Lilith’s Throne [v0.4.9] [Innoxia]

Lilith’s Throne [v0.4.9] [Innoxia]

January 6, 2024F95

Lilith’s Throne is a text-based erotic RPG, being developed by me, Innoxia. It’s been made from scratch in Java, and uses JavaFX for the UI.

Basically, the game is about you being transported into an alternate dimension, and the main story is about trying to find a way to return home. Alongside humans and demons, there are currently 4 anthropomorphic races in the game, with plans for many more to be added in the future!

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Some main features include:
– RPG-style levelling system.
– Turn-based combat.
– Turn-based sex scenes.
– RPG-style item management.
– Transformations.
– Exploration on a randomly generated map.

Thread Updated: 2023-09-29
Release Date: 2023-09-27
Developer: Innoxia BlogDiscordGithubSubscribeStarWiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Text only, RPG, Adventure, Corruption, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Oral sex, Titfuck, Anal sex, Character creation, Furry, Transformation, Non-consensual, Monster girl, Gay, Lesbian, Turn-based combat, Pregnancy, Incest, Slavery, Prostitution, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Futa, Handjob, Footjob
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1. Extract to desired location.
2. Click on “LT.exe” or “LilithsThrone.jar” to start playing.
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v0.4.9 Patch Notes
FriendlyAlienFriend’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/thealienfriend):
  • Added Oglix (with pregnant variations) and Golix artwork.
Pusspuss’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/PusspussARTZ):
  • Added Fae & Silvia artwork (with pregnant and multi-boob variations).
  • Custom parser targets (i.e. the custom parser ID you assign to an NPC when creating them) are now saved and loaded correctly, meaning that custom NPCs can now be accessed via their custom ID after saving and loading. (More of a bugfix than an addition.)
  • Added ‘IGNORE_HAIR_RESTRICTION’ item tag, for use on clothing which should be able to be equipped into the HAIR slot even if the character has no hair.
  • Added ‘WEAPON_FIREARM’ item tag, which should be given to any weapon that should be regarded as being a firearm. (Weapons with this tag are affected by the new ‘Firearms Mastery’ perk which Ghost and Hammer have.)
  • Added a new ‘submitBlocked’ element to combat responses, allowing you to disable the option to submit during combat scenes.
  • Added the next section of the main quest, where you get the help from the SWORD Enforcers in Elis. (thanks to DSG for assistance with Enforcer lore)
  • At the nightclub, ‘The Watering Hole’, if you are a demon you can now skip the queue, and if you’ve sucked Jules’s cock, you now can have sex with him in his office.
  • Added a new sex toy shop location in Dominion; ‘Lovienne’s Luxuries’. Sex toys and fetish gear is now sold here instead of by Finch.
  • Added new ‘doll’ race. This race only appears in Lovienne’s Luxuries at the moment, and dolls will be available to purchase as a type of slave in the next version.
  • Added ‘cuff choker necklace’ (androgynous, neck slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Added ‘triple cuff choker necklace’ (feminine, neck slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Added ‘balaclava’ (androgynous, hair slot (so that it can be equipped with hats, eyewear, and mouth items), sold by Nyan). Muggers will now sometimes spawn wearing a balaclava instead of a bandana.
  • Added ‘SWORD dagger’ (melee, one-handed, 25 base damage with high variance, all damage types, not sold by anyone as it’s a special reward).
  • Added ‘leg warmers’ (feminine, calves slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Added ‘arcane slegehammer’ (melee, two-handed, 25 base damage with low variance, all damage types, sold by Vicky).
  • Standardised the angle of two-handed melee weapons’ icons (battle axe, sledgehamme, and zweihander) to be opposite to that of one-handed weapons.
  • Added ‘barcode’ tattoo.
  • Characters now need to be visibly pregnant (i.e. progressed past the ‘risk of pregnancy’ stage) in order to lay eggs via ovipositor. (Remember that characters can use mother’s milk to progress past this stage if you want to impregnate & lay eggs in the same sex scene.)
  • Added the ‘Highly illegal’ tag to the arcane revolver.
  • Friendly occupants now earn experience by working slave jobs (25% chance per hour to earn 5xp).
  • NPCs’ elementals now show in the ‘Characters Present’ panel on the right of the screen, even when not active.
  • Catherine (the slime queen) now has barbell nipple piercings and a triple cuff choker necklace, as her artwork depicts.
  • You can no longer loiter in ‘The Crossed Blades’ tavern, as doing so could leave you in there during closing hours.
  • Added ‘light purple’ as a skin colour.
  • The default fetish preferences for the ‘Bimbo’ and ‘Cross dressing’ fetishes has been lowered. (This won’t have any effect unless a new ‘properties.xml’ file is generated, i.e. only on a completely new game start.)
  • Changed the masculine/female race names for dobermanns from simply ‘dobermann/dobermann’ to ‘dobermann-boy/dobermann-girl’ to make them more consistent with other race names.
  • Changed the name postfix of ground floor maps from ‘GF’ to ‘F0’, and that of first floor maps from ‘1F’ to ‘F1’.
  • Added ‘flavourless’ as a new fluid flavouring.
  • Changed default feminine gender names for lacking genitals from ‘doll’ to ‘mannequin’.
  • Parsing and typo fixes.
  • The awning poles, green cloth, and embroidered sign are now correctly removed from the player’s inventory when completing Eisek’s stall quest (these items are also removed from your inventory when loading into this version if you’ve already completed the quest).
  • The ‘Clean her’ option on Nizhoni is now correctly disabled after activating it.
  • Fixed issue where the next scene after going downstairs in Elis’s town hall would be the scene at the top of the stairs instead of the bottom.
  • Fixed some dialogue bugs in Pix’s gym where it would describe you as not being a member of the gym when you were and vice versa.
  • You will no longer obtain condoms used by NPCs in sex if either the player or the NPC is a spectator of the sex scene and the other one isn’t.
  • The ‘Trickster’s Mask’ is no longer sold by Nyan (the whole set will be added as a quest reward at a different location in a future version).
  • Fixed issue where Nyan was described as saying goodbye to you when you left her store while she wasn’t there.
  • In double-penetration sex, penises no longer have their race prefix added to their name to prevent illogical parsing (e.g. ‘wolf-cocks’ was used for when a wolf and a non-wolf were penetrating).
  • The vagina and anus orifices for characters with a cloaca are now correctly treated as being blocked for the purpose of sex action availability when clothing is equipped into them.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Apple Pie à la Mode’ item sometimes having incorrect colouring.
  • The ‘Balls focus’ sex action now requires the performing character to have a real penis (so this action won’t be available for strap-ons anymore).
  • Fixed issue where half-demons could load full demon transformation presets but not half-demon ones.
  • NPCs which spawn at the bar in ‘Lights Out’ no longer have their genitals and all other concealed body parts revealed to you right from the start.
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck in Desryth’s apartment after rejecting him, then returning to meet him and rejecting him again.
  • Fixed bug where if you reloaded a game which was saved during the day, NPCs which had spawned in Elis’s alleyway tiles at night would often despawn and disappear.
  • Fixed issue in sex actions involving urethral penetration of a penis where a pussy was being incorrectly referenced.
  • Condoms now correctly block access to the wearer’s penile urethra.
  • The quick load feature should now work correctly for characters with a space in their name.
  • Fixed bug where if you enchanted an item which had been renamed, the item’s name would be reset back to its default name.
  • Using the ‘Quick sex’ sex action now correctly increments your sex stats.
  • Fixed bug where Natalya’s TF potion wouldn’t work if you were a demonic slime.
  • Fixed background error being thrown when trying to delete Sterope’s sexual partners (which would also leave random NPCs in the stables in the Centaur’s Sword tavern – these excess NPCs will be cleaned up upon loading into this version).
  • Fixed bug where the ‘lime green’ colour for clothing would be shown twice in the dye menu, with the second instance not being responsive.
  • Fixed bug where you could knock on the door to Minotallys’s office and have a conversation with her while she was asleep in her bedroom.
  • If you have more ‘Quest’ rarity items than your inventory tab can normally display, the UI will now display your extra quest items instead of hiding them from you.
  • Fixed bug where tooltips for perks weren’t working in some character view windows.
  • Fixed bug where setting body coverings would not set the correct covering pattern or modifier.
v0.4.8.9 Patch Notes
  • The ‘imageEquippedName’ element in clothing and weapon files now supports parsing, allowing you to change the equipped icon based on who’s got it equipped (using ‘npc’ as the parsing target for the character who’s equipping it).
  • The ‘horseshoes’ item is no longer limited to taurs, and is instead only restricted to characters with hoofs.
  • Added an option to completely reset all virginities and virginity loss information in the debug menu (on the second page of the ‘stats’ tab).
  • Added more time options when loitering.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t access your key items page in your inventory.
  • Unique items on the floor or in NPCs’ inventories are now correctly placed in their unique items tab instead of being mixed in with all other items.
  • When clicking on an item in the ‘Items Present’ section on the right of the UI, the inventory will now open on the correct page for the item that’s been clicked on.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on the item at the very bottom-right of the inventory grid would change the inventory page to the next one.
v0.4.8.8 Patch Notes
DSG’s Eisek Quest:
  • Added a new NPC merchant to Elis’s Farmer’s Market, who also serves to gate early access to the dragon TF behind a quest.
  • Added three side quests related to this NPC (with one of these quests being exclusive to silly mode).
  • Ralph no longer sells dragonfruit, as this new NPC is now the one who sells it (provided his quest is completed in the best way).
  • Added: 5 new clothing items for new NPC outfit; 1 new clothing item for silly mode; 1 new weapon for silly mode; 4 new Items for new NPC to sell; 3 new quests (1 exclusive to silly mode); 4 new quest items (1 exclusive to silly mode).
  • Full patch notes and details can be seen in the PR here: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public/pull/1718
Pusspuss’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/PusspussARTZ):
  • Added artwork for both Wolfgang and Karl.
  • Added artwork for Jess, which includes pregnant and multi-boob variations.
  • Fixed bug where vaginal, lactation, and virginity fetishes had incorrect sorting (based on left-aligned fetishes being active/giving and right-aligned being passive/receiving) in the fetish menu. (by Maxis010)
  • Changed the Body.setFeral() method to not set the body as feral if the subspecies does not have feral attributes or is null. (PR#1771 by SightglassCat)
  • Fixed missing background textures in slime and half-demon race icons. (PR#1772 by SightglassCat)
  • Added ‘winged’ to NPC lists and tooltips for winged characters of a race that usually does not have wings. (PR#1724 by Stadler76)
  • Made NPCs react more logically to unexpected genitals being revealed in sex scenes, with genital reveals now based on whether the perceived gender of the subject normally has one. (PR#1741 by NoHornyOnMain)
  • Enabled tattoo rendering with non-standard colours (e.g. via save editing). (PR#1742 by NoHornyOnMain)
  • Fixed issue where setting a character’s feral subspecies to null wouldn’t display the correct behaviour of reverting their feral status. (by Stadler76)
  • Updated the ‘LTSuperGuide’ which is included in the game’s folder. (by C4MG1RL)
  • Added ‘FITS_MUZZLES_EXCLUSIVE’ and ‘FITS_BEAKS_EXCLUSIVE’ item tags for tagging clothing which can only be equipped on characters with muzzles or beaks.
  • Added hook to AbstractItemEffectType values via an ‘ITEM_EFFECT_TYPE_’ parsing prefix.
