Lucky Guy: A Parody of Family Guy [v0.7.2] [BlackFruitGames]

Lucky Guy: A Parody of Family Guy [v0.7.2] [BlackFruitGames]

July 9, 2024F95

You are new to Quahog, you were hired by Quagmire, who lets you live in his house.
On your first day on the job you meet the Griffins, and learn that you are part of a video game, so your actions have no real consequences. What will you do then?

Thread Updated: 2024-07-09
Release Date: 2024-07-07
Developer: BlackFruitGames PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2d game, 2dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Dating sim, Groping, Male protagonist, Milf, Mobile game, Oral sex, Parody, Rpg, Sandbox, Teasing, Voyeurism, Gay
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1. Extract and run.
Mac OS:
1. Extract and run.
1. Install APK
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New content:
Android APK!
This update I totally focused on finally getting an APK for the game, it was something very much requested by you guys, and therefore I focused 100% on getting this update back to the Android format that you guys love. (If you have any bugs, please let me know, there might be several bugs happening).
Sleeping Lola!
You can visit Lola once you talk to her in the Casino, every night her house will be open for you.
Sleeping Rox !
You can visit Rox once you talk to her in the Casino, every night her house will be open for you.
New scene of Patroni


New content:
New Bonnie’s scene:
Now the bathroom scene has a new scene!
– New Lola scene:
A scene for the girl in the Casino! You’ll be able to enter her house in the evenings, and get a good sitting from her :p
– New scene for Patroni:
Have you already seen the name of the update? A cool number, there’s a scene for it for sure.
New content:
– New scene of Lois
Every evening at the Griffin’s house, you will have the opportunity to see Lois in front of the TV, if you talk to her, you can see a new feature! :p
– New scene of Tricia:
Every time you visit her office, you will have the chance to see her something “Cheerful”.
– New scene of Patroni
Bugs fixed:
– File size.
You may remember that in the previous update I had to move the files to MEGA because they reached the 1 GB size.
Fortunately for you, I have managed to minimize their size to 600 MB!
New content:
– Version number.
Now in the lower right corner will be the version of the game! This way you will know if you are on the latest version.
– Nocturnal visits to the Griffin’s house!
Remember Meg used to be outside the house every night? Well, now there’s a good chance she’s sleeping.
And now you will have a free pass to the Griffins’ house at any time of the day! 😉
Have fun!
– New Dolores scene.
Now the scenes in the laundry room are complete! ;D
– Improved gift system.
So they don’t say I don’t listen to their opinions :p
Now you can give 2 gifts per day to all the girls in the game !!!!
And also, giving gifts won’t advance the time, so farming love won’t be as tedious as before.
– New Patroni’s scene.
Bugs fixed:
– Quagmire mini-game at night.
The mini-game of undressing the girls is fixed! … I think.
New content:
– Dimensional Travel!
The story of Lucky Guy continues, now, Stewie and Brian travel to know the origin of the protagonist, however, this is heard by the player, which causes him to have the possibility to travel to new dimensions, in this case, the American Dad Dimension is available!
In this dimension for the moment adds Francine Smith, both to undress her and to see two scenes about her.
Black Watermelon members have access to Cheat Mode to modify their love values. 🙂
New Patroni scene
New Patroni scene for all Patreon members who support monthly!
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– New Meg’s scene!
New scene for Meg seeing her in her room in the afternoon, finally you can do funny things. 🙂
– New Dolores scene!
New scene for Dolores as she looks under the bed, a bit of the same as Meg. 😉
– New scene of Patroni!
– Halloween event!
Halloween is just around the corner, and so this new update adds A PUMPKIN!
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New scene of Donna in the bathroom!
Donna has all her scenes in the bathroom finished! If you know what I mean. 😉
New scene of Tricia!
New scene of Tricia when she is at the top of the stairs!
New Jillian scene!
Jillian has all her scenes finished in the store! More possibilities with her coming soon.
New scene of Patroni!
New mini-game at night in Quagmire’s house!
A new minigame (still in development) that consists in getting the underwear of the girls that Quagmire slept with, however to achieve it, you will have to convince them, (Some are more difficult to convince than others) And also these girls are totally random! Because their clothes and physical appearance will vary each time you play.
This minigame is still under development, so it is likely to find many bugs when you try it, I strongly recommend that if a girl has the confidence in “2/5” first use the “Chat” option because the other options can block your game and not be able to get out of there.
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New content:
– New scene of Meg in the bathroom!
You need 80 of Meg’s Love to access this scene.
– New scene of Dolores!
Dolores now has a chance to appear in this part of the house, talking to her will unlock a new scene!
– New scene of Bonnie!
You can now enter Bonnie’s bathroom to access a new scene!
– New scene of Patroni!
– New picture of… Rodny?
An optional mission, if you’re wondering it’s a very gay thing, so you don’t have to do it.
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Fixing bug
– A small update to the game due to a bug that prevented me from giving gifts to the Casino girls, now it is possible.
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Bugs fixed:
– Crabmire finishing work:
There was a bug when finishing work with Quagmire that caused you to be stuck with the Crabmire sprite, this bug has been fixed.
– Persistent image when not having enough love for Meg to enter the bathroom.
The image when seeing Meg through the bathroom door would freeze.
– Inability to take Lois’ panties in her room.
A bug in the tileset prevented to take Lois’ panties in her room, now it was fixed.
– Lack of music in the south of the City.
