Virt-A-Mate [v1.20.77.9] [Meshed VR]

Virt-A-Mate [v1.20.77.9] [Meshed VR]

January 7, 2024F95

Virt-A-Mate, an adults-only virtual reality sex simulator.

Thread Updated: 2023-01-18
Release Date: 2023-01-18
Developer: Meshed VR Patreon
Censored: No
Version: (Build) / (Updater)
OS: Windows, VR (RIFT and VIVE + Touch Controllers)
Language: English
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3D game, 3DCG, Virtual reality, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Animated, Sandbox, Lesbian, Gay, Spanking, Character creation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex
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1. Extract to desired location.
2. (Win 7) Download and run the TLS 1.2 update from the Patreon post.
3. Download, replace and run VaM_Updater.exe and update to latest version. Select “Launch Desktop” or “Launch VR” to play.
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Updated VaM_Updater.exe zip attached to post to v2.6.0.0.
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Memory Optimizations:
  • · Added new memory optimizer system that runs during non-merge scene and/or preset load or can be run manually. Purges all dynamically loaded items like clothing and hair. The optimize after scene load option is on by default, and the optimize after preset load is off by default. Both options can be adjusted in user preferences.
  • · Added new Performance 2 tab in User Preferences that shows memory usage and allows performing a manual optimization.
  • · Added Memory Optimizer content to the performance monitor
  • · Note that purging items automatically or manually will result in all loaded dynamic items like clothing and hair being released from memory and they will have to be reloaded again if they are used later.
  • · Reduced memory leakage.
  • · Added a “Reload Custom Morphs” feature which can hot-reload all custom local morphs without needing a restart of the application or a hard reset.
  • · Switched BuiltIn, Custom, Transient, Formula category choices to a separate drop-down menu for secondary filtering. Added Custom Local and Custom Package options. This makes it possible to just see specific category morphs that also meet other criteria like being in a var package.
  • · Fixed an issue with some custom community morphs always getting stuck on. These morphs were duplicates of hidden built-in morphs used by various systems like glute and anatomy joints and were getting activated by those systems such that they were always stuck on and saved in every file. The fix makes it so the built-in systems now properly use the built-in morphs and not the custom copies.
  • · When hovering over morph name it now shows a popup to show what category that morph is in.
  • · Fixed bone movement portion of bone morphs still getting applied when the package they were in was removed or disabled.
  • · Fixed issue with demand-loaded morphs staying loaded forever. Now they unload when the Person atom is put back into the atom pool (scene load), when memory is optimized, or when dynamic objects are unloaded.
  • · Morphs now properly refresh when a package’s preload morphs option is changed.
  • · Morph category popup now correctly resyncs when morphs are resynced.
  • · Increased size of morph package popup.
  • · Added an option for custom clothing to be marked as a non-clothing item (eye shadows, etc.) and added a way for remove all clothing that does not affect these items.
  • · Added clothing and hair lock system – allows items to not be affected by remove all or preset load – can be useful for mixing and matching presets or preventing specific items from being removed.
  • · Added 3 new triggerable actions on Person for removal of all clothing, removal of all real clothing, and undress of all clothing.
  • · Sim textures on custom sim clothing can now be loaded in the textures section.
  • · Fixed Miss Kringle Dress to be properly marked as Sim type.
  • · Fixed clothing UI so both description and instructions of packaged items are properly visible.
  • · Fixed issue with clothing creator bump to normal texture creation. Normal map had red and blue channels flipped resulting in a pink image instead of light blue. Thanks to VeeRifter for bringing this to our attention and providing lots of details
  • · Added a resync items button to clothing and hair UI for quick refresh of displayed items. Useful for when active or locked items change and are not yet reflected in the displayed list.
  • · Now defer refresh of clothing, hair, and morphs after a new package is loaded if the Hub browser is open. This prevents needless hanging while interacting with the Hub. The refresh then happens as soon as the Hub is closed.
  • · Added additional checks for Non-Commercial (NC) dependencies when license is set to PC or PC EA.
  • · User is now presented with final confirm or cancel popup when trying to package something with possible license issues, like violating NC licenses of dependencies