  • Added a new character, ‘Sterope’ to the Enforcer station in Elis, who has some BDSM and feral sex content.
  • Added ‘Sturdy Steed’ clothing set, which provides +5 physique and +25 max health.
  • Added: ‘Bridle’ (androgynous, mouth slot, Sturdy Steed set, only fits muzzles).
  • Added: ‘Saddle’ (androgynous, leg slot, Sturdy Steed set, only fits quadrupedal bodies).
  • Added: ‘Horseshoes’ (androgynous, foot slot, Sturdy Steed set, only fits hoofs, only fits quadrupedal bodies).
  • Added: ‘Tail bandage’ (androgynous, tail slot, Sturdy Steed set).
  • The two final upgrades to the Vacuum spell no longer strip clothing from unique NPCs. (As stripping clothing from quest-critical NPCs was resulting in issues with their content.)
  • The ‘GenericSexualPartner’ NPC class no longer spawns with addictive fluids, so as to prevent issues with their partners getting addicted (which was happening with Jess).
  • For size-difference characters, the smaller character can now kiss crotch-boobs in the missionary position, and can now kiss breasts instead of kissing mouth in the mating press position.
  • You can now use the ‘GENERIC_ORGASM_CREAMPIE’ action in masturbation scenes (which is the same action that provides the ‘Handjob Climax’ orgasm action).
  • Added autofellatio and autocunnilingus sex actions, which require the new ‘hpermobility’ perk to unlock, are limited to non-taurs, and which work in most but not all sex positions.
  • Added a small speech variation to the creampie sex action.
  • Both types of wet wipes now additionally clean all equipped clothing.
  • You can no longer assign work hours to friendly occupants if they want to sleep during that hour.
  • Improved method of calculating sleep hours for slaves and friendly occupants so that they prefer to sleep as close to the mid-point of their natural sleep hours as they can.
  • Jess can now be impregnated, and you can pay her (5000 flames) to take a breeder pill before having sex with her. She also no longer has the barren perk nor a hatred of the pregnancy fetish, and also she now refuses to consume items during sex.
  • Demons, half-demons, and imps will no longer spawn with demonic horse tails if they’re bipedal.
  • The ‘ladykiller’ and ‘minx’ perks are no longer traits which require equipping to work.
  • Added ‘hypermobility’ perk in the physical perk tree, which unlocks autofellatio and autocunnilingus sex actions.
  • Added some dialogue referencing citizens of the Realm travelling over the Endless Sea to new lands (as posters in the nightclub, at the Slavery Administration building, and as a minor piece of dialogue when paying a prostitute’s fine to remove them from the game).
  • Added Hannah pregnancy reactions to her encounter in ‘Lights out’.
  • Added a couple of new talk options to Kheiron (one for Fae & Silvia and one for Sterope, both of which require them to have told you when they visit the tavern to be available), and his talk scenes now correctly grey out when they’re active.
  • Made Fae and Silvia a little taller to better suit their fox-taur form.
  • Spotted hyena females no longer spawn in with big clits, and Hannah now has a normal sized clit. (I felt like having every spotted-hyena spawn with a huge clit was too much, but I’m planning on adding a tribe of spotted-hyena-girls with clit-dicks later on.)
  • Typo and parsing fixes.
  • Fixed game-breaking bug where if you were unable to equip a sex toy which was in your partner’s inventory during sex, then clicking on that sex toy would throw background errors and cause the inventory/game to become unresponsive.
  • Compacted the compatible slot names in the tooltips for piercing items, so that it doesn’t run over into another line and cause the tooltip to overflow.
  • Fixed issue where there’d be no slaves in the stocks nor in any of the shops if you entered Slaver Alley before midnight after starting a new game.
  • Fixed issue where the Rental Mommy encounter would throw a background (harmless?) error every time it was triggered.
  • Fixed bug where the slaves in the stocks and shops in Slaver Alley would sometimes not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed bug where exported transformation presets for Elementals which were not bound to arcane or water would cause the transformation preset menu to break.
  • Fixed bug where stopping a sex scene in which you were a spectator (such as spying on Rose and Lilaya in Lilaya’s lab) would cause the description for that scene to be displayed the next time you used the ‘Quick sex’ action.
  • Astrapi is now always considered to be feminine, ignoring your ‘androgynous bodies’ setting (as it fits her content for her to always be treated as a ‘she’).
  • Spell tooltips and predictive text in combat now show their potential damage range instead of a random value from within that range.
  • Fixed the Vacuum spell’s first upgrade downgrading the health shielding debuff from -10 to -5, and also fixed the second and third upgrade tooltips to show their full effects.
  • Fixed bug in Helena’s custom slave menu where you could customise a slave to be an angel by swapping back and forth between the spinneret tab.
  • Lunette’s marauders and raiders in the Foloi Fields now have several of their fetish desires set to ‘like’ instead of ‘love’, as the ‘love’ setting was making it look like they had the associated fetish even though they didn’t.
  • Characters (including the player) can no longer be milked of their cum or girlcum in a milking room if they’re wearing any clothing which prevents them from orgasming.
  • Removed ability to fight Jhortrax after besting him in the ‘Tameshigiri’ scene, due to numerous inconsistencies with the resulting post-combat scenes.
  • Fixed background error being thrown when completing an incubation pregnancy of a single egg/offspring.
  • Fixed bug where transformation presets didn’t take into account whether or not the target or preset were of ‘short stature’, which inadvertently allowed you to transform demons into imps and vice versa by using transformation presets.
  • Fixed bug where the greyed-out ‘load’ button for incompatible transformation presets would still work if you clicked on it.
  • Jess will no longer have random fluid addictions (and all of her fluid addictions will be cleared upon loading into this version).
  • Fixed bug where if none of the colours defined for an item of clothing within an outfit file were available for that clothing, the clothing would spawn with broken colourings. (This was mostly affecting jewellery on randomly-spawned NPCs.)
  • Fixed some inconsistent availabilities of ‘offer/request orifice’ actions in the breeding stall & glory hole positions.
  • Your demonic offspring will no longer spawn with heavily enchanted weapons which would push them over their enchantment capacity.
  • Characters in sex who are in the resisting pace and who are involved in finger-anus or finger-vagina sex actions will no longer be described as stimulating their orgasming partner’s prostate.
  • Fixed bug where after taking a shower in the gym, the text was only shown after you moved away from the tile.
  • Fixed incorrect description for the item ‘platinum Bank of Dominion card’.
  • Fixed bug where you could masturbate in areas in which masturbation/sex was meant to be blocked (such as in the bank).
  • Fixed issue where the one-night-stand characters spawning ‘Lights Out’ would almost always be virgins.
  • Fixed minor UI issue with the inventory, where if you dropped or took all items while not on the first page of that inventory, the rendering would mess up.
  • Also fixed a related issue where if you took or dropped the last item in an inventory page, the UI would be left on the empty page instead of moving down to the next one.
  • Resetting your race via the debug menu no longer clears virginity loss information.
  • Filled in some missing virginity location text.
  • Fixed issue where use of NPC’s hourlyUpdate() method would not handle flag resets correctly, resulting in rare instances of unexpected gameplay behaviour.
  • Fixed bug where changing a character’s leg configuration would regrow their hymen.
v0.4.8.2 Patch Notes
  • Fixed issue where player-summoned elementals were not considered part of the player’s team for damage calculations, meaning for harder difficulty settings their damage was scaled the same as that of enemies. (by TractorsAttic)
  • Fixed parsing bug in Natalya’s meeting scene during Helena’s romance quest, and fixed a potential NullPointerException related to accessing character present IDs. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Improved getSubspeciesFromBody() method, which makes loading save files significantly faster, especially for large saves in games with many modded subspecies. (PR#1754 by SightglassCat)
  • Added ‘light red’ and changed ‘light pink’ to ‘pink’ for salamander scale colours, added missing equip text for the nursing bra, and fixed some inconsistencies in Natayla’s new content. (PR#1757 by MintyChip)
  • Added pattern support to both micro bikini clothing items. (PR#1759 by DSG)
  • Added two new clothing items; ‘fedora’ (head slot, androgynous, sold by Nyan); and ‘trenchcoat’ (over-torso slot, androgynous, sold by Nyan). (PR#1761 by DSG)
  • Fixed missing IDs and paths for anonymous-classed NPCs. (PR#1762 by SightglassCat)
  • Fixed incorrect references to horns in the antenna.xml race mod example file. (by MintyChip)
Image & Character Imports:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All imported images for your player character will no longer work, due to the image folder location being changed.
  • Custom images for your player character are now stored in the same manner as custom images for non-unique NPCs, that is, in the ‘data/images’ folder instead of the ‘res/images’ folder. This allows you to have unique images for your player character in different save game files.
  • The Butler’s Jacket no longer obscures the finger slot.
  • Updated all of the old formatting for clothing displacement/removal text in clothing files.
  • Moved foot-to-mouth sex actions from the reverse cowgirl position to the cowgirl position.
  • Using an ovipositor to lay eggs in someone no longer requires the ovipositor-equipped character to have a vagina (this should only affect slimes, as they’re the only race that can get pregnant without having a vagina).
  • Added text to make it more obvious that a slave is losing 1 affection towards you due to being woken up at the start of interacting with them while they’re sleeping.
  • Elementals are now able to use the save/load transformation menu correctly.
  • When loading a TF preset the dialogue scene now moves back to the ‘core’ TF dialogue, so as to give an indication that the TF has been applied.
  • Made the layout of multi-breast option buttons slightly more logical.
  • If you’ve equipped sealed clothing with the ‘servitude’ enchantment, Lilaya’s ‘Sealed problem’ action will no longer remove all the seals on your clothing, and will instead only remove the ‘servitude’ enchantments.
  • Compacted the layout of the ‘subspecies knowledge’ perks when viewing a character’s perk tree.
  • The ‘Dungeon Cell’ tiles in Lilaya’s basement no longer have an upkeep cost (they used to be 10 flames/day).
  • In ‘Murk’s Milker’ bad end, the player’s tattoos are now removed at the start of the bad end, so as to avoid unexpected transformations occurring during the bad end content.
  • Typo & parsing fixes and minor dialogue alterations.
  • Fixed bug where Hannah would not return to the bar after encountering her there for the first time.
  • Concealed subspecies bonus text no longer inadvertently reveals their race in the tooltip text.
  • If a character has the ‘Serpent-tailed’ leg configuration, any change to the length of their tail is now correctly restored when saving & loading games.
  • Added missing ‘MURK_BACK’ dialogue node in the pregnancy roulette scenes.
  • Removed references to the player impregnating Bunny if it was actually Loppy who ended up impregnating her during a threesome.
  • Fixed numerous instances of scripting errors related to the change of the NPC.hourlyUpdate() method to take in an int argument (showing as ‘Scripting parsing error: X.hourlyUpdate()’ in the error.log file).
  • Fixed bug where you could bypass the entry fee for Pix’s gym if you talked to her and then simply moved forwards into the gym.
  • Saving a transformation preset for an elemental will no longer make the save/load transformation menu inaccessible.
  • Lilaya will now correctly transform her genitalia back to having a pussy and no cock after sex.
  • Fixed issue in Penelope’s ‘Posters’ dialogue where you’d always tell her that you hadn’t visited Pix’s gym, even if you had.
