Newlife [v0.8.7] [Splendid Ostrich]

Newlife [v0.8.7] [Splendid Ostrich]

May 14, 2024F95

Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you’ll usually play as a man who’s accidentally transformed into a woman – make a new life for yourself, be seduced by charming (or sleazy) men and generally have a fun sexy time. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-28
Release Date: 2024-03-28
Developer: Splendid Ostrich PatreonBlogDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Text-based, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Gender bender, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Submission, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Transformation, Dating sim, Sexual harassment
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1- Extract to desired location.
2a- For Windows: Click on “newlife.exe” to start playing.
2b- For MacOS or Linux: Click on “newlife.jar” to start playing.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new event for the sleazy landlord when you’re living in the pleasant neighborhood.
Minor changes:
  • Updated the “asks you to be his girlfriend” npc action in homedate to have a range of possible lines based on your relationship, rather than just using the same basic text every time it happens. I think this is an action that was largely unaltered since Newlife’s first ever version, back when the game lasted 26 weeks and becoming someone’s girlfriend was the furthest a relationship could progress.
  • Added some alternative lesbian-club text for situations where an npc who with the likes_sexy trait comes to be with you after you’ve been acting in a provocative way.
  • Added an option to kick the landlord out when he tries to inspect your flat. This will stop the event reoccuring for some time, but he will raise your rent a bit as revenge.
  • Added a new option for sultry characters to hit on the landlord in a very forward way at the start of the flat inspection, assuming they’re attracted to him.
  • As requested by Sluttycricket, made it easier to win your feud with the office rival by updating various scenes to increase the effect of victories over her.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Helvette and Zab where the rent amounts for your current and new home were not being compared correctly, resulting in text indicating that the more expensive home was actually cheaper.
  • Improved handling of the office rival dominance stat so the minimum value should actually be enforced consistently.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added game mechanics and scenes to allow the PC to move home. This will be expanded with future updates.
Minor changes:
  • Updated every one of the hundreds (bleck) of references to the PC’s “apartment” or “flat” to check for the possibility she lives in a house instead and return the correct text.
  • The neighborhood an NPC lives in is now influenced by their income.
  • As requested by Hippolyta, the jerk friend can now have a TONED body-type. This will be less common for randomly-generated jerks but custom ones can set it.
  • Made some adjustments & additions to the makeout male orgasm text to better handle the “sitting in lap” position. Thanks to Helvette for highlighting some issues here.
  • Changed the process for making the exe file. Please let me know if this leads to issues running it. The jar file is unaffected so this won’t matter for players using the jar to start the game.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added getNeighborhood, isLivingInFlat and getFlatOrHouse to the PC object for custom scenes.
  • Added HYPNOTIST to the custom NPC guides: it was allowed for custom NPCs before but wasn’t included in the guides. This trait has very minor effects in the main game, but may be more relevant in some custom scenes. Thanks to Stochastic for flagging up this omission.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, helvette, StuntCuffer, Abby, JulianR.Amazing and Obort for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by StuntCuffer where the action to go back to side-by-side in the sitting makeout would always succeed even when it was supposed to fail and had text indicating as much.
  • Fixed an issue where failing the back to side-by-side and similar actions would still allow the NPC to initiate anal sex that same turn, even though these sort of actions are supposed to stop sex initiation (and do for PiV) until the following turn.
  • Fixed a “no actions available” bug reported by BannedHeresy in the NPC pregnancy reveal scene.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Anarchyst and Obort where newlines were added between parts of the relationship description even when those parts were blank, which could potentially lead to a relationship description starting with multiple newlines. This led to bad spacing in, most notably, the nightclub “describe characters” section.
  • Fixed a bug reported by AnarChYsT where the action to un-do the “don’t pull out” relationship status available to likes-bare characters was not working.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new event that can happen if you are a housewife to someone with  an office job (business, accountancy, civil servant, or certain  special event jobs).
  • Added a new event where you can ask an unemployed partner to seek work,  and a follow-up if they agree to your request.
  • Added a bunch of content for the evil hypnotist in existing scenes,  including the club, dates, sex and the marriage scene. The goal  isn’t to add an entirely new playstyle (which would take up far too  much writing time for such a niche route) but rather to add flavour  content for characters in these relationships. Therefore, there are  still plenty of actions that also don’t have evil-hypno content –  don’t expect it everywhere! This content is enabled by the  “UNDER_THRALL_OF_EVIL_HYPNO” flag which is set when you finish a  hypno session with him without breaking the trance, and removed if  you do break the trance in such a session. This was requested by  someone and I’d normally thank them here, but I didn’t take notes  about who it was – sorry!
Minor changes:
  •   You can now ask an NPC what they do for a living in the club or at your  home. This will give you the information regardless of your current  knowledge level. Thanks to Zab for reminding me that this needed to  be added!
  •   Certain special NPC careers will be automatically known by the PC, and the  repairman’s career will be known if you’ve encountered him while  he’s working.
  •   Added a new RECEDING hairstyle for male NPCs.
  •   Added a new “important talk” option suggested by Death Magus for  characters with the likes-bare trait. This lets you tell a man that  any requests you make for him to pull out or use a condom are just  playing and should be refused. When this is set the conditions for  such actions will be reduced and your partner will always refuse  them without your character being angry at the refusal.
  •   Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Eulexia and Sky Dreamer for reporting some of these. 
v0.8.4 + v0.8.4b
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This release adds a new NPC-job-specific event, as well as various minor changes and improvements.
Major changes & additions:
  • Added  a new event that can happen if you’re in a relationship with someone  who works in a bar.
  • Added  an “All Shops” option when you buy clothing, that will display a  combined list of all clothing items from every shop.
Minor changes:
  •   As  requested by cwr0308, added a MILKY trait for female NPCs. This will  not be added by the usual character-creation process but can be  chosen for custom characters.
  •   The  mugging scene now has text for when the PC hands over her purse but  has no money, and gives her increased stress when this happens  (because it makes the mugger angry, and she’s afraid he’s going to  hurt her).
  •   Made  some text improvements to certain responses to the “tell him  you’re ready” action while fixing an issue reported by Sync.
  •   PCs  working in sales can now take Ivy’s charm-increasing treatment more  than once, though repeat treatments are only half as effective as  the first. Side-effect are not halved.
  •   Updated  some text on the work-trip scene so wearing a short nightie with no  underwear wouldn’t describe the PC as having a “bare lower body”.  There’s now an alternative line for that situation.
  •   Added  some line-breaks to hopefully make NPC descriptions a bit more  readable.
  •   Added  a new repairman career for those NPCs, thanks to Birb for  highlighting that one was missing.
  •   Updated  how the low-self-esteem interaction with bad partner effects works,  so that it will take effect every week instead of just weeks when  the PC has interacted with them.
  •   Low-self-esteem  PCs now get a bonus to their maximum love if they have neutral  liking towards an NPC. These PCs already got a large bonus towards  NPCs they dislike, but this is lost if the relationship improves  which can lead to dramatic changes in the relationship. I do like  the idea of a low-self-esteem PC falling for a jerk only to lose  interest if he doesn’t treat her badly enough, but the effect should  be a bit more gradual: going from +25 to +10 instead of +25 to +0.  Incidentally, I suspect this is the cause of the reports of  excessive love-decay that I’ve seen: the issue looks like might not  be love-decay at all but rather the big drop from an improving  relationship.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  •   It  is now possible to set a custom sleazy landlord, as requested by  several people, most recently by Darth Magus I think. You can do  this by using the SLEAZY_LANDLORD trait on a custom male NPC. This  conflicts with other special-NPC roles. The sleazy landlord will be  set to be a sleazy jerk(even if you don’t add these values yourself)  and will have conflicting traits (charming & traditional)  removed.
  •   Fixed  some text issues. Thanks to Zab, Made 2 face black and blue face and  Sync for reporting some of these.
  •   Fixed  a bug reported by Birb where the mugging scene would behave oddly if  the PC was utterly skint.
  •   Fixed  a bug reported by Sameer where the impregnator breeding plot event  chain could get have two different men with breeding plots and get  confused about which should be chosen for a scene. Now, if the event  chain repeats and the man from the previous time is still eligible  to be the plotter then he will always be chosen. Otherwise, he’ll  have the relevant trait removed so there should only be one plotter  at any time in the game.
  •   Fixed  duplicate job section in the NPC browser, thanks to Birb for  reporting this.
  •   The  braless shopping scene will no longer fire for a man you’ve had sex  with, thanks for Sci for reporting this inconsistency with the  scene’s text.
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Major changes & additions:
Added internal functionality for NPC careers, with their job being visible at a sufficient knowledge level.
Added a new scene with a sleazy landlord and your lesbian partner that can happen if you’re unable to pay the rent.
Added a new friendship scene that can happen if you have an innocent female friend and also own the enormous teddy-bear, Mr. Snuggles.
Changes for user-submitted content:
Custom NPCs can now have their career set. NPCs without a set career will have one picked by the usual algorithm, just like with most other values.
