Monster Black Market [v2.0.16.0 DLC] [Team-Apple Pie]
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Monster Black Market [v2.0.16.0 DLC] [Team-Apple Pie]

January 2, 2024F95

Player accepts a secret proposal from ‘Amilia’, a senior member of the continent’s highest crime syndicate.
She gives the player a territory,
where she will test the player by having him run a monster farm and brothel using monsters and slaves.

She offered a period of 50 days.
If the player ran the territory and made a profit during the 50-day time period,
she would accept the player into the organisation to which Amilia belonged.

Thread Updated: 2023-05-09
Release Date: 2023-02-11
Developer: Team-Apple Pie DLsiteCi-EnTwitterPixiv (Login)Pixiv FanboxFantia
Censored: Partially (Some DLC content still censored)
Version:  + DLC + v2.0.14.0 Uncensored Patch
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Animated, Incest (in sandbox mode), Male protagonist, Management, Monster, Side-scroller, Censored, Japanese game, Big ass, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Lactation, Slave, Exhibitionism, Groping, Rape, Bestiality, BDSM, Titfuck, Anal sex, Oral sex, Monster girl, Voiced, Tentacles, Ahegao, Corruption,  Internal view,  Multiple Penetration
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1. Is All-In-One. Simply extract and run.
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  • Fixed an issue where the characteristic “Semen Tank” was not applied
  • Fixed an issue that prevented babies from being moved to personal estates immediately
  • Loan is not available after day 51
  • Set all initial values of the overall fairy management options in the upper row to check.
  • Add Thai font
  • Fix slave settings in VVIP rooms in galleries
  • Removed SOLD indication for babies born on private property
  • Remove duplication of maintenance costs in slave info window
  • Fixed an issue where sheep with the “scary” trait did not apply when with salamanders
  • Fixed text for “scary” trait
  • Fixed an issue where the favorites button in the monster info window was not displayed
  • Fix Amilia favorability performance not achievable
  • Corrected “Starvation Amount of Physical Strength” in the Slave Information Window to “Maintenance Fee”
  • Fixed an issue where cat people’s ears appeared white in the Tentacle Room Childbirth Anime
  • Fixed an issue where horizontal hair appeared behind the face when in the standby position of an adult slave
  • Fixed an issue where HOTKEY “skip” did not work smoothly when not LeftShift
  • Apply color to the effect of room upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where customers purchase condoms even when the sterilization equipment is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where “50 tentacle room buildings” was ignored among the conditions of the Rene ending.
  • Fixed an issue where the fairy management option Birth Show Priority was turned on, and slaves were waiting if there was a birth show in their personal domain.
  • Fixed an issue where loli-shaped elf slaves did not show dirty prints when standing in the VVIP room while pregnant
  • Fixed so that market slaves’ clothes cannot be changed.
  • Fixed an issue where changing everyone to a fall face with the Alt key would also change the fall face of a slave who had not fallen
  • Fixed an issue where babies were labeled with SOLD even before the demolition plant was released.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple slaves and monsters were selected and a slave was dragged within them, and the monster could not be dropped into the cage (and vice versa)
  • Change the way golden customers choose their preferences
  • Fairy Management Option Kids Auto Sell and Torture Chamber Default Changed to OFF
  • Add skip in hotkey option to change default from “LeftControl” to “LeftShift”
  • Always set the Buy Condoms and Love Gel slider to maximum
  • Fixed so that NPC can not be registered as a favorite
  • Changed the activation timing of NPC’s overwork event “This is a black company” etc.
  • Changed so that the event image does not interfere with clicking when the event is triggered
  • Changed maximum reputation level
  • Re-changed the missing initial slave fairy management option to refer to general settings
  • Added Alt function to set fairy management options at once in slave information window
  • Add Flora’s glasses change to the gallery
  • Fixed Nero’s data
  • Fixed cut text in rune ending
  • Fixed so that multiple NPCs are not selected
  • Added hotkey (V) for 1x speed playback
  • Fixed so that multiple torture chambers cannot be created with the Ctrl key.
