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Saria Reclaimed [v0.17] [Velminth]

February 24, 2024F95

In Saria Reclaimed you play as Saria, a wandering samurai of Cardinal’s Heart,
an oasis town in the vast desert filled with bandits and abominations.

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Thread Updated: 2024-02-24
Release Date: 2024-01-31
Developer: Velminth PatreonItch.io TwitterPixivNewgroundsDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.17
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Creampie, Female Protagonist, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Monster, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract ZIP and run.
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-Added the first teammember’s combat cut-ins
-Chapter 2-0
-Chapter 2-1
-Added a regional threat system containing the old baldmen assets
-2 new tracks
I remade the game from scratch 🙂
– Single bugfix
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-Hardcore Pose : Footjob (Human)
-Hardcore Pose : Anal (Troglodyte)
-Cut-In : Footjob
-Cut-In : Thighjob
-Cut-In : Cum On Feet
-Cut-In : Tear Clothes
-Cut-In : Pussy Creampie Variant
-Cut-In : Ass Poke (Bonepicker)
-Cut-In : Tits/Abs Lick (Troglodyte)
-Cut-In : Asshole Lick (Troglodyte)
-Lewd Cards Batch 2 (Initiate stuff)
-Remade the tutorial
—Bug Fixes/Balance :
-Specified what enemies cannot have their Bodypart Preference changed
-Simply using cards no longer regenerates Willpower during encounters
-Differentiated between enemy combat telegraphs and other status effects more
-Stamina is now recovered after Masseuse Sidejob
-Stamina is now recovered when taking another Client during the Masseuse Sidejob
-Blowjob Cut-In not working in Cut-In Gallery
-Fixed unaligned pictures outside of combat
-Hovering enemy name now also displays the enemy info panel
-Fixed Unlocking CGs via losing to revived bosses not being possible.
-Fixed being able to brick defeat scenarios by moving before the movement lock triggers
-Returned usual interaction keyboard functions and completly disabled access to old RPGM menus
-Fixed being able to escape boss fights
-Fixed the additional enemy info menu showing the Bodypart Preference of enemy 1 as the preference of all enemies in the encounter
-Fixed equipped Accessories being sent to the void if a Tenet with less accessory slots is equipped
-Fixed Not being able to Clean Up at Swald Bar & Mios Hive camps
-Fixed *0.50% Element multiply being rounded down to *0%
-Fixed some misleading hints for the Massage sidejob
-Fixed Masseuse sidejob tip not resetting after leaving the job and coming back in
-Fixed Masseuse sidejob not resetting after a Happy Ending
-Fixed Masseuse Undress & Blue Orb Cut-Ins not unlocking in the gallery after getting them
-Fixed Masseuse Happy Ending offer when high partner count not going counting as accepted when accepted
-Fixed Massage options 4 and 5 being switched around
-Fixed cards with multiple hits discarding multiple cards to the right of them
-Fixed Coom Cut-Ins not clearing up until another Cut-In comes in
-Fixed Massage Sidejob : Breather now only appears when Stamina is less or equal to 50%
-Fixed Sidestep & Energy Reserves using the same Card art
-Fixed various bugs making Accessories/Stats not update properly upon changes
-Fixed CGs outside of Gallery, be it a win or loss, not updating last/first/virginity Encounter details.
-Other small bug fixes I forgot.
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Fixes :
-Bodypart Conversion not firing properly
-Masseuse Happy Endings not counting towards the Exploits list
-Doomglider Defeat not firing on loss
-Blue Orb Traps are now a coin toss. In memory of all the discord fallen
-Masseuse Sidejob now works with Tenets with more than 1 Initiative
-Fixed Oil Accident & Reverse CGs firing back to back
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Fixes :
– Scene.onSkillOkEx error, if it does show up again somehow do tell me.