Minor changes:
The amount you get from having your partner support you now varies based on their income.
Improved some of the spacing for descriptions in the NPC broswer.
Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Zab for reporting some of these.
Fixed an issue where some pregnancy text could incorrectly show at the office party even when the PC is not pregnant.
Fixed an issue reported by Sync where the bar-with-friend scene was sometimes referring to the PC’s lesbian partner as a man.
Fixed an issue reported by Zab where the text in the bf’s jerk friend ladder sex scene was often referencing the wrong relationship, resulting in your partner being referred to as “your acquaintance”.
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Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Zab and nameless for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug reported by Zab where the ravishment route was using the wrong text when the PC is undressing herself.
Condoms and the pill can no longer be bought while you have no money. This wasn’t much of an issue before, but is rather relevant now that money can go heavily negative – thanks to Zab for flagging this up.
Fixed a bug reported by Zab, nameless and Made 2 Face Black and Blue Face where minievent was erroring due to a mistake (actually two mistakes) in the changes I made in 0.8.2.
Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where the option to disable love decay was actually the wrong way around.
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Major changes & additions:
Added a new random event for a sleazy landlord. Giving him an orgasm here will give you a discount on your rent, though only the first time this happens.
If you’re in a lesbian marriage you can now have a baby through IVF by visiting your doctor, as requested by littleslavegirl over on tfgs.
Updated the late-rent scene with modified versions of the “beg for help” and “demand an extension” actions submitted by Stochastic.
Minor changes:
As requested by Secondarian and Tilbet, love decay can now be disabled in the options screen.
Your spouse will pay rent if you are a housewife even without the financial-support vow as otherwise the PC, lacking income, would be in quite some trouble! Thanks to Amichai for flagging this up.
Visiting Ivy will have different text in the intro if you keep playing after the endgame. Thanks to Amichai and Kabasny for reporting the inconsistency of her still being available post-endgame even when the endgame sequence says she’s leaving town.
Updated the exlover minidate conditions to restrict it happening for horse+gym-jerk, and for when the PC knows her partner wants to share her. The likes-to-share route in this scene now also flags the PC as knowing he has that trait.
Updated some of the text when giving birth, to add some alternatives based on traits and so female-start characters will no longer get the “never before has it felt so natural to be a woman” text.
Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Grimgear, Made 2 Face Black and Blue Face and Zab for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug reported by Newface where, despite getting the message that you wouldn’t need to pay rent, it was still being charged normally if you were married to your landlord.
Fixed an issue reported by Grimgear where the landlord is visible in the moving-in scene even before you enter the flat.
For consistency, custom good/evil hypnotists will now be sure to get the “hypnotist” trait. This shouldn’t have much gameplay effect, but might help avoid any niche weirdnesses, especially if people are using unofficial custom scenes that require the trait.
Fixed a bug reported by Grimgear where successfully convincing your landlord to lower the rent was actually increasing the amount charged.
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Major changes & additions:
  • You must now pay rent every 5 weeks. Every four might seem more obvious for a monthly rent, but the PC’s ovulation is on a four-week cycle so if rent synced up with that then you’d always be at the same point when the rent is due.
  • The landlord will meet you at the start of the game to give you the keys to your flat. For now the landlord will always be a sleazy creep. You’ll have various ways of greeting him. In particular, flirty PCs are able to try to seduce him for lower rent.
  • Failing to pay your rent will result in a brief scene where the landlord demands payment, one way or another. You can pay by going into debt, which costs double the rent and will send your balance negative. Otherwise… there are other ways to pay. I intend to improve and add more content to this scene as releases proceed.
Minor changes:
  • Male NPCs will no longer initiate anal or oral sex after the PC agrees to let them film sex, as there is no filming content for these scenes. Thanks to iLurk for reporting the inconsistency with this.
  • Minor changes to the text at the end of the intro sections to inform players that they’ll be meeting the landlord next. Hopefully this will be clear for new players – do let me know otherwise.
  • Added a some extra lines to the sofa sex scene for some specific traits.
  • Added some landlord-specific dialogue lines to the male-dominant PiV sex scenes.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • The landlord is not yet available as a custom character. I intend to allow this at some point, but I want to wait for a few releases in case I need to make changes that would break custom characters.
  • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to nameless and kabasny for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug reported by fhish where drink descriptions were null in the lesbian club.
  • Fixed a but reported by Detective Lizard Wizard where the noisy-baby scene could error in a lesbian relationship.
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Major changes & additions:
  • You can now keep playing after the endgame so long as you choose to stay in the city during the endgame scene. Endgame choices that involve you leaving the city or otherwise dramatically changing your circumstances will stop this option from appearing.
  • Added a new event for low-self-esteem characters with a sophisticated wife that don’t have the skillful-tongue trait.
  • Added a small event for pregnant women that are married to a caring husband.
Minor changes:
  • Improved some of the text around being approached by men in the nightclub.
  • Added an alternative piece of text for doggy-style NPC orgasms.
  • You can now let the npc decide what you’ll have when she gets you a drink at the lesbian club, as requested by BereavedPoet.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • The removeTrait method will now also remove any temporary trait effects that add the trait in question.
  • Added a new ‘baby’ object representing the PC or a female NPC’s children.
  • Added methods to the PC and female NPC objects to return collection of baby objects – this collection may be empty but will not be null. Due to some last-minute bugs elsewhere the custom-scene ‘baby’ content hasn’t been tested. Please let me know if you find any bugs.
  • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to iLurk for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by iLurk where the game was assuming there’s just one prostitution client and didn’t have text to handle the PC having been a prostitute before but not with the particular NPC in the scene.
  • Fixed a bug where NPC babies were not aging.
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This release adds several flavour events for lesbian married life.
Major changes & additions:
  •   Added  three new lesbian married-life events, though their conditions mean  you won’t see all three for any single relationship.
Minor changes:
  • Added  a new coupleLife multiplier to weight_modifiers.properties which  affects the new scenes but also some older M-F ones.
  • Added  a new partnerCheating multiplier to  weight_modifiers.properties for  the event where you catch a (male) partner cheating.
  • Added  some basic text on returning to the lesbian club after making out in  the bathrooms.
  • Updated  minievent wedding dress events to work with lesbian relationships.
  • The  PC can now date the office rival upon defeating her in their  rivalry, as requested by Average2.0 who wrote: “I want to put the  office rival in her place, her place being in a wedding dress”
  • Made  the minievent wedding dress scenes more likely to fire when their  conditions are met.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Changed  Newlife to no longer use Velocity’s strict mode. Please let me know  if this causes issues.
  • Fixed  some text issues. Thanks to nameless, AnarChYsT, Zab, iLurk and  Silne Veras for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed  an issue reported by iLurk where the PC and her partner would not  fix their clothes after returning from a bathroom makeout at the  lesbian club. They will now do so if their clothing was undressed  any further than DISHEVELED.
  • Fixed  a potential issue where some flags were not being removed after  lesbian nightclub bathroom makeouts.
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Major changes & additions:
You can now marry another woman
Naked wedding is an option when shopping for a wedding dress in a lesbian relationship. This can be initiated by a PC with the sultry trait, or an NPC with the party-girl character type.
Minor changes:
Updated the scene where you meet the innocent sales colleague on a bus after she quits to properly handle the situation where you and her have become a couple. Thanks to A Clash of Purple for reporting this!
Increased the knowledge gain about your partner when getting married.
A few adjustments to the lesbian makeout scene to reflect wedding-night content, though doubtless there’ll be more that can be done there.
Added variant text for the scene where you tell other partners that you’re in a relationship to better handle low PC love. Thanks to bicobus for highlighting some issues with the Aromantic trait.
Added updated versions of the minievent bike and bike-left-behind scenes submitted by GrimGear.
Added a doormat alternative reaction for when a baby-crazy PC yells at her partner for not reacting well to being told she’s pregnant.
Fixed some text issues. Thanks to nameless, AnarChYsT and Sync for reporting some of these.
Fixed an oversight where the PC would not always get a knowledge increase towards her husband when getting married.
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Major changes & additions:
Your girlfriend can now propose to you, if conditions are right. There are three possible proposal scenes, with varying requirements. Actual lesbian marriage is not in the game yet so getting engaged is as far as you can go for now.
Updated the minievent content with a new version submitted by Lost Trout with new events that can fire when a friend asks to see your wedding dress. This is only available for straight engagements – in any case, lesbian engagements can’t lead to buying a wedding dress yet.
Minor changes:
One new male orgasm text possibility for the missionary position, though it has some fairly specific requirements.
Female NPCs will now actually name their babies. They’ll use their own namelist for this.
Added a romantic speech action to the PC-dominant strapon sex scene.
Changes for user-submitted content:
Fixed a formatting issue that meant the pronoun-getters weren’t showing up in the documentation’s table-of-contents. Thanks to Lost Trout for reporting this.
Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to Keenam for reporting some of these.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new lesbian receiving-cunnilingus scene.