  • Fixed Niel’s child to have a loli body even when he grows up
  • Fixed so that “Not this!” “Runaway Girl” event does not occur in endless mode
  • Corrected the maximum value of Barbara’s favorability achievement to 11
  • Fixed the issue that unlocked achievements were not achieved
  • Fixed the price display of condoms and love gel by upgrading
  • Fixed an issue where the “Nymphomaniac” trait was not applied to player characters
  • Fixed Senna & Renabote belly display
  • Fixed an issue that caused new unit babies to be human races
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to move to personal territories
  • Fixed auto-generated tentacle rooms not responding when skipping Rene’s tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to stop in the ending scene
  • Fixed not being able to place babies in the torture chamber
  • Previously opened a personal territory when loading data
  • Fixed not being able to click the item shelf before Senna & Rena appeared
  • Fixed so that slaves cannot be placed in private rooms in personal territories
  • Fixed an issue where lolichara hair was always visible during tentacle birth animation
  • Fixed NPCs not being able to breastfeed
  • Ability to undress special slaves
  • It is possible to construct the same type of room one after another by using the Ctrl key during construction.
  • It is possible to remove clothes and chains collectively with the Alt key
  • Changed the double speed button to stop without returning from 5 to 1
  • Add territory conversion button
  • Fixed an issue where window contents were displayed over slaves and monsters
  • Fixed the click range of the upper left timer
  • Fixed an issue where the pause was canceled when closing the menu
  • Fixed the problem that the screen position moves when closing the menu with right click
  • Fixed the click range of the shelf and customers at the brothel entrance
  • Remove acquisition message on restart
1. Corrected the corner color of Minotaur’s standby posture
2. Aligned general characteristics
3. Changed the size of the lower fairy UI
4. Added room name change function
5. Room removal, corpse decomposition, etc. add effect
Fixed problems that occurred when escaping slaves and problems with purchasing shaping potions
the problem that the number of purchasable number of shaping potions did not recover
Fixed the problem of Amilia’s market manipulation
1. Fixed not applying first experience
2. Fixed the problem that the button on the right side cannot be clicked in window mode
3. Added change of territory name
4. Fixed the problem that the start date was not initialized correctly
5. Fixed Minotaur’s “Birth! Baby of God!” trait
6. Minotaur’s “abortion” attribute activation time changed to the start of mating”
1. Fixed screen reduction range
2. Add bestiality and childbirth to customer preferences
3. Add Tutorial Skip On/Off function to options
4. Add Fairy Line On/Off function to options
5. Added keyboard screen movement speed to options
6. Favorites have been fixed so that they cannot be sold or dismantled.
7. Automatically achieve the achievement “Gold Minus for the first time” on MASTER difficulty
8. Fixed Karen’s pubic hair display
9. Fixed an issue where you could not drag if you died during childbirth
10. Fixed an issue where Niel crafting could be obtained before completion
11. Add Flora glasses On/Off function
1) Fixed an issue that caused auto-sell amounts to increase
2) Fixed other abnormal behavior
1. Fixed an issue where player characters would not have sex
2. Fixed an issue where the pregnancy tutorial could not progress
3. Changed the display structure of the unit list
4. Fixed overlapping application of venereal disease treatment times
5. Fixed gold max
6. Change text
1. Removed Venereal Diseases and Erectile Dysfunction for player characters
2. Added VVIP room 3P in gallery
3. Added missing outline selection for gallery
4. Loli voice can be selected in adult
5. Fixed an issue where the experience count did not increase
6. Fixed the part that seems to be a problem that the number of fairies does not recover
7. Fixed a part that seems to be an issue where the pregnancy and corpse tutorial does not progress
1. Added display of gallery viewing conditions
2. Added gallery ears and voice selection
3. Fixed display of Gallery Maid, Glory Hall 2 and 3
4. Modified molding potion body shape and corner color function
5. Fixed payment issue when buying units all at once via drag & drop
6. Removed the sound effect when auto-selling
7. Add warning when loan maturity
8. Fixed the text when using Bi*gra and aphrodisiacs
9. Fixed unit selection issue when paused