– Energy Reserves only drawing 1 card instead of 2
– Combat HUD elements showing up in Massage HUD
– Massage text tuned to not be lightning-fast
– Massage pattern slightly easier to discern
– Massage Techniques costing 0 Stamina
– Massage Happy Ending offers are more frequent
– Massage HUD overlays the Undress Cut-In
– Massage Clients not cooming when they should
– Massage Hardcore Pose expression not matching Pleasure %
– Bonepickers & Harpies not doing Lewd stuff
– Bosses/Mooks potentially being prone to Preference changes that they cannot accomplish
– Guardrail to prevent players from going 50 pages deep on no cards in the Deck
– Added another switch to make sure Cum Cut-Ins don’t stay on screen for longer than they should
– Nuke all access to default RPGM Menus
– Cum Layer not aligned for standing portrait
– Dealing 0 Damage shows “Dodge”, now it’ll say “No Damage”
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Combat Encounters 2.0 & Slut Path
Combat System:
Introducing the new card system~
All actions in combat now require the expenditure of Initiative governed by Tenets, your new shiny replacement for armor.
Cards possess distinct abilities to inflict various types of damage and apply a diverse range of status effects.
These effects can be strategically employed to dispatch targets efficiently or protect Saria from incoming attacks.
New Status Effects:
In addition to the existing status effects, a set of new status effects has been introduced.
Notable additions include Dodge and Block, which provide additional defensive options to players.
The newly introduced status effects are generally stackable, allowing for more strategic gameplay.
Enemy Balancing:
Enemies’ combat statistics have been entirely rebalanced to align with the changes made to the combat system.
Things won’t be as easy anymore, eh ?
Techniques used by enemies are now telegraphed on Saria’s turn, allowing players to get an idea of what they should expect to happen and make a decision based on it. Perhaps you don’t want to gain that pesky Mouth Corruption, eh ?
To gain insight into an enemy’s upcoming move, players can hover over their sprite, revealing the details of their intended action.
User Interface:
To facilitate the exploitation of different damage types, an improved enemy health bar has been introduced.
Players can now hover over the health bar to access additional information, such as passives, weaknesses, health, pleasure and so on.
To increase readability/visibility of lewd actions and Cut-Ins during combat, extra HUD elements are hidden while those occur.
Unique Boss Passives:
Select enemies, primarily bosses, now possess unique passive abilities that add a twist to the encounter.
Card Collection and Deck Management:
By defeating enemies, Saria can now collect cards that were previously used by them.
The collected cards are categorized based on the faction affiliation of the enemy from which they were acquired.
Saria’s deck capacity is limited to a maximum of 9 cards, which are randomly drawn during combat.
The likelihood of drawing a specific card is influenced by the number of other cards or duplicates present in the deck.
The total of Combat Cards, as of Chapter 1’s soon to come end, is 51.
Accessories/Tenet Menu
The equipment menu has been completely remade and integrated into the new Deck menu.
The Accessories button can be hovered to get a quick glimpse of the currently equipped Tenet and Accessories, or clicked to access the menu itself and change them.
Tenets have replaced armor and levels as the primary source of stat progression in the game. Just like Cards, they can be acquired from bosses, quests, mooks.
In addition to such generic benefits as increased maximum stamina, pleasure and initiative, some Tenets will also provide Anomalous Cards in the near future.
Accessories have also been completely reworked to match the card system. They provide smaller buffs and benefits in comparison to Tenets.
The amount of Accessory slots available is dictated by the Tenet.
Items overall have been made more expensive and offer a bigger hand in helping resolve an encounter.
Slut Path:
Increasing the Pleasure of an enemy is now a viable strategy, both as a means to an end and as a full-stop.
Mooks and Bosses have been given certain Pleasure thresholds that once passed inflict debuffs upon them.
Bosses can now be neutralized or “neutralized” if their Pleasure gauge is filled up.
Enemies are now more sensitive to Pleasure damage inflicted by their favored bodypart, be it by their own hand or by Saria’s.
Boss CGs and Defeat Scenarios have been moved outside of combat and replaced with their VN-esque counterparts making them easier to skip through.
Passive Arousal:
The per-turn passive corruption gain from Saria simply being aroused has been scrapped.
Replacing it are disruptive cards with various effects that have an escalating chance of being drawn (instead of combat cards) based on Saria’s pleasure level.