Minor changes:
  • Bralettes and sports bras now use “bralette” and “sports bra” as their basicDescs instead of just “bra”.
  • Added the ability to swap between the two lesbian cunnilingus scenes when the receiving partner has a non-simultaneous orgasm. The option will not appear when you’re giving cunnilingus to a woman with the ROUGH attitude towards you.
  • Added some text to the lesbian cunnilingus keep going action.
  • Based on an old request from MadCat, added better handling for virgins to the sex-at-the-adult-shop scenario, including a possible alternative sex route.
  • Improved the logic behind the “undeniable proof of your infidelity” text when discovering you’re pregnant at the GP.
  • It;s now possible for the PC to orgasm while having sex at the adult shop – after adding an orgasm possibility to the “deflowered by a selfish sleaze” route it felt odd for there not to be one for the normal sex path. So, here it is. It will only happen if several “preferences” of the PC’s are met but this does include some single traits like hair-trigger, sensitive-pussy and sultry; the last because I’m assuming a character with the openly-sexual sultry trait is more open to being seen having sex.
  • Following an old suggestion from Cubano, added some alternative lines on entering the nightclub for pregnant characters.
  • Added some potential pregnant lines on entering the lesbian club.
  • Also added low-cut-top lines on lesbian club entry.
  • Following another note from Cubano, characters with very low femininity will now punch instead of slapping when confronting someone over nasty texts about you after finding his phone.
  • Reduced bastard points added when an NPC refuses to pull out but the PC is on the pill or already-pregnant.
  • Following a suggestion from stochastic, adjusted the “kick out” date option so that the NPC is less surprised if he has recently done something to anger the PC during sex or makeout.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • LESBIAN_RECEIVING_CUNNILINGUS is now an allowable scene transition. See the yml syntax guide for details.
  • Added hasOtherOutfitOfType method to the pc object, as requested by GrimGear. This will return true if the PC has an outfit of the specified type, not counting any she’s currently wearing – this can be used to check if the PC will be able to change clothes.
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Major changes & additions:
Converted the nightclub lesbians (formerly “Maki” and “Vanessa”) into proper NPCs and updated their scene to handle the potential for a wider range of characters.
Added a new repeatable random event with the posh club lesbian. This can potentially end with her having sex with a man (various jerk/selfish men can be chosen). If she gets pregnant then her and her partner will break up, disabling their special scenes but allowing them to appear as normal NPCs in the club or lesbian club.
Minor changes:
Tweaked some text in the leadin to the dance with Maki & Vanessa.
Added “Maki” and “Vanessa” to the default name lists now that the preset characters are procedurally generated.
Getting the pervy sales client to have sex with the posh lesbian will unlock an action when selling to him that gives you a significant bonus to your persuasion score.
Npcs with the long-lasting trait get reduced arousal gain at high arousal levels (-1 to all increases with a minimum of 1 when at ENJOY threshold or higher).
Changes for user-submitted content:
Added traits (POSH_NIGHTCLUB_LESBIAN & FLIRTY_NIGHTCLUB_LESBIAN) to allow custom versions of the nightclub lesbians.
Added a yml file with disabled versions of the nightclub lesbians that reflect, as closely as possible, how they were defined in older versions. Enable these if you specifically want “Maki” and “Vanessa”.
Following a request by DoctaSax, added a new allowable scene transition: OUTFIT_CHANGE. This is very short subscene where the PC can change her clothes to any of her created outfits. See the documentation in the YML_Syntax_Guide for details.
Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to Tryingthegames and JulianR.Amazing for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug reported by Zab and AnarChYsT where the jerk could initiate scene transitions that don’t support the partner phone call if he does so after the phone call happens but before the PC actually answers.
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Major changes & additions:
  • The PC can now confess or get confronted for cheating on a lesbian partner. A key difference is that a lesbian partner with the likes-to-share trait will suggest they have an open relationship where both can sleep with other people. This ties into a number of other changes in this (and future) releases.
  • Added an alternative route to the impregnator-friend breeding event chain for when his target is the pc’s girlfriend.
Minor changes:
  • Following some feedback from A Clash of Purple, female NPCs will no longer initiate cunnilingus from a makeout if they have the PREFERS_SEX trait.
  • Reduced the chance of female NPCs initiating cunnilingus, unless they have the LIKES_ORAL trait in which case it’s as high or higher than it was before.
  • The PC can confess cheating to her lesbian partner during a date at home.
  • A partner in an open relationship can ask to sleep with another guest at the house party. This applies to any character types, though innocent women may sometimes fail if they aren’t beautiful.
  • Improved the logic around whether a condom is used when your house-party guests sleep together ‘off-screen’.
  • An impregnator man now has a small chance of sabotaging the other house-party guest’s contraception if she’s on the pill.
  • Updated the M/F cheating confrontation scene to handle cohabiting better.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Following a reminder by Stochastic, moved the hasDoneSexualActivity, hasDoneCheatingActivity, getCheatedWith, getCheatingSeverity and clearCheating methods from MaleNpc objects to the general NPC one.
  • Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to AnarChYsT who reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug with willpower that could lead to excessively large willpower penalties if the PC had had multiple orgasms.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Zab where the “return to makeout” action was not appearing in the lesbian cunnilingus scene.
  • Fixed some logic issues around the cheating-confrontation event triggers.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Fhish where you could cook breakfast for a lesbian date even after she’d already made food for you.
  • Fixed an issue reported by AnarChYsT where the mugging scene had the PC feel guilty about cheating, even when she knows her bf likes her hooking up with other people.
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Major changes & additions:
  • New lesbian sex scene where you go down on your partner. This can be accessed from lesbian makeouts and from some office-rival scenes.
Minor changes:
  • Updated lesbian makeout orgasm tracking to work across sub-scenes.
  • Added a new lesbian makeout action that you can take if your partner is visibly pregnant.
  • Following a request by JulianR.Amazing, added a skip-ahead option to lesbian makeouts.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • LESBIAN_STANDING_MAKEOUT is now an allowable transition for custom scenes. See documentation for details.
  • LESBIAN_GIVING_CUNNILINGUS is now an allowable transition for custom scenes. See documentation for details.
  • Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to anyone who reported any of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by tryingthegames where male-specific text was being shown for a female partner when giving birth.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Luna where the “getting dressed again” text after sex could be awkwardly phrased for some clothing combinations.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where the PC could not fall in love with a female NPC.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Kabasny affecting the scene where you tell people that you have a partner. Doing so will now greatly reduce the chance of those NPCs asking you out and your relationship status will go from “dating” to “acquaintance”.
  • Fixed a bug reported by A Clash of Purple where you could incorrectly get the cold-behaviour text when saying goodbye to a lesbian date even when you had a different behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue reported by A Clash of Purple where your girlfriend could ask to take a man home after a house party.
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Major changes & additions:
  • The PC can now fall in love with other women.
  • Added some new crush-dreams for lesbian crushes.
  • You can now get into a relationship with another woman.
  • Updated some events to work with lesbian partners; other relationship events still require a male partner.
Minor changes:
  • Added a new lesbian caressaction for GROPE.
  • Added some possible extra lines when a man approaches you in the club.
  • Loosened the femininity restriction on the male-start-specific crush dream to make it easier to trigger.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • The $gf object is now populated (when appropriate) in MiniEvent.
  • Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to anyone who reported any of these – I’m afraid I neglected to note down any names this time.
  • Fixed a bug reported by AnarChYsT where a text section in the hypno scene wasn’t being shown.
  • Fixed a bug where the office hunk could ask to go back to your flat after a party if your partner was living with you, rather than the other way around.
  • Fixed a bug that could make lesbian dates skip the goodbye actions.
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This release adds npc-dominant strap-on sex, a scene that won a recent vote for lesbian sex content over on patreon.
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new sex scene where a lesbian partner penetrates you with a strap-on. This can be initiated from a lying makeout when both you and your partner have bared lower bodies. The PC can initiate it if she’s bought a strapon via the shopping interface and the NPC can do so if she owns one (which is based on character type, virginity and a random element).
Minor changes:
  • Updated the save-name change from 0.7.8. Now the default name will be used only if it’s the first time saving a particular game OR if the previous save used the default name format. If you chose a filename yourself then it’ll be saved as the default for that game.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Kitsune and Bill Nye for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a problem reported by Saint Destiny and Mister B where the raceData file wasn’t loading in Linux.
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  • Added a lesbian makeout scene, which functions as a sort of hybrid makeout/sex scene. This can be accessed from dates at home with another woman.
  • Added a new type of makeout action: KISS_BODY where the PC’s partner kisses her breasts or stomach.
Minor changes:
  • Added some more variety to the titfuck action in the oral scene for when it’s chosen repeatedly.
  • Female-start characters can now select whether or not they’ve previously had lesbian experiences at character creation.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added the “lesbian virgin” field to female custom characters. If this is missing then the game will fill it in using the usual logic. As such, old templates from before this release should still work fine.