10. Change voice when breastfeeding a slave
1. Auto-selling function for monsters and slaves
2. Changed so that weak posture and basic posture appear randomly even in fallen state
3. Falling expression On/Off function
3. You can select the body shape of the shaping potion
4. Changed the minimum number of people for bestiality and childbirth shows to 1
5. Inventory item arrangement
6. Prohibition of event occurrence in endless mode (this is black company etc.)
7. Added gallery (character animation and harem CG can be seen)
8. Unit favorite function
Fixed the problem of freezing when loading
1. fixed the problem that players from different cultures could not save
2. fixed a problem where special slaves could not be obtained if events occurred at the same time
3. fixed an issue where players could sell
4. fixed problem with player being able to click
5. fixed loli mother’s milk text
6. fixed cat characteristics text display
7. fixed problem with experience count being displayed as number of experiences
1. fixed the problem of progression failure at the time of corpse tutorial
2. changed auto-save time setting to evening
3. fixed problem with players being able to dismantle
4. fixed problem with senarena and territory hotkey assignments
5. fixed problem with having sex with the same partner to increase the number of experiences
6. fixed problem with dead slaves escaping from brothel
1. added option to turn on/off auto-save
2. modified to be able to play while saving
3. changed the location of the save folder
4. Fixed the problem that sex state is broken on load. 5.Fixed the fairy milking option.
5. fixed a problem with fairies transferring slaves even though the fairy milking option was gone
6. fixed UI position of waiting slot for special slaves to be acquired
7. added square color palette to forming potions 8. added some types to forming potions
Added several types of molding potions 9.
8. fixed mouse cursor shape when result window appears while moving screen
Fixed problem with adult and loli voices being different
Fixed bug that venereal disease remedy cannot be used on monsters
Fixed a bug that prevented progress in restoring ancient monsters
Added tutorial explaining how to open personal territory when playing for the second time or more
Fixed bugs that sensitivity 3000x and washer production is not counted
Fixed sound output when dragging
Developer Notes:
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Game features
1963693 1658548758358 | Free Adult Games
You can get monster seeds by mating with monsters.
1963694 1658548773248 | Free Adult Games
You can make money by giving birth and selling baby monsters.
1963696 1658548792374 | Free Adult Games
You can collect slave milk to develop your body’s growth and new traits.
It can be used in a brothel to limit slaves.
Various slaves and monsters
1963726 1658548421547.Translated | Free Adult Games
It has 8 types of slaves, 5 types of monsters, and different appearances and characteristics depending on the race.
Let’s make various products with various parts and color combinations.
Management divided into underground and above ground
1963683 1658548438498 | Free Adult Games
Run your territory using the various facilities of the underground farm that raises monsters and the ground brothel for prostitution.
NPCs who support the work of players
1963685 1658548459879 | Free Adult Games
There are NPCs to support the work of the players, and if they expand their work through their support and get their favor, may they get special products and compensation?
H scene made with Spine2D
1963686 1658548480875 | Free Adult Games
More than 50 kinds of moving scenes and H scenes produced by Spine2D
Old saves pre-v2.0.0.0 will not work properly. Start a new game.

DLC & Uncensored Patch already applied to v2.0.16.0

Extras: Cheat ModGuideMod PackEnglishSpanishWalkthroughRussian Translation
woklto thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

1963707 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 07 04 | Free Adult Games1963729 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 23 25 | Free Adult Games1963730 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 17 35 | Free Adult Games1963732 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 16 26 | Free Adult Games1963749 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 33 13 | Free Adult Games1963750 Monsterblackmarket 23 07 2022 06 28 23 | Free Adult Games1963870 Rj401420 Img Smp4 | Free Adult Games1963725 Bf60E6Eed503Aee77064Bbc132160028 | Free Adult Games2276385 Mbm2 | Free Adult Games2276386 Mbm3 | Free Adult Games2276384 Mbm1 | Free Adult Games


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