Family Infestation [v0.3.4] [Pizznazz]
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Family Infestation [v0.3.4] [Pizznazz]

January 10, 2024F95

You play from the perspective of Zoe, an 18 year old university student at home for the summer. Under the influence of a friendly if not rather pushy alien parasite, she embarks on a lust-filled quest to corrupt and infest the members of her immediate family. As the player, you will get to steer Zoe through her quest, helping her find ways to seduce those close to her, set up a harmonious and efficient breeding machine, and dominate the home, the street, the city and then, who knows … maybe the world?

Thread Updated: 2021-02-10
Release Date: 2020-12-20
Developer: Pizznazz TFGamesiteDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Text based, Female Protagonist, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Corruption, Female Domination, Handjob, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Tentacles, Transformation, Vouyerism, Sci-Fi, Lesbian
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Family Infestation 2020 V0.3.4.html” to start playing
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Improvements to previous release:
– As usual there have been numerous spelling and grammar corrections, as well as some slight tweaks to the prose itself.
– Significant overhaul to biomass acquisition process. Broodlings now generate biomass, rather than equate to biomass. Relevant passages modified.
– Hint system and objective display merged to create Zoe’s Journal (Helen’s V0.3.2 content not quiet integrated).
New Content
This release focuses on Terry Morgan (A route – ‘Paying For It’).
– Somewhere within the region of 50,000 extra words worth of smut.
– The continuation of Terry’s corruption route.
– A whole bunch of repeatable lewds.
– 5 new surveillance scenes.
– A new parasite form to discover and exploit.
– 2 new mutations to help with biomass production – keeping blowing and tossing off the men Zoe meets to discover these new tricks.
– Learn more about the family in conversations around the house.
– A tasty new Rocket scene to sate the desires of those so inclined.
– A new C4C client.
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BUGFIX: Issue with lingerie and porno magazine purchasing now fixed. Save game issue should be fixed too (fingers crossed).
Improvements to previous release:
– Spelling and grammatical errors cleaned up (there might still be a couple more lurking about)
– improvements to various already completed passages
– hint system for early game family corruption tasks (found in menu page for corresponding Morgan). This system continues on into new content.
– reprogrammed Rocket content (can now be started after the wombworm infestation – also features slight variations to various scenes depending on which character is present).
– all rooms (apart from Molly’s) can now be implanted with a surveillance organism.
New Content:
This update focused on Helen Morgan (A Route – ‘Slutty Helen’).
– Continuation of Helen’s corruption storyline (with numerous smutty scenes).
– 3 new surveillance scenes to be discovered.
– New conversations and interactions around the house (All involving Helen).
– 2 new diary entries (5 if you count variations depending on story choice).
– Repeatable naughty interaction Helen.
– Zoe can get a job (complete with repeatable scene).
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Tweaks and corrections to earlier passages
Overhaul of menu and stat systems (meaning saves won’t worry, sorry. Again, there is a button to jump to new content)
Somewhere in the region of 32,000 additional words
Day and day time system implemented
Breeding mechanics for two new species (featuring a number of different scenes and variations to discover)
Bestiary entries for all broodforms encountered so far
Surveillance mechanic
Upgrade system added, with 5 potential upgrades
Three additional masturbation scenes
Two new Rocket scenes (a few variations dependent on time and upgrades)
Developer Notes:
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The game has been converted to Sugarcube 2, so the issue with saving should now be resolved.

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