  • Moved causePlayerOrgasm and its no-cheating variant from the male-npc object to the general npc one, meaning it will now work for female npcs as well.
  • Please let me know if you notice any other methods that should be moved to all-npcs now that FF makeout content is in the game. I do seem to remember moving up some other methods at some point when I was quite ill, but I seem to have forgotten to note them in the changelog and I can’t remember what they were now.
  • LESBIAN_LYING_MAKEOUT is now a valid scene transition.
  • Added a performMakeoutAction method to female NPCs. Note that this uses a slightly different method signature to the male equivalent so simply copy-pasting code for male NPCs will not work: the “rough” parameter is removed and a new “dominant” one is added.
  • Updated the HOME_DATE transition and lesbian equivalent to automatically populate the Pc’s behaviour towards the NPC if it had been set before.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Sync and Tomboyfriend for reporting some of these.
  • Replaced the copy-pasted date-end text that had been left in by mistake with some proper lines. Thanks to Sync for pointing out this problem.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Modus0 where the PC would not get dressed on returning from the porn-theatre back-alley, resulting in her potentially being naked for the rest of her date.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Brobort where socks were no longer allowed with business outfits even when relax-outfit-restrictions was set. Socks are now allowed in business outfits if the option is set.
  • Fixed an issue with some npc stripping actions where they could dishevel the PC’s clothing even when it was previously at further state of undress.
  • Female-start characters were missing a default hairstyle, meaning the character-creator screen was getting a null haircut which prevented the game from starting unless one was chosen. This has now been fixed. Thanks to Tomthehand for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Silne Veras where a man in the club would treat the PC like a porn star even if her only porn work was a video he himself leaked to the internet. This action now requires the porn-star flag (from actual porn work) or for a video to have been leaked by someone else.
  • Fixed a bug reported by AnarChYsT where the charm-training scene could end up duplication actions.
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning for one of the sitting makeout’s subpositions not working with the text for one of the standard makeout actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the PC wasn’t gaining enjoy at one point where she has an orgasm in the blackjack scene.
  • Removed some duplicate text reported by Sync in the lesbian date that referred to your date as a “he”.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Brobort where you could get into a neverending threesome in the office party.
v0.7.2 Patreon
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Major changes & additions:
  • Proper implementation of hairstyles, including variation across NPCs (with hairstyles weighted by outfit style, though you can also set the hairstyle directly for custom NPCs) and the ability to change the PC’s hair by visiting a stylist on weekends. Thanks to the people who suggested hairstyles for the game: Jams, Robin, Sentenal and anyone else I’ve missed off the list.
  • The PC can now dye her hair at the stylist. You can choose from a variety of natural, unusual or bright colours. Dyeing your hair a bright colour is an informal look that will give you a few points towards “casualness” (and therefore a penalty to “elegance”).
  • One new socialisation event.
  • First pass at the lesbian club scene. My aim in this release was to broadly mirror the actions from the existing nightclub that don’t require sub-scenes. While it is possible to swap numbers with one of the women here, there is no lesbian date scene as yet so things will end there. I’ll be extending and adding depth to this scene in future releases.
Minor changes:
  • Added a small chance for innocent NPCs to use the cheerful outfit style.
  • The Impregnator breeding plot can now repeat itself, with a different target each time. Unfriending or dumping the impregnator-friend completely resets the plot (to allow it to restart with a different impregnator in the future) but also means that the same character could be targeted more than once if the impregnator is unfriended in-between.
  • Some rebalancing of NPC decision making in actions in the nightclub scene.
  • Increased the number of standard female NPCs by one: now the default is 4 and the minimum 3.
  • Updated attraction calculations towards female NPCs: the PC should find other women more attractive now. I expect there’ll be more to be done with this later on, perhaps by including breast-size and female-figure preferences in character-creation.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Renamed the “haircut” field in custom characters that was added last version to “hairstyle”. Any existing custom npcs will need to be changed. Sorry about this, but I think it’d be too confusing to keep “haircut” for custom npcs while using “hairstyle” everywhere else.
  • Properly added hairstyles to the custom NPCs, including a list of valid values. The game will permit giving women’s styles to male NPCs and vice-versa, even though this doesn’t happen in default character-creation.
  • Added hairstyle methods to custom scene characters: setHairstyle, getHairstyle, getHairLength, getHasHair, getHairCanFallInFace and getHasGrabbableHair. See documentation for details. The enum reference has been updated with a list of hairstyles.
  • The attraction methods and haveOrgasmFromPc have been moved from MaleNpc to Npc and now apply to Female NPCs as well. I’ll probably be making similar changes as more lesbian content gets added, so please let me know if you find something that you think should apply to all NPCs instead of just men.
  • Breastsize preference methods have been moved from MaleNpc to Npc.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Aetherial and Sight for reporting some of these.
  • Re-ordered some of the getting-dressed text from the date scene to fix a text issue reported by Wishfulthinker
  • Fixed a problem reported by J.J. on Patreon where part of the bra’s description wasn’t being saved correctly.
  • Fixed a problem reported by Stochastic where characters could get duplicate relationship flags.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Mister B where your partner could suggest a threesome on the same turn that your date ends, resulting in an anticlimactic “it’s too late” message instead of the ability to actually go along with it.
  • Fixed a bug reported by PM over on patreon where the game would error when a single PC with the romantic trait developed a crush on someone.
  • Fixed (I think) a bug reported over PM where following a load the shops would start selling duplicates of clothes you already own.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Mister B where one man attempting to film you during sex would lead to other men later in the scene-chain doing so, even if it didn’t fit their personalities.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Shardon where your babies would go missing on loading a game (yikes!).
v0.7.0e Patreon
– Bugfix
v0.7.0 Patreon
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new path to the office party, intended to give the scene more variety for players with a non-sleazy boss. You need to be wearing underwear to the party to get this route.
  • Extensively reworked how enjoy and relationship processing works internally. This probably won’t be very visible to players, but it should solve the numerous issues involved with handling relationship-stat changes in multiple-NPC scenes.
  • Added a new event for characters in the office career, especially those on the PA sub-path. This is the work trip, a scene requested by PrettyPenny which also allows the boss to become properly dateable.
Minor changes:
  • Added some clarification to the user-created-npcs guide to highlight some changes made since it was written, notably that the number of NPCs can be modified in the options.
  • Slightly improved one of the makeout action text sections that was a bit bare if none of the clauses were available.
  • Increased the effects of likes-rough and low-self-esteem on the lowlife “freeze in panic” route. As long as there are no negative effects, having one of these will now be sufficient by itself for the route to end in sex.
  • Added a new option at character creation: Underling. This dooms the PC to never receive any but the most basic of promotions. Specifically, underlings can get one promotion in a career, but no more.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • There are none. Enjoy is now properly linked to a specific NPC, but this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and the custom scene methods were written to support the change without affecting custom scenes. I did get to remove the paragraph in the documentation referring to the enjoy system having “major internal flaws”, so I’m pleased about that!
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Joisub and Wakisha for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by AnarChYsT where the game was mistakenly thinking you don’t have a computer at home when faking nude pictures of your rival.
  • Fixed a bug that would block an event where the PC reconsiders someone’s bastard status.
  • Fixed a bug reported by PhazonMario where the date scene could error if there were no suitable men for a threesome.
v0.6.11 Patreon
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Major changes & additions:
Added a new scene that allows the PC to plot revenge on her office rival.
Added a new scene where a seductive office rival attempts to further her career in a way the PC may be able to exploit.
Added a short new scene where the office rival can disrupt office-politics.
Minor changes:
The spitroast scene will no longer do NPC actions on turns where one of the men is having an orgasm.
Improved spacing for spitroast orgasm actions.
Lowlives can now start a threesome during the innocent-befriending route.
Updated the “Freeze in panic” path with the lowlives to potentially lead to sex depending on the PC’s traits.
Following a suggestion by Brobort, the threesome-request action is now moved to the “important talk” section if the PC hasn’t previously had a threesome with that particular man.
The text when transitioning to a threesome at home now varies on style, with humiliating, using and rough getting alternative descriptions.
Added some pregnancy musings in some situations when the husband caresses the PC’s breasts during a wedding-consummation. This was based on a suggestion from Saur.
Following a PM on patreon, relaxed the conditions to accidentally walk into the men’s changing room at the gym. The request was to add a new trait to enable it for female-start characters, but instead I’ve decided to unlock it for any forgetful character who is not also perceptive. Non-forgetful gender-bent characters can still access the scene at low femininity, although perceptive will still prevent them from making the mistake.
Reworked how the party-girl-impregnation-dare contest worked as the logic had some major issues. The player will now usually win if she challenges the party-girl to one of the more daring dares as soon as possible. Cunning removes the small chance of failure in this situation. However, a player who dawdles by challenging multiple less-intense dares will lose the contest regardless of traits.
Made some small rewrites of the party-girl befriending intro so that she isn’t described as hungover when pregnant. Thanks to JJRider for reporting this.