  • · Package name is now auto-set if not yet set when adding 1st item. Uses the base file name of the item to set the package name.
  • · Preset names on preset managers are no longer stored in the scene by default. This will prevent “false” package references that are not important for the actual scene use. The old behavior can be set with a new toggle labelled “Store Preset Name In Scene” on the preset panel in case some scenes want to have the preset name set to allow triggering a preset load. Note that existing scenes are unaffected. Also note the trigger system has a way to send the preset name to the preset manager before loading so storing the preset name in the scene should really not be necessary.
  • · If a dependency has PC EA license, now properly check against the secondary license and show that if the PC EA date has passed
Web Browser
  • · Updated the built-in web browser asset to the latest available from the asset creator – this includes a newer version of Chromium that should work again with many sites that were broken, including Patreon.
  • · Added web site domain whitelisting (on by default) to only allow browsers to specific domains. Can edit whilelist_domains.json file in text editor to change defaults.
  • · Added warning in web browsers/panels if they are navigated to a non-whitelist site.
  • · Fixed issue where enabling web browser in user preferences didn’t remove the panel blocking use of web browser atoms.
Image Panels:
  • · All ImagePanel, TVs, and other props that supported images now also support video playback (avi or mp4 (H.264)). This works with streaming url, local files, or packaged files. Note that packaged files have to be extracted to temp or cache file before they can be played due to how Unity’s VideoPlayer works. The caching system now supports this, so the cost is only paid once per file.
  • · DreamHomeTV and AptSmartTV: Background is now black and specular now matches the image.
  • · Added new atom ImagePanelTransparentEmissiveOverlay which can be used to always display image on top of everything like the UI does.
  • · Added warning on image panels when web images user preference is not enabled.
  • · Added warning on image panels when web image is not from whitelist site domain.
File Browsers:
  • · Added Open In Explorer button to file browsers (only works when desktop monitor is active to prevent opening Windows Explorer windows while in VR).
  • · Added creator filter for file browsers shortcuts list.
  • · Added search filter for file browsers shortcuts list.
  • · Plugins are now enabled by default since there is already a popup for individual plugin opt-in.
  • · Added 2 new functions to FileManagerSecure for file timestamps: FileManagerSecure.FileLastWriteTime(string path, bool onlySystemFiles = false) and FileManagerSecure.FileCreationTime(string path, bool onlySystemFiles = false).
  • · Added SuperController.singleton.LoadedSceneName (return string of currently loaded scene)
Other Features:
  • · Added preset overlay save system. When this option is used (available on most preset panels), the preset store will only store the minimal set of changes compared to the default settings. When these types of presets are loaded, only the specific settings are loaded and changed.
  • · Added a first-time user startup opt-in/out panel with recommended settings presented and explanations of each option.
  • · Better vamX integration
  • · WindowCamera: added option for it to be used as the audio listener when the camera is on.
  • · Monitor camera now becomes the audio listener by default when it is activated when using VR.
  • · Added user preference to set whether monitor camera should be used as audio listener when activated when using VR.
Other Content:
  • · Added DJ.TanLines.2.var package which adds skin presets which only overlay the decal textures and leave remaining skin parameters untouched. Also adds texture variants with pubic hair.
Other Tweaks:
  • · Updated the Leap Motion dll to the Gemini compatible version which brings better tracking. If you are using Leap Motion, please update to Gemini https://developer.leapmotion.com/tracking-software-download
  • · Added physics/collision options to SimpleSign atom.
  • · Added mouse over for texture paths on Skin Textures panel to show readable version of url.
  • · Added mouse over for texture paths on materials panels.
  • · Added iris, sclera, and eyelashes cheat sheets to materials pages.
  • · Increased Free Nav Multiplier in user preferences from 4 to 8.
  • · Increased max range of world scale slider from 20 to 40.
  • · Added +5 -5 buttons to world scale.
  • · When changing world scale, the players eye center position will now always remain constant, so the point of view is exactly the same. It will now just appear as if everything gets bigger/smaller and further/closer as scale changes.
  • · Player height adjust can now go beyond -10 and 10 while moving or setting the world scale. Slider automatically adjusts min/max if those soft limits are exceeded.