  • Fixed bug where you could assign jobs to guests which were meant to be limited to slaves (which was done by selecting a job category while managing a slave’s job, then managing a guest’s job and assigning the still-selected job to them).
  • Natalya’s sex scene in the park is no longer treated as being a public sex scene (as you’re behind the bushes and so out of sight).
  • Fixed bug where slaves who had sex while working in the kitchen would generate the ‘gardener’ sex event description.
  • When/If you give Scarlett back to Helena, her tattoos are now removed. (This will retroactively apply when loading into this version.)
  • Astrapi’s pregnancy reaction scene now correctly plays when encountering her at the Elis depot.
  • You can no longer teleport into the Crossed Blades tavern (to prevent the player from entering it outside of opening hours).
  • Natalya’s post-anal-sex dialogue no longer references rimjobs.
  • Fixed bug where if you had a fetish temporarily granted via enchanted clothing, the fetish would be permanently applied to the wearer after saving & then loading the game.
  • You can no longer pay to have your ‘penis’ pierced if you have no penis but are wearing a strapon.
v0.4.8 Patch Notes
FriendlyAlienFriend’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/thealienfriend):
  • Added Fyrsia, Jhortrax, and Hyorlyss artwork.
  • Added artwork variations for Vanessa/Ms. Cunningham without her shoes on.
Pusspuss’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/PusspussARTZ):
  • Added Silence & Shadow artwork, with variations for multi-boobs and pregnancy.
  • Added ability to let friendly occupants take on some of the more mundane slave jobs (Maid, Security guard, Librarian, Cook, Lab assistant, Office worker, and Waitress). (PR#1560 by Maxis010)
  • Removed the need to add content checks to multiple locations when adding new content controlled fetishes. (PR#1600 by Maxis010)
  • Fixed bug during sex scenes where a background error could be thrown if an NPC who was not involved in the sex scene tried to equip clothing. (by AceXP)
  • Bugfixes for GuestJobs PR after merge. (PR#1755 by Maxis010)
  • Added support for separate naming for aquatic subspecies that aren’t mer-tailed. (PR#1489 by Stadler76)
  • Fixed description of height in alpha-imp description ignoring imperial/metric setting. (by AceXP)
  • Added ‘SWIMWEAR’ item tag, which is meant to be used on clothing to aid in item generation.
  • Added a new ‘conditional’ attribute to the new ‘effect’ element in items’ status effect definition section, allowing you to limit effects to be applied via conditional statement. (See ‘res/items/innoxia/pills/fertility.xml’ for a commented example.)
  • Added FOOD_POOR, FOOD_QUALITY, DRINK_POOR, and DRINK_QUALITY as item tags to give finer control over how much of a buff food and drink items should give to the consumer.
  • Added ‘EYE_SHAPE_’ parsing command to access EyeShape enum values.
Image & Character Imports:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All imported images for characters in your game will no longer work, due to a significant restructuring of the folders involved.
  • Images imported for characters in your game are now located in a folder that’s named corresponding to the character’s unique ID, instead of their name, so you can now have different images for different characters who share the same name.
  • Images imported for characters in your game are no longer stored in the ‘res/images/characters/generic’ folder, and are instead now stored within the ‘data/images/game_id’ folder. The ‘game_id’ is unique to each of your ongoing games (and takes the form of a large number). This change means that imported character images are now associated only with the game into which they were imported.
  • When exporting a character, any custom artwork which they have will be exported into a folder alongside the exported xml file (in ‘data/characters’).
  • When importing a character into a game (as a slave, a clubber, or a lodger), if there’s a folder in the same directory as the imported character’s xml file, which shares the same name as the imported character’s xml file, then all images within that folder are automatically imported for that character.
  • You can now invite friendly occupants living in Lilaya’s mansion to the spa.
  • Added banks to Dominion and Elis. You can create an account in the Dominion bank, and then use the deposit boxes to store and retrieve items and money, as well as generate interest on money stored there.
  • After having sex with Vicky three times, she will try to dominate you, and if you submit then it will unlock more content with her.
  • Added a new internal map for Pix’s gym, added a few extra scenes for Pix, and added a new character (a spotted hyena-girl boxer named Hannah) to the gym.
  • Completing Hannah’s boxing training unlocks a new bar map in Nightlife, in which you can have one night stands with randomly generated NPCs.
  • Added ‘swimming shorts’ (masculine, groin slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Changed the quality levels for dragon, amazon, angel, and imp drinks, and for dragon, rat, and pig food.
  • Added the ‘DRINK’ tag to several items which should have had it.
  • Added ‘arcane wet wipes’ as an upgraded version of ‘wet wipes’, which are able to remove the ‘marked by musk’ effect.
  • Added ‘Stroke belly’ as a ‘loving’ sex action, requiring the target to be visibly pregnant and for positioning to allow the performer’s hands to reach the target’s stomach. (As it’s a loving action, NPCs will only use this if they’re not sadistic and their affection towards the target is over 50.)
  • NPCs in glory hole sex no longer have access to deny actions (as it’s physically impossible for them to restrain their partners who are on the other side of the stall wall).
  • Added a ‘Rape-play allowed by default’ option in the ‘Sex & Fetishes’ content options, which allows submissive characters in sex who have the ‘unwilling fuck-toy’ fetish to engage in rape-play without first being given permission to do so. (Off by default.)
  • Added clit-to-nipple and clit-to-crotch-boob-nipple sex actions for characters with clits large enough to act as pseudo penises.
  • Reformatted how status effects to be applied upon consumption are displayed in item tooltips to reduce clutter.
  • Added a ‘musk’ content toggle in the ‘Sex & Fetishes’ page in the content options, allowing you to enable/disable musky cum/girlcum effects. (On by default.)
  • Musky cum and girlcum will now apply a ‘marked by musk’ status effect (applies +5 resting lust and -1 lust resistance) to anyone who is covered in it during sex.
  • Vicky’s shop, ‘Arcane Arts’, is now open from 9:00-17:00 instead of 06:00-22:00.
  • Added a ‘Never’ option to the multi-boob content setting, which makes all randomly-generated and most unique NPCs have only one pair of breasts.
  • Changed the ‘martial artist’ perk to ‘brawler’, which now gives +5% unarmed damage and +10% physical damage. The ‘martial artist’ perk is now a unique perk which can be obtained via completing Hannah’s training (in Pix’s gym).
  • Nizhoni’s content now has a couple of extra musk-related descriptions (which are only shown if musk content is turned on), and you now also have the option to cast the ‘soothing waters’ spell (if you know it) to clean her and temporarily remove her musk for the proceeding sex scenes.
  • The game’s default start date is now 2019, instead of the year of your system’s time (i.e. 2023). This is so that in-game events remain chronologically feasible, for example older Enforcers having been Enforcers at the time of the fifth human rebellion in 1988. The starting year can still be changed to whatever you want during the character creation process.
  • Pandas now spawn with vertical pupils.
  • Elementals can now take on the form of an octopus.
  • The chest sarashi has been changed back from ‘feminine’ to ‘androgynous’.
  • Fixed issue where all slaves in Slaver Alley’s stocks and shops would be reset every time you loaded a game.
  • The ‘vaginal virginity’, ‘pregnancy’, ‘pussy slut’, ‘impregnation’, ‘cum stud’, ‘cock stud’, and ‘breasts’ fetishes are now correctly always given to randomly generated NPCs if your related fetish spawn preference is set to ‘always’.
  • After getting them as slaves, resetting the perks of the four ‘Murk’s milkers’ should now work correctly. (It will also reset their occupation trait from ‘kidnapped’ to the slave trait.)
  • Freeing slaves while they’re working in a milking room now correctly handles their clothing resets before freeing them. (i.e. removing pumps and replacing their clothing)
  • You can no longer ask Claire for help with dealing with Vengar after you’ve already cleared out the Rat Warrens.
  • NPCs will no longer equip clothing onto spectators during sex.
  • Fixed issue where Jhortrax didn’t have his katana equipped.
  • Fixed bug at the end of Natalya’s filly training where she’d take your neck-equipped clothing and not return it to you when she put on your filly choker.
  • Fixed vaginal and anal clit tease actions, which were checking availability of the action based on the incorrect character’s clit size.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes fail to load into a game when saving/loading.
v0.4.7.5 Patch Notes
FriendlyAlienFriend’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/thealienfriend):
Added artwork for Vanessa/Ms. Cunningham, including pregnant variations.
Davyn’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/davyndraw):
Added artwork for Kalahari (lion-girl bartender in the nightclub, ‘The Watering Hole’).
Added artwork for Kruger (lion-boy nightclub owner in ‘The Watering Hole’).
Fixed issue where mods which accessed the GameCharacter.getAffectionMap() method could cause an error which led to NPCs disappearing after saving/loading. (by CognitiveMist)
Fixed issue in Meraxis’s blowjob and cunnilingus sex scenes, where the game was checking for incorrect fetishes to determine when to end the sex scenes. (by Maxis010)
Fixed issue where you couldn’t change your hairstyle in your room’s ‘Hairstyle & Makeup’ menu. (by Maxis010)
Fixed bug where certain black-white colouring combinations wouldn’t correctly identify someone as a panda-morph. (by CognitiveMist)
Fixed bug where the ‘New Game’ button would sometimes not work, requiring a game restart to get it working again. (PR#1752 by CognitiveMist)
Fixed issue where characters who were imported into a game would remain related to the player (or other characters by chance) if they were related to them in the save where they were exported. (PR#1743 by Maxis010)
Added ‘FertilisationType’ enum (game/character/pregnancy/FertilisationType.java) to track fertilisation type of Litters.
Added ‘Nocturnality’ enum (game/character/race/Nocturnality.java) for assigning nocturnality values to subspecies. For modded subspecies, you can now define the nocturnality of a subspecies within a ‘nocturnality’ element. Any subspecies missing this value will default to being biurnal.
Added ‘FOOD’ and ‘DRINK’ item tags which should from now on be applied to any modded food or drink items (with the idea being that any effects gained from food or drink can then be applied from any item tagged as such).
Added an optional ‘statusEffects’ element to modded item xml files, allowing you to define status effects to be applied when the item’s effects are triggered (for a commented example see ‘res/items/innoxia/pills/fertility.xml’).
Added a ‘rapePlayBannedAtStart’ field to sex managers, allowing you to define whether or not NPCs with the ‘unwilling fuck-toy’ fetish will start sex in the resisting pace (defaults to true, thereby making it so rape-play NPCs no longer start consensual sex scenes in the resisting pace).
Added ‘game.startGenericSex(character)’ method to allow quick testing of a generic sex scene between the player and an NPC.
Moved all hard-coded chest and nipple clothing out into the res folder.
You are now able to impregnate Vanessa/Ms. Cunningham by giving her a ‘breeder pill’ or ‘broodmother pill’ during sex.
You can now gain entry to Zaranix’s house during the related main quest by repeatedly knocking on the door.
Eating or drinking (via items or scenes in which you eat/drink) now confers positive status effects; ‘recently eaten’ and ‘thirst quenched’, respectively.
You can now ask Astrapi about being impregnated once her affection towards you is high enough, after which you will be able to get her pregnant.
Added an encounter in Dominion’s park tiles to enable you to discover Natalya outside of Helena quest. It will trigger between 9:00-15:00, if the weather is not an ‘arcane storm’ or ‘stormy sky’, if you have travelled to all the park tiles, and if you have either completed Natalya’s romance quest or not started it.