Changes for user-submitted content:
Updated the Velocity config to allow macros to replace currently-defined ones.
Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Sync, Hubswing, AnarChYsT, Wakisha and dotSEA for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug reported by Vandana.Ghost where your boyfriend could consider it cheating for you to have sex with another man during a threesome that he took part in.
Fixed a bug where the action to request a threesome wasn’t checking for the partner having had an orgasm already.
Fixed a bug reported by Lashon Tov where your date could invite a copy of himself over to have a threesome with you.
Fixed a bug reported by JJRider where the game wasn’t checking for NPC pregnancy when deciding whether the woman you catch your partner cheating with is drunk.
Fixed an issue reported by Elseone where talking to the cooking instructor was not updating relationship levels.
v0.6.10 Patreon
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Major changes & additions:
  •   Added  a threesome scene that can be accessed from dates at home or when  meeting horse and his friend at the gym.
Minor changes:
  •   Added  a new character-creation option suggested by “Just a Quickie”:  Max Friends. This is found in the customisation section and allows  you to have the maximum number of friends (3) regardless of your  traits. I may revisit friend limits later on with a more in-depth  approach that’ll require some UI updates, but this should give  players a bit more flexibility in the meantime.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  •   Custom  scenes can transition to the new threesome scene: see the yml syntax  guide for details.
  •   Fixes  to text issues. Thanks to Saur, Sci, Leekspinning, AnarChYsT and  TaeTae for reporting some of these.
  •   Updated  some text in the makeout scene to better handle some clothing  situations, following a bug report by Sci.
  •   Added  a new section to the party-girl-charm-training section of the  relevant scene for when both characters are pregnant. Thanks to  jjrider for pointing out this omission.
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This release adds a new NPC to the office career: the office rival. Because I’m sure after canoodling with the office hunk you’ve been aching to be screwed over by a malicious harpy.
Major changes & additions:
  • A new NPC: the office rival. The rival has three events for now, and I intend to add more in upcoming releases. Office rivals have one of 7 subtypes that’s chosen based on why they dislike the PC. For example, an ambitious PC might have a lazy rival who resents her for making the rival look bad, or a sultry PC could have a seductive rival who sees her as a threat to her position as the office hottie. While all rivals have the same scenes, there are variations in text and sometimes in routes through the scenes depending on subtype.
Minor changes:
  • Added some new reactions from Ivy in the malestart intro to certain names the PC can choose.
  • Added a “purity ring” that the PC can buy, inspired by this webcomic: https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/2009-07-02. This immediately restores the PC’s virginity, including anal virginity, as an immediate effect that can be repeated by buying more rings later on. This allows for multiple men to be your “first” and could potentially lead to somewhat odd descriptions in some scenes.
  • The office work background now gives 20 points of starting paperwork skill. Thanks to Jacob N for flagging up this ommission.
  • The forgetful trait now has a stronger effect at high stress, as suggested by fumanchu. It now has a 10% chance of taking effect (as before) at low stress, increasing up to 25% at maximum stress.
  • As suggested by Saur, characters with the “likes older men” trait now have a stronger variant of the yes answer when asked about it in a job interview.
  • Updated the malestart intro so that Ivy no longer refers to the PC’s new body as being around 21 years old before the player chooses a physical age: this was a holdover from early versions where the PC’s age was fixed at early-twenties. She’ll now comment on age changes after the female character-creation screen.
  • Slightly updated the requirements for kicking your boss in the nuts.
  • Male NPCs can now be bald or have shaven heads, as requested by DR on patreon. I’ve tried to track down and update references to male NPC hair, but it’s possible some remain so please let me know if you see a scene mention a bald or shaven NPC’s hair.
  • Updated the thigh-job sitting makeout action so it no longer refers to the PC getting pre-cum on her skin when her partner is wearing a condom.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added CHAUVINISTIC_PARTNER back to the custom NPC guide – it was removed by mistake despite still being in-game. Thanks to Rigel for pointing this out.
  • Note that the Purity Ring is not implemented as a Stuff object but as a repeatable, immediate, one-off effect. As such, it isn’t possible to check in later scenes whether the PC has made use of such items.
  • The BALD and SHAVEN_HEADED traits are available for male custom characters, and OFFICE_RIVAL is available for female ones. The rival’s sub-type is assigned at game start because it’s chosen based on the PC’s traits and it therefore cannot be directly chosen for a custom NPC.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, Saur, AnarChYsT and Ammut for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Ulo Nimbus where the game would error with the “blank event screen” problem if the PC’s boyfriend decides to propose marriage, he’s a “treasure hunter” character, and the treasure-hunting-rival has not been encountered.
  • Fixed an issue where the bringHome scene wasn’t opening the NPC’s trousers, leading to a sex scene without his cock exposed.
– Bugfix
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new scene where the PC may face consequences for bad work performance. As part of this, I’ve improved careers to support sacking and demotions. You can re-apply if you get fired, but only after a month and with a penalty at interview.
  • You can now play office politics as your work activity when employed. This will improve your office-politics level which counts towards promotions and performance. You don’t get skill increases from work when you do this, but office-politics increases faster than skills so it’s a faster way to get promotions. However, events could temporarily disable the effect of office politics, and if your performance depends on it then you might find yourself in trouble at work. Getting demoted will drop your politics-points down to -5, so… try not to let that happen.
Minor changes:
  • Updated the scene where your partner talks about your pregnancy to better handle cohabiting. Thanks to Saint Destiny for highlighting that this wasn’t written well for that situation.
  • Baby-crazy characters can no longer ask their partner to use protection when they aren’t already pregnant.
  • You can no longer exploit your friendship or relationship with the boss in consecutive scenes. So, if you do this to win a promotion then you can’t the next time a promotion or trouble-at-work scene pops up. The aim of this change is to allow befriending/dating the boss to give some benefits at work without it being an overwhelming advantage that trivialises poor job performance.
  • Added a potential new interview question if you’re re-applying for a job you were fired from.
  • Slacking off at work is now more effective at reducing stress, but no longer gives skill increases. It now gives a single “office politics point”, to reflect the time you spend getting to know your colleagues.
  • Increased work performance penalties from many events, making it more likely that the PC will get in trouble the following week.
  • Re-joining the company after leaving can now start you at higher than the entry-level job, though not necessarily as good a job as you held before. This won’t happen if you were sacked or if you insulted the boss when quitting though.
  • Added a small new random event that disables office-politics.
  • The scene where you convince your boss to give you a promotion can now fire earlier (i.e. with a bigger difference between current and expected performance), especially for ambitious characters.
  • Added a new action to the boss-persuasion scene where you exploit your connections at the office. This is available if you’ve been playing office-politics and should make it easier to get promotions earlier.
  • It’s now a bit easier in general to persuade your boss to give you a promotion. But beware, getting promoted into a position you’re not ready for could land you in hot water at work!
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added the addTempTrait(string,int) method to the player-character, allowing custom scene writers to apply temporary traits. See the context object reference documentation for details.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny and NoName for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed some omissions to the custom NPC documentation reported by Rigel.
  • Fixed an amusing bug with the minidate setup reported by JulianR.Amazing and Revan54 that could lead to the same character appearing in the exlover minidate as both the PC’s current partner and her ex.
  • Fixed some places reported by NoName where lactation content was using outdated conditions and ignoring traits.
  • The endgame scenes will no longer assume it’s been more than one week since you started. Thanks to OrangeJuice for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue where the PC’s partner had an incorrect reaction to a cuckoo baby. Thanks to Saint Destiny for flagging this up.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Brobort where the PC wasn’t being paid for street-prostitution.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where ending a marriage (presumably via the divorce custom scene or similar as this is not possible in ‘vanilla’ newlife) would force the PC to remain a housewife. Ending a relationship will now automatically switch housewives to the unemployed career.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new branch to the sales career: sales manager. This has two jobs and branches off from the “Senior Saleswoman” job. Promotions are tracked separately so you may need to reject the promotion to “elite saleswoman” first before getting this.
  • A new skill: management. This is only used for the sales-manager jobs – an intentional decision as I always planned to have some skills that were only relevant for work. Starting the management path will unlock an event that lets the PC start training the skill.
  • Two new events for the sales career: one that lets you train your charm skill and a second one that allows for conflict with a selfish boss.
Minor changes:
  • Reduced the weighting for both promotion events by around 10%. However, you will get twice as many such events in the senior-saleswoman job because there are two promotions available.
  • Halved skill gain from going to work from 2 total points down to 1. Jobs with two different work skills will pick one randomly each week to train.
  • Added a way to support time-limited temporary PC traits, something I’d planned as part of the “mad-science” content in the storyline updates but which proved useful for one of the new scenes in this release. This is something I’m likely to work with more in the future as it allows the PC to temporarily gain bad traits as side-effects from Ivy’s experimentation. This allows extreme traits like baby-crazy to be acquired mid-game rather than requiring the player to choose them as an integral part of the character.