Sidejob : Masseuse
Reason enough to dress Saria up in a pseudo-maid apron with not much underneath.
To keep it simple : Clients come in afflicted with random States.
Clints have various difficulty levels, some spawning with multiple afflictions.
Each affliction removed increases the amount of money Saria receives at the end of a massage.
Afflictions are removed by either using a gentle approach or a rough one, using the opposite side of the spectrum will potentially upset Saria’s client and make him leave.
Each Massage Technique potentially increases the Client’s Pleasure and so does Saria’s uniform state, making them likely to do lewd stuff…
Like requesting lewd services in exchange for a bigger tip.
CG : Straps (Requires Explorer Rank)
CG : Reverse (Requires Adventurer Rank)
CG : Oil Accident (No Partners Requirement)
CG : Intruder (Requires Night Lady Rank)
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse 69
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse Nuru
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse Cowgirl
Cut-In : Masseuse Undress
Also, btw, wink, nudge :
Added a Cut-In Gallery to the Theatre, under the name of “Promo”.
Remade some easier to use Cheats (so you bozos stop bricking your saves by increasing the [REDACTED] variable) such as one click away unlocking all CGs or Cut-Ins in the Theatre.
Removed the murder-hoboing option from some NPCs, as funny as it is it cucks my ability to make some sidequests and include the characters in an overall plot.
Remastered the volume on some of the songs
Dozen other changes that I can’t remember.
– Fixed ClitRubWCock Failed to Load error
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-Pose : Clit Rub w/Cock
-Pose : Asscheek Job
-Pose : Thigh Job
-Cut-In : Cum on Ass
-Cut-In : Cum on Arms
-Cut-In : Cum on Abs
-Cut-In : Cum on Armpit
-Cut-In : Clit Rub w/Cock
-Cut-In : Asscheek Job
-Alcohol now lowers Resistance
-Fixed not being able to Initiate Clit Rub
-Fixed camp sprite in Mios Hive
-Optimized maps with particle effects
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– Fixed being able to go off-map in Cardinal’s Heart
– Fixed Mios Hive post-defeat lock
– Fixed Mios Hive defeat scenario using the wrong BJ skill
– Fixed being able to bust the nuts of a creature 15x Saria’s size
– Locked Initiating with mooks that have nothing to offer for intended bodypart
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– Map : Mios Hive (SMS Gneisenau, after Sentina the Smuggler)
– Defeat Scenario : Mios Hive
– Cut-In : Corrosive Slime (2 variants)
– Cut-In : Insect Tentacle Grind
– Cut-In : Blue Orb (Stage 1)
– CG : Blue Orb (Stage 2)
– CG : Doomglider
– New Music (1 Map / 1 Combat / 1 Boss)
– One completable path for Adriane’s Questline
– One completable path for Caspian’s Questline
– Lowered Resistance gained from level-ups
– Fixed standing expression not disappearing if Knocked Down
– Fixed vaginal core & expressions not reseting
– Fixed being able to click the save/load/exit/etc buttons while in Sensitivity / Skilltree / Exploits
– Other small fixes
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-Pose : Anal
-Pose : Armpit Job
-Pose : Handjob
-Pose : Absjob
(New poses also include  cum overlays)
-Cut-In : Anal
-Cut-In : Armpit Job
-Cut-In : Handjob
-Cut-In : Absjob
-Cut-In : Anal Creampie
-New Combat SFX for attacks
-Capped max Rank at 16
-Fixed “Just A Touch” passive not being activated
-Removed “Disarmed” chance from mook attacks
-Other small fixes
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– Rebalance every single enemy around the expected Level/Gear in the location.
– Fixed note errors for Initiate skill tree
– ReEnabled Lewd Commands menu
See More
– Defeat Scenario : Harpy Nest
– Portrait : Mogadon (Marks Merchant)
– Map : Dust Bowl
– Lighting effects to maps that are darker in nature
– UwU particle hearts animations for Lewd Skills
– Togglable Hide Text Box option along with fast-forwarding text for CG Gallery
Posters (based on Partners count) :
– If Saria’s lewd reputation increases to Adventurer, posters will start cropping up.