Now there is music in the south area of the city!
New content:
– New content for the casino girls!
Meet Suzie, Rox and Lola! The Casino Girls now have distinct personalities, and you can go on a date to each one’s house!
In addition to being able to undress them, you can have conversations with them on every date you go on, everything you do affects both positively and negatively on your relationship with them, so be careful what you say…
Except with Rox, she acts rude about everything.
– What’s new in the casino?
The casino has a few not so great new features, but to add variety and improve the rewards:
  *Dip and win: Now you can win 12 LuckyChips!
Previously you could only get 7 LuckyChips, now it has been increased to 12!
  *DIFFICULT slot: Now you can win 100 LuckyChips!
  *New game: Find the right cheese!
A new mini-game to make you spend your money!
  * Plushies!
A new decoration for Quagmire’s house, Lois, Meg and Consuela plushies!
It’s kind of theatrical, but it’s something, I guess.
– New Patroni scene!
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– Movement with “WASD”.
Many people asked me to add that option to move with the “WASD” keys, now it’s possible!
– Love Meter Cheat Mode – Changes in Black Banana and Black Watermelon
There were changes in the levels “BlackBanana” and “BlackWatermelon”.
Now everyone in this level will be able to access all items in the game without limit, plus add as much money as they want whenever they want.
Now everyone in this level, besides having access to the items and money, has access to the “Love Cheat”, where you can modify the love level of each girl at will!
– Vaginal sex scene with Lois at the piano.
Now you can have sex with Lois on the piano with the necessary love level (it must have been painful for her).
– Scene where you give Meg oral sex in her room.
Before nightfall you can go to Meg’s room and there you can lick Meg’s vagina or anus to prepare her for something more… Which will be added in future updates, but you know what I’m talking about. 😉
– Upskirt scene of Tricia.
When you meet Tricia for the first time, every time you enter her office you will have a 50% chance that she will be on top of a chair, where you will be able to see under her skirt, and touch a little bit.
– New scene for Patroni.
Now you can finally have sex with the AI, hooray!!!!
Those are the new features of this update, I remind you again that it is always necessary to start a game from scratch as this avoids errors and bugs.
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Bugs fixed:
– Stuck Images:
A bug quite reported on my Discord page, apparently there is a certain probability that the images get stuck once they finish, preventing you from continuing with your game normally forcing you to start another one from scratch.
Thanks to this, I have decided to add an option from the game menu where you can delete the stuck images, I know it’s not the ideal solution, but I haven’t really found a way to fix it since there are times when it happens and others when it doesn’t.
New content:
– New textures:
Improved textures for the Griffin’s house, both for the second floor and the second floor.
– New scene of Donna in the bathroom ( Afternoon):
There is now a scene with Donna in her second floor bathroom accessible with the camera.
– New scene of Jillian at night:
Jillian has new scene once you can access to see her on the other side of the counter.
– New scene of Dolores!
Every time you enter Dolores’ house, there is a chance to see her in front of the laundry room, if not you can enter and exit her house to find her there.
– New scene of Patroni:
New scene chosen by Patreon patrons! You already know what it is 😉
And that would be all for this update, remember that it is always advisable to start a new game every time there is a new update as there are changes that will not be reflected.
Without further ado, thank you very much to the patrons who renewed and to the new ones who joined, don’t forget to use your Patreon code and your BlackBanana/BlackWatermelon code if you chose that level.
Thank you very much and see you next month with a new update 😀
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Bugs fixed:
– Lois Handjob image stuck on screen:
Fixed the bug where the image was stuck on the screen while in the bathroom scene with Lois.
– Object description errors:
There were many errors in the object descriptions that did not allow to see what it said, all objects were optimized and now you can see on screen all the information.
– Fixed map textures:
There were errors in several textures, now most of them have been fixed, as many could be crossed and cause errors and even be trapped in the walls.
– Fixed Peter’s dialog:
Peter had errors in his dialogues that many times prevented him from obtaining the Guest Card, now his mission is terminable.
– Patreon computer inaccessible in Android version:
The Patreon computer had a bug in the Android version, because the event was in a wrong box and prevented it from starting correctly, now it is fixed.
New content:
– Farm added (Dolores playable).
2561665 0.5.5 1 | Free Adult Games
New area at night!
Outside Quagmire’s house there is a rat farmer, who, if you help him, will give you access to the subway rat farm!
In it, you will be able to harvest plants and improve the farm to get more profit, and you will also have a new character:
2561666 0.5.5 2 | Free Adult Games
She is necessary because she is the one who will help you to improve the farm, for the moment she has no scenes, but you know what you can do. 😉
– New textures for Lois and Bonnie!
Part of improving the textures was to improve the design of Lois and Bonnie, as they were quite ugly really, now they have a better anatomy, but without detaching from the style of drawing that has the game.
– New scene for Patroni (Patreon exclusive.)
For the patrons, we have a new Patroni scene chosen by you! Now you have the option of “Titjob” with two different options from the 25th level of love (It’s fast to obtain).
That would be all for the moment, the next update will probably also consist in fixing bugs and textures, but I will also add an option requested by you, that’s why I also improved those Lois and Bonnie designs. 😀
Have fun!
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Fixed bugs:

– Images 3 and 4 of the gallery bugged (Bonnie undressing)

There was a bug that prevented you from collecting the Bonnie undressing images, so now you can get those images without any problem.
Mtsuzt | Free Adult Games
– Honey and toothpaste bug fixed for Quagmire.
This bug was brought to my attention several updates ago, and I finally found the solution. Now you will be able to pass the first mission without problems!
– Brian cover Meg/Stewie’s exit in first mission
Another common bug from previous versions, now Brian won’t stop the first mission scene from being stopped!
New content:

– New texture in interiors (Quagmire’s House at 100%, Griffins House at 10%)

I have improved the graphical aspect of the game, now Quagmire’s house has textures much more similar to the original series, I have also improved a bit the Griffin’s house, I hope soon most of the interiors will be similar to how you saw them in the original series!
2Fndvts | Free Adult Games
– New part of the City! Brown’s house (Donna available)
New neighbor! You will be able to interact with her once you help Cleveland to pay the debt of his destroyed house, she is located south of the map, and will be available every noon!
Hvsytm | Free Adult Games
– Open Brewery (Tricia available)!
New character! Tricia is now available, you only need to pass the second mission and get the “Guest Card” to be able to talk to her every afternoon!
Ayw0Ec | Free Adult Games
– Drunken clam open! Mission to unlock the drunken clam.
New location, for now it has the function of serving as a meeting point to finish the second mission.
Pxoe2W | Free Adult Games
– New mission to unlock Cleveland’s house.
As I said before, you will be able to talk to Cleveland to help him pay his debt, and thus, unlock access to his house!
Mfwauj | Free Adult Games
– New scene for Jillian
There is a new scene for Jillian! You will be able to access it once you reach 100% love with her.
– New scene for Bonnie.
There is a new scene available for noon! You will only need the camera to spy on her in her bathroom!
– Patreon Computer.
New exclusive character for Patrons! (Don’t worry, it won’t affect the gameplay, it’s just a way to thank them for the monthly support I get from them).
Meet Patroni, your virtual friend, who you can undress and talk to at any time of the day! She will also give you daily items every day to progress faster!
Frbefh | Free Adult Games
Exi6J0 | Free Adult Games
Lxpsbm | Free Adult Games
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Bugs fixed:
– Text not visible.
Due to the font change, many dialogs were not displayed correctly because the font was a bit bigger, so I have taken the time to fix all (or at least the ones I have found) the dialogs in the game!
– Quagmire Tutorial Mission fixed, now works at all times (Beta).
Now you can have a better control of the missions, there was a bug where, if it was late in the afternoon, you could not deliver the items to Quagmire, now you can do it at any time of the day! Although it is possible that this system of missions will change, since it has graphical errors.
New content:
– New intro.
– Credits at the beginning of the game.
– New textures (Only exterior for the moment).
A patron of my Patreon page told me that he would like to see textures more similar to the animated series, as he found the original RPG Maker textures strange to look at.
That’s why I decided to change the exterior textures! I hope in a next update to change the interior textures in the same way.
– New in-game benefits for patrons:
Because I have added a more basic $4 level, I have decided to add two new codes for Black Banana and Black Watermelon, in addition to the Patreon Code that everyone is entitled to as a patron.
* Black Banana: You can choose a maximum of 3 times the “Cheat Mode” as extra money, or specific items to speed up the unlocking of scenes! 😀

* Black Watermelon: You can use the “Cheat Mode” as many times as you want! 😀

– New mini-game when you work with Quagmire.
Now working with Quagmire is more fun (or stressful)!
Previously working was a text, followed by adding $3.
Now, you can earn from $5 to $10 in the hardest mode.
– New mode with Lois at the piano (Masturbation and tit squeezing scenes).
– Full scene with Meg in the storage room (Sex)
That would be the news for the moment. Thanks again to all the backers, without you this game would not be possible.
v0.3.5 release
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Bugs fixed:
– Image bug in Meg’s event in the storage room.
– “Broken glass” sound when taking a picture.
– Bug that made it impossible to get Lois panties during the day.
– Sound of doorbell ringing twice.
New content:
– Music when navigating the maps.
– Casino with minigames.
– Jillian scene + 2 Photos.
– Love meter.
– Change text font and frame color.
v0.3.0 release
Developer Notes:
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It’s my first Eroge game that I make, I don’t know much about the RPG Maker MV tool because I haven’t played the program for years, even so I’ve tried to make a game as functional as possible. If you find bugs, don’t forget to let me know to improve the quality of the game. 😀

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