  • Updated various bits of text in the anniversary scene to work a bit better when the PC is living with her partner. Thanks to Saint Destiny for flagging this up.
  • Added the TRADITIONAL trait requested by Cristia, which makes an NPC ask the PC to be a housewife once married, and means he’ll always be ok with her deciding to stay a virgin before the wedding. The trait normally only appears on jerks as it’s very chauvinistic, but can be manually assigned to other characters by creating custom NPCs.
  • A new partner effect (“chauvinistic partner”) that can appear for traditional jerks.
  • Slightly reduced the chance of NPCs being inept lovers.
  • A new option “relax outfit restrictions” added following a request over PM for stockings to be wearable in casual outfits. This allows any clothing item that’s suitable for at least one of the BUSINESS, CASUAL or GOING_OUT outfit types to be wearable in any of the three.
  • Rewrote the “vows before marriage” option tooltip to remove the reference to it being a temporary option until marriage is implemented – thanks to the person who reported this over PM! I’m not sure if the option is really necessary any more, but I’m going to leave it in just in case there are players who enjoy using it.
  • Added QUICKSHOT and LONG_LASTING traits for male NPCs, as requested over PM on Patreon. These modify the per-turn arousal change from penetrative and oral sex and will mean the NPCs finishes faster or slower. While I may play around with them in the future, their effect is currently restricted to just this particular situation. The impact will vary based on the behind-the-scenes numbers but is generally twice as strong as the SNUG_PUSSY trait for PIV.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Changed willpower internally to be re-calculated whenever it’s used rather than being set once at character creation. This means that the traits LOW_WILLPOWER, HIGH_WILLPOWER and IRON_WILL can now be added or removed midway through a game to affect the PC’s willpower. Please bear in mind that the game assumes the PC will have at most one of these (or none, for normal willpower levels) so scenes that add any such traits should also remove the others.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny and NoName for reporting some of these.
  • I feel like there should be more than one entry here, which makes me wonder if I’ve forgotten to credit someone. My apologies if you reported a bug and aren’t listed!
Enjoy the new version, and let me know if you find any bugs!
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new sex scene: face-down on the sofa.
  • Updated the sitting makeout to support transitions to sofa sex as well as escalation to more intense makeout situations. This now goes from sitting side-by-side, to straddling the man with your back to him, to being face-down on the sofa. All of these have had appropriate content added.
  • Added a new set of minidate events by Lost Trouting.
Minor changes:
  • Added a new internal-ejaculation text section for the missionary scene that will show up if it’s your wedding night.
  • Updated a few rough-content sections to be enabled when the PC has asked to be treated roughly, not just when the man does it autonomously.
  • Moved position-specific sex actions a little higher in the action list.
  • In addition to sitting-specific ones, added some more standard lines to the sex-description action (which outputs a simple descriptive line of what’s going on rather than representing an npc action that changes game-state).
  • Made various minor improvements/rewrites to some old sex actions.
  • Made some updates to common makeout content that could be visible in scenes other than the sitting one.
  • The booty-call event will no longer fire when your boyfriend has accepted that you’re waiting for marriage. Thanks to NoName for flagging this up.
  • Slightly increased the chance of the minidate event firing. It remains fairly low but can be increased in the weight modifiers file.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added isMum() method for female NPCs that returns true if they’ve given birth at least once.
  • Makeout actions were updated to support the new situations, with sitting+behind and lying+behind representing the new stages of the sitting makeout scene.
  • Added the HYPNOTIST trait requested by the Lost Trouting for the minidate scenes. This has a one-in-12 chance of being added to any NPC, male or female, with no conditions or opposites. The hypnotist trait is hidden and won’t appear in the character summary. This is not for any in-game reason but because I felt it’d be confusing to players to see the trait appear when it’s only used in one extremely-rare scene.
  • Added FACE_DOWN_SOFA_SEX and SITTING_MAKEOUT to the possible transitions you can use.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, NoName, NewFace and Death25 for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Saint Destiny where telling your friend that you got pregnant for your husband would crash if you’d since broken up with him.
  • Moved the DONT_TAKE_PILL text into the female-npc-only section of the enum reference guide. Thanks to Stochastic for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Stochastic where the “end the makeout” option wasn’t prevented by the BLOCK_REJECTIONS flag.
  • Fixed a misspelling of CONSCIENTIOUS in the custom npc guide.
  • Fixed a line in the male endgame scene that was never shown because its condition was the same as an earlier check that sends the player down a different path.
  • Fixed a bug reported over PM on tfgames.site where one of the sitting undress actions wasn’t actually removing the PC’s clothing as described in the text.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Newface where one of the new sitting makeout actions could think the PC was still wearing her top when it had actually be removed.
  • Fixed capitalisation of the street-prostitution yml file names which caused an issue running them on linux.
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Minor changes:
Some improvements to makeout and undressing text sections where I saw a way to improve the writing while looking over sitting content.
Added some more variety to some of the player’s kiss actions.
Updated the “stroke his chest” action to have better text when touching a bare-chested man, as well as varying arousal based on the player’s liking for his body-type.
Rewrote the male-orgasm text for makeout scenes.
Increased the chance of the nightclub impregnation-speech action being used if its conditions are met (thanks to Meiluy for pointing out that this action is very rare).
Gave Ivy a few alternative lines in the malestart ending scene for when the PC is married.
Added a new section to the NPC pregnancy reveal to handle the situation where the PC convinced an NPC to try for a baby, as suggested by JulianR.Amazing.
Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, Saint Destiny, NoName and Secondarian for reporting some of these.
Updated the conclusion of the latest NPC impregnation route to properly handle the situation where the man is living with the PC. Thanks to NoName for reporting this omission.
Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where online porn clips were being set up with incorrect parameters leading to odd situations with the discovery scene.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new socialisation scene that can appear if you have a baby and a female friend who isn’t a mother and is not pregnant
  • The PC can now ask her partner to start trying for a baby via the important talk date action at home. Your boyfriend or husband may also make the request of you while you’re in your flat.
Minor changes:
  • The jerk-friend event can now fire at neutral liking towards the bf (but not disliked), and no longer has a love requirement.
  • Changed the timing on the NPC pregnancy reveal scene so it should fire at the end of the week where she gets pregnant, before the player is shown the “x has become pregnant” message in the week summary.
  • Reworked the logic around pregnancy revelation to make it a bit more likely the PC gets dumped on telling her bf that he got her pregnant. In particular, having a child already no longer blocks these breakups.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, NoName, OrangeJuice and dotSEA for reporting some of these.
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Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new scene that will fire the first time a female friend gets pregnant.
Minor changes:
  • Increased the likelihood for impregnators to attempt to sabotage the PC’s pills.
  • Added liking changes to the cooking class scene female path. You should now be able to befriend the female NPC from the class without needing to meet her out clubbing.
  • The post-transformation scene with the genderbent jerk-friend (the one where you can get your bf to fuck her) will now give you the opportunity to befriend her, if you have free friendship slots.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added persistent character flags that can be set by writers. These are intended for writers who need to store information across in-game weeks but who don’t intend to submit their scenes for inclusion in the game and therefore were previously limited by the test gameflags. See “Persistent Character Flags” in the context object reference for details.
  • Making a porn film that’s good enough to appear in the sleazy cinema will now add a new trait to the player-character: PORN_STAR.
  • Added tables of contents to the reference documentation, as suggested by Lost Trouting.
  • Added a very simple “divorce” custom scene to the documentation folder. This may be helpful as a quick template without all the long descriptions of the main example scene.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, TaeTae, MadCat and Jacob N for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug with the genderbent jerk friend scene where being nice to her was ending the scene without the opportunity to get her fucked.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Improvements to lactation: See the Minor Changes section for details.
Minor changes:
  • The PC will now continue lactating for a while after giving birth.
  • New trait: Milky. This makes the PC lactate all the time, regardless of pregnancies.
  • Lactation can be disabled in the options screen.
  • New stat: facials received.
  • Added lactation content for sex scenes and makeout-actions.
  • Lactating characters get an alternative “make coffee” action when curing hangovers the next morning where the coffee isn’t black.
  • One new lactation-themed socialisation event.
  • Added line-breaks to the “cheats in secret mode” tooltip in the options screen – thanks to Corvus for reporting that they were missing.
  • Updated the wedding-vow-discussion scene to handle the PC owing her fiance a favour, something which currently only happens if he paid for her wedding dress.
  • Added a few passages requested over PM on Patreon to the final scenes in the recent impregnator-friend scene chain.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added a removeTrait method to NPCs.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, Sync, Catpocalypse, OrangeJuice. NewFace, Classique75 and Saur for reporting some of these, as well as an anonymous person who was very helpful with a long list of issues over PM on patreon.
  • Updated street-prostitution payments to be consistent with the text.
  • The “pay a party-girl’s bar tab” path in the befriending scene will now correctly make her a friend. Thanks to Unknown for reporting this bug.
See More
Minor changes:
Doubled the cooldowns between refusing a promotion and it being offered again.
