more ‘why is it late?’ type dialogue if they have confirmed the pregnancy.
–Pregnant starting dialogue now overrides spouse starting dialogue, both will no longer occur back to back to reduce lengthy dialogue that occurs before you can select options in their menu.
Core 0.3.433
++Bug Fixes++
-Lucians baby event fixed! (No more irrelevant calls to old files)
-Fixed an issue with Junkos oral event not storing the current outfit to respawn into after the scene.
-Fixed an issue with the Summer Cook off not disabling overworld map or time warp items.
-The fishing skill now shows up correctly
–Using fishing spots now give exp and check for level ups correctly.
-Gold ore deposits now drop GOLD ore instead of silver.
++Major Additions++
-Pink Day holiday added into the game (Spring 14) ! Includes a romantic dance and a kissing booth.
–The dance can be done alone, or with one of the love interests.
—They must be relationship level 3 or higher to accept. Gives 50 affection points to whoever you chose after you dance together.
–The kissing booth offers increasingly sexual scenes with Marcus or Lyrida.
—Costs $200 for each scene, can be done up to 8-9 times with each one depending on player gender and sexual equipment.
—Any donations after seeing them all just repeat the 8-9th scene.
++Minor Additions++
-Kyle added to the Summer Cook off event
-Added silver, gold and obsidian ore to Dreamy Pines maps.
Core 0.3.432
++Bug Fixes++
-Using the overworld map before fixing your house now teleports you to the run down interior
-Fixes made to Sabine and Misha sex scenes to ensure correct clothes get put on after
-Typo fixed in splash screen
-Fixed some issues with Saki going to/leaving the housemate hub
-Added missing loot items to Lagomorph loot chances (blood & bones)
-The letter from OOF now also comesfrom Sakis first egg birth, unless the player has birthed an egg first
++Major Additions++
-NEW character added, Kyle!
–Can be knocked up, and give birth
–Has page in the notebook under ‘others’
-Bear Essentials now has a forge and shop inventory!
–Speak to Kyle to use either
++Minor Additions++
-Altered mining loot chances for ore deposits in mountain
–Sprinkled some iron, copper and silver ore rocks on mountain top maps
-Sprinkled some gold and copper ore rocks in mines
-Equines now drop loot when defeated!
-Tribadism scene added for female lagomorph victory choice list
-Loading a new save/exiting to menu now skips the splash screen to avoid over-repetition
-Saki can now be carried around!
–Saki dialogue option ‘come along’ added, player is given a bucket item to use for activation
–The bucket will stay in the player inventory until you use it and make Saki return home, even when sleeping/time skipping.
—Saki will not show up in the player house as long as the player still has the bucket item.
—Using the bucket item also gives players who are under 10 days pregnant the option to carry Saki inside of them
—If Saki is occupying the players uterus, creampies will have 0% chance of impregnating the player
—Using the bucket while “carrying” Saki will let you birth them back out
Core 0.3.431
**Bug Fixes**
-Lights now fade back in correctly with new home script.
-Typos and dress/strip errors with Hollys scene fixed
Core 0.3.43
**Major Additions**
-Masturbation Script redone
–‘Toy’ subscript added! (Currently only Hollys Panties can be used, more items will be added)
—Panties, Dildos, etc can be used if in inventory when such items are fleshed out in the game.
—Prompts player if they want to use ‘an item’ when starting masturbation scene if they have atleast one.
–NEW NPC: Holly
–Scene triggers Winter 24, at 6pm or later while entering your house. MUST USE FRONT DOOR.
–Special ‘present’ under the tree appears the next day if you have sex with her
**Minor Additions**
-Content warning splash screen added!
-Reference to exploding wolves glitch added to Brandt Labs
-House event script added!
–Triggers events that happen when the player goes inside their house from the front door.
Core 0.3.42
**Major Additions**
-Lucian/Lucia, Mimic and Saki all have new profiles!
–Mimic can now get pregnant
-Lucian lab quest scrapped, replaced with easier system.
–The option to alter Lucian/Lucias gender now avaliable from Sabines option menu when talking to her.
—Costs $1,000 each time, but is repeatable and instant. No 7 day wait period.
—There’s now 3 options instead of 2 to chose from.
**Minor Additions**
-Halloween mansion event won’t trigger on Autumn 28 if Lucia has no cock
–Lucia has an extra sex scene added if the player and her both do not have a cock.
-Introduction to Brandt Labs added
-Brightwoods battle intro changed up, won’t activate until seeing the lab intro cutscene.
–Scene altered to reflect changes in the game
**Bug Fixes**
-Naga sex scenes no longer freeze up and make you press CTRL to end scene.
-Naga sex scenes now correctly redress the player after.
Core 0.3.41
**Bug Fixes**
-Male players can now use the right side of the bed in House #1 & House #2.
-Karinas blacksmith is no longer perma-closed when it’s not tuesday/thursday.
-If you are able to get the game to allow house mate sex requests AND spouses to share a bed with you, sleep
protocols now prioritze spouse sleep scripts to avoid rips in the space-time continuum.
