Orveia [v0.11.1] [Asher]

Orveia [v0.11.1] [Asher]

July 3, 2024F95

Two friends find themselves in a strange new world, but something’s… different.
They’ll have to work together to find an escape, but do they even want to leave?

Thread Updated: 2023-08-31
Release Date: 2023-08-30
Developer: Asher PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Fantasy,  Furry, Gay, Mobile game, RPG, Turn based combat
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1. Extract and run.
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Introducing a new side-adventure: The Four Signs
  – Help the neighbouring town of Eastbrook solve the curse that plagues their village
  – Featuring a new character, two new enemies, three new locations, and four new backgrounds!
Hanok’s Sprites! Your favorite lizard boy has a face!
More Dates! You can now do the first date with:
  – Myaun
   – Ash
Fixed an issue where the “Flashing FX” preference wasn’t always applying correctly
Added a SFW mode. No more unwanted penises in public! (Beta, **be careful still** Report any errors immediately please!)
Too many to remember. Special thanks to Umbra, eskanto and Hammy on discord who reported quite a few between them! <3
Fixed a main-menu crash while talking to Dal
Fixed an issue where Hanok’s shack wasn’t showing where it should have  
Fixed some continuity errors involving Hanok
Fixed some text over-flow in the new scenes when using the “Modern” font
Fixed a problem with some chats with npcs, that would show incorrect images or placements (Thanks RenPy 8 :C)
The achievements “Question Someone” and “Find the culprit” now work correctly, and should backdate upon loading a save
Soft crash on load regarding the old “Stealing Steel” quest bug should (hopefully) be fixed… again.
  ∙ Continued the “Outside the Law” quest
  – Defend the town from an attacking army
  ∙ Two New Enemies
  – Kane Soldier
  – Kane Soldier (Commander Variant)
  ∙ Companions!
  – With the first ending route of “Outside the Law”, the game’s first companion is available
  – You can also test out new “Companion Scenes” with enemies. (Only available with the Wolf enemy at the moment)
  ∙ Fifteen new backgrounds with day, evening and night variants
  – These backgrounds are just placeholders, but I hope you like them! (Thanks DALLE2 <3)
  ∙ Stealing Steel: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t give Rohan the steel
2022-07-18: v.0.3.3 Update
∙ Continued the “Outside the Law” quest
  – Save before doing the last step in this build: “Report to Ash”
∙ Drink with Finn (Updated)
  – Our first CG! You can now invite Finn to bed :3
∙ Four new Side Quests
  – Party Animals (Help the Outlaws set up a feast)
  – Fishing for Troublemakers (Help an Outlaw find his friend)
  – Stealing Steel (Help a dumb guy steal some cargo)
  – Build-a-Bull (Home Alone continued – WIP)
∙ Added the River area
  – Some new random encounters
  – New Enemy: Otter
  – You can now fish if you have a fishing rod
  – New crafting materials
∙ Added the Outlaw Stronghold
  – Sub-map of the Forest
  – Some new random encounters
  – New Event: Fighting Tournament (req. weekend evenings)
∙ Added crafting
  – 9 Recipes are now available
  ∙ Cooked Wolf Meat
  ∙ Cooked Trout Meat
  ∙ Health Potion (STR)
  ∙ Health Potion (PER)
  ∙ Health Potion (CHR)
  ∙ Health Potion (INT)
  ∙ Greater Health Potion
  ∙ Greater Lust Potion (-)
  ∙ Greater Lust Potion (+)
  – The food items are given automatically, the potions are all hidden throughout the world
∙ Added a new tracker in Quest Log > Achievements
  – Tracks encounter progress, sorted by build and location
∙ Added the ability to change Saint’s name via the Chat Menu
∙ Added some extra functionality in menus for Android
∙ Typos
2022-06-16: v.0.2.1 Release
Developer Notes:
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What to expect?
  • A branching story.  A huge WIP at the moment, but the story will feature dozens of different outcomes.
  • NSFW Content. You’ll encounter both human and furry content, all of which is optional.
  • RPG Elements. Choose your stats, your friends, and what you say to people. But be careful, every choice has a consequence.
What’s in store?
  • A huge, full world. Each area will have its own storyline that determines the future of your story. Side quests will be available to progress relationships and meet new people.
  • Friends and more. You may choose to befriend whoever you want, and romance scenes will become available for all of them. Don’t like someone? Ignore them altogether, it’s your choice.
  • Lots of enemies. Farm enemies for gear or materials. Will you sympathize with them and help them out, or crush them into hiding?

Thank you fat_fingers_ma_gee for sharing!

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