Added a “not now” choice to the initial street prostitution random event. This is similar to “refuse” but it allows the event to fire again later in the game.
Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny and Silne Veras for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug reported by Brobort, Saur and Saint Destiny where the repeatable street-prostitution activity was not appearing.
Fixed a bug reported by Saur where the street prostitution scene was set in the player’s home(!)
Fixed a bug reported by TSPCFS where the “send a photo to your boss” dare could be made multiple times.
Fixed an error reported by Sight with the “take control” action in the braless shopping scene.
See More
Major changes & additions:
New party-girl path to the events added in the last release, with a new final scene where you convince her to get bred by challenging her to dares.
Added the street-prostitution scenes written by Secondarian. The first will appear as a once-per-game free-time random event which is more likely if you’re dressed provocatively. If you choose to prostitute yourself in this scene then a new weekend activity will open up that lets you do so repeatedly.
Minor changes:
Renamed the “say goodnight” option in the pregnancy discussion scene to “get an early night” to make it clearer that it doesn’t mean your husband will be leaving the flat.
Added a couple of new greeting lines for impregnator men on dates.
Added blue, white and pink striped socks.
The shop-selection dropdown is now hidden in wardrobe-mode.
The HOTEL_PROSTITUTION_CLIENT NPC-trait is now deprecated as the same pool of NPCs is used for both hotel and street prostitution. Use the new PROSTITUTION_CLIENT trait for these custom NPCs instead. Old NPCs with HOTEL_PROSTITUTION_CLIENT will still work as the game will automatically give them the new trait.
Failing to convince the impregnation-target to go off the pill no longer blocks the seduction route to sabotaging her contraception, even if she brushed you off without even talking to you. It’s a bit unrealistic that the PC can bed a woman but not get her to talk to her over coffee, but I found the earlier implementation excessively frustrating in testing.
Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, NoName, SlenderOstrich, Sync, MadCat and Saur for reporting some of these.
Fixed an error that could cause the description for a pregnant NPC to use the wrong pregnancy status.
Fixed (I think) an issue reported by MadCat where the pregnancy discussion with your partner could trigger even if the player informed him of her pregnancy the week before.
Updated the conditions for cheating-guilt in the anal scene to be consistent with other sex scenes. Thanks to Katie for pointing this out.
You can no longer kick your husband out at the end of a house-party: it’s his home too! Thanks to NoName for reporting this (as well as lots and lots of text issues!)
Fixed an issue reported by Sight where the Cunning checkbox is misaligned in the male chargen screen.
Fixed a bug where the colour for men’s ruffle shirts was sometimes chosen incorrectly.
Fixed a bug that could allow invalid NPC character types to be chosen for the new breeding scene-chain.
Fixed a bug reported by MadCat where the “always accept sex” vow wasn’t checked in the electro-couch scene.
Fixed a bug where sabotaging the impregnation-target’s pills didn’t allow you to move to the final scene.
The impregnation target can no longer be chosen as the woman with whom you catch your partner cheating if he’s the guy you’re helping impregnate her.
See More
Major changes & additions:
A new event chain consisting of 3 required and 1 optional events where you help a friend or partner get a girl pregnant. For now this can only trigger with an innocent NPC as the “target” but I intend to revisit these scenes in later updates to add more variety.
Minor changes:
To resolve an issue reported by stochastic, telling your partner that you’re pregnant from cheating will now stop him believing you’re a virgin (unless you still are) even in situations that previously wouldn’t have updated this.
A new trait for custom female NPCs: DONT_TAKE_PILL which stops her using contraception.
Changes for user-submitted content:
Added a getGirlOrWoman() method to female NPCs.
Added the PILLS_SABOTAGED npc trait – add this to a female NPC to disable her contraception via trickery.
Added the setOnPill(boolean) method to female NPCs. Use this to get a female NPC to start or stop taking the pill. You can additionally add the DONT_TAKE_PILL trait to stop her going on the pill in the future.
  Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Rafflesia, Sync, Saint Destiny and Saur for reporting some of these.
  Fixed a bug reported by JulianR.Amazing where the game would error when asking your partner not to leave after informing him of a cheating pregnancy if the PC’s charm skill was zero or negative.
  Fixed a character-creation bug reported by Sight where the PC’s female body-type was sometimes being set incorrectly when picking one based on her male version.
  The player will now be properly paid for prostituting herself at a hotel – thanks to Secondarian and Rigel for reporting this issue and tracking down the cause.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Added support for female NPC pregnancy including updates to the text in scenes where pregnant female NPCs can appear. The week summary will inform you when an NPC is pregnant and again when she gives birth.
Minor changes:
  • Added a few more lines to some actions in the cheating-partner sex scene.
  • Added a new conversation outcome when chatting with female NPCs at the club.
  • Using Ivy’s help in a job interview will now guarantee success, even for characters with bad traits.
  • New befriending paths for a pregnant party-girl friend that don’t rely on her drinking.
  • Updated the OfficeHarass scene with an improved version from Stochastic.
  • New befriend paths for pregnant party-girl NPCs that don’t involve her drinking.
  • House-party guests will now gradually drink over the course of the evening even if you aren’t serving them drinks, although they won’t drink enough to get hammered without the PC involved.
  • Added some alternative text to one of the nightclub actions with a focus on lines for genderbent characters.
  • The gender-bent jerk friend is now always available to be your bridesmaid if she exists and you’re marrying the man she tried to get you to cheat on.
  • Added some new text to the wedding intro to recognise when the PC has chosen the gender-bent jerk friend as her bridesmaid.
  • Added a trait to make the PC more attracted to older men, as requested by Brobort.
  • Reduced some of the unnecessary spacing in the week summary.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added the getFigureDesc method requested by Secondarian to the PC context object.
  • Added the inseminateNpc(maleNpc, femaleNpc, int) method to the $scene context object. I know it’s a little unintuitive to have it on $scene instead of the FemaleNpc, but it made the most sense during implementation with how the context objects are structured internally.
  • Updated the documentation to include the PORN_ACTOR and COOKING_TEACHER traits in the enum reference, thanks to Stochastic for bringing up this oversight.
  • New methods for female NPC objects: getPregnancyStage(), getStomachDesc(), isLactating(), isLatePreg(). In addition, the isPregnant() method can now return true.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to OrangeJuice, Saur, MadCat and SgtReznov for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug reported by CagedSissy and NewFace where the text after the pregnancy talk had a bad condition that led to the wrong passage being shown.
  • Fixed an oversight where catching a woman having sex with your husband wasn’t removing her virginity if you just leave them to it instead of watching.
  • Fixed an issue in the npc+npc sex scene that could lead to multiple passages of text being shown at once instead of just one.
  • Fixed an issue reported by NewFace where your partner could show up to ask about your pregnancy even if you’d told him about it the week before.
  • Added alternative text to the noisy baby scene’s intro for unemployed/housewife PCs to resolve an issue raised by stochastic where it mentions getting up for work the next day.
  • Fixed an obscure bug reported by JulianR.Amazing that might have allowed the porn actor to be befriendable.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new random event, commissioned from Elizabeth King. This is a once-per-game scene that can happen on the weekend timeslot if you aren’t wearing a bra.
  • Added the datingApp scene submitted by Secondarian. This can appear if the PC has the personal-computer item and is single. It’s an event in the date-night timeslot so will only show up if that isn’t taken up by a guaranteed event like the nightclub or a date. This event creates a new NPC and gives you the chance to date them. If you do, they’re permanently added to the NPCs in your game. Otherwise, they’re removed.
  • Added Lost Trouting’s minidate scenes that can appear randomly at the weekend timeslot when you’re in a relationship.
Minor changes:
  • Slightly increased knowledge gain from dating, as requested by Morion.
  • Reworded the creepily-vague start to the date scene when going to a bar and skipping preparation where your date just takes you to “a place nearby”. Thanks to ChaosBlade for pointing this out.
  • Updated shyness cure and lowlives alley scenes with new versions provided by Rigel that use newer methods for setting arousal.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Adjusted the conditions for letting your partner name children to match the text a bit better.
  • Added a haveOrgasmFromPc method to male NPCs. This is the same as haveOrgasm but also increases their enjoyment based on their attraction to the PC.
  • A scene can now be defined with no actions by completely removing the actions: section in the yml. This will need to either finish the scene or transition elsewhere in the intro section. It usually isn’t ideal to have no actions though, because it generally means that the scene has almost no content.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to OrangeJuice, NoName, Saur, ChaosBlade and ArsenalJacob for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an issue reported by NoName where the “be contrite” option in the newer pregnancy announcement scene was missing text.
  • Added text to the “falling in love” scene’s “You’re so happy” action for when you aren’t in a relationship together. Thanks to NoName for reporting this!
  • Fixed some more issues with letting your partner choose a baby’s name when he isn’t the biological father. Thanks to NoName for highlighting these.