Lilaya’s house/Slave management:
You can now pick roses from Lilaya’s garden (limited to 1 per day).
Added two new slave jobs; ‘gardener’ (4 slaves max., location is central courtyard garden); ‘security’ (8 slaves max., first security guard will always be posted at the entrance, with the others patrolling the corridors, has ‘answer door’ and ‘entrance priority’ job settings).
Added ‘dining room’ room upgrade, along with another new slave job, ‘waiter’. You can choose to order a meal in the dining room, so long as you have slaves working as a cook and waiter.
Added ‘slave lounge’ room upgrade. Your slaves will go here when not sleeping.
Slaves will now sleep during idle time; the hours in which they sleep will depend on their race’s nocturnality, and will be displayed in the job management screen via ‘zzZ’ next to the idle hour slots in which they’ll be sleeping.
Added a new ‘Sleeping’ permission category, allowing you to specify whether slaves should sleep at night, during the day, or whenever they want (which will be based on their race’s nocturnality).
Added description of slaves present/not present in their room description.
Friendly occupants will now sleep at times based on their race’s nocturnality.
The ‘breeder pill’ and ‘broodmother pill’ items now disable the effects of menopause while their effects are active.
Reduced rarity of subspecies books from legendary to rare, so they will now disappear from tiles like ordinary items.
The ‘ribbon’ clothing can now be equipped on a character’s penis.
Added ‘micro bikini top’ and ‘micro bikini bottoms’. Both are feminine and sold by Nyan.
NPCs with the ‘unwilling fuck-toy’ fetish no longer start sex in the resisting pace by default, and must be first allowed to perform rape-play before they’ll switch into it.
If not satisfied at the end of sex, NPCs now lose 5 affection towards the person who ended the sex scene, instead of towards all dominant participants.
Improved description of size difference oral availability that’s appended to the end of the ‘standing’ and ‘against wall’ sex position intros.
The ‘All out strike’ move now has a critical requirement of being the only move used, instead of being used 3 times (which was impossible due to AP cost).
Buffed the ‘vulnerable’ status effect that’s applied via ‘Hunting call’, ‘Talon slash’, ‘scratch’, and ‘squirrel scratch’ from -2 physical shielding to -10 physical shielding and -5 physique.
The ‘Talon slash’ combat move now deals 120% of the attacker’s unarmed damage, instead of a flat 20.
Clothing and weapons of the same rarity are now sorted in inventories so that they’re grouped together.
Added an ‘Always’ option to the fetish preferences menu, which makes it so that randomly-generated NPCs will always spawn with that fetish.
The subspecies pages in the encyclopedia now display the subspecies’ nocturnality, whether or not they’re aquatic, their default leg configuration, and whether or not they’re short-statured.
Slightly improved dialogue flow after both instances of combat in the slime queen’s tower, and made it so the slime encounter rate in Submission’s tunnels if 4 times higher than normal if you’re at the start of the slime queen quest (to make it easier to progress the quest).
You no longer need to seduce Wolfgang and Karl in the Bounty hunter lodge if you’ve previously had sex with them (i.e. during the quest in Kay’s textiles).
Added a new ‘clothing femininity’ option (in ‘Content Options’ -> ‘Gameplay’), allowing you to set clothing femininity values to off, masculine-only, feminine-only, or on.
The ‘pregnancy’ tattoo counter now includes the bearer’s ongoing pregnancy (if applicable) in the count of how many times they’ve been impregnated.
Added ‘pregnancy partners’ and ‘impregnation partners’ tattoo counters, which track how many unique partners have impregnated or been impregnated by the bearer, respectively.
The shady dealer encounter in the alleyways of Dominion will no longer trigger during an arcane storm.
If you have the ‘object of desire’ trait active, then Angel (in Angel’s Kiss) will wait until she’s satisfied before ending the sex scene, instead of ending it as soon as you were satisfied.
Characters who have large cum expulsion values now spawn with ‘stallion’ or ‘dragon’ condoms, so that their condoms don’t break in sex.
The cultist chapels which appear during October in Dominion’s streets will no longer spawn in adjacent tiles.
Added better indication of whether or not sex with slaves in the bathing scene in the spa will be considered rape.
Eye clothing which blocks eyes (i.e. the blindfold) now correctly conceals the wearer’s eyes. (This will only be noticeable if you encounter an NPC who’s already wearing a blindfold, as just like genitals & breasts, once you’ve seen their eyes then they will remain ‘known’ even if concealed afterwards.)
Lunexis now has minimum affection towards the player, Meraxis, Aurokaris, and Ursa.
Added ‘Gangbang’ options to sex actions when interacting with a slave so that you can more easily start a sex scene with all slaves who are present.
Added a shaft in the far west of the Bat Caverns which links them to Dominion.
Parsing, typo, and minor dialogue fixes.
Prevented friendly occupants in Lilaya’s mansion from being able to get the ‘Mushroom forager’ job (it was intended as a background only for offspring found in the Bat Caverns).
Fixed issue where Lilaya would reference her growing a cock to get you pregnant even if she impregnated you via the effect of Amazon’s Secret.
Fixed bug where slaves could work in the office or milking room while still being stationed in the slavery administration.
Fixed issue where friendly NPCs having moved out into an apartment, as well as offspring in the alleyways of Dominion, would be affected by arcane storms even though the scenes are described as being inside their apartment.
Fixed incorrect dialogue being displayed after sex with Wolfgang and Karl in ‘Kay’s Textiles’ during Nyan’s quest.
Fixed background error being thrown when inserting Kay’s buttplug.
Nyan now correctly only wears her weekend outfit (skater dress with no shoes) after she’s decided to take weekends off work (i.e. after progressing through her romance quest).
Fixed bug where the impregnation counter for tattoos would increment even if the impregnating character failed to get their partner pregnant, then decrement once the pregnancy possibility resulted in no pregnancy.
Tooltips for ongoing sex status effects no longer cut off half-way through displaying information.
Using quick sex in Astrapi’s handjob & armpit scenes now only uses the related handjob/armpit actions. Also using quick sex in Rose’s dungeon scene no longer allows her to use her pussy and lose her virginity.
Fixed issue where feral characters who were transformed into a slime would bug out and be identified as a human.
Fixed issue where body randomisation for centaurs was not working for all body parts, and would also increase the randomised character’s height twice.
Fixed issue where dirty talk wasn’t parsing correctly for random Dominion demon attackers, Kate, and Lilaya.
Fixed raccoon-morphs having hyena-morph crotch breasts.
Fixed issue where the transformation menu’s buttons for changing urethra elasticity and plasticity would change throat elasticity and plasticity instead.
Clothing worn by slaves who go to work at a milking room will no longer sometimes completely disappear.
Added a missing ‘RESIST_TRANSFORMED_NO_RAPE’ dialogue node in Submission’s slime tunnel encounters.
Fixed bug in the nightclub where if you were a sub and annoyed and then left your partner, the next partner you found would start off at the same level of annoyance as the one you just left.
Dominant partners in the nightclub will now leave you if you keep on annoying them.
The random partners during sex scenes while working as a cow in Evelyx’s Dairy will no longer have fetish desires or orientations which result in them disliking sex.
The headless horseman will no longer regain his virginities between encounters.
Fixed issue where the replacement and displacement descriptions for the ‘lowback bodysuit’ clothing item were reversed.
The visibility of an asshole of an NPC who has a cloaca is now correctly linked to the groin area, instead of the ass.
Fixed bug where all menu buttons, including loading a saved game, would not work during combat.
Fixed UI issue where some elements which were meant to be shown as disabled, such as forbidden spells, would not render the disabled overlay.
Fixed incorrect slave references in the sleeping/waking scenes in your bedroom.
Fixed issue where slaves would be tagged as having orgasmed 24 hours later than intended while working in the milking room (which led to the ‘pent up’ status effect not activating at the correct time).
Fixed bug where the cunnilingus demos (giving and receiving) at the cafes in Slaver’s Alley would sometimes have their scenes at the start of sex swapped.
Corrected the penis & cum related part of the orgasm description for when a futa character performs a ‘Thigh squeeze’ orgasm due to receiving cunnilingus.
Fixed issue where removing Kay’s chastity cage would always display the scene variation for the minimum time of him having been locked up.
When an NPC forces a transformation on you after losing combat, they will no longer reference a ‘no race-cock’.
Fixed issue where you were able to move after losing to Meraxis’s three demon subordinates in her citadel, which was allowing you to access her treasury room and avoid being thrown out.
Fixed issue where giving yourself ‘demonic-owl’ eyes as a slime would change your subspecies from slime to owl-morph, thereby preventing you from accessing the self-transformation menu.
The gryphon’s ‘Hunting Call’ combat move now correctly applies a +20 buff to physique and arcane as described, instead of +15.
Fixed bug where if you unsealed and unequipped a sealed item of clothing during sex, after sex the clothing would be cloned, with one clone remaining in your inventory and the other being re-equipped onto you.
If armpit and/or udder content is disabled in your settings, then in the enchanting menu you will no longer see associated fetish or body part options.
Fixed issue where selecting some transformative potions (such as the pre-made ‘Brax’s surprise’ potion) while they’re located in a world tile (i.e. not in a character’s inventory) would result in an error being displayed instead of the potion’s information.)
Fixed issue where feeding a spider-morph a caffeinated food or drink item would always intoxicate the provider of the food/drink (which was usually the player) instead of the targeted spider-morph.
NPCs should no longer be able to equip clothing onto their partners through other clothing during sex (such as equipping a buttplug on their partner if the partner is wearing trousers).
The ‘Wolf-tease’ action in Brax’s office now works if you’re an arctic wolf-girl.
Fixed issue during Nyan’s first sex scene where she couldn’t restart giving you a blowjob if you pulled out during orgasm.
When having submissive sex with a sissified Vengar, her cage is now correctly removed, and she also now correctly continues to wear a slave collar after being sissified.
NPC names which begin with a non-alphabetic character no longer have ‘a’ or ‘the’ automatically appended to the start of their name.
Upgrading rooms in the dungeon in Lilaya’s mansion now correctly charges you the associated upkeep costs.
Fixed issue with sex action availability between size difference characters in the ‘against wall’ position (such as when the shorter character was facing the wall they were able to perform oral on the larger character behind them).
Fixed issue where the encounters while wearing a filly collar in Dominion street tiles were triggering far too frequently.
If a clothing item can be equipped during sex, but not in every possible slot, then the inventory will no longer show it as greyed-out.
v0.4.7 Patch Notes
  • Added more content for Elizabeth (the guard at Lyssieth’s palace), including sex content, which starts by meeting her in one of the rooms within the palace between 20:00-23:00. (by AceXP)
  • Fixed issue where you’d be unable to change your ass/facial/pubic/underarm hair values in Kate’s shop. (by Maxis010)
  • Fixed issue where NPCs’ ‘fleshSubspecies’ variable would unintentionally get set to Subspecies.HUMAN, even if it shouldn’t be a human. (by Stadler76)
  • Fixed some incorrect daughter/son relationship references. (by Lio)
  • Fixed bug where stickers for clothing which fitted into multiple slots would not be initialized correctly. (PR#1733 by CognitiveMist)
  • Added Maven profiles to auto detect which OS the build is running on. (PR#1732 by AlacoGit)
  • Minor optimizations; Added ability to pay to remove prostitutes in Angel’s Kiss; Improved several update methods; Racial tooltips are now hidden for characters who have their race hidden; Advanced race knowledge is now required to see racial status effect attributes. (PR#1731 by Maxis010 and CognitiveMist)
  • Added the same SVG zLayer, resizing, and rotation functionality to tattoos which was added to clothing/weapons a while ago – see the ‘imageName’ attribute in the ‘res/mods/innoxia/items/tattoos/heartWomb/heartWomb.xml’ file for comments on how to use the new functionality. (PR#1739 by NoHornyOnMain)
  • Fixed serpent-tailed coatls being named coatl-lamias. (PR#1725 by Stadler76)
  • Added ‘feral’ to litters when giving birth, viewing pregnancy stats or the offspring map. (PR#1723 by Stadler76)
  • Added support for loading character .xml files as modded characters (see ‘res/mods/modding.txt’ for information on how to use this). Also added a small ‘shady trader’ encounter to Dominion alleyway tiles which uses this new modding functionality. (PR#1716 by AceXP)
  • Moved all ‘Over-torso’ clothing entries from being hard-coded into the external ‘res/clothing/innoxia/torsoOver’ folder.