  • · Error and log message popup splash times are now based on 5 seconds of real time instead of a specific number of rendered frames to make them framerate independent.
  • · Added error and log popup splash clear buttons which clear message and close the splash immediately.
  • · WindowCamera is no longer removable as it is always meant to be there and can’t be added back once removed.
  • · Dildo, ToyAH, and ToyBP: added UV coordinates and texture panels now work.
  • · Paddle model update with cleaner mesh and UV layout. 2nd material channel fixed. Materials updated to shader that support alpha channel.
  • · Removed merge load option from skin and pose presets since those would not do anything different than regular load
  • · Added Align To Receiver buttons on AnimationStep atom
Other Bug Fixes:
  • · Fixed issue with Skin and Appearance Presets incorrectly applying material and texture changes to currently active skin in addition to the one that will get switched to.
  • · Fixed issue with Skin and Appearance Presets not correctly applying textures to current active skin if another skin was already loaded.
  • · Fixed issue where pay type could get set to All and get stuck when in Steam non-promotional mode.
  • · Fixed issue where clicking change location of cache in preferences panel would immediately purge the cache before changing the location. Now it only purges if the location is changed after browsing.
  • · Fixed issue where turning a hidden material back on would reset the renderqueue back to the shader’s default renderqueue instead of the currently set one. https://hub.virtamate.com/threads/1-20-77-9-hide-material-resets-render-queue.12347/
  • · Fixed issue when latest version of package was disabled content could no longer be retreived if a fallback version was present and content was trying to be accessed using version of ‘latest’.
  • · Fixed issue with alert panel not showing in correct place if both the top world UI and main UI were both open
  • · Fixed broken Align To Root buttons on AnimationStep atom
New features and tweaks:
  • Individual finger control!!!!
  • Animation of fingers (all params shown above can now be selected as trigger target)
  • Added Play button to AnimationPattern to allow easier testing
  • Moved error/log message boxes to not overlap regular UI
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Transparency issue with eyelashes
  • Fixed Merge Load fatal error
  • Animation Pattern – fixed Reset
  • Animation Pattern – more reliably call triggers at min and max of timeline
  • Animation Pattern – fixed 1 step animation set to loop to run triggers correctly
  • Fixed named triggers to not have messed up UI
  • Fixed eye twitch/reset issue when modifying morphs that have bone movement
  • Fixed scene load issue with Male that starts out set to off
  • Fixed blank image and audio url hanging save scene
  • Fixed Master Animation Timeline manual scrubbing to properly activate triggers
Simplified Patreon distinction:
* free – limited content
* $2 – all content (characters, objects, morphs, clothing)
* $4 – all content + ability to load community created scenes + bonus scenes
* $8 – all content + ability to create new scenes and animations
System updates:
* Unity version update
* SteamVR version update
* OVR utils update
New Content/Objects:
* 6 new built-in scenes, most featuring motion-captured animations
* $4/$8 – 3 bonus scenes
* male character enabled!
* Added 1 new toy object to play with! Many thanks to Patron MagillaGorilla for providing this model! More coming in next release!
* 20 new morphs for female character
* clothing – new underwear set
* hair – 2 new female hair options – bald and ponytail
New Features:
* $4 add ability to load community created scenes (was already in $8)
* $8 Motion Animator
  * Using new Animation menu on the main HUD, you can animate controllers using your head and/or controllers and record the motion. The motions will save with the scene.
  * Added arm mode for selecting which controllers will be recorded.
  * Added layered recording. Record whole scene animation by using several passes, a joint or two at a time. Further passes can auto-stop record at end of timeline to avoid overrun of layered capture.
  * Added loop mode
  * Added Start/Stop trim feature for cutting out captured motions
* added new GrabPoint object – this object can make a joint to another object to allow remote grabbing
  * example – put a GrabPoint on each hip of a character and attach the GrabPoint to the pelvis joint. Now there are 3 points you can grab the pelvis from instead of just the interior one
   * this is most useful when possessing a 2nd character and you cannot grab the internal point easily due to hand colliders getting in the way
   * Will also be useful for real-life “accessories” where you want to attach the controller to a specific point not directly on the joint