  • Fixed a major bug reported by Jjrider, NoName and Vamatt99218 where an error setting up the scene where your partner visits to talk about your pregnancy meant it was not firing correctly.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Updated the job framework to support job-switching. The PC now starts unemployed, has to interview for her sales job, and can quit to become unemployed again or to be a full-time housewife.
Minor changes:
  • As suggested by NoName, the PC no longer has the option to let her partner name a new baby if he knows it was conceived from cheating.
  • Bitchy characters can name a newborn son after his real father, if she’s in a relationship, her partner isn’t the biological father, and it isn’t a cuckoo baby. This causes a substantial hit to her partner’s liking towards her.
  • Increased the base score for PIV auto-sex as well as the bonus for being with an attractive man as several people had reported that it was too hard to reach orgasm in quicksex.
  • Made some improvements to add more variation to the male-dominant-sex-scene NPC sex-talk action, as requested by Wisdom on Discord.
  • Increased the liking penalty for unfriending someone.
  • Following some comments by -Artemis-, gave a bonus to the chance a likes-to-share boyfriend will be ok with the PC getting pregnant by another man, but only when he’s ok with becoming a dad.
  • Changed infidelity confessions to use th “severe” text if the PC got pregnant from cheating. This should resolve an issue reported by saint-destiny where the more extreme cheating has timed-out so the pc confesses to just doing a bit of kissing… and getting pregnant.
  • Slightly increased the post-orgasm arousal for hard-to-please characters so it’s less likely to drop down below the ready-for-sex level.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added methods to directly set arousal to various levels, as requested by Eulexia: e.g. setArousalComfort()
  • Added isNakedExceptLegwear() methods to the PC and female-npc, as requested by Eulexia.
  • Added an optional transitionInfo parameter getReadyForDate to the TOWN_DATE transition. This can be set to true to start the date at the “getting ready” section.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saur, Classique75, ChaosBlade, madcat and Saint Destiny for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed an oversight with the “a breakup would be hard on your kids” text where it wasn’t counting cuckoo babies.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where cuckoo babies weren’t counting towards “have x children” vows.
  • Fixed an issue reported by NoName where the text for your partner discovering a cuckoo baby when you give birth assumed you were at home, when it’s possible that you’re in the hospital instead.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Pen where an invalid condition could cause the cooking scene to error.
  • Fixed a bug where the officeHarass scene was using the weight modifier from lowlivesAlleySex.
  • Fixed an error reported by Saur where flirting with the cooking instructor could lead to both “invite home” actions being available when they’re intended to be mutually exclusive.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new scene that lets you reveal your pregnancy to your partner even when he isn’t the father.
  • It’s now possible to lie to your bf and pretend he’s the father, although only if he did have sex with you around the time of conception. The PC can get caught when giving birth if the real father’s race is different from both hers and her partner’s.
  • Added a new work scene (well, technically 2 scenes) that can occur if there’s a repairman with a thick cock in the game – it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve met him before.
  • Instead of the PC’s bf sometimes dumping her if she doesn’t tell him he’s the father, there’s now a short new scene in the third-trimester where he’ll show up and ask to talk about it. This lets the larger scenes be used for this with their detailed handling of his reaction.
  • Added the “Walk Home Alone” scene submitted by Lost Trouting. This will sometimes appear when the PC leaves the club by herself.
Minor changes:
  • Increased the knowledge increase from dating, as suggested by Morion.
  • Added updated versions of the spyOnSex and lowlivesAlleySex scenes provided by Rigel that use the haveSexWith method.
  • Added a few minor variant text passages here and there.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Following a request by Lost Trouting, added a properties file in the official_content folder with weight multipliers for certain random events. Change the values in this file to affect how often an event will appear.
  • Added a variant inseminatePlayer(int,boolean) method to connect with new pregnancy mechanics that track whether the PC got pregnant while cheating. The old inseminatePlayer(int) method still exists and uses a default of true for the boolean.
  • Added a new method to check if an NPC believes him and the PC have a baby together, whether or not this is true.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saur, MKB, Madcat, Stochastic, symptom1818, ArsenalJacob and Rafflesia for reporting some of these.
  • The sex-shop date will always dress both characters on exiting now. Thanks to Max Mustermann for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Blargan where the cooking class could error for cute characters cooking with an NPC who likes cute women.
  • Fixed an issue that probably won’t have been noticeable to players where the bringHome transition to the custom scene wasn’t processing relationship modifiers for NPCs other than the one in the next scene.
  • Fixed a problem reported by Jams and Teddy where lying about being unprotected was still leading to some dialogue that referred to the PC being on the pill.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Your performance in the porn-shoot is now stored and can appear as a film you watch at the porno cinema.
  • Added content to the porn-shoot, mostly focusing on “regret” lines for characters with the refined, shy, romantic traits or who feel guilty about cheating on their partner.
  • Extensively updated the cooking class male interactions to add new paths when cooking with a male partner that offer more variety and alternative routes through the scene.
Minor changes:
  • Added some alt-text for shy characters to the cooking class scene, following a report by LiveJoker that the game was forcing them down inappropriate paths. Combined with the wider interaction variety I think the problem should now be fixed: if it re-occurs please report it again along with a copy-paste of the offending text.
  • TownDate: Added a thin+braless section to the upper-body description when the PC looks at herself in the mirror (assuming none of the other special clothing-flag sections are shown instead)
  • PornShoot: Added an alternative ejaculation section for when one of your friends is the porn-star.
  • In order to fix an issue reported by Saur where the club scene ends on the same turn that the PC is getting prompted for her behaviour towards a new NPC, the “flirt” and “meet someone’s eyes” actions have been changed to no longer take up any of the evening’s time.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added boolean isOutfitCute, isOutfitSexy, isOutfitElegant and isOutfitCasual methods to the PC object that check if the PC’s clothes are sufficiently far along the relevant axis: see the documentation for details.
  • Added a getHadAnalSex method to the Npc objects which returns true if they’ve had anal sex with the PC.
  • Added getHadBabyWithPc and isPcPregnantBy methods to male NPC character objects: see the documentation for details. These allow you to check if the PC has known children/pregnancy by the NPC.
  • The ‘test custom scenes’ activity is now also available as a weekend action, as requested by Stochastic. This means it’s now available even if the weekday activity is blocked due to childcare.
  • Added an isClothesDisarrayed method to female NPCs, also as requested by Stochastic.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saur, Brobort and Sync for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug where the porn-shoot scene would error on using a professional porn-actor if the NPC existed before the scene started.
  • Fixed a bug where information wasn’t being correctly passed between the porn-shoot and porn-sex scenes which meant that the video was always considered terrible. Thanks to Cristia and Bagashi for highlighting that there might be issues in the porn-quality code.
  • Fixed some places where the fashion bonus to clothing stats wasn’t being applied.
  • Fixed a bug with custom scenes where having a returnToParent condition would block scene transitions in that action even if the condition evaluated to false. It’ll now block them only if the condition is true (the priority goes finished, then returnToParent, then scene transitions)
  • Fixed a bug where repeat porno-shoot opportunities weren’t appearing because the countdown wasn’t being processed correctly.
See More
Major changes & additions:
  • Added the porno-shoot scenes that were chosen as the PMW vote. This can start as a random event if you have a partner or male friend who has the sleazy trait.
Minor changes:
  • Custom male NPCs can have the new PORN_ACTOR trait that means they’ll be chosen as your co-star if the guy organising the shoot doesn’t do it himself.
  • Added a large love penalty (for the PC) to the paths where you’re discovered cheating and admit that you have stronger feelings for the man you were unfaithful with than for your partner.
  • The bar scene will no longer allow double-conversations in one turn if both the PC and the NPC choose their respective “have a conversation” actions. I also blocked the conversation action for taciturn NPCs.
  • Improved text-spacing in the bar scene.
  • Added a new NPC action to the bar (where a sleazy man eyes up the PC instead of talking).
  • Restricted non-custom gym jerk character-creation to make it more likely they find the PC attractive, following a suggestion by Morion that there always be at some men who fancy the PC. Horse already has similar rules, so this means almost any game should have at least one jerk and one good-guy who has the hots for the player-character.
  • Added new options for blocked male & female names. This lets you stop NPCs being given a name you don’t like or that reminds you uncomfortably of someone you know in real-life. Name lists are set when starting a new game so changes to these options won’t affect games in-progress.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • None this release
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Lev, Pgiac6 and Saur for reporting some of these.
  • Improved the logic for the “guilty about cheating” text in the repairman scene, as suggested by Katie.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Katie where love and crush limits weren’t being worked out correctly.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Morion where the trying-for-baby status wasn’t being properly passed into the scene where the PC reacts to discovering a pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue reported by NoName where arousal levels weren’t being changed on scene-transition from the cunnilingus scene, potentially leading to your partner immediately having an orgasm.
  • Fixed some issues in the town-date scene reported by pgiac6 where certain actions weren’t properly handling the situation where the PC has removed some clothing after getting a drink spilled on her.

Vyssia thanks for the share!

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