  • Fixed the isHourBetween() method not working for time ranges which passed midnight.
  • Astrapi can now be impregnated.
  • Skirts now need to be pulled up to access the ‘thighs’ area.
  • Improved method for determining which extra items of clothing need to be removed before an item of clothing can be removed, which should prevent issues where items of clothing were blocking one another’s removal.
  • Improved tooltip for when unequipping/displacing clothing is disabled, so that it tells you which other item of clothing is responsible for preventing the clothing from being unequipped/displaced.
  • The ‘Automatic stripping’ content option no longer causes spectating NPCs to be stripped a the start of sex.
  • Characters who are in the ‘resisting’ pace during sex will now correctly respond to an orgasm denial by using the ‘Denied!’ action.
  • When removing the seal on an item and then taking it off during sex, the auto-equip after the sex scene will now trigger the item’s sealed state, thereby re-sealing it back onto the character.
  • The ‘Customer approaches’ sex action in Ralph’s oral sex scene will now only trigger once every two turns at maximum.
  • NPCs will now only equip chastity devices on their sexual partners if they either like or love the denial fetish.
  • The ‘Desires’ status effect tooltip now always uses standard names for sex areas instead of random ones.
  • Character who are on all fours can no longer use finger actions on a character who’s fucking them from behind.
  • Further restricted the desire of NPCs to equip condoms; they now only equip condoms on self/partners if their impregnation/pregnancy fetish is negative, instead of neutral or negative.
  • Slightly improved colours in clothing/tattoo UI.
  • The clothing types (such as sex toys and BDSM gear) which NPCs spawn with are now more randomly selected, which should result in NPCs spawning with a broader range of sex toys.
  • Encounters are now only checked for after the game has started (to prevent the need for !game.isStarted() in encounter triggers).
  • Added tooltips for colours to the ‘Add tattoo’ UI.
  • NPCs will now only spawn with condoms in their inventory if they have the requirements to equip them during sex (i.e. negative towards cum stud/addict fetishes, or negative towards impregnation/pregnancy fetishes).
  • Gave the name of ‘peryton’ to half-demon deers.
  • Typo, parsing, and formatting fixes, along with some minor text improvements.
  • Fixed bug in the self-transformation UI where the buttons that increase/decrease a character’s udder/crotchboob lactation were setting the lactation based on the character’s regular breast lactation.
  • Fixed issue where if an NPC’s ‘pet name’ was ‘Mr./Mrs./Miss X’, it would not automatically change based on their femininity.
  • Slaves who are only wearing milking equipment will no longer be described as taking off their clothes prior to being inspected.
  • The imp guards for each of the three demons in Submission’s fortresses no longer spawn with condoms/clothing in their inventories, thereby preventing them from interfering in sex scenes with the demons.
  • Fixed issue with salamander cum always being called simply ‘salamander’ instead of ‘salamander-cum’.
  • Fixed inconsistency in dialogue when submitting to a demon in the alleyways of Dominion, where it was implied that the demon would be growing a cock even though they didn’t do that.
  • Fixed issue where if you took someone home from the nightclub and you currently had slaves tending to your bedroom, you could end up having sex with a slave instead of the clubber.
  • Fixed issue where some of Ralph’s unique sex actions didn’t have titles.
  • Fixed bug where none of the buttons in your inventory would work during combat.
  • Possibly fixed an unpredictable bug where an action that starts combat would very rarely not work and require you to load a saved game to work properly.
  • Added missing tooltip for the ‘Reset’ action in combat.
  • Fixed minor issue in the main quest where Lilaya would sometimes not be present in her lab during Lyssieth’s visit.
  • Fixed bug where Meraxis would sometimes be incorrectly placed in Lyssieth’s office when loading a saved game.
  • The ‘femininity’ parsing command will now always apply the correct ‘a’ or ‘an’ determiner.
  • Fixed bug where dying a weapon that’s on the floor while having an identical weapon equipped would throw background errors.
  • Fixed issue where at the start of sex in which there are X characters, NPCs’ area reveal descriptions would be duplicated X times.
  • Fixed issue where the guards at the imp fortresses would always act as though they knew you were a demon even if you were appearing as a different race.
  • Fixed bug where self-equipping a condom during sex would give a description as though it was being equipped on your partner.
  • The sex actions ‘Paizuri/Naizuri into mouth’ and ‘Thrust into mouth’ now correctly check to see if the target’s mouth is blocked by clothing when checking for availability.
  • Fixed bug in sex where it was possible for NPCs to equip clothing on the player or other NPCs even if the equip slot was involved in an ongoing sex action.
  • Fixed issue where enchanting an item of clothing which had name prefix or postfixes (such as ‘(flowers)’ or ‘(blossom)’ for the kimono) would duplicate the enchantment prefix/postfix.
  • Fixed issue where otters were having their hair covering set to otter fur instead of hair.
  • Demon attackers in the alleyways in Dominion are now correctly spawned with the ‘mugger’ background.
v0.4.6.7 Patch Notes
FriendlyAlienFriend’s Artwork (https://twitter.com/thealienfriend):
  • Added artwork for Astrapi, including pregnant and crotch-boob variations. (Crotch boobs will be shown if your ‘Crotch-boob & Udder Content’ content setting is turned on.) Astrapi can’t be impregnated at the moment, but I’ll add pregnancy content for her for the next update!
  • Added artwork for Vronti.
  • Fixed a significant amount of typos and grammatical errors. (PR#1701 by Lis)
  • Significant rework and refactor of Controller classes, improved UI handling, and added a 4th +/- button to the fluid storage and regeneration transformation menus. (PR#1713 by Maxis010)
  • Fixed issue where subspecies changes for dragons, coatls, and gryphons didn’t account for taur/lamia leg configurations when assigning minimum wing size. (by MintyChip)
  • Added ‘banana’ as a new fluid flavouring. (PR#1696 by DSG)
  • Added mythical ‘salamander’ race, with two subspecies; ‘flame salamanders’ and ‘frost salamanders’. (PR#1707 by MintyChip)
  • Added ‘panda’ as a subspecies to the ‘bear’ race. (PR#1697 by DSG)
  • Balanced the flame value calculations for enchanted items, clothing and weapons. (PR#1695 by Maxis010)
  • Improved error reporting for parser state errors and improved the parser so that it skips svg files within the parsed input. (PR#1690 by CognitiveMist)
  • Added a specific flag to indicate the player’s lilin heritage rather than just checking if they are a demon. (PR#1688 by MintyChip)
  • Added fetish selection options to sexual experience menu during the prologue’s character creation process. (PR#1687 by MintyChip)
  • Added Java vendor and basic OS information to error.log to help improve troubleshooting. (by CognitiveMist)
  • Fixed grammatical issues in the alligator-morph’s racial descriptions. (PR#1685 by Maymay)
  • Fixed a cause of the issue where NPCs self-equipping condoms would react as though someone else had equipped the condom. (by Maxis010)
  • Fixed bug where a character with an aquatic-tailed lower body would have their leg and feet equipment incorrectly blocked and unblocked, due to the wrong status effects being checked. (by Stadler)
  • Added ‘latex leggings’ (feminine, leg slot, sold by Finch, latex lover set). (by Sage)
  • Fixed issue with some buttons in Kate’s cosmetics dialogues being unresponsive. (by Maxis010)
  • Made LT runnable directly on the most recent Java LTS (17) and created an automatic build and release pipeline to reduce workload using Maven. Also fixed several opaque elements which were supposed to be transparent. (PR#1684 by Tazze)
  • Added the ability to choose either the feminine or masculine Enforcer’s uniform when progressing past Brax’s stage of the main quest. (PR#1721 by Nonny5Mouse)
  • Enabled setting furry level for salamander spawns. (PR#1730 by Stadler)
  • Replaced an instance of a deprecated newInstance() method. (by AceXP)
  • Added bad ends to losing combat against the harpy matriarchs in the Harpy Nests.
  • Characters with a spinneret can now only apply webbing to themselves or their sexual partners if they have the related permission to manage their own/others clothing.
  • NPCs will now only equip condoms to themselves or their partners if they dislike the associated ‘cum stud’ or ‘cum addict’ fetishes. Previous behaviour was to equip if they disliked or were neutral to the fetishes, so this should reduce the amount of NPCs wanting to equip condoms.
  • NPCs will now only equip BDSM or latex gear onto their partners if they like or love the ‘bondage applier’ fetish.
  • If Meraxis doesn’t have a fetish that’s associated with her post-duel sex scenes, she will now end sex after she’s orgasmed once, instead of when the player has orgasmed once, thereby always giving you the opportunity to influence her fetishes when she orgasms.
  • The ‘Crotch-boobs & Udders’ body setting now only applies to randomly-generated NPCs at the moment of their creation (as was stated in the option’s tooltip), allowing all characters to gain crotch-boobs/udders via TF no matter the setting.
  • Added a new ‘Crotch-boob & Udder Content’ setting in the ‘Sex & Fetishes’ content options to enable/disable udder-related sex actions and udder transformations to be inflicted upon the player. (Enabled by default.)
  • Darkened inventory slot icons in the tattoo view panel to differentiate it from normal inventory view.
  • Added finer control over sex experience count in character creation and custom slave ordering screens, added anilingus experience, and made it so anal sex experiences are hidden if anal content is disabled.
  • Parsing fixes.
  • Fixed several rendering issue with the buyback menu.
  • Fixed issue where the women’s watch in character creation had random primary and secondary colours.
  • Fixed bug where penile virginity losses would be reset at the end of character creation.
  • World and place names in the UI are now correctly parsed.
  • Fixed issue in the ‘owned by random NPC’ content, where when the NPC took you to get tattooed, the tattoo in the ‘lower abdomen’ slot would work fine, but the one in the ‘lower back’ slot would never be given.
  • Fixed bug in the post-fight scenes when encountering centauresses in Themiscyra, where sometimes Aurokaris would be identified by the game as being one of the two centauress attackers.
  • Fixed issue where unequipping clothing when multiple layers were covering the clothing to be unequipped would sometimes not work correctly. (This is likely still slightly bugged, but I will properly fix it for the update.)
  • Fixed issue where imported characters would sometimes fail to load in correctly.
  • Fixed causes of the issue where Dominion-alley-demons, cultists, Kate, and Ralph would react to self-equipping condoms as though someone else had equipped the condom.