– They also have some writing/scribble variants for Night Lady, Prostitute and Slut.
– Cum now visible on the base pose, attack pose, and hardcore poses.
– Cum has 3 levels, Spatter > Dripping > Drenched and is completly locational for all bodyparts
– Can be wiped off with napkins or at camps for free
Warnings :
– Warnings for enemies that have CGs
– Warnings for enemies that can game over Saria.
– CG for Game Over.
Rebalancing Bit :
– Teases used by enemies bring them closer to cumming based on Saria’s Looks
– Teases used by Saria bring enemies closer to cumming based on Saria’s Looks
– Coinflip chance of enemies losing pleasure if Saria lowers her corruption 🙁
– Modified current available equipment to increase/decrease Looks
– General passives baseline increase add up to around 50% Corruption at the start of an Encounter, or a few steps below hardcore and also get sensitivities to a max of 400%
(Yea yea I know, it’s going to be tough for a bit if you’re a grinder because you can’t lower sens, I know.)
– Easy Difficulty. Save anywhere, anytime. Available when you start a new game.
– Bunch of other lil balancing adjustment
Music :
– Remade Celestian Hound Ausfa’s theme (Katz) from scratch
– Remade Swift-Hand Sergal’s theme (CrimsonFist) from scratch
VA :
-Titjob Dialogue (Low Corruption)
-Titjob Dialogue (High Corruption)
-Titjob Loop
Bugfixes :
– Can now talk to NPCs even if standing on top of them
– Fixed jank-ass early Boss scene setups that require dumb shit causing things to skip.
– Fixed Stray Drone flying away text appearing if engaged in activities and they didn’t appear in the first place.
– Fixed CG Gallery not working
– Fixed Swift-Hand Sergal CG Blackscreen
– Fixed one Harpy not dying on the map after defeat in combat
– Fixed Vaginal Cum Overlays replacing Titjob / Blowjob Overlays.
– Fixed Cum/BJ/Creampie Error
– Fixed Creampie Cum overlay showing if not Naked
– Fixed Failed To Load : Vaginal/Armpits_1_X
– Fixed Enemy Looks being pitted against Armor instead of Resistance, leading to abysmal pleasure gains for Saria
See More
-Pose : Pussy Penetration
-Cut-In : Pussy Creampie
-Cut-In : Cum On Pussy
-Cut-In : Pussy Penetration
-Cut-In : Clit Rub
-Cut-In : Asshole Fingering
-Cut-In : Asscheek Bite
-Cut-In : Asshole Lick
-Cut-In : Thigh Lick
-Cut-In : Ass Poke
-Upgraded Cut-In background
-Added a lil bit of battle motion to enemies
-Lowered Requirement for Tickler scene from Explorer to Adventurer
-Clarified Reputation Partner requirements a bit more
-Fixed Enemy coom chain, aka B requiring A to cum first and so on (Props to Enlir)
-Fixed Cardinal’s Heart being unlocked from the get go
-Fixed being able to Initiate with NPCs that you shouldn’t.
-Removed “Cocktease” as it was made obsolete along with “Seduce” by the Initiation/Conversion update
-Other small thangs
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– Defeat Scenario : Honeycomb
– Cut-In : Orgasm
– Map : Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts (accessible via Aqueducts or Swald Bar)
– Map : Cardinal’s Heart (accessible via Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts)
– Map : Marks Shop
– CG Gallery (in Cardinal’s Heart)
– A small tutorial now plays during and after the first encounter.
– 1 new song (Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts battles)
VA :
– Misc sounds for teases
– Penetration dialogue
– Penetration creampie
– Penetration loops
– Orgasm
– Saria Teasing
– On Rest
Initiation and Preference Conversion
3 tiers. Based on bodypart passives, either reaching a particular corruption % or a number of activities.
-Being able to convert one mook’s bodypart preference
-Being able to convert all present mook preferences at once
-Being able to initiate blowjobs, paizuri, etc. regardless of Saria’s corruption level in encounter.