* added head collider – allows interaction with head and prevents some of the clip through – toggleable in User Preferences “Other Prefs” tab
* create new default scene and make it embedded scene object so file does not need to be included as side file
* added save/load preset for characters for all backer levels – can save poses and appearance in single file
* added possess mode – when possess mode is enabled and head or controllers move into position of possess-enabled targets – these controls will ‘jump’ to the controller and auto-link to them.
  * Possess mode will extend to support Vive trackers in future release for up to 6 point possession
* added atom icons to make it easier to find objects in the scene
* added full save/load preset buttons to save pose and appearance at same time
* benchmark scenes added – just launch with “CPU Benchmark”, “GPU Benchmark”, or “Baseline Benchmark” shortcut
* adjusted quality levels to not be as high of requirements for High and Ultra
* when adding new objects, they now default to having collision on – was able to enable this by adjusting max rigidbody velocities
* adjusted max rigidbody depenetration velocity to prevent major physics glitching when turning on something that is deeply overlapping another object.
* improved initialization of soft vertices and auto colliders so character is more stable on enable
* store soft vertices adjustments correctly in save json
* genital area soft body physics adjustments to reduce clipping and other artifacts
* Joint tuning:
  * tweaked jaw joint to not rotate laterally when head is turned at limit to prevent odd looking result
  * tweaked neck joint to be less stiff by default and head joint to be more stiff by default – makes neck bend a little more when manipulating head
  * fix hand bend and other deformations of hands that look unnatural
  * doubled off-axis finger joint strenght to minimize side wobble
  * tuned leg joints for more natural low-resistance movement – doubled joint hold spring but lowered max force to give a more consistent resitance across entire range of movement
* changed animation pattern to also save substeps in preset save
* disabled thumbsticks for UI control (slider, popups)
* disabled Vive thumbpad UI manipulation
* disabled joint name popups when UI is hidden and that option is enabled
* added option to hide motion controller balls when UI is hidden
* main window screen now has more clear message about putting VR headset on
* after pushing start, the button and other UI elements will disappear so it is more obvious it worked. model will fade out as main scene then loads
Bug fixes:
* fixed launch from Oculus home causing issues (seems like Unity and OVR version update has addressed this)
* fixed skin materials not restoring properly in some cases
* fixed exploding character when character is disabled, moved, and the re-enabled – large change in positions without pausing the simulations was causing this
* fixed not being able to add animation steps after linking
* fixed select object from scene issues
* fixed atom selection popups not updating correctly when loading scene or using select from scene button
* fixed dust/halo options for light not saving in scene file
* fixed on load – objects that linked to other atoms in some way were not showing linkage correctly in UI
* fixed missing laser pointers on start screen
* fixed keyfile issue with keys entered with lowercase letter
* fixed colliders on RelectiveSlate and ReflectiveWoodPanel
* fixed Glute Mass paramter not hooked correctlyup in play mode UI
Performance improvements (roughly 10% improvement CPU and 5% improvement GPU over release 1.0):
* GPU – Shadow system – optimized shader code a bit more
* CPU – enabled threading on mesh merger
* CPU – additional skin optimization to avoid extra memory copy of vertex arrays
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Content tiers:
“Fxxxxx” : Free
“Txxxxx” : Teaser
“Exxxxx” : Entertainer
“Cxxxxx” : Creator
v1.21 and v1.22 keys:
v1.20 keys:
v1.19 keys:
v1.18 keys:
v1.17 keys:
v1.16 keys:
v1.15 keys:
v1.14 keys:
v1.13 keys:
v1.12 keys:
v1.11 keys:
v1.10 keys:
v1.9 keys:
v1.8 keys:
v1.7 keys:
v1.6 keys:
v1.5 keys:
v1.4 keys:
v1.3 keys:
v1.2 keys:
v1.1 keys:
v1.0 keys:
Uploader’s Note:
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Updater labeled as [VIRUS] is a false flag on VirusTotal by a single detector (MaxSecure) as a trojan because of how it is programmed to work with VaM. The file is safe and personally checked multiple times before uploaded to the site. Information here.
-Big Boss | Erect Snake

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Other: Win7 Crash Fix

Extra: Virt-A-Mate Mod Assets

57031 Gqmz3Rvjs0Tx9Rz1X6Mwbzw7Fwmg4Cc1Hswkbnkfj3Xh80Q3Jbhzsbduezyyb0Jl | Free Adult Games57032 Ccylql6Mvwm9Nakby3Htai8Wasgqjfqtsiudxktojxydg4Dlalyodmbjsbs7N8Rj | Free Adult Games57033 O F9X8Otl6Mwvmzincmj2Aajtfbl1N Hgjjbln0A7Zvxl9Hh Wbqkx2Tqcunze8D | Free Adult Games


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