  • The special ‘beer barrel’ and ‘Hazmat Rat Vending Machine’ clothing items will no longer potentially be equipped to randomly spawned NPCs, or show up as random loot in alleyway tiles.
  • Fixed issue where Rose’s sex preferences would ignore your anal content setting in the sex scene after being discovered by her in Lilaya’s room.
  • Fixed bug where molesting a slave who has the ‘unwilling fuck-toy’ or ‘submissive’ fetishes would cause an affection loss, despite the description saying otherwise.

v0.4.6 Patch Notes

  • Several typo and grammatical fixes. (by AceXP)
  • Fixed issue where demon x human half-demon offspring would incorrectly be generated as imps instead of human half-demons. (by Maxis010)
  • Fixed bug where keybind hints with pound or euro keys would not render correctly. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Fixed some parsing issues in the body overview page. (by CognitiveMist)
  • Fixed bug where slaves with a newly-assigned job would not leave Slaver Alley immediately, and a UI bug where slaves’ affection would not immediately account for changes in overworked status effects. (by Maxis010)
  • Milking bug fix where if you didn’t auto-sell the fluids, the milking room added the value to your slave profits and then you could the sell the fluids for a 2nd payout. (by Maxis010 – This bug was fixed in the last release but not mentioned in patch notes.)
  • Fixed bug where random encounters could only ever trigger on the first tile travelled through when using the ‘walk’ fast travel options. (by Maxis010 and Lis)
  • Added support for modded subspecies to define a pool of names for random characters of the associated subspecies to use. (See ‘res/mods/innoxia/race/hyena/names.xml’ for a commented example.)
  • Made a very tiny optimisation so that combat status effects are not checked during the update loop if the game is not in combat.
  • Added more ‘SubspeciesSpawnRarity’ values, allowing for a little finer control over how often modded subspecies spawn. (I also renamed the existing values, but the old names are all compatible with the new system, so no refactoring is necessary.)
  • Added a new ‘unique’ attribute to the ‘availabilityRequirements’ element in tattoo mod files, allowing you to define tattoos as being unique (thereby preventing them from being given to randomly-spawned NPCs).
  • If debug mode is on, you can now see the contents of the ‘Empty’ map region in the phone’s map pages.
  • Added an ‘elementalsAreAllies’ attribute to combat responses in modded dialogue nodes, allowing you to set whether or not the player’s elemental joins in on a fight.
  • Added ability to import characters as either dominant or submissive partners in Dominion’s nightclub, ‘The Watering Hole’.
  • Added a small amount of content to the cafes in Slaver Alley to make them a little more interesting.
  • Added the final bad end content for Lunexis in the Amazons’ camp.
  • The ‘Horn headbutt’ and ‘Antler headbutt’ combat moves now critically strike if the attacker is at least 50% taller than the target, and have had their ‘dazed’ status effect application reduced from 3 to 2 turns.
  • The ‘Tail swipe’ combat move now critically strikes when the attacker’s tail has a girth of at least ‘thick’, and has had its ‘dazed’ status effect application reduced from 3 to 2 turns.
  • All combat moves derived from body parts (such as ‘tail swipe’, ‘horn headbutt’, ‘savage attack’, etc.) now apply critical damage in the same way that normal attacks do when critically hitting their target.
  • The ovipositor ability for appropriately-transformed penises and clits is no longer tied to an orgasm action, and instead a ‘Lay eggs’ action is now always available whenever the conditions for laying eggs in an orifice are met.
  • Added support for tails to act as ovipositors, and added a ‘demonic ovipositor’ tail type which can use this new functionality. (Tail ovipositors additionally now enable you to lay eggs in yourself.)
  • You no longer need an egg-laying vagina type to lay eggs via an ovipositor in sex. (While you do still need to be pregnant to use this ability for now, I am planning on adding functionality for laying unfertilised eggs in a future update.)
  • Characters now prioritise unequipping their clothing into their inventory instead of onto the floor, which should help to prevent the issue of clothing being lost into the void when unequipped onto the floor of a cell that already had a full inventory.
  • Enabled the use of the ‘Stop watching’ action in the ‘Spy on them’ Lilaya x Rose voyeurism scene.
  • Randomly-generated NPCs now have a chance to spawn with tattoos.
  • Improved the visibility of the player icon on the minimap by giving it a slightly darker border.
  • The ‘Controlled Aggression’ perk (from choosing the soldier background) now applies a 1-turn status effect at the start of combat to make it more obvious that the double damage effect is only lasting for the first turn of combat.
  • Improved the way that bimbo talk is applied to characters’ dialogue; repeat phrases are no longer generated (such as ‘like, like’), sentences ending in ‘?!’ are handled correctly, and odd word replacement at comma locations has been fixed.
  • You can now teleport out of the Amazons’ camp, but still cannot teleport into it.
  • Slightly reduced the min/max diameter comfort range of orifice capacities so as to better align them with the recent reductions to penetration girth values.
  • Renamed the ‘drill hair’ style to ‘ojou ringlets’.
  • The player’s elemental is no longer involved in the ‘Meraxis duel’ and ‘Aurokaris sparring’ fights.
  • Added ‘broodmother pill’ as a new slave permission setting, and renamed the pills category from ‘pregnancy’ to ‘pills’.
  • Added a new ‘pregnancy’ slave permission category, which has settings for allowing birth, allowing egg laying, and consuming mother’s milk (to speed up pregnancy).
  • Typo & grammatical fixes.
  • Ursa no longer hates the ‘penis receiving’ fetish, to fix issues where she’d react with disgust towards the player during sex even though she initiated sex with you.
  • Fixed issue where you could change positions in Ursa’s sex scene.
  • Fixed ‘honey bread’, ‘popcorn’, and ‘berry soda’ items not restoring the correct amount of health/mana that was stated in their descriptions.
  • When starting a new game with an imported character who already has a weapon equipped, the demonstone that you gain at the start is now added to your inventory instead of being equipped.
  • The ‘Clit attention’ sex action can now correctly be used while receiving cunnilingus.
  • Fixed issue where permanent combat status effects would get a negative turn count at the bottom of their tooltip.
  • Fixed background error sometimes being thrown when no encounter could be found for a tile.
  • Fixed issue where skin colour preferences would not be applied to some randomly-generated characters, such as those spawned via the debug menu’s ‘spawn attacker’ action.
  • Fixed bug in sex scenes where NPCs who hate the masturbating fetish would get stuck at 100 arousal and never orgasm if they were in a spectator slot.
  • After characters have had their clothing placed in the ‘holding inventory’ and then restored (such as after bathing in the spa), the ‘holdingClothing’ element in their save files will now be cleared.
  • Using the debug menu to obtain a slaver license now correctly completes all stages of the associated side quest, granting you the slaver license item in the process.
  • Using the debug menu to skip Dominion quests now correctly also completes the slaver license side quest (the completion of which is required to be able to obtain Scarlett from Helena).
  • Characters on all fours in the ‘all fours’ sex position can no longer use ‘hand to upper-torso’ interaction with characters kneeling behind them, and also can no longer cum onto the groin of the person behind them.
  • Fixed bug where if a character had a fetish via wearing enchanted clothing, they’d be permanently granted that fetish if they gained a fetish experience level while wearing the clothing.
  • Removed incorrect reference to Brax having bleach-blonde hair during his Brandi transformation scene.
  • In the stats screen, the ‘Physical shielding’ stat now correctly takes into account how much physical shielding has been gained via clothing and weapons.
  • In sex scenes, immobilised characters who have their orgasms denied now correctly have access to the ‘Denied!’ action, allowing them to be repeatedly denied without having to release and then re-immobilise them.
  • Fixed incorrect health restoration values for Raptor energy bar, Vodka, Two-Tone Slushie, Fish and Chips, and Ink Vodka.
  • The ‘Power of Suggestion’ upgrade to the ‘Telepathic Communication’ spell now correctly lists the affected combat move as ‘Tease’, and also correctly applies the negative status effect for 2 turns on the target as stated, instead of 3.
  • Fixed bug where after having sex with Oglix, you could teleport into her room and as such explore the VIP area.
  • Fixed issue where the option to decline sex with Oglix after flirting with her was not being displayed, effectively forcing you to always have sex with her after flirting.
  • Fixed bug where if you’d completed the ‘Angry Harpies’ quest (to pacify the harpy nests), harpies would no longer attack you in the nests during a storm.
  • Fixed issue where threesome sex after beating Enforcer patrols would put one of the Enforcers in a spectator slot instead of an active sex slot.
  • Fixed issue where Lunexis and Aurokaris would remain in Minotallys’ office after the Themiscyra quest was completed (if Aurokaris and Lunexis are stuck in the town hall in your save, it will be fixed when loading into this version).
  • Corrected numerous instances of sex scenes wich start with you choosing to ‘Submit’ being tagged as being non-consensual.
  • Fixed several instances of measurement descriptions not taking into account your imperial/metric preferences.
  • Fixed issue where critically-hitting combat moves would not apply their status effects.
  • Fixed the description at the start of slave sex where slaves were described as being forced to crawl everywhere when they didn’t have that permission set and vice-versa.
  • Fixed bug where if you tried to move a slave to a new room before an hour had passed since loading your game, the slave wouldn’t be moved to the room.
  • Attribute values are no longer rounded up for display in the UI, which should fix some incorrect readings, such as when in sex arousal could display as 100 even if the character was not yet ready for orgasm.
  • The racial book for the deer race is now called ‘Harts and Hinds’ instead of sharing ‘Bleating Headbutters’ with the goat race.
  • The offspring map can now only be used in empty tiles, thereby preventing you from spaning an offspring on a tile that’s aleady taken by a randomly-generated NPC.
  • The offspring map now works during daytime in Elis’s alleyways.
  • Aurokaris’s ‘breasts’ and ‘ass’ ambrosia tasting scenes now use the correct sex positions.
  • Dog-morphs will no longer spawn with ‘fluffy’ fur (although they can still transform their fur to be ‘fluffy’ afterwards) to prevent them from accidentally spawning as samoyed-morphs.
  • Fixed bug where arcane storm effects would not be applied correctly, resulting in NPCs from Elis never being vulnerable to arcane storms, even if they were brought over to Dominion.
  • Fixed issue where you could still choose to be vaginally trained as a cock-sleeve in Lunexis’s bad end if you didn’t have a vagina.
v0.4.5 Patch Notes
  • Fixed issue where Amazonian Ambrosia wouldn’t be given to the player upon searching the district in Themiscyra. (by AceXP)
  • Fixed bug in the ‘Lilaya’s panties’ content, where in the threesome section of the sex scene, selecting the ‘Lilaya’s pussy’ or ‘Lilaya’s cock’ actions would not work. (by AceXP)
  • Parsing fix in the tooltip for the ‘Moo mode’ action in the debug menu. (by AceXP)
  • Typo fixes. (PR#1680 by Thernn)
  • Removed a duplicate line. (PR#1683 by IjyiH)
  • Filled in final placeholders in the new Themiscyra main quest content and fixed a couple of minor parsing issues in it.
  • Characters who are taurs can now use the ‘sitting in lap’ slot in the ‘sitting’ sex position (described as them turning around and lowering their rear half down into the sitting character’s lap).
  • Added a minor description variation for vaginal orgasms that are triggered while engaged in tribbing.
  • Appended a numerical value to affection descriptions in the character view screen, so that it’s easier to track exactly what affection values an NPC has towards you and other NPCs.