-A Bodypart preference indicator is now beside the mook’s name in the Sensitivity Overlay
Advanced Marks
-Increased corruption gains and lowered sensitivity so Saria can enjoy herself more.
Costs Tails and Milked Cum.
-Separated into three tiers :
Tier 1 is unlocked at start
Tier 2 at 20 partners/odd partners
Tier 3 at 50 partners/odd partners
Saria’s Orgasms & Pleasure
-Willpower replaced by Pleasure
-Emotion replaced by Willpower
-Willpower is an unchanging 0 to 100 gauge and it refills to full after every encounter.
-If Pleasure reaches 100% via lewd skills used by enemies/herself Saria will have an Orgasm and be Vulnerable, meaning that she will take direct Willpower damage from all lewd actions.
-Being Vulnerable only lasts for the current encounter, however cumming multiple times a day incurs a malus. (see “On Orgasm” below)
-Bosses (for now) and Defeat Scenarios do not deal Willpower Damage, signified by the gauge turning blue.
-If Willpower reaches zero Saria loses the encounter.
-On Orgasm (100% Pleasure):
Add an increasingly debilitating debuff that lasts until Rest :
On 1-3 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 15%
On 4-6 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 25%
On 7-9 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 50%
On 10+ Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 70%
Drop Pleasure back to minimum possible.
-On Rest:
Clear all Orgasm-induced debuffs
-On Masturbate:
Drop Pleasure back to 0%
– BG for Cardinal’s Heart
– Save File background now based on region
– Enemy movement is now frozen if in Advanced Menu
– Saria’s movement is now frozen if in Advanced Menu
– Mook coom has been optimized
– Fixed Fleeting Fire and Crescendo not regenerating Stamina
– Fixed VA lines on SMS Gneisenau Defeat overlaying
– Music now fades out for the short dialogue in Defeat/Boss intros
– Fixed zoom in Cardinal Aqueducts tower
– Fixed Nipple Bite not being in the list of available moves
– Fixed Enemies not getting Horny instantly if Saria is Busy
– Other small fixes and small…things.
See More
– Cut-In : Nipple Bite
– Cut-In : Pussy Fingering
– Cut-In : Armpit Lick
– Cut-In : Nipple Lick
– Cut-In : Massage
– Cut-In : Have Fingers Licked
– Cut-In : Abs Lick
– Cut-In : Clit Lick
– Cut-In : Thigh Squeeze
– Cut-In : Thigh Bite
– Cut-In : Asscheeks Lick
– Cut-In : Abs Poke
– Cut-In : Pussy Tongue
– Reputation Tiers are now visible on hovering “Reputation”, “Odd Partner” and “Partner” in the menu.
– Can no longer self-counter Calming Thoughts
– Fixed facing up changing torn clothes sprite to fully clothed
– Fixed “null” error caused by countering while disarmed/downed
– Fixed Tickler event leaving you stuck in the Swald Bar Dungeon
– Raising Gust & Urgent Disengage are unlocked from the start
– Draw Cut modified (Deals double damage only if target is Bleeding.Cooldown raised from 1 turn to 2)
– Adjusted resistances of some enemies to particular damage types
– Fixed not being able to right click out of Sexual Exploits list
– Fixed right clicking out of Sensitivity Matrix being bugged
– Fixed technique descriptions remaining if right click out with one hovered
– Fixed Full Canvas, Proudly Displayed and Skirt Secrets continously draining corruption
– Softlock prevention in case you are too weak in the Swald Bar Dungeon (rest+travel)
See More
– Fixed hardcore activities not firing
– Lowered level scaling for some mooks
See More
– Map : Cardinal’s Aqueducts (accessible via Mirage Dunes’ right)
– Map : Swald Bar Dungeon (accessible via a particular event in the Aqueducts)
– Map : Swald Bar (accessible by leaving Swald Bar’s Dungeon)
– Boss : Swifthand Sergal
– Event CG : Tickler
– Battle Pose : Weapon Attack for Slash
