Death’s Punishment [v0.46 bugfix] [Crazyreborn]
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Death’s Punishment [v0.46 bugfix] [Crazyreborn]

January 7, 2024F95

Until she found herself at Death’s office after being murdered by her best friend, Kim was once on top of the world. She has been sent back to a new world where she will spend the days unknowingly cursed into craving submission by the women around her. Will she return to her glory? Will her dominant side overpower her curse?
Toggles are still “C” and “R”

Thread Updated: 2022-02-18
Release Date: 2022-02-18
Developer: Crazyreborn
Version: 0.46 bugfix
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, Foot fetish, Lesbian, Female domination, Female protagonist, submission, domination, footjob. Text-Based
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1. Extract and run.
If you want to use your phone, please use Joiplay and check out the quick guide!
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0.46 – Bugfix
The game is abandoned but, Should be able to run it now, something broke it? not sure.
Bug Fixes:
– Massage Pallor opens on the 18th day. (since it’s supposed to be open after two days of Penny’s story).
-Fixed bug with text issue. (I hope this is fix. this took a while)
– No more double Jessica when you start massage parlor.
– Knight Station (It replaced where the inn was going to be.) You can access this after talking to the 3 Knights roaming around (close to your home, massage parlor, and the middle area.)
– 3 new Knights for story + events.
-Jessica’s Home, right next to the massage parlor.
– Added the option to ask Jessica about your debt, and she will allow you to visit her home.
– Captain in the Knight station (only accessible after you speak to the three knights)
Big Changes:
– Massage Pallor unlock:
I have changed this. You need to have done Amber’s content (You don’t have to do the secret club), you have to finish penny’s content (day 15), and then on day 18, the Massage pallor is unlocked. This just makes more sense to me.
v0.42B Alpha
Toggles are still “C” and “R”
Bug fixes:
– Massage area should be triggered AFTER you meet with Penny in her house on or after day 15.
– Massage area should work correctly now.
– Sam should now correctly take your money after she trains you.
– The mayor should now take your money when you request reputation change.
– Katie’s Text should now say  “10” instead of “5” for affection points.

Toggles are still “C” and “R”