  • A character’s testicles’ covering type is now determined by the testicle type’s defined covering, instead of using the character’s torso covering type.
  • Added variations to the scenes relating to Lilaya’s negative reaction to being impregnated for if the player has impregnated her via use of Amazon’s Secret.
  • Added tooltip to the ‘load’ buttons in the preset transformation save/load screen, to let you know exactly why a preset transformation is unavailable.
  • Dominant contacts at ‘The Watering Hole’ no longer have their affection reset to 5 when encountering them another night.
  • The five stages of the ‘intoxicated’ status effect now apply an increasing boost to corruption at each level.
  • Added horn length to the ‘Head & Throat’ stats in the phone’s body stats screen.
  • Reduced the diameter of penises & clits, with reductions being minor for more normal penis lengths, and more significant for longer lengths. (Diameter can still be increased to absurd levels by increasing girth via transformations.)
  • Added pregnancy reactions to the harpy matriarch dialogues, and allowed their companions to be impregnated.
  • Typo fixes.
  • The NPC who you encounter during the event while wearing a rental mommy/daddy t-shirt will no longer be gynephilic or androphilic if the player character is masculine or feminine, respectively.
  • Fixed issue with missing dialogue for a cunnilingus scene during the ‘random NPC’s bitch’ content.
  • Added a catch to avoid a background error being thrown for if a condom has somehow had its cum variable reset to null.
  • Fixed several instances, mostly in the titles of dialogue scenes while interacting with slaves, where an incorrect name for the NPC being interacted with was being displayed.
  • The Amazon’s Secret item will now correctly apply the ‘feminine fertility’ status effect to the consuming character.
  • Fixed some formatting issues with tattoo descriptions at the bottom of the selfie/character view page when the tattoo had no writing or a ‘none’-type counter.
  • Fixed continuity error at the start of the demon TF sex scene for Meraxis, where Meraxis would always be described during her initial vaginal penetration as being a virgin, even if you’d previously taken her virginity.
  • When getting a demonic or youko sexual partner to grow a penis during sex via use of the ‘Grow cock’ action, their penis skin colour should now match their race, unless it’s been previously set to a different colour.
  • Fixed parsing issue when equipping Enforcer’s night vision goggles on an NPC.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘strapless bodysuit’ clothing would throw a background error when being equipped, and then fail to display in your inventory UI while being worn.
  • The ‘spaghetti crop tank-top’ clothing no longer conceals the stomach slot.
  • Fixed issue which was present in several dialogues where a character who you’ve impregnated would act as though you’d previously reacted to their pregnancy, even if it was the first time you’d seen them pregnant.
  • FriendlyAlienFriend’s artwork:
  • Added artwork for Leotie (Nyan’s mum), in clothed, lingerie, and naked variations, each with a pregnant version.
  • Engine/Modding:
  • Converted all groin clothing from hard-coded files to xml files (located in ‘res/clothing/innoxia/groin’).
  • Gameplay:
  • Added the next section of the main quest, where you need to travel to Themiscyra to find out if it’s being threatened by Lunette’s daughters. (There are a few scenes marked as having placeholder dialogue. I’ll get them filled in for the next update.)
  • Weapons:
  • Added ‘morning star’ weapon (one-handed, sold by Vicky).
  • Added ‘xiphos’ weapon (one-handed, only obtainable during the Themiscyra quest for now).
  • Added ‘fur cloak’ clothing item (over-torso/neck slot, androgynous, sold by Nyan).
  • Added ‘nipple chain’ clothing item (nipple piercing slot, androgynous, sold by Kate, two stickers to apply/remove extra chains).
  • Added ‘horn chains’ clothing item (horn slot, androgynous, sold by Kate, two stickers to apply/remove extra chains).
  • Added ‘thin horn rings’ clothing item (horn slot, androgynous, sold by Kate).
  • Added ‘ear cuff chain studs’ clothing item (ear piercing slot, feminine, sold by Kate, two stickers to apply/remove extra chains).
  • Added ‘peplos’ clothing item (torso slot, feminine, sold by Monica).
  • Added ‘himation’ clothing item (over-torso slot, feminine, sold by Monica).
  • Added ‘sandals’ clothing item (foot slot, androgynous, sold by Monica).
  • Added ‘meander ring’ clothing item (finger slot, androgynous, only obtainable during the Themiscyra quest for now).
  • The ‘jockstrap’ clothing item no longer incorrectly conceals the wearer’s anus.
  • Items:
  • Added ‘Amazon’s Secret’ (sold by Ralph, applies a 24-hour effect: when orgasming during a tribbing action, there’s a chance to impregnate your partner, using fertility for the impregnation calculation instead of virility).
  • Added ‘Amazonian Ambrosia’ (only obtainable during the Themiscyra quest for now, applies +femininity and +muscle).
  • Sex:
  • When having dominant sex with your elemental, your elemental is no longer able to bring an end to the sex scene.
  • Characters kneeling behind or humping a partner who’s on all fours can now use that partner’s tail/tentacles/fingers.
  • The ‘lubricate fingers’ and ‘lubricate tail’ sex actions should now always be available to you (unless physically impossible or if mouth/fingers/tail are already occupied).
  • Nerfed the attribute bonuses gained from ‘Lyssieth’s true power’ perk.
  • Added ‘strutter tease’ and ‘leg lover tease’ as fetish-related tease attacks for the ‘strutter’ and ‘leg lover’ fetishes, respectively.
  • Improved dialogue flow when using your elemental to intimidate the imp guards in the fortresses in Submission.
  • Added a ‘side braids’ hair style.
  • During the new ‘bitch’ content (where the player completely submits to a random NPC), the requirement for NPCs to have the selfish trait in order for them to take the player to be tattooed has been removed.
  • Added ‘shaggy’ as a non-standard covering modifier to cow fur.
  • The current time and date is now hidden during a bad end.
  • Bugs:
  • Parsing fixes.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Lyssieth’s true power’ perk would not enable you to transform your demonic body parts into human parts.
  • Tail and wing self-transformation options should now be populated with all intended races when using the debug menu to test the elder Lilin perks.
  • When skipping the prologue at the start of a game, imported characters will now correctly gain 5000 flames on top of any flames they already had, instead of flames being set to 5000.
  • Fixed bug in the rental mommy t-shirt encounters where the ‘dommy’ title would spawn dominant NPCs, and the ‘subby’ title would spawn submissive NPCs, instead of the other way around.
  • Fixed bug with the rental daddy t-shirt where the ‘subby’ text title was assigned to the ‘bottom text’ sticker category instead of ‘top text’.
  • Unique NPCs no longer have a random chance to have the ‘ahegao’ perk (Takahashi is unaffected by this change).
  • Fixed issue where NPCs would not be targeting their intended partner in sex scenes which used the ‘preferredTarget’ variable.
FriendlyAlienFriend’s artwork:
  • Added new pregnant variations for Nyan’s clothed, lingerie, and naked artwork.
  • Fixed latex stocks always being referred to as black in their description. (PR#1671 by Anonymous-BCFED)
  • Added a delete button to custom character images, enabling you to remove custom images without having to manually delete the image from the charatcer’s ‘custom’ artwork folder. (PR#1637 by NoStepOnSneks)
  • Fully implemented all of the Elder Lilin perk checks, which for the time being can be turned on/off via the debug menu. (PR#1631 by Maxis010)
  • Removed the ‘enchantmentLimit’ element from all xml files, and from the Java code that parses those xmls, as support for this element was dropped in a prior enchantment update. (PR#1618 by CognitiveMist)
  • Updated ‘hyena_bone_crush.xml’ to include damage variance, and changed links from master branch to dev branch in ‘dagger.xml’. (PR#1616 by CognitiveMist)
  • Added warnings for if a weighted map contains bad values. (PR#1614 by CognitiveMist)
  • Adds an alarm clock function to places where you can rest: Lilaya’s house room; Friendly apartment sofa; Elis tavern room; Dairy farm dormitory. (PR#1606 by CognitiveMist)
  • If a random NPC attacker (in Dominion, Submission, Harpy Nests, or Elis) has the ‘cum addict’ fetish, or they are under the effects of an arcane storm, there is a 10% chance that they will spawn with some dirty inventory slots. (PR#1582 by CognitiveMist)
  • Added sorting options to the slave list. (PR#1662 by Anonymous-BCFED)
  • Changed all old FITS_HARPY_WINGS item tags to FITS_ARM_WINGS as the former is no longer supported. (PR#1663 by DSG)
  • NPCs who are freed via use of a Freedom Certificate are no longer able to be re-enslaved afterwards. (PR#1649 by Maxis010)
  • Fixed some sizing issues with item tooltips. (PR#1674 by Nonny5Mouse)
  • Fixed incorrect parsing in tail type transformation text. (by Stadler)
  • Typo fixes and fixes to descriptions in role-reversed witch altar scenes. (PR#1677 by Anonymous-BCFED)
Misc fixes contribution (PR#1664 by MintyChip):
  • Added spaces before the fluid modifier descriptions in the appearance screens.
  • Taurs now spawn with their race’s default GenitalArrangement (e.g. alligator-taurs now have cloacas).
  • Fixed the params of the method applyLegConfigurationTransformation’s javadoc.
  • Fixed visual bug where displayed file path for transformation presets was set to the same one as enchantments.
  • Improved positioning of the infertility/fertility perks so that their connecting lines no longer appear to be connected to unrelated perks.
  • Changed the octopus hair covering type to mimic the octopus skin covering type.
  • Imported characters now correctly receive Lilaya’s 5k flames if they skip the prologue.
  • Made it so that half-demons lay eggs if their other half’s race lays eggs.
  • Added a ‘clear alerts’ button to the encyclopedia menu.
  • added a ‘clear stats’ button when importing a character.
Slime tweaks contribution (PR#1665 by MintyChip):
  • Made it so that the slime attacker’s slime transformation applies the same effects as the biojuice for the sake of consistency.
  • Added flavor text to the biojuice description to mention that it’s “heavily processed” and thus corruptive where the source (slime queen in the bath scene) is not.
  • Nerfed the permanent corruption gain from biojuice, as it seemed like a harsh effect if a new player just wandered into the submission.
  • Made it so that elementals can’t have their body material transformed into SLIME or FLESH using the biojuice or flesh potions.
  • Added a new element, ‘bodyOverviewDescription’, to tattoo xml files, which is used in the newly-added tattoo section of the character appearance page. (If missing, the basic description is used instead.)
  • Converted Fetish enums to instances of AbstractFetish classes.
  • Added a minor expansion to Lilaya’s panties content, where after threatening Rose you can gain access to a submissive threesome scene with her and Lilaya.
  • Added new tattoo types: spider; rose; crossed blades; pentagram; trinity and spiral Celtic knots.
  • Hand-holding is now tagged as a ‘loving’ action (similar to ‘Caress face’, ‘Kiss cheek’, etc.), so NPCs will now only use this action if they do not have the sadist fetish and their affection towards their target is at least ‘caring’.
  • In the character appearance page, a description of the character’s tattoos is now shown at the bottom.
  • In the rental mommy random customer encounter, the chance for the customer to be a dom or a sub is now 60/40 based on your fetishes instead of 100/0, and 90/10 based on the writing on your tshirt instead of 100/0.
  • The map screen in your phone menu now lists major maps within the selected region before all other maps.
  • Bat eyes now grant the night vision ability (which negates the ‘darkness’ status effect).