– Cut-In : Mouth Creampie
– Cut-In : Tits Bite
– Added sprites for Torn Clothes & Naked
– Merged UIs
– Added icons to Technique costs
– Added 10 new unlockable skills related to Willpower and Hardcore stuff
– Added Guard as a technique Saria starts out with
– VA with variants for : Mouth Creampies and Facials
– 3 New Songs for Sentina The Smuggler, Swifthand Sergal and peaceful areas
– Added Saria being Drunk (all variants of it) as a possible condition to get enemies Horny
– Lowered mook Willpower damages to more realistic standards
– Some Stamina regeneration techniques are no longer instant-use
– Standing Up now costs 50% Stamina and 30% of the cost is refunded after use
– Greatly lowered chance of erasing Horny by dealing damage
– Enemies now attempt to Tear Clothes as quickly as possible if Saria is Knocked Down
– Enemies no longer go for Saria’s Stamina if she is Knocked Down or Busy
– Little bit of Emotion is gained upon taking Stamina or Willpower damage
– After a Defeat scenario is over 25% of Willpower is recovered
– Saria now has to be at least Arousal for Mooks to engage in Hardcore activities
– Adjusted Reputation names
– Mooks now slowly level alongside Saria, keeping them somewhat of a threat. (Rewards also increase)
– Fixed Coom Cut-Ins staying on screen until new cut-in or battle end
– Fixed Sian Tilley’s void BG
– Fixed being able to spam Strom Tilley’s questline (bad end) reward
– Fixed some boss lewd skills not counting towards the Exploits list
– Fixed Saria’s arousal level being based on static Willpower numbers instead of a % of total Willpower
– Other small bug fixes
See More
– Pose : Titjob (Human)
  Participant number variation (5) and expression variations (3)
– Cut-In : Titjob
– Cut-In : Cum On Tits
– Cut-In : Cum Between Tits
– Cut-In : Tits Lick
– Cut-In : Tit Poke
– Cut-In : Kiss
– Cut-In : Lick Body
– Cut-In : Spank
– Cut-In : Nipple Pinch
– VA with variants for :
  Sentina The Smuggler & SMS Gneisenau Defeat lines
  Finger Sucking
  Kissing Light
  Tongue Kissing
  Body Licking
  Mouth Insert
  Mouth Creampie
  Blowjob Loops
  BJ Dialogue
– Shy in Gore Peak now offers some boss-respawning services. (Requires Celestian Hound Ausfa to be dead)
– Shy also has a potrait if a deal is made
– Spiced up Boss skills a bit more
– Mouth Passives tuned
– Removed Voice/Other Sounds differential sliders, it’s way too buggy for now
– Can go into Options or return to Tile from ingame
– Cut-In Duration in Options (Slow,Default,Fast,Press To Continue). If setting doesn’t save spam them a bit.
– Cheat Menu. I added it 20 minutes before release so if your save gets nuked…well.
– Lowered frequency of Getting Hit lines triggering
– Fixed a handful of techniques dealing no damage
– Fixed countering Relief/Defensive Techniques
– Fixed fade-in delay for Celestian Hound Ausfa
– Fixed ghost windows (again. please be gone.)
– Dozen small bugfixes
See More
Fixes :
– Ghost Overlays (Exploits, Passives,Skill descriptions) hopefully put to rest
– Crashing Waves and Redirected Blows unlockable with less points than required and can sink you to -1
– Mook Hardcores not increasing Climax bar
– Enemies being able to get let’s say get a blowjob without…even “taking their pants off” mechanically speaking.
– Being able to climb on some house walls in Razed Village
– Getting stuck after an SMS Gneisenau Loss scenario due to enemy colliding between themselves.
– Broken pathing of a Roughman in Raising Ribs Valley
– Some Bleed attacks drain Saria’s Willpower instead of Stamina
– The Encounter being considered won if Sentina is defeated but the tentacles are still alive and up to mingle.
– Using the relief options changes the boss art to the regular BJ one for one turn.