I have returned, for now. I will release what I did before I had to leave the game. I will really need people’s help with bug reports and such as I lost a lot of my notes and will need to start “all over” as in from what I have.
– Ending story for Penny (For now) The event will be in her house after day 15+
– New massage area with many events. (10-14? I can’t seem to recall.)
There are probably more things in this patch that I Just can’t remember. I hope people will enjoy what the new things hold.
1. Fixed farm not paying you after events. Should reset after sleep.
2. Fixed vanishing when servicing Wendy.
Toggles are still “C” and “R”
To fix Dom path bugs I decided to move Satan’s meeting earlier. This time, she will appear AFTER you meet Death. This way, you won’t suddenly be kicked out of sub-content when you have unlocked sub-content like House of pleasure.
Most of this update is the foundation for more content.
Bug fixes:
  • Sleeping in the inn room is now fixed and will move time correctly.
  • You can talk to the bucket lady in any direction now.
  • Fixed Nicole’s missing face when you first meet her.
  • Fixed wrong numbers in messages for sleeping in dog house and house.
  • Mistress crystal should work. Fixed missing icons.
  • Fixed the possibility of breaking the game when you meet Violet from the south during Penny’s first meet scene. (I hope.)
  • Removed Death’s office teleport in Dom side. This was never supposed to be there.
  • Buffed broom to give 10 exp toward Katie’s heart.
  • All dominant actions should give +10 dominant points and -10 energy.
  • Added 2 new services for Pearl in Dom path of the house of pleasure.
  • Wendy’s shop can now be unlocked if you talk to her enough times. This will cost 50g and skip middle-class requirement and Dom requirement.
  • Farm job. Submissive content 300g payout each day. (since I have made money super important.) You have to have level 7 trust with Violet to access this. Go to the farm area and talk to the girl there and she will allow you to enter the barn. (may or may not nerf.)
  • Secret club: Unlocked after you get to level 7 trust with Volet.
  • Amber and crew event: You need to have finished Amber content up to being kicked from her house. She will be in the secret club so you need level 7 trust.
0.40B Bugfix Patch
  • Wendy should now offer her shop at level 1 dom.
  • Sleep now gives 75 energy and Dog house sleep gives 50 energy.
  • Drugs should now be removed from inventory after amber’s event.
  • Ursula’s event should no longer keep repeating.
  • Melissa’s soul should now be taken by Satan and removed from inventory.
  • Alexis and Sarah were not buying at a higher price and now fixed.
  • Options on the bench for time skip were not working and now fixed.
I have decided to make a game “walkthrough” feel free to read it or not. It’s not professional and it covers the important things. Questions or bug reports; please report them in discord or comment here. Thanks!
SHOULD fix the image missing issues. Sorry for the issue!
0.40 Alpha
Save 10 is provided just in case you need to start all over!
There is a lot I need to do, and I didn’t want to postpone any longer, and I didn’t want to force myself to work on things when I had no inspiration for certain things.
A better slave system will take some time, and I wanted to get the ball rolling and show the dom path.
I think I’ll be working on a minor patch to add many missing things that I didn’t have time to add to this update.
Warning: You may or may not need to start a new save. For me, my old save had text go crazy, but if yours didn’t, you are safe.
Also Important! Toggle’s for the game are “C” and “R.”
  • The title screen had a make-over, and I’d like to thank Rophyr (in discord), who helped where my photoshop skills were lacking. Yes, that’s satan on the cover.
  • You can now change your name from the intro OR buying a name changer from the shop. (it’s free.)
  • Completely revamped time system.
  • Death’s Domain; unlocked after you have met with Satan.
  • Collecting Souls for Death is now unlocked. (3 new characters for subs!)
  • Death Teleporter will be upgraded to give you more places to teleport.
  • A little more “Flair” when it comes to the system messages.
  • Your name is colored, and so is Satan’s. (this is for fun, and I’m not sure if I should keep it.)
  • Signs that indicate the house of pleasure and penny’s house.
  • House of pleasure will give you a warning on how to unlock it when you try to enter it before opening it.
  • DOM Path: Once you buy a house, scroll, and try to walk to the following map, Satan will appear. THIS IS WHERE YOU SELECT DOM PATH. Subs may decline.
  • DOM PATH. New House of pleasure girl’s just for you. Three girls. More events are coming to this!
  • DOM PATH. Melissa, the first slave-girl you can get, will be begging for food in a low-class map.
  • New Item from Wendy’s shady shop. Drugs.
  • New events with a girl named Amber, her house can be found at the right side of the bar.
  • Samantha will allow you to relive her training but seeing as pathetic you are, she will still charge you even if you get no reward!
  • Changelog has been moved to the in-game menu.
DEV’s note:
This game is supposed to spread out to more maps in the future, and this is why it’s not hard to get dom/sub-points. The first maps are limited to level 3 max, and in the future, the other maps will have events that need levels 4 and 5.
  • Fixed a lot of writing errors.
  • Buffs to both Sub-points and Dom-points. (WIP).
  • Nerfs to how much servicing villagers affect your stats. Everything is set to a universal standard, making it easier for me and hopefully less punishing to the players.
  • Fixed rent getting bugged when you unlock Katie’s level 10 reward.
  • Fixed Alexis not letting you enter the mine when you are her friend.
  • Fixed Buckets/wells did not function properly. Take your damn bathes!
  • Fixed Getting stuck under Ruby’s desk at heart 8.
  • Fixed Doghouse sleeps, not resetting house of pleasure.
  • Fixed missing sound effects for entering some areas.
Developer Notes:
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I won’t lie. Harshville inspired this game.  This is mostly text-based as I can’t do art. I’d like you to know that I don’t plan on profiting off this game, and I am looking more for feedback than anything. First time creating a game, but I have always been a writer.
life is still a rollercoaster. However, I’m leaving the on hold tag until I get something out there again.
To spare you from whiplash, I won’t be ever putting this on abandon. However, my breaks will happen and it may be on hold.
Man, I wish I wasn’t doing this again. However, due to legal reasons and the risk of losing my real-life job, I’m going to have to cease all production on my game and maybe take a break from everything. I’m not even sure if I should put this game on abandon or on hold until I figure things out. I’m kind of in a state of distress, I didn’t think far enough on animosity and making sure my name wasn’t connected to any of my accounts.
My real-life job is important as it is my lively hood and this Is just a hobby. Since my advertisements, and such has my real name everywhere and I’m the owner of the business and not some guy behind a desk, I need to prioritize my business over everything else.
I’m sorry this happened once again but I don’t feel motivated at all to keep going at this point and again I need to prioritize my life. This all came to me suddenly since some real-life things happened in the last few days and I have been thinking hard about the risks that could affect my real life. Plus, part of me wants to exit this, even though I have been having fun and everyone’s been great, I don’t think I have the heart anymore for it.
Feel free to hate me- but I need to make sure nothing affects my real life. I’m sorry for this to suddenly happen again.
Currently, feel sick to my stomach and don’t feel good about the game, and want to step away.
Due to real-life situations, this game is now abandoned. I feel terrible about it, but, because of real life, I have to prioritize that over this. Maybe someday I’ll return. Even though 0.45 was on its way, I didn’t manage to completely finish it.
Sorry for the sad news, this wasn’t my intention from the start and I was planning to release 0.50 but because of real-life, I have to stop developing and keep my distance from the site.
The game is not on hold because I don’t want to give anyone hope. I’ll keep all my files in case I want to return them.
This was not an easy decision to make!
Please read this if you wish to understand what will happen from now.
Please see Dev notes



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