-Fixed an issue where ending Karik/Karinas date stops at a black screen.
-Spouse NPCs now have correct random location rolls for House #4.
Core 0.3.40
**Major Additions**
–Can propose to Akinari/Akane or Karik/Karina if requirements met
—Relationship level 5 and house level 2 [for one spouse] or 3 [for two spouses]
–Wedding cut scene and calendar event added
–Married dialogue tree added for both NPCs
–Bed privilege script added to extra bed room.
—Can select who sleeps in player bed
—-House mates won’t solicit player for sex if somebody shares the bed [May change later…]
–[BETA]Sex menu added for spouses. Demo of options only avaliable so far.
-NPC schedules updated!
–If it’s a work day for them, NPCs will stay in your house until their shift starts. [Karik/Karina & Akinari/Akane 8am]
–They come home at shift end. [Karik/Karina 5pm, Akinari/Akane 8pm]
–Added variations to the basic version, including meet-ups between bachelors/bachelorettes. Dialogue variations based on relationship values/npc settings.
—Wednesdays 10 am – 2 pm Akinari/Akane receives a package from Karik/Karina at the hospital.
—Fridays 12 pm – 2 pm Akinari/Akane looks at Robins [future] tailor shop on their lunch break.
—Sundays 10 am – 12 pm Karik/Karina makes a delivery to the hunting guild in town.
-Checking on bachelors/bachelorettes using the phone, as well as the quick teleport function updated to support bonus locations.
-Junko Updated!
–Profile completely redone.
-Karik/Karina added to the birth script
–Can still only get pregnant via npc cheat menu currently.
–Lucy version only available
–Found in cheat room, dress-up doll type event to demonstrate the soon to come update
-Found in cheat room, similar concept to Lucy profile.
**Minor Additions**
-NPC ‘Fausto’ replaced with sign prompts for bus travel
-The water bucket in Blackbrier Town [side of hunting guild] can be used to shower off cum with.
-You no longer start at Year 0, but Year 1 now.
-Old, unused heart icon animations and support scripts removed
-Engagement Rings sold at Ash’s shop
-Removed obsolete difficulty settings from options.
-NPC schedules altered.
–Akinari/Akane and Karik/Karina both sleep until 8 am if unmarried, 7 am if married.
—If married, they will be in your house until they start work at 8 am.
—They return home after their shift ends.
-Karik/Karina now has a small feelsy cut-scene!
–They must not be working, have a relationship of 2 or more, and is not married to the player
yet for a 20% chance for the cut-scene to happen when entering the bus stop from town.
-Akinari/Akane cut-scene altered
–No longer plays on their off days, will not play if they’re married to the player.
-Edited the benches to support correct schedule changes if skipping time.
-Missing Karik expressions added.
-Missing cock files for Karik AND Karina added [pregnant-compatible versions]
-Hospital baby capacity increased from 6 to 10.
-“Zygone” added to list of potions NPCs can be given.
-‘Key’ hidden spots removed if you’re married to the respective NPC
-Karik/Karina keys added to the game.
-The player can now sleep in Kariks/Karinas bed in the shop if relationship is 4 or higher.
-NPC Debug dummies now clothed at start of game
**Bug Fixes**
-Using Zygone no longer shreds your clothes
-Cheat room NPC events now correctly give you the NPCs phone number
-Mu Nuan shows up correctly in the notebook now.
-Futa female/gynoboy male toggles in settings room fixed
–Should save the ‘original’ genitalia values upon repeated on/off toggling.
-No more sand fishes on the beach maps
–Fixed an issue where during autumn/winter, some beach fish were stuck in place.
-Dreamy Pines Inn bed no longer prompts you to use items.
-Plains map has several tileset/passing issues patched.
-Kamanunui Island map has several tileset/passing issues patched.
-‘Sexy Sleepover’ option in tutorial with Mu Nuan fixed
–‘Flow’ adjustments made to make the scene work better dialogue wise.
Core 0.3.36
**Major Additions**
-Akinari/Akane lovers sex scene updated!!
–Alternate scene added [Akinari/Akane tops if they have a cock for any gender match-ups]
-Mu Nuan profile remade!
**Minor Additions**
-3rd and 4th house upgrades second floor edited
–‘Kids room’ next to player bedroom turned into spouse room.
-‘Work’ option added to phone!
–A quick way to work jobs available at the current time to the player
–Must have unlocked the job first [worked at-least once]
-Town notice board now guides you to jobs you haven’t unlocked
–‘Help Wanted’ section displays unworked jobs and hints on their location.
-Alterations to some Akinari/Akane dialogue when they’re idling inside their house.
-Cooking skill now shows up correctly in the self notebook!
-Holiday added!
–Summer 10 [Summer Cook Off]
—Competition based on cooking skill.
**Bug Fixes**
-Lucian/Lucias quest now fixed, no more lost to the void errors.
–Will no longer freeze game from missing sex requests at night
-Timer for tea ‘seasoning’ in Akanes house fixed.
-If returning home through the town and Karinas intro is active, you teleport right outside your house.

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