  • Siblings who are born at the same time are now defined as being twins to one another. Katherine and Kelly have now also been correctly defined as being twin sisters.
  • The random NPC who spawns during the ‘walkies’ content for the new repeated-submission alleyway content can now spawn with a pussy instead of always spawning with a cock.
  • The ‘Lyssieth’s power’ perk now changes into ‘Lyssieth’s true power’ after transforming into a demon, granting stronger attribute buffs.
  • Added a ‘begging’ alternative to Amber’s walkies scene to remove foot worshipping content for if foot content is turned off in your settings.
  • Added a ‘shoulder massage’ alternative to Vanessa/Ms. Cunningham’s foot massage scene to remove foot massage content for if foot content is turned off in your settings.
  • Arthur’s room no longer takes up one of the available rooms in Lilaya’s house, and instead is now placed adjacent to the lab. (This will be retroactively applied when loading into this version if you have already placed Arthur’s room.)
  • Added a couple of options in the debug menu which allow you to skip Dominion and Submission quests (located on the second page of the ‘Main’ tab).
  • While an arcane storm is raging, storm-immune NPCs who treat you as their bitch will now only use the ‘fuck’ option in encounters, so as to address the inconsistency of being taken to public places that were seemingly unaffected by the storm.
  • Added some minor description variations for the ‘seductive look’ sex action (available while in the ‘all fours’ sex slot) for if the performer is identified as an owl-morph and has a ‘raptor’ race face type.
  • Added ability to manage your elemental’s fetishes to their management dialogue options.
  • Gaining levels for fetishes now applies increased base damage to any associated tease attacks, up to a maximum of +4 at level 5. Base damage for all fetish tease attacks was reduced from 5 to 3 as part of this.
  • Added a new ‘Pregnancy duration’ option in ‘Gameplay’ settings to define the length of pregnancies, with the default being 1 week and the maximum being 40 weeks.
  • Scarlett’s oral sex scene for the romantic setup for Helena now ends after Scarlett has orgasmed once, and you can now use the ‘Skip sex’ action in Helena’s sex scenes.
  • After completing the ‘Vengar’s Tyranny’ side quest, the next time you enter an Enforcer Checkpoint tile in Submission while in possession of a slaver license, Claire will offer you the option of taking ownership of the four milkers from the Rat Warrens.
  • Typo fixes and minor text improvements.
  • Fixed several places in the new repeated-submission alleyway content where vagina interaction content would be used even if the player didn’t have a vagina.
  • Fixed issue where many racial books incorrectly had their author listed as ‘Professor Webster’.
  • Fixed several instances where, during Lyssieth’s demon TF scenes, after starting the sex scene with the ‘pussy only’ action, there were references to her having a cock.
  • Fixed bug where Meraxis would always be located in the tavern in Elis, even when she should have been in her citadel or in Lyssieth’s palace.
  • Fixed bug where tail interactions in sex scenes would not be available in some positions, such as when kneeling behind a partner in the all fours position.
  • Fixed bugs with incorrectly-defined perk categories, which should fix issues with incorrect tracking of perk points when spending ‘physical-only’ perk points (earned from Pix’s gym).
  • Fixed bug where if you teleported to the lake in the Elis map, then selected ‘Back’, you would return to the tile from which you teleported, instead of to an adjacent fields tile.
  • Sabotaging a condom no longer costs essences, and also now displays the condom’s correct name in the event log.
  • Fixed minor issue with configuration of several clothing items which meant that coverable areas were being incorrectly concealed. Clothing fixed: tied-up croptop; one-strap crop top; cropped tank-top; cropped T-shirt; cropped sweater.
  • The exit icons in the Farmer’s Market in Elis should now correctly be displayed on the map.
  • Added offspring encounters to the bat caverns. (PR#1504 by Stadler76)
  • Fixed an issue where clothing management could sometimes throw a Null Pointer Exception. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Fixed issue which was causing the message ‘var timer not found…’ to be printed to the error log. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Fixed an issue where the AbstractSubspecies#getSubspeciesWeighting method was not working correctly, causing Subspecies weighting to fail and errors to be thrown. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Added parser hooks for tattoo counter type, count type, and writing styles, and added a new addTattoo() method in the GameCharacter class, allowing you to add tattoos to characters and then add writing/counters to the tattoo.
  • Filled in all placeholder scenes for the content in the tavern, ‘The Crossed Blades’, and added a way to have sex with Oglix (after completing her beer-bitch barrel quest).
  • Added encounter to ‘Dominion street’, ‘Submission walkway’, and ‘Elis street’ tiles for when wearing the ‘rental mommy/daddy’ t-shirts, where a member of the public will offer to pay the price displayed on your t-shirt to have sex with you. The t-shirt must not be concealed by other clothing for the encounter to trigger, and it will trigger less often when higher prices are displayed.
  • Added the ‘surrender’ and ‘Request transformation’ action from Elis alleyway encounters to Dominion alleyway/demon alleyway, Harpy nest walkways, Submission tunnel, and Bat Caverns encounters.
  • Expanded random encounter content in Dominion alleyways, Dominion demon tiles, Harpy Nest walkways, Submission tunnels, Bat Caverns, and Elis alleyways, by making it so that after using ‘offer body’ or ‘surrender’ actions three times, the NPC will demand that you become their bitch, after which several new options will be available upon repeat encounters.
  • Added several more sticker variations for the ‘rental mommy’ and ‘rental daddy’ t-shirts, and allowed all colours to be chosen for the tertiary dye for the ‘rental mommy’ t-shirt.
  • Added armpit and intercural counts to the phone menu’s sex stats screen.
  • Clothing stolen using the ‘Steal’ spell (which is currently not available to gain outside of the debug menu) now renames stolen clothing from character X following the pattern: ‘clothing_name’ to ‘X’s clothing_name’.
  • The trigger for talking to Roxy about firebombs (stage 1 of the ‘Spicy Meatballs’ quest) no longer requires you to have asked Axel about Vengar first.
  • Post-combat transformation scenes will now add/remove and alter the size of crotch-boobs.
  • Slightly adjusted encounter chances in Elis’s alleyways, making it slightly more likely to encounter an attacker than finding an item, prostitute, or offspring.
  • Forced TF potions from alleyway attackers should now apply more drastic hair length TFs, speeding up the forced TF process.
  • Typo fixes.
  • NPCs with arm-wings who are added as beer-bitches to ‘The Crossed Blades’ will now correctly have a ‘barrel’ clothing item applied to them.
  • The ‘Encourage cum on X’ action is now correctly disabled during armpit and intercrural sex for characters who are the one who’s about to be cummed on (this is a different action to ‘Request cum on X’, and is intended for third party participants).
  • Fixed issue where arctic wolf-morphs would correctly spawn with pale skin/white fur, but incorrectly-coloured nipples, vagina, and anus.
  • Brittany (the bimbo harpy matriarch) now correctly has ‘tanned’ skin colour instead of ‘light’.
  • The ‘Between legs’ sex positioning action in the ‘sitting’ sex position is no longer available while targeting taurs (as taurs should not be able to make use of the sitting position slot).
  • Fixed issue where Kruger would sometimes switch into an unsuitable sex position in his sex scene.
  • Fixed background error being thrown when loading a game in which your character was in Submission.
  • Fixed issues with the offspring encounters in Submission using the same dialogue as Dominion’s alleyways.
  • Fixed slight inconsistencies in bat cavern encounter dialogue which were referencing Submission’s tunnels instead of the caves.
  • Slimes who want to transform the player into a slime using forced TF will now correctly generate a slime-TF effect to apply (instead of producing a TF effect which always did nothing), then in subsequent encounters they will now generate the correct racial potions for their desired TFs.
  • The transformation menu no longer displays duplicate ‘Loose’ buttons under orifice capacity when gape content is turned off.
  • Fixed bug where skin colour preference options were not working.
  • Offspring from a human mother and a human father will now randomly choose between one or the other to have their genetics based off of, instead of always choosing the father.
  • Added expanded rat-morph lore, which is fully unlocked after reading the ‘Causing Mischief’ book. (by Manwhore)
  • Added a .txt file guide to the Lilith’s Throne root folder. (by C4MG1RL)
  • Fixed bug where saving on Submission’s palace entrance or palace gate tiles would cause an error to be thrown when loading. (by Maxis010)
  • Added support for defining an author name to subspecies’ lore books, by defining an ‘author’ attribute in the ‘htmlContent’ element. See ‘res/mods/innoxia/race/hyena/subspecies/bookEntries.xml’ for an example.
  • Made minor improvement to performance of status effect calculations.
  • Added encounters to the northern alleyways of Elis, all of which only trigger during night-time hours:
  • Alleyway attackers – Same as Dominion alleyways, but with a new ‘Surrender’ option to apply forced TFs (if the attacker wants to TF you).
  • Alleyway prostitutes – Same as Dominion alleyways.
  • Item/clothing/weapon discoveries – Work the same way as in Dominion alleyways.
  • Offspring discovery – Same as Dominion alleyways and Submission tunnels. These can now also be triggered by using the offspring map in the Elis alleyway tiles.
  • Added ‘nose ball stud’ clothing item (nose piercing slot, androgynous, sold by Kate).
  • Made the ‘Stop sex’ action available during orgasm preparation to prevent an issue in large-group sex scenes, where you could get stuck in infinite orgasm-preparation loops.
  • Added functionality to save/load self-transformation presets, in the same way that item enchantments can be saved/loaded.
  • Added skin colour content preference, which can be adjusted at the bottom of the ‘Content options -> Body’ menu.
  • Moved Gender, Orientation, Age, Furry, and Fetish preferences from the ‘Options’ screen to the ‘Content options’ screen.
  • Added ‘orange’ to available penis and skin colours.
  • Added dialogue variation for if Lyssieth takes the player’s vaginal or anal virginity.
  • Callie’s opening hours have been changed; her bakery is now open from 9:00-15:00, which increases to 07:00-17:00 after you’ve donated enough to upgrade her store.
  • Altered squirrel-morph’s racial bonus from +1 health shielding to +5 physique and +10 critical damage.
  • Youko offspring can no longer be found in Dominion’s alleyways, and can instead be found in Elis’s alleyways (until the Shinrin Highlands content is added, then they’ll be moved there).
  • Added ‘pronged’ antlers as a new generic horn type, which can now be a default horn type for newly-spawned demons.
  • Parsing and typo fixes.
  • The ‘Loving confession’ and ‘Loving response’ sex actions now correctly have a associated corruption values of ‘pure’ instead of ‘dirty’.
  • Demons with a ‘martuilani’ surname ending (identifying them as a direct daughter of a lilin) now have their offspring generated with the surname ending ‘martu’ (meaning a descendant of a lilin) instead of ‘martuilani’.
  • Fixed issue where in some circumstances the player character was incorrectly being detected as being related to Lyssieth and Meraxis.
  • Fixed bug where combat responses defined in external xml files would try to parse their title and tooltip before the game had started, causing background errors to be thrown.
  • Fixed issue where Dominion prostitutes would not be removed from their tile after beating the player while noncon content was turned off.
  • Fixed bug in sex scenes with unique stop sex conditions for NPC, where the unique stop conditions would not be used after changing position.
  • Fixed background errors being thrown when background sex calculations were being performed (such as when two slaves would have sex with one another).
Debug Code:
See More
Typing the word “buggy” without the quotes anywhere in the game opens the debug menu.
Anyone having a buggy experience with the game check this post


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