See More
– Map : Razed Village (accessible via Scorched Hill’s right)
– Map : Mirage Dunes (accessible via Shrub’s right)
– Map : SMS Gneisenau (accessible via Mirage Dunes)
– Defeat Scenario : Webbed Up
– New Boss : Sentina The Smuggler
– Added Fast Travel from Camps with Cages.
– Intro segment with a background questionnaire
– New Techniques Tree
– Reworked most Techniques along with adding some new ones
– Inspiration Points can now only be acquired from defeating bosses
– Encounter Portrait now changes the moment something happens instead of only changing once at the Turn’s End.
– Knocking Down and several other arousal/debuff/buff/lewd unlock effects now also happen the moment they should instead of at the Turn’s End.
– Renamed old Relief category to Defensive
– Added new Relief Techniques to lower a particular bodypart’s corruption by a small increment. (Unlocked after reaching Aroused for the first time)
– Increased Corruption gain from anywhere between 40% to 60% across the board
– Enemies now are randomly assigned 1 or in very rare occasions 2-3 prefered bodyparts. (to drastically lower super spread across all bodyparts)
– Added 3 more jerk off targets to Enemies
– Changed BJ expressions from passive-based to arousal-based
– Strom Tilley’s questline can now be finalized in quite a few ways.
– New Voice Lines for Encounters (Bosses,Defeat,Activity Start, Dealing and Taking damage etc.)
– 2 New Songs (Mirage Dunes and SMS Gneisenau Encounters)
– Added ash fall to Scorched Hill
– Added sun rays to Gore Peak
– Changed Main Menu BG
– Changed Main Menu Song
– Adjusted Talk/Kill/Leave and Camp choice windows to always be at the bottom middle
– Lowered the sound of attacks/abilities
– Nerfed Empyrean Fang’s damage
– Buffed some enemies by a bit.
– Fixed Passive Tree being empty when first opened, now it shows Mouth passives.
– Fixed Abs Passives not unlocking
– Fixed Thigh Squeeze not being tracked
– Fixed going down from the roof in the starting house transferring Saria into the void.
– Fixed a few typos in battle text
– Fixed flavor text on already opened boxes
– Dozens of other small bugfixes
See More
-BJ Expressions no longer override default ones if Saria has *particular* passives.
-Interiors now properly positioned.
-Can no longer move during Defeat.
-Oskar The Drunk & Celestian Hound Ausfa no longer cum until Saria’s Willpower is 0.
-Fixed Tit Poke not being tracked properly.
-Halved the time it takes for mooks to cum.
-Halved Willpower damage for hardcore activities beside penetration.
(Until there’s a way to mitigate for them, do note that you will still get nuked if you get in a gangbang.)
See More
– Cut-In : Finger Sucking
– Cut-In : Tits Squeeze
– Cut-In : Ass Squeeze
– Cut-In : Feet Lick
– Pose : Blowjob (Human)
Cock number variation (6) and expression variations (3)
– Cut-In : Blowjob
– Cut-In : Facial
– Defeat Scenario : Troglodyte Duo
– 4 new expressions for Arousal states
– 4 breathing loops dependant on Arousal states for encounters.
– 4 new songs (Main Menu, Raising Ribs Valley region, General Encounter, Celestial Hound Ausfa)
– Sounds for menus and some skills
– 14 Traits for mooks, ranging from resistances to starting the Encounter horny.
– Cum Gauge for enemies integrated into the on-hover Sensitivity Overlay.
– Moved Sensitivity Overlay button during Encounters near the command window.
– Lowered Emotion gain from winning/losing/fleeing an encounter.
– Lowered passive Emotion regeneration during encounters.
– Lowered passive corruption gain from all arousal states by about half.
– Backgrounds are no longer zoomed in.
– Can use mouse navigation again.
– Some more stats display in the Equipment Menu.
– Moved enemies slightly covered by the command screen further left.
– Fixed Corruptions not reseting to baselines after being defeated by Celestian Hound Ausfa
– Fixed Oskar’s cock being a bit…skewed.
– Fixed random floating sign before the Troll in Raising Ribs Valley.
– Fixed mook background stuff running twice back to back.
– Fixed cum taken while in the defeat scenario not being added to the Cum Milked tracker.
– Fixed Pale Guppi not cumming as they should.
– Fixed Corruption caps across all bodyparts not increasing.
See More
– Corruption baseline from passives now stored and loaded properly.
– Fixed problem where Saria was undefeatable and mopping the floor with 0 WP.
– Lowered jerk off Corruption gain during Defeat scenario.
See More
– Corruption gain from arousal states during Defeat scenario lowered from max 10 to max 3.
– Fixed enemies only jerking off to Saria’s face during the defeat scenario.
– Enemies in defeat scenario cum a bit faster now.
– Can now pass even beyond “Aroused” and unlock Calming Thoughts & Masturbating at camps.
– Stonescale Lizard no longer gets horny.
– Fixed corruption gained by passives resetting after one battle.
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Sensitivity, Desires and Defeat Core
– Corruption Round 1
– 243 Unlockable Passives spread across 9 bodyparts
– Corruption Menu
– Erotic skills that mook enemies can use have a threshold on Saria’s part that needs to be passed, for example :
Mouth Corruption
0%+ – Dirty Talking regarding Saria’s lips/mouth.
30%+ – Finger Sucking
50%+ – Licking Enemy’s Body
70%+ – Kissing
100%+ – Blowjob
– Sensitivities
– As Saria progresses through the world and is accosted by sexual temptations she’ll become more
and more sensitive from exposure (via passives), making her Willpower drain way faster from that which she is sensitive to
– Defeat
– With the new system in place Defeat is possible if Saria’s Willpower reaches zero
– Upon defeat she will be transported back in the map for a particular scenario, after which she’s free to re-try the encounter
– Defeat scenario/CG for Raising Ribs Valley region.
– The Sexual Exploits List has been completly revamped
– Added a Corruption Bar to Encounters that displays different bodypart’s corruption at a glance, without having to go into the passives menu
Can be opened and closed
– Cumming Location for mook encounters is now based on the Corruption level of that certain bodypart
– Lewd Text for mook encounters is now based on the Corruption level of that certain bodypart
Default Minimum (suggested) resolution is now 1920×1080
– Game is now zoomed in 2x
– To make up for it all pixel art has been remade
– Resized Map HUD
– Resized Battle HUD
– Removed above head dialogue bubbles
– Font changes
– Illustrations now displayed in their full glory
– Side Portrait now collapses when near the map edge
It can also be collapsed at will
– Furuogi Servitor skilltree removed
CQC Skills moved to Cardinal Samurai skilltree
– Saria’s four arousal states now temporary increases one random bodypart’s corruption level per turn (during Encounters).
– Upon reaching “Aroused” state for the first time Saria learns some useful skills
– Encounters can now be escaped (100% Chance) unless Saria is “Busy” or “Knocked Down”
– Saria’s Looks stat now influences how fast enemies cum, like a true slutty warlord
Currently applies to Hardcore Lewd : Blowjobs, Titjobs, etc
– Dealing Damage now has a 60% chance to make enemies lose the hornies, however, if Saria continues to be naked or such other conditions she is not safe for long
– Enemies now attempt to tear apart Saria’s clothing if she has zero stamina.
– Can now Load a save from anywhere
– Map objects that can be interacted with get a pop-up symbol when in their proximity
– New combat & background for Raising Ribs Valley and it’s caves
– Some Enemy rebalancing
– Other small QOL things and bugfixes not worth mentioning
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– Empyrean Fang’s Description is out of bounds in Equip Menu.
-Smoldering Men Battle Loop (I swear I’ll stop using the wrong fucking function)
-Cannot go back from Scorched Hill.
-Sneaking past the Tent and triggering it from the back locks the game due to collision
-Vivieri’s Hole item easier to pick up
-Resting recovers 40 Willpower (drain also still happens, just a temporary fix to avoid chain sex until 0.2.)
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Hotfix :
– Celestial Hound Ausfa’s Battle Loop
-Oskar The Drunk respawn / loop
-“Billy” of Gore Peak is now immortal. You did this.
Initial release



v0.15.1 (Last Pre-Remake Version)

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