Hypnotizing the rich bitch into my personal plaything [v1.20] [Dobuworks]

Hypnotizing the rich bitch into my personal plaything [v1.20] [Dobuworks]

January 16, 2024F95

Do whatever you want!
Conquer that domineering young lady with a brainwashing app to fill her with,
enough intense pleasure to make her body and soul yours!
Did you ever think about wanting to use the hypnotism app that’s often featured in manga or CG collections…?
This game is a simulation that let’s you do all sorts of sexual things using a hypnotism app!
Instead of following a predetermined scene, take the reins as the main character and train the girl however you like!


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D 191616S1 Mp4 | Free Adult Games

Thread Updated: 2023-02-06
Release Date: 2022-12-20
Developer:  Dobuworks DLsiteCi-EnTwitterDenpasoft
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.20
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Voiced: Japanese
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2d game, animation, male protagonist, male domination, school setting, hypnosis, groping, teasing, vaginal sex, sex toys, mindcontrol, big ass, big tits, japanese game, censored, trainer, voiced, simulation
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.20 Android only
Bug Fix
In ver1.0.6, Russian was implemented with the language file provided by the user!
Regarding bugs, -Bugs with a high incidence
-Serious bugs
-Bugs that can be easily fixed seem to
have been cleared up to some extent.
Since it seems that further corrections will need to greatly tamper with the internal system, we will do it in parallel with the update work for serialization.
ver1.0.4 has been released!
-The problem of stopping while loading a new game may have been partially improved.
-Adjusted the volume to a lower level overall.
-Fixed other minor bugs.
-It is now possible to keep the auto piston ON at the time of cum.
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Classroom scene added
We have implemented a classroom scene that can be mischievous during class. Select “Classroom” or “Classroom (group brainwashing)”
at the beginning of training, and press the class start button after brainwashing.
The main character cannot be touched during normal lessons (not group brainwashing), so be sure to wear the rotor under your clothes before starting the lesson !
Classroom (normal)
  • Released at training level 20
  • I will train secretly during class. So it can’t stand out very much
  • Only the rotor installation , leg opening instructions , and masturbation instructions can be used for training.
  • Cannot be undressed or inserted
  • The rotor is installed before the class starts . It cannot be changed during class.
  • You can use the “textbook reading” function that makes you mischievous while the heroine is reading a textbook .
Classroom (group brainwashing)
  • Released at training level 60
  • You can change the common sense of teachers and other students and do whatever you want during class
  • All training menus available
  • While teachers and students are crazy, it is recommended to make only the heroine sane by “sleep paralysis”
  • You can use the “textbook reading” function . It can be taken off or inserted during reading!
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Bug fixes
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Bug fixes
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All motion implementation
at last! I was able to implement all the motions!
In the previous version, the number of motions was 71, but
this time there are 151! More than doubled!
Here are some easy-to-understand motions that we have added!
Cum motion
The motion at the time of the climax now changes in 5 stages depending on the strength of the climax!
(Probably up to the 4th stage in the progress version)
Level 1 is a light climax. At level 4, it will be a climax !
More squirting will be added in the future! !!
* The transition from the climax voice to the pant voice seems a little strange, but it will be fixed in the future.
Masturbation in bed
We have added a masturbation motion for the bed scene that hasn’t moved until now!
I noticed when I was shooting this video, but there is no squeaking noise during masturbation.
The mechanism of movement is different from fingering and it is difficult to match the motion and timing, but I definitely want to implement it …
Standing picture before the start of brainwashing
The standing picture before the start of brainwashing now changes depending on the development level !
(Ultimately there are 3 stages, but within the scope of the progress version there are 2 stages)
As the development level goes up, you will start to shake your body even before brainwashing!
By adding juice and sweat in the future, the development will progress and you will feel that your body is changing even when you are not brainwashing …! !!
And so on, there are more and more small motions!
Since I added a lot, there may be a lot of problems around the motion and facial expressions …!
Optional implementation

Implemented option screen!

You can switch the graphic / language that was placed directly on the menu from the option screen.
Pubic hair switching
You can now hide your pubic hair. It’s slippery! !!
This version only supports standing pictures. Also, it is not applied during training, so if you switch during training, you need to return to the menu once.
Automatic ejaculation
You can switch the initial setting of the automatic ejaculation function ON / OFF.
Resolution / cross section
This is not currently implemented
Text display speed
You can change the display speed of the lines. (Even if it is the fastest, it cannot be displayed instantly)
Various volumes can be adjusted individually. BGM is not implemented
Other bug fixes
There are a lot of bug fixes, but the bugs that were reported a lot
-Bug that the instruction buttons such as bed movement and masturbation disappear It was occurring with a high probability, but it should have been fixed.
-A bug that the opening smartphone display is strange on the RX6000 series graphic card It
seems that it was not fixed by the previous fix. This should probably have been fixed too …!
We would appreciate it if you could let us know if it is still occurring or if it is occurring outside of the RX6000 series! !!
Unsupported bugs
There are many small bugs, but among the many reports,
“a bug that makes it impossible to insert a penis (many in beds?)” Is
being addressed because the conditions for occurrence are not yet known.
The expression in estrus mode in the bed scene looks a little strange, so I plan to fix this too …
Developer Notes:
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Tenguuji Karen
A well-mannered daughter of an important family who is also a board member of the academy.
While she looks like an honors student on the outside, she is a domineering, arrogant young lady who looks down on other students and teachers.
In particular she despises the protagonist who is a nobody that is especially out of place as one of the few male students of a formally all-girls academy and antagonizes him at every opportunity.
However, once the protagonist uses the hypnotism app on her, the training of her body and soul shall begin…
A normal male student who recently enrolled at a school that was formally an all-girls academy.
He spends his day being abused by a young lady that comes from a good family but has an arrogant attitude.
Then one day, he installs a brain washing app on his smartphone and…
-Full HD animation featuring over 150 motion clips
-Full voice featuring over 2,000 voice clips
-Heroine’s reactions changes depending on how the game is played
-Variety of different modes of hypnotism



Fanmade uncensor patch* – Fanmade uncensor patch 2*

Extras: